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Update: Welcome back to Android Police. And now, here's an AT&T representative with a report on the recent Galaxy Note 3 software update.

A software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was made available for AT&T customers today. It provides general performance improvements.

Thanks, AT&T.


AT&T's Galaxy Note 3 is barely out of the starting gate and it's already got an OTA update, probably fixing a few issues discovered as the Samsung phone was disseminated to a few hundred thousand users. The build number is JSS15J.N900AUCUBMJ5, and it should be heading out in waves to AT&T customers now.

Screenshot_2013-11-12-10-35-37 Screenshot_2013-11-12-10-35-22 (1)

There's no changelog available (from Samsung or anywhere else), but according to SamMobile, the newest version of the software has some minor software fixes including an indexing service crash when using a MicroSD card. The update's only real user-facing change is a slight adjustment to the included Samsung keyboard app, making the background a dark blue.

The update reportedly patches root exploits discovered in the initial software build, and may break root for those who have used methods like Root De La Vega. Consider yourself warned: hold off on the update if you want root privileges.

Update: The changelog is now up. It's not much really.

Jeremiah Rice
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  • flosserelli

    If this breaks root, then I am kinda surprised AT&T pushed the update before Verizon. Verizon drags their feet unless it involves screwing the customer, in which case they are usually first to deliver.

    • BetterWithRoot

      Can't argue that, VZW does have a healthy libido.

  • Jeremiah Rice

    AT&T has the same approach to update information that Ollie Williams has to weather reports.

    • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

      "IT'S GONNA RAIN!!!"

    • Kevin Park

      AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

      A way to root this new OTA update is up! If you lost your root by updating to new version, use this video to re-root without losing any data! This method won't void your warranty.


  • RetsuUnohana

    Jesus Chris. Does the Note 3 on T-mobile ever any updates? It still has bugs and wifi calling does not display the incoming call ..even if they are in your contacts.

  • t-mobile note 3 user

    Still behind the international build # MJ7.

  • 1337

    This is my first time receiving an OTA with AT&T. Can I ignore the update? Can I freeze the process through Titanium?

    • Steven Cannan

      Ya its called AT&T software update

  • Steven Cannan

    Anybody confirm on losing root?

    • Corry Holt

      Root gone.

  • Anthony Tyson

    Meh that "scary" kingo root still works.

  • GT

    I didn't get a choice, it just started updating. But having just finished I did not lose ROOT. at least multiview and pen window still allow me to use whatever apps i want.

  • Charlene Henry

    I hope this fixes the Knox notification problem.

  • Superkev

    My Note 3 just started rebooting and poof AT&T broke my root with this minor update. I need to find a way to stop this thing from auto-updating. I had already selected 'remind me later' but ultimately it did this completely on it's own.

    • Corry Holt

      Same here.

      • Superkev

        After I wrote this comment I did find a solution. SuperSU has a pro version that is just $5. Best 5 I ever spent. Just select the protect jailbreak option and those updates don't break the root. Updates have hit 3 more times and the root was not effected at all. Just my .02c

  • Jenna Greer

    Really wish I could figure out how to change the look of the keyboard back to what it was before the update. I really liked it :(.

    • Selvin

      Same thing I said !

    • Keith Wright

      SwiftKey. Nuff said.

  • Cat Astrophy

    "AT&T's Galaxy Note 3 is barely out of the starting gate"

    More than a month hardly qualifies for this term. This is technology we're talking about. Barely out of the starting gate is like a week at the latest. Barely out of the starting gate is the Nexus 5 and no other phone.

  • bn2wild

    One negative I see, is that when viewing the catalog of movies it used to show previews of all of them running at once on your screen (I used to brag about this) .... NO LONGER! They are all still framed.

  • ant1248


  • Kevin Park

    AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3:
    A way to root this new OTA update is up! If you lost your root by updating to new version, use this video to re-root without losing any data! This method won't void your warranty.


  • Terrell Lancaster

    it does break root and i hit postpone and when i woke up in the am it was updated WTF but i still have my unlock for other domestic carriers

  • trevor

    this happened to me! I fell out from staying up on rooting/modding my phone from being busy....anyone know how I can fix? I cant open playstore now....closes every time!! PLEASE HELP

  • John Blair

    If you came to Android on AT&T from another OS or ecosystem because you liked the idea of options, customization and freedom, I have some bad news to tell you. AT&T Mobile, in the single worst policy decision regarding the development community, has decided to lock the boot-loader of all ANDROID Devices on their network. AT&T see's any breach of this lock as an "attack" or "breaking into" the system. The only problem with this analogy is that these devices belong to US, not to AT&T. We don't lease them, or rent them, we BUY them, and yes we get discounts for committing to 2 years of SERVICE. Not 2 years of SERVITUDE. I think I should be able to break into my own home if needed, and the same goes for my devices that I purchase.

    You wouldn't accept being forced to keep Windows on your PC (nor would the government allow Microsoft to do so), so why are you accepting it on a similar personal information device? Sure, most folks have no desire to modify the stock setup of their phone, but the development community; you know, the folks that fix all the quirky bugs and bring you the next round of great software actually DO like to customize at a deeper level. Sony Ericsson and Asus have created unlock tools for their devices. It requires a waiver to drop warranty coverage, so they have nothing to lose, and only the folks that REALLY SHOULD be customizing their phone are likely to do so. Sounds like a Win-Win solution doesn't it? Let's see if we can get AT&T to agree;

    Please sign this petition to send a message to AT&T: http://chn.ge/16NF0Dp

  • MaryMR

    Since the mid-November 2013, update my battery use data show that WiFi is using 3% of the battery even though WiFi is turned off (I don't use it on the phone). My battery is going down faster now since this change. AT&T said they know about it.

  • Daniel Lovejoy

    My phone updated without permission. I opened my screen to see that the update had been done and was restarting.

    • Corry Holt

      This happened to me and I lost root.
      Can't root again.
      I'm selling and getting a nexus.
      I'M DONE. FU AT&T