Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and what better way is there to work off those calories than a mad dash for that last high-end tablet reduced down by a fraction of its normal cost? The chaos of Black Friday strikes every year, and it only takes a look at the upcoming deals to understand why. Best Buy has released a preview of what discounts to expect in just a few weeks, and there are perhaps enough offerings on hand to make an Android fan line up outside the store right away.


Lets get the obvious interests out of the way first. Yes, there will be Android tablets and smartphones on sale. Shoppers can save $100 off the Galaxy Note 10.1 or the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. Anyone looking to be extra cheap can walk out with an off-brand 7-inch tablet for just $39.99. When it comes to phones, many of the savings apply to budget handsets, such as the LG Optimus F3 for $89.99 off-contract. However, the LG G2 will be available for $49.99 with a two-year activation. The exclusive Metallic Blue HTC One will sell for just $29.99 on-contract, and the Arctic Blue Galaxy S4 can be yours for free (again, on-contract). There will also be a blanket offer to save $100 on any tablet, smartphone, laptop, or e-reader when purchasing a Verizon Mobile Broadband device with a two-year plan.


Anyone whose smartphone or tablet still has a micro SD card slot will be able to snag memory for extra cheap. 16GB cards will go for $9.99, whereas 64GB offerings will cost just $34.99.


Smartwatches won't come with any discounts, but anyone who buys one will get to take home a $20 gift card. This applies to obviously brainy watches, like the Pebble, and the more athletic types, such as the Fitbit Force. Jambox Bluetooth speakers are available for $99.99, saving shoppers $50. People who prefer a dock can get one for just $49.99. Headphones and earbuds that typically cost $19.99 will be on sale for 50% off.

BestBuy5 BestBuy6

The savings don't stop there. The Chromecast will be available for $29.99, Galaxy S4 flip covers will go for half off, and a handful of Beats by Dr. Dre products will actually cost less than $200. Discounts will be effective starting 6 PM November 28 - 30th, but don't expect supplies to last that long. To peruse them all for yourself, check out the link below.

Best Buy Black Friday deals

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

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  • Derek Duncan

    FREE S4...

    • Vitaly Streltsov

      free capslock

      • Mayoo

        Free Willy?

        • sssgadget

          Free Man?

          • Nathan Talbert

            Free Bird?

          • http://www.gregmadhere.com/ Greg Madhere

            Free Dom?

          • BetterWithRoot

            Free, as in Beer?

          • DirkBelig

            Free Love?

  • David Vegh

    please dont shop at best buy on thanksgiving day, thank you.

    • AmicusBrief

      Please don't have a heart attack, get robbed, need gasoline, or lose your electricity on Thanksgiving Day, thank you.

      • David Vegh

        aside from the getting gas... the rest of those circumstances are beyond a persons control. people choose to shop. retailers are accommodating their lust for a good deal... but retail employees have families too... and working that day is not optional.

        • HotInEER

          It is optional, it's called don't work retail.

        • AmicusBrief

          Making you sell phones and DVD's on Thanksgiving is payback for the countless lost family time endured by military, law enforcement, fire, medical, and utility workers. They have provided you with the essential services that allow you to survive and maintain employment. Now, stop whining and show me the new iPad mini..

          • Ian

            Well Played....

          • David Vegh

            yeah, i will concede that i was not thinking of those that don't get "holidays"... i'm ex-army.. i know what its like to not get to even see my family during holiday. i get it... and i don't work retail, my wife does. I'm not whining, if the demand wasn't there, then the retailers wouldn't be opening early. so, enjoy your new ipad. (and yes, well played)

        • Brian Armstrong

          I work in a hospital. The end.

          • Daniel Rosseau

            Last I checked hospitals don't fill up on Thanksgiving with a bunch of assholes trying to save a few bucks.

          • Brian Armstrong

            No, but that's one holiday whereas we work EVERY holiday. So what you work one major holiday a year. Boohoo, no one cares about nurses or doctors or the countless other people it takes to run a hospital. We don't see our families either. We just don't throw a hissy fit about it.

        • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

          I don't know how it works in the US (although I suspect that would be qualified by a republican as communism), but in my country if you work on a holiday you get paid triple (by law), that's also the usual thing in most developed nations.

          • Robert Alex Kibler

            Nope. Not a law here. Lots of companies do pay extra for holidays, but it's not required. I know the company my mom works for pays double, but they only work if it's an absolute emergency. My brother works at a hospital, though, and he doesn't get paid extra at all. he has to work a double shift on thanksgiving.

      • A_Noyd

        Too late...

      • flosserelli

        Those are completely different circumstances. You don't CHOOSE to have a heart attack, get stabbed, or lose electricity. People CHOOSE to support retailers on BF and holidays. I agree going to a gas station on a holiday is lame (unless you are traveling) when you could have filled up the previous day.

      • James Devenberg

        I too work all holidays, I work at a prison. However, I see both sides of the coin. With the exception of gas station attendants, the rest of those jobs (and mine) pay well, especially compared to retail. Also, you go into those carriers knowing you will be working holidays. 3 or 4 years ago, retailers weren't open on Thanksgiving, so longer term employees may not have planned on working holidays when they got the job and may have even chosen retail over other options (like pumping gas) specifically to have days like Thanksgiving and Christmas off. There is also the fact that you do not choose to get robbed, get sick, or have a power outage on a holiday, it just happens. You choose whetehr or not you want to go shopping on Thanksgiving.

    • sssgadget

      Please don't shop on Thanksgiving day or Black Friday, thank you.

      • Marty Lange

        Why should people not shop when they can get great discounts? Is it because of the people that actually have jobs and have to work that day? So what, why are they complaining, at least they have jobs. Something not everyone has either because of the economy or because no one has given them a break and hired them.

        • David Vegh

          But its up to the retailers. If every retailer opened at 10 am Friday then yes you would have to wait but the people, while thankful for having a job and will get holiday pay, don't get to have a quality thanksgiving. Most people have all weekend to go to the store.
          I have worked in network operations for 20 years. Field and NOC. You do what you have to do.

          Maybe they should unionize.

          • Marty Lange

            Very valid points. For someone like me though it's sad seeing people this time of the year complaining that they have to work a certain day, as much as I love my family and friends I'd much rather be forced to work holidays, than be chronically unemployed. It's one of those things you don't realize how nice it is to have unless you're constantly on the outside looking in.

            I do agree though, they should look into unionizing. Retailers have been getting away with stuff in the last few years that isn't right. I believe there is still room for actually talk before unions would be needed to get the change that's needed.

      • James Devenberg

        The Thanksgiving sentiment I can understand, but why not shop on Black Friday?

  • Mayoo

    Moto earbuds are really tempting ... oh f*ck ... I'm in Canada ...

    • lostchopstik

      But you have Future Shop! Same company

      • Mayoo

        We have best buys too ... I only meant that these rebates probably won't be the same.

  • name6754

    Any deals on the nexus 7 2013 anywhere anyone know of?

    • Simon Belmont

      I wouldn't be surprised if Radio Shack has a deal. Or at least that thing where you can get $10 vouchers for every $50 you spend.

      I literally got a 32GB Nexus 7 (2012) last November for $189 out of that. Which was a steal at the time (there was also a $20 off coupon code that I managed to get to work on the N7 before they pulled it).

  • Steve Freeman

    If those prices are also available online, maybe I'll get some of those headsets. Otherwise, I'm not going shopping on Black Friday, screw that.

    • flosserelli

      I haven't fought the Black Friday crowds in years. I buy 90% of my xmas stuff online, and most of that via Amazon lightning deals. No point in freezing your nuts off waiting hours for stores to open when you can get similar deals sitting at home.

    • Morpheus

      used to work every holiday and then I went to detox. Now I fill my face and pity the fools on both sides of the registers.

  • name6754

    Also who cares, everyone is shaming the business that are open on thanksgiving day, you do know its probably optional for those workers and they get major benefits on those days and they are only meeting consumer demand, shame the CONSUMERS if you must, but its an individuals choice to get up and leave their families to go buy a tv, question THEIR morals, not the companies

    • FormerRetail

      I used to work retail. Not optional. Work or get fired.

      • frafri

        I agree. work or get fired.

      • An Vo

        I signed in to thumbs up and comment too.
        I've worked two Best Buy Black Fridays... Had to work a 14 hour shift both years or get fired.
        The only "Benefit" I got was someone throwing up on me while I was handing out reservations for people.

    • stealthvoodoo

      Not optional. No benefits. Except they feed us because they don't want us coming back from lunch late.

      • Haunter

        >They feed us

        Pfft, this is a benefit of near Google Corporate calibur. Who needs a 401k?! Where do I sign up?

      • An Vo

        Lol I got a granola bar and a couple of halloween kit-kats my first year at Best Buy. The second year at least we got Gengis Grill.

    • David Vegh

      Trust me, it is not optional for Best Buy employees. and I agree with your consumer shaming... and people would line up on thanksgiving day whether the retailer was open or not, to be there when they do on black friday. those companies are giving the shoppers what they want.

      • Brandon Jiang

        dude. that's the point of a company. to give the customer what they want.

    • Sokudoningyou

      What benefits? I know at our gas station, you don't get paid holiday pay for working, and if your normally scheduled day is a Thursday (or whatever day Christmas is falling on), you're stuck working. So anyone working Christmas or Thanksgiving is working at regular rate. Unless someone is willing to take your day or switch, it's not optional to not work.

  • Tech Guru

    Surface for $200? that's a price that might make me try a windows tablet.

    • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

      Bear in mind this is the first-generation Surface, with the same low-end specs as a first-generation Nexus 7, doesn't include the keyboard, and since it doesn't run full-fledged Windows 8, is limited to the "modern" apps. That means no Chrome. Basically, it's crap. And I'm no Microsoft hater by any means; I own a Surface Pro 2 and it's one of the best devices I've ever owned.

    • Mario

      Depends if it's the new Surface 2 or the old Surface RT. The ad does not specify.

    • A_Noyd

      You can bet it is the RT version. Avoid it like the plague.

    • GazaIan

      This is the Surface with a Tegra 3, and it's a Windows RT... If you have low expectations, go for it. I own a Surface Pro 2, I couldn't imagine this with no legacy apps.. it would be torture.

    • James Devenberg

      I had an Asus tablet with the same specs as this Surface RT (aside from the Surface being 10.6" and my VivoTab RT being 101", the internals were identical). Don't waste your $200. I love Windows 8, but RT is just not worth the trouble.

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    All the Chromecasts!

  • HotInEER

    Deals look horrible to me.

    • waleonishmail

      deals are horrible I agree

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    The MicroSD card prices are pretty killer, I must say. $35 for a 64GB Sandisk is a steal.

    • TylerChappell

      Just the other day, my brother managed to get 2 64GB SanDisk Ultra's for $26 each. I forget where though, it was a popular retail store.

  • varun

    I'm now vaguely interested in the Digital2 tablets for the singular purpose of putting Dayframe on them and mounting them to the wall to serve as digital photo frames. Hm.

  • Mark Washington

    I'm waiting for the Nokia 2520

  • Eddy

    Before the big holiday vacation, people’s need for most kinds of goods increases rapidly. Based on this insight into people’s consumption behavior, retailers have cooperated to present Black Friday to the public after Thanksgiving and before Christmas to encourage the demand with the most wonderful deals throughout the years.