The zombie slaying is about to get a bit better in the online world of Dead Trigger 2. A big update has hit the Play Store with a number of important tweaks. Better start mashing that update button.


The update is mostly about changing the game balance in the player's favor. Here's the full changelog from Mad Finger Games:

Gameplay Balancing

  • Kamikadze - Decrease Damage done by explosion
  • Infectator - Lowered aiming capability
  • Berserker - Decrease HP
  • ScientFist - Balanced radioactivity damage
  • Zombies difficulty was rebalanced
  • Several missions were rebalanced
  • Inverted y-axis added


  • Samsung S III and S IV crashes fixed
  • Broken fonts fixed
  • Produced chain-saw is visible in Inventory
  • Inactive boosters is not visible anymore
  • Pain-Killer upgrade works correctly

In our review, the difficulty of the special zombies was one of the major sticking points mentioned. You really had to use expensive consumables to survive these fights, but maybe now it'll be a bit easier. In general, the zombies should go down with fewer bullets now, which means less pressure on the player to dump real money into the game.

Update: We've reached out to the developer a few times to see what's up with the compatibility issues. We'll report back if we hear anything.

Update 2: It looks like the error has been fixed and Dead Trigger 2 should again show as compatible with your devices.

[Thanks, Dmitry]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Esteban Méndez ⚡

    About time. But the game still need internet to play.

    • http://www.maverickcreative.ca/ Joshua Richards

      I hate that developers are doing this. I don't want to have to tether my tab just to play.

    • sluflyer06

      Every game should be storing save games/progress in the cloud, storing saves locally is awful for anyone who is always flashing roms, it also makes it impossible for me to play on my phone, then go home and switch to the tablet.

      I cannot think of a single better feature for mobile gaming thats ever come to light thats tops online saves.

      Clash of Clans, Dead Trigger 2, Riptide GP2, and others are games I regularly flip/flop between by Nexus 5&7.

      • http://www.maverickcreative.ca/ Joshua Richards

        So when there is no internet, notify the user that they have to start from the last synced save, and upload that save to the cloud when internet is connected again. Come on.

        • sluflyer06

          OK. maybe...that's how Riptide and at least 1 other game I have does it. Still tethering especially by BT is pretty painless for these cases and low power use.

          • MindFever

            Indeed...Nexus 5 & Nexus 7 2013 combination is freakin awesome. Tethering via Bluetooth uses so much less battery now that they use BT 4.0 low power technology. N5 & N7 (2013) are unbeatable in price and sheer user experience. But that's another topic ...

          • Cory_S

            I highly doubt it would be using LE for tethering. LE is for very low bandwidth uses.

          • Nightfall

            Well it would be inconvenient for those who travel by train and go underground. Tethering doesn't work in those situations.

          • Roh_Mish

            And high data use. These onling games take 300-400 MB of data for no reason. I dont know what they sync but still that is too much.

        • MindFever

          That's a good idea. Also what if it was like so: as you said,when you are offline the game tells you it won't save to cloud until you reconnect. However ,but since they want people to buy stuff and be connected they should make it so that when you play while connected online they get some kind of bonuses. If you are offline you wouldn't get free roulette spins or whatever. That would've been acceptable for me and for them too I guess

        • Vito Lee

          This so much. Granted I have WiFi most places I go to anyways where I would sit down to play this game. Also, not integrating with G+ for the save bothers me. Why do I have to make another account for this one game when there is already a system set up by Google for this specific purpose.

        • John Smith

          I agree, that's how I would implement it

      • Cheeseball

        It's not the cloud saving that's the problem, but the fact that you need a constant internet connection that is. They did it right with the first Dead Trigger.

  • secano

    TMobile S4...smh...

    • Shane

      Same issue with my Nexus 5. I had it downloaded already, but when I went to download the update it says it's not compatible.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Same on the Note 3.

      • Megaton

        I have a Note 3 (Sprint, rooted stock) and it shows compatible and updated just fine.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Yup, they fixed it.

          • Michael Berrios

            I'm still seeing that my Tmobile note 3 is incompatible.

    • Spasillium

      Dat well deserved one star.

    • Edward Germanotta

      Same on my samsung galaxy s4... and I already has installed the game.. WTF? @archon810:disqus Can you contact developers?

      • Ryan Lasley

        Same on my HTC One

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Yeah, I have.

  • RitishOemraw

    Tried downloading this earlier today, said not compatible with my NExus 5 (unrooted et al)
    Yesterday I could download it fine (start the download...not actually downloading...because my N5 is having major issues downloading anything :( )

    • http://www.maverickcreative.ca/ Joshua Richards

      Same compatibility problem.

  • saleem

    Nexus 4, rooted. Working fine on latest version

    • C-loZ

      good god, your play store looks awesome. im guessing this is some sort of aosp theme going on, and my sense 5 One S cant get it ?

  • Marius Oprisan

    Rofl, great update. Removed compatibility with Note 3, HTC One, Galaxy S4 and probably lots of other phones :))

  • http://www.facebook.com/danieltye88 Tungmeister

    Showing as incompatible on my nexus 5. I wish developers would hurry up and enable immersive mode on games and other full screen apps. It's such a simple alteration I don't get why all updates aren't comming with it already.

  • Anwar Ali

    Does not work Galaxy S4 I9505 on Android 4.3 touchwiz,won't let me update it say incompatible, works fine on my nexus 7, i

  • Nelson Wasiuk

    Balacing? Yeah, right. Now you need to deal with a lot more walkers and on most missions, bullets refill rooms are closed, so you are more limited now. before you can play more and earn more money on non-timed missions. Now you cant, because you have more walkers, doing more damage with less bullets. So it's mandatory to buy extended life to, barely, survive a mission. So the only balancing here is to generate more money to MadFinger Games...

    • Brian Utne

      You might be the one and only person crying about how much harder the game got....when in all reality, it hasn't become any more difficult than it was, which wasn't very hard to begin with.

  • Apoorv Bishnoi

    Compatible and working great on my quad core Micromax Canvas 4. After the most recent update, the game has become quite easy. Graphics are awesome as always. Best FPS game available on Android.

  • Kevin

    Guess they fixed the S4 crashes by making it incompatible. Makes sense, since if it doesn't run, it can't crash. :)

  • Tech Guru

    I have some questions if anybody cares to help me out.

    this game is available for PC but every time I try to download it all I get is blank text files. and I get that only after clicking on all kinds of shit they have before you can download anything.

    has any of you successfully downloaded the PC version?


    • Adam Olivero

      The game isn't actually available for PC. At least according to Mag Finger Games. Also the file your downloading in your screen shot isn't even a Meg. Much to small for this game.

      • Tech Guru

        That sucks. I wonder why they advertise it as such?

        • Adam Olivero

          They don't. Dead Trigger 2 might be but right now the PC/MAC buttons on Mad Fingers site are greyed out.

          • Tech Guru

            Hmmm. Even on their FB page b they have that link.

            Oh well, guess I'm just S.O.L

            Thanks for b your help.

  • Dipish

    The updated fixed some graphics issues on my Sony Xperia S

  • Kwills88

    The difficulty wasn't too bad for me (life is easy with a shotgun) however, what i do hate is having to pay for upgrades and pay to unlock guns and the waiting period is so atrocious.

  • missinginput

    It still takes an obscene amount of time to grind anything out fun this feels more and more like an EA or GLU game the more you play it

  • deenybird

    crashes on startup on rooted galaxy S3. Sometimes i can get to the main screen screen and hit start, but it crashes after the level loads.
    About 50% of games have this same sort of crash bug on my s3 and i dont know how to fix it....

  • Primalxconvoy

    Wake me when they fix the iaps and I might play it. Heck, I might actually buy it.

  • Tech Guru

    Im up to level 18, does it ever change? campaigns were way too short.

  • John Smith

    this game has a questionable internet backend; I'm on WiFi and the connection dropped. Now it shows "Connection lost, please wait" and hasn't recovered.

  • josan frank
  • Jacob Brown

    is there a dead trigger were you don't need internet, the game is good but it'll be better if theres a offline mode

  • Serdar Sayin

    What's up folks,

    Why can't i login to my account Simonwanderer!!!

  • Vince Cooper

    I installed update and now dt2 will not load on my samsung 4 uggh