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The biggest user-facing change in Android 4.4 KitKat is, without a doubt, the launcher. The new launcher experience provides deeper Google Now integration (it's literally the leftmost homescreen), beautiful transparent navigation buttons and notification bar, always-on Google Now listening, and a much cleaner app drawer. For now, though, this launcher will remain a Nexus 5 exclusive - Google wants to see what the reaction is before expanding this 'Google experience' to other devices or the Play Store-using public.


Personally, I'm really liking the new launcher. It makes Google Now much more accessible, and I'm definitely using it a lot more than I was before. The aesthetic changes are obviously a matter of personal taste, but I'm a big fan of the larger icons and transparent nav buttons / notification bar, too. I used custom launchers extensively in the past, but I find most of the features they offer don't really excite me anymore - I'm not that concerned with fine-tuning the launcher experience on my phone these days. So, if you have a Nexus 5, what are you using? I've decided not to provide options for individual third party launchers, as there are just so many. Instead, I suggest you head down to the comments and find a response for your choice of launcher, or if it's not there, leave one for others to vote up.

Are you using the stock (aka 'Google Experience') launcher on your Nexus 5?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Josh C

    Stock GE launcher is perfect. No use in fixing what ain't broken!

    • David Hart

      There's a few options to be desired, but I agree.

    • guest

      I do wish I had the option to have the home" pane be somewhere else, besides the one right next to google now, but I've gotten used to it

      • Josh C

        Yeah it was something to get used to, but once i did i love it.

        • pfmiller

          I could see getting used to it, but love it? It used to be that you never had to swipe through more than half your screens. I don't see any advantage of needing more swipes now.

          • ste

            I think u r totally right. I always had my home centered and 2 pages left and right. I m now using buzz launcher and i reduced to just one page. The rest is divided into folders inthe drawera

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      Having a limit on the number of icons in a folder, being unable to divide my apps into sections within the drawer, having my icons and widgets unnecessarily separated (what's the point in removing the widgets from the drawer, if you still have to swipe from page to page to see them instead of scrolling?), and then of course there's the fixed grid size. For example, if I have three icons in a row, they're all forced either towards the left or right side instead of the middle. Little things like this make for an annoying launcher experience and I don't understand why Google doesn't give its users options within it. I'd love to use the stock Nexus 5 launcher, but it's just too limited for me, so I stick with Nova.

      • Josh

        Google does give power users options. They let them replace the launcher. 99% of users would never touch these settings, and it helps developers to create opportunities where things can be improved upon.

        • Ricardo Kummel

          The day a launcher starts using/adding the stock widgets I'll change from the stock launcher...

    • A Black UI is the best UI

      Tell that to Nova and Action Launcher which is a whole lot more innovative and offers a whole lot more customization than that shitty google experience launcher.

  • Irwin

    It's nice for now but one thing that bugs me is the lack of app drawer memorizing which page i was on and not being able to swipe left.

  • Kuyam

    I really want to use it, but there are some issues that need to be solved first.
    1: real estate for the icons. The grid needs to be adjustable.
    2: app update should not remove icons from the homescreen
    3: folders for the app drawer.
    4: maybe we don't want a Google search widget on every page.

    Wishful thinking :
    No labels, gestures, icon size/custom icons

    I guess Kitkat inspired Nova will bring everything I just mentioned anyways.

    • Chris

      Hopefully Apex too. Though, it seems nobody is working on it anymore :(

    • meijin3

      The biggest thing for me would be to have the ability hide apps from the drawer.

      • yippiedad

        This might not be what you want but for stock apps that you want to remove but can't, you can disable them by selecting App info > Disable. That will remove the icon from the drawer.

    • Ahmed Dada

      This is why third party launchers exist, for customization. Google has their take on a launcher, and if you want more abilities, we have a Play Store. That's the beauty of Android

      • Martim

        Unfortunately, there's no way for custom launchers to work like the stock launcher when it concerns integration with Google Now (swipe to the left to open Google Now, for example). So that leaves me in a bit of a pickle.

        • lucke1310

          Just swipe up from the home button. I personally like that better, and it leaves me with less Apple taste in my mouth... But to each their own.

        • Ahmed Dada

          True, I love the integration as well. Maybe someday there will be a workaround. Personally, holding off on Nova for now for that "Google experience"

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      2. Happens to all launchers for reasons I can't quite pin down (but they are related to the changes in the apps you're updating).

      5. Paginated app drawer = no.

      • Mathieu

        2. related to changes in the app manifest: the developer changed the class name of the launched activity (intent-filter: android.intent.category.LAUNCHER).

        • mgamerz


      • ins0mn1a

        ability to get rid of app drawer pagination is literally the biggest reason i use nova. going through all those pages in order to find an app is just a bad way to do things.

    • Mathieu

      You will never have all these advanced features in the stock launcher of any consumer devices.

      When an app update remove an app icon from the homescreen, it's because the developer changed its app to do so.

    • Ayo Victor Ogunfunmi

      So basically the sense 5 launcher.

    • Bojan Gutic

      1 and 3 are probably NEVER going to happen. They're niche features that the average user won't want, and it'll just cause confusion for your average joe. That's why custom launchers exist.

      2 is surely just a bug. Agreed with 4, especially with Google now in the left pane now.

      • Neuropsychosis

        Surely folders in the app drawer can't just be a niche feature. Me and my tons of apps says otherwise.

    • Simon Belmont

      The app updates removing icons from the home-screen has been happening to me, too, even on stock Android 4.3 on my Galaxy Nexus. I think it's a glitch in the Google Play Store.

      My wife was complaining about it on her HTC One, also. It's weird.

    • Minymina

      I want the option to be able to use icon packs without having to download a third party launcher or an app. It should be standard on Android by now.

  • raazman

    I use it as well, but my only gripe is when using a lower DPI, like 320, and hitting home from an app, the keyboard pops up, giving focus to the search bar.

  • Henry Green

    I gave it a shot going back to stock but I just can't do without the features of Action Launcher.

  • Can Altas

    Launcher would be much better if Google Now had more functions outside of the USA! Then many more people would use it.
    Without the most good functions its totally useless for me :/

    • Pascal Welsch

      just switch to Englisch (United States) and everything works

      • domenukk

        Except for your language of course.

        • ins0mn1a

          hm, this might or might not be a problem. people from small countries often get used to dealing with technology and media in english. for me, computer operating systems have always been in english. i once had to deal with windows xp in my native language, and i couldn't find anything there. true story, i had to ask someone how to find "accessories" app folder. i am not saying that having localized versions of android is bad, on the contrary, it's awesome. i am just saying that almost everyone i know uses the english version of it anyway.

    • Gert-Jan Anema

      I use xposed framework custom settings app to set the language in Google Now on English US. And my system is in English UK. So most functions from USA just work fine in The Netherlands with English system language.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Xposed isn't compatible with 4.4 yet AFAIK.

        • TheHamster95

          Seems to work on my N7 2012 with Google Now at least..

  • Archit K

    I am digging the transparent nav and status bars. This should've been from the beginning.
    About icons, It does take a few days to get used to.

  • g

    Change dpi 445, profit

  • anehlo

    Using default launcher for now in 4.4. Main reason for that is because I like the transparent navigation buttons and status bar at the top which is not transparent when using Nova. I'm waiting for Nova to update based on the 4.4 launcher. But I really do miss gestures and adjustable grids for icons.

  • CBers

    Using it as it's Forced on me, but prefer the way it was before.

    I don't like having the GOOGLE NOW page always there. I know you can disable it, but it disables all of GN.

    • Gabernasher

      Get a different launcher...is it that complicated? Apex Nova ADW?
      It's even a poll option...fuck.

      • MyLeftNut

        What's with the hostility? If there's anywhere he's allowed to complain it's on a page that's specifically asking for his experience and reasons. My goodness.

        • Gabernasher

          it asks do you use it, he complains that he wouldn't but he'd have to disable GN, he doesn't need to disable GN, just use a different launcher, sorry stupidity brings out the worst in me.

      • Craig M

        Go back to bed grumpy ass.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    - I don't own a Nexus 5 but i want to participate in this Poll

    • Sam Del Valle

      Same here

    • steviecil235

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    • jab416171

      Mine's finally out for delivery!

      • mechapathy

        That's a little nuts that you got downvoted cuz you're getting yours. People sometimes. Jeesh. I got downvoted on reddit for the same thing last week. I'm happy for you.

    • Matthew Fry

      Given the past availability for such an option, I am sad to see it missing here.

    • http://Egosistema.net/ Mr. XD


  • Jason8

    Running 4.4 on my Galaxy Note 2 and the Google Experience launcher is what I'm using. A bit less flexible as other launchers, but I actually like it a lot.

  • Israël legault

    it took me some time but now I love my screen with google now widget at the top ( no search bar) and no dock. I just have 2 row of 5 icon at the bottom. the other ''desktop''pages or full screen calendar widget and full screen keep widget.

    so now i'm running NOVA on my N5 and I love it!

  • Szymon Kosecki

    It is actually a first stock launcher I am comfortable using on a daily basis. Having said that, waiting for nova to update to Kitkat visuals.

  • Tiago Pestana

    It's Missing an option, no because I couldn't even buy a nexus5

    • Fellwalker

      Then keep away from the post and don't bother us!

  • MattEden

    Hell I'm using it on my GNex. It's not the full experience but I do enjoy it. I was skeptical about having Google Now take up my leftmost homescreen but with how fast it loads up I actually now enjoy it. Now if I can get Google Search to stop FCing all the time I'd be golden....

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    I tried, but after a couple of days I realized it was just slowing me down too much and I went back to Apex. :(

  • Owadel

    I'm using it on my LG Optimus L9 with CM10.1 and I like it!

  • Jadephyre

    Third party launcher... but what else is there for Nexus 4 Users (don't bring up the hackjob 4.4 ROMs)

  • Nexus 4

    Where is the "I want a nexus 5" button? :P

    • Gabernasher

      I'm surprised they didn't throw in a dummy answer.

  • Dalibor Kollár

    Since Google Now is far from functional where I live (to be fair, it's providing me with accurate info regarding time necessary to get where I work. On Saturday and Sunday evening, only) , there's no point in using it instead of Nova launcher.

  • DiamondAvatar

    I am going to order my Nexus 5 today,

  • Senoy
  • Gordon Lutz

    I don't have the Nexus 5 yet, but am using the 4.4 launcher on my Nexus 4, and absolutely love it.
    I like how there is only one home screen, unless you actually want more, but why, and I like how the Google Now is off to the side, with swipe action. Nice feature.
    Definitely looking forward to my full 4.4 KitKat update.

    • Chris

      I prefer the new launcher over my other favorite, Nova Prime, mostly due to the "look and feel" and the Google Now integration. I too was disappointed to find that I could still only place 16 icons into a folder as with previous stock launchers, having read before release that this limitation was to be replaced by a scrolling view. No idea what happened to that or how the previewers came to believe it was there if it wasn't. Now I can only hope that a 3rd party launcher will be based on the new launcher but expand the limit. Maybe a new Nova Launcher or something entirely new.

  • Firmino

    No, i have a nexus 4 and i still waintig my kitkat...

  • Zech Zimmerman

    At first I want sure about it because it would change the flow of how I used the phone. I gave it a try and came up with a new way of doing things and I'm really happy with it. Can't wait to see the 4.4 launcher on the second gen Nexus 7. Although I do wish I could turn off the dock, hide apps in the app drawer, and put more than 16 apps in a folder.

  • Crispin Swickard

    Love the transparent nav/notification bar even though the notification bar seems to sporadically revert to black now, and again. Really dislike how big the icons are, and how bright it looks. Its really strange looking that the app drawer icon is sizably smaller than the other icons, it just looks weird.

    Since the device/screen is too big to easily navigate one handed I really appreciate gestures to pull down the notification shade without actually having to move the phone around/use another hand to do so. That, and the ability to change the icon grid to my desire/icons/folder image etc has caused me to revert mack to Nova, and hope they add in the transparency, new picker, and drawer layout which are the only 3 things I like about it.

  • http://billhay.es/ Bill Hayes

    Yes, for one reason and one reason only:

    DAT FONT :o

    The Google Now integration is actually kind of annoying. That's three ways to get to it from the home screen and also I basically just idly swipe through my home screens when I'm bored which turns into swiping away cards. Oh, and my homescreen layout isn't supported. I like five with my main one being in the middle. Google launcher won't allow that, so I have to swipe four times to something that used to take two. Also it doesn't wrap around like Nova Launcher, which I miss.

    Also, fun fact, the horizontal paginated app drawer is, without hyperbole, the stupidest thing ever done by anyone ever. Vertical scroll was so much quicker. Combine that with the (I find) severely limited folder size and a smaller grid size than I'm used to and I find myself doing a lot more swiping to find what I want and a lot less actually running apps and doing stuff.


  • nvillaco

    For me, the single most important 3rd party launcher feature is the gestures. Those shortcuts are indispensable and until stock provides that, it's Nova forever for me.

  • Atique Ahmed

    I would participate in this poll if my nexus 5 arrived already. But i wasn`t in the group of people that ordered theirs in the first 27 minutes.

    • Gabernasher

      I ordered mine after 32 and still got it last week.

      • Atique Ahmed

        I actually ordered mine the day after, on November 1st, after October 31st. That's probably why. Also in the orders it says "Ships November 26th" and also its pending status ever since i ordered the N5. So yea.. :P

        • Gabernasher

          Well, unfortunately Google loves to beta test, so they roll things out slowly and update as needed.

  • Eric Jones

    I'm using the stock launcher. I'm also trying to get used to the stock keyboard, to simplify my life. I'll probably end up switching back to Swiftkey though.

    • ste

      Don't have the 5 but i downloaded the keyboars to give it a try. Fact is i went straight away bsck to the samsung one. I write in 3 different languages very often and with the samsung one i don't need to change it every time because it is automatically recognized

  • Gabernasher

    I'm using it only because I haven't gotten around to changing it. I see no real benefit to swipe from left than swipe from bottom for GNow. If I want GNow I don't even swipe to unlock, I just pull up.

  • cabbiebot

    I'm loving it but I really wish Google Now had more relevant information for me. I'm sure they have much more planned for it though, can't come soon enough.

    • cabbiebot

      Phrased another way, Google Home will become more valuable over time as Google Now is enhanced. My biggest disappointment with Now is that it's not intuiting my location and where I'll be unless it's on my calendar. When Now was launched, it sounded to me like it would learn my life over time. I play in a weekly pool league, and every week at a certain time I go to this certain place. So, why doesn't Google Now provide travel time and traffic alerts? Maybe some people would find this creepy but for me, I've given Google permission to use my location info so I'm fine with it.

      • Max

        In my case, Google Now does that. I go to a certain place a certain day, and Google Now shows me traffic or public transport lines.

        • cabbiebot

          hmm interesting. I guess it just doesn't like me because it's never done that. :(

  • Daniel McKenzie J.

    I have a Nexus 5 16GB.
    I'm not really liking the bigger icons and I wish to god you could customise the launcher like you can do in CyanogenMod.. For example to hide certain icons/apps etc. I don't want to see my favourite apps on my homescreen and then again in the launcher! Annoys the hell out of me. If Android had this feature there would be no reason for me to root.
    Also, Why won't Google allow us to delete/uninstall the pre-installed Google apps such as Keep, Google+, Drive etc? There is no way to delete these unless you root.
    Fair enough add them to Android (pre-installed) but atleast allow us to remove them if we don't want them. As far as I can see when I goto the Play Store to these apps it just gives me the option to 'Open' and no delete option.

    Just my thoughts!

    • Joe Micelli

      You can disable them in the app settings.

      • Daniel McKenzie J.

        I don't want them disabled. I want them gone. I don't want them on my device!

        • jab416171

          So you want an Android device without GApps?

    • David Romao

      It's their OS , they had the work to make it, they have to protect their app's that's why you cant remove them without rooting. You only get the "open" option on play store because those app's are installed in the /system partition and you cant uninstal them

  • Ron Hamelin

    I'm using the N5 stock launcher. For the most part, I love it. But I'm definitely missing a few things from Nova Launcher Prime: 1) resizing widgets; 2) backup homescreen setup (this is particularly useful when installing new ROMs, etc, without having to set up the homescreen all over again); 3) sort option within folders; 4) ability to uninstall an app from within the folder (like in Nova) instead of having to go to the app drawer. Still, I"m hooked on the stock launcher for now.

  • Giingee

    Its annoying that you cant add another screen to the left of the home screen, only to the right.

  • Matthew Merrick

    I felt I could participate, as I sideloaded and tried out the Nexus 5 launcher on my note 2. Even though it is quite neat, I reverted back to Nova pretty quickly. I hate the non-centered home screen, and it just doesn't does make getting to Google Now that much easier be worth it. I need a tighter grid (4x5 at least) and infinite scrolling homescreens, at very least.

  • Mac

    Sorry Google, stock launcher on 4.4 is far too busy. Transparent notification bar is great, but better if not there at all. What's with the dots showing the number if screens? App drawer icon can't be removed. Permanent search bar. Hate the huge cartoon icons. Have to have Google Now permanently to the left. I could go on. Will be sticking to Nova. Always listening is great though, but have to pretend to be American!

  • Anthony Walker

    I'm waiting for Nova's update before I get rid of the stock launcher.

  • Billy Royle

    nova launcher everyday...i love my small icons, folders and just a sweet speedy launcher.

    it makes my note 2 a whole new phone with it on..

  • kevin

    I like the ok google feature. Also I like having a 5x5 icon. I can't Stand the 5x4. I also like to be able to rename my icons. Ect ect. That is why I am using nova launcher.

  • motoridersd

    Yes, until Nova Launcher gets transparent bars. Then I'm jumping back. I miss my gestures.

  • Michael Benesch

    I'm using the GE launcher on my lg optimus g on 4.4 :P

  • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

    I don't have a N5 but Google now being leftmost home screen just reminds me of my old Ipod Touch having search be the left of the homescreen. Swiping up from Home seems better.

  • Max Simmons

    I love it. But can't help but agree with previous poster about it reminding me of iOS!

  • mgamerz

    Where's the 'I like to be difficult' option

    • A Black UI is the best UI

      So its being difficult to like something that isn't made by google.

  • alexguitar

    Aviate is too awesome. Sorry Google.

  • A Black UI is the best UI

    No because it is shit and useless compared to every other launcher on the play store.

  • nxtiak

    Stock launcher still can't hold more than 16 apps!!!!!!! Google needs to fix this, what are they thinking?!?!?

  • Jeremy626

    I need Nova ASAP.... asap

  • Kevin Clark

    I'm using it on my galaxy nexus and nexus 7 2013 and really like it. Wish I could hide the icon labels but that is it

  • Simon Curran

    I just want the swipe left for Google Now and the transparent notification and nav bar for my N4!.

  • Abhi-nay

    I am using it for now till another third party launcher can use the transparency in the nav bar. But the icon sizes are too big so I had to change the DPI to adjust to it.

  • Chris Pick

    I am just using the AOSP launcher, from having monster icons which just take up more space, to removing the quick launch of the play store from the top right of the app drawer, to having redundant methods of getting to Google Now.. I can ALWAYS get to google now by swiping up from Home... But now I can also swipe to the left, after hitting home? Why 2 steps? Not sure who designed the UI, but it kind of blows. I don't like the HTC-like settings menu icon.. Not to mention the location icon, wifi, network icons in the status bar.. They all don't tell you much, they are white/gray so they look like they are not connected (so used to the blue), and they no longer have the activity icons, to get the actual color, activity, you have to once again, swipe to the quick settings screen.. Which is redundant when I could just tell from looking at the home screen. The speed and battery of the Nexus 5 are actually doing quite well. I also dropped my ppi in config file from 480 down to 445, so now I actually get 5 columns of icons in the app drawer..

  • Shadab

    I don't have nexus 5 but using GEL on galaxy S2 running CM11

  • Humberto Hernandez

    I does not have options to customize the screen like Nova, or Apex...
    A 4x4 gird is.... short? I want to change the icons so i dont get bored.

    The stock launcher wont let me do that.

  • hamadirose

    with google search 2 swipes (upward & from the left) away, will stock ever shake the most superfluous, aesthetically distracting part of launcher - the homescreen search field?

  • caro

    Still on Action Launcher :)

  • alamarco

    Quickly switched back to using Nova. Stock launcher is decent, but I need the customization of Nova. Once you get used to having all the options, you immediately notice them lacking on stock.

    • Fellwalker

      I'm using nova but really only the icon grid. 4 wide on a nexus 5 screen is just embarrassing. I've gone for 5 wide on home and app drawer. It is a nexus 5 after al.

    • King Mico Machez

      You are so right. Seems like people love to be spoon fed. They like their hand to be held. Whereas I like to create my own world on my handheld.

  • Vetal

    using Nova Launcher Prime. I like the stock launcher extended desktop look but the icons all being weird sizes and not lining up is very annoying. If they at least app developers used the same center point but they dont. I like my custom icons that I can apply in Nova launcher. Also, during set up, its so annoying having to go through all those widgets to find the one I want. I also like having all my tunes related widgets on my left screen. Anywho I read that Nova developer is working on getting some of the nice features of the stock integrated into his launcher.

  • Hz

    Nope, I personally think the icons are too big. I like taking advantage of the larger screen for more icons rather than an enlarged experience.

  • JamesBennett360

    Using it for now. waiting for nova to bring on the beta update to include many KK fearures.

  • tmz

    The only major problem with the stock launcher is the lack of landscape support. It's hard to imagine why this is not enabled.

  • rajat nandi

    Working fine (Galaxy s2 i9100)

  • Akhilesh Pratap

    i don't have the nexus 5, but i'm using the new launcher on my Nexus 4 and i'm loving it :-)

  • Dave

    I'm using the stock launcher but I'm only just happy with it. The icons are too large IMO and I miss the quick Play Store link in the top right of the app drawer. Overall I think Kitkat has actually simplified too much in terms of the UI. We've lost useful features like the mobile/wifi signal status as well.

  • jabs622

    I like it a lot but I have one minor issue and that would be not being able to select which page the home button takes you to. If you have any kind of wallpaper that has a centered object when you hit home you are seeing the far left side of it and thats just really annoying.

  • Rovex

    No for one simple reason,I hate the permanent Google search bar at the top of all screens. Its in the way and being at the top is stupid. I wouldn't mind if it was at the bottom, quite so much. Its just a very inefficient use of screen space and really reduces your options.

  • turdbogls

    I find myself switching back and forth. once I found out that Action Launcher (the beta) supported translucent nav/status bars, I jumped on that bandwagon simply because i missed the Icon Packs. its still not my favorite launcher by a long shot, but it supports 2 of my main wants in a launcher now (translucency and icon packs)

    but i do find myself missing the google now integration and the app drawer of the stock launcher. also, i LOVE that they went with the larger icons. gives it a much cleaner look IMO.
    if stock supprted icon packs (i know it never will officially) I would be all over it.

    • Manny Wilson

      My new launcher is now Action Launcher. Thanks much sir! I, too, fell in love with the translucent bars and missed my Colors Theme Pack in a bad way. Life is good again.

      • turdbogls

        life is full of choices...Nova launcher now supports it too. i made the switch because i like the app drawer on the bottom.

  • http://revanmj.pl/ Michał Jakubowski

    Well, I wouldn't use it for one reason - I don't like those big icons. N5 has bigger screen than N4 or Gnex, yet instead of let user place more icons on it, they make them bigger -_-

    I also tried GE launcher on my Gnex and I don't think those big icons look good. But it's just my opinion.

  • Roh_Mish

    I don't like the big icons, the app drawer and the long press menu

  • Phill_S

    I guess there is nothing "wrong" with the stock launcher, but I am using the latest Action Launcher beta because I prefer the Quickdrawer to the normal app drawer, covers to folders and the new Quickpage is another great feature the dev has added.

    I can just as easily swipe up from the bottom as in from the left to get to Now (I have a widget of it on my homepage anyway) and I still dont find voice commands to be accurate enough to need it to listen for hotwords to activate it all the time, and when I do want a voice command I can just double tap on the Action Bar Search to get straight into voice actions which is plenty fast.

  • ismail

    KitKat Launcher for ICS and JB. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ovidos.android.kitkat.launcher3 It is based on AOSP 4.4

  • SirCharles

    Using stock launcher but disabled the left Google Now ANNOYANCE. I know I can swipe up anytime I want it so it doesn't have to F+UP the centering of my 'Google Experience' home screen windows. It was perfectly fine before and now the Center Button isn't a Center Button, it's a Left Button = F'N LAAAAAAAAME

  • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

    I don't own a Nexus 5 but I'm using Google's new launcher! WHERE'S MY OPTION LOL.

  • lucke1310

    I like the stock Google launcher, but as soon as Apex releases their update for 4.4 (with transparent nav and notif bars) i'll be all over that again.

  • JAD88

    I'm using nova launcher. I dont like the big icons. it just make low res icons look even worse. I dont like Roboto condensed either

  • Jamie Neale

    Google Now is still home button swipe up like it has been for ages from anywhere on the phone, I like to customise my home screens not to be told that has to be on the left.

    Beta Tester for Nova and loving it

  • bgroves2908

    Since I can't downsize the icons in the stock launcher, I'll have to go aftermarket. Again.

  • sammy

    Two features would make the google expereicne launcher my final choice:

    1- Unlimited number of apps in the folders (Very important for me)

    2- ability to have 5 rows of apps

    Personally, I hope google release the launcher to the play store so we could get faster improvements

  • giokaxo

    hello guys.... I have problem with google now homescreen.... it doesnt appears when i swipe left.... In setting there is no google now switcher... what to do?

  • TecnoLogicamente

    I'm currently sticking with the stock launcher, but I've some complaints:
    - Google bar in every home screen (annoying and space consuming).
    - Can't create folders in the app drawer (so it's just a *ucking mess).
    - Can't organize the app drawer as u want (like not alphabetic order but maybe categories)

  • PriestSyrinx

    I've tried both the Nova Beta and stock and I like the stock launcher a bit better ATM. Unfortunately, at some point my navigation bar stopped being transparent and is back to the standard black. This is irritating me, and I can't seem to figure out how to make it revert...

  • xperianer

    i will never understand why google has such a fucked up appdrawer
    no order by most used apps, no folders in appdrawer...and such big icons...i am not sure how that will look with low res appicons :/

    while i write that i download nova beta

  • Natalia H

    I've been loving it...clean and elegant, but I just wish it went into landscape mode. It's annoying enough that I'm going to shop for other launchers, but I think I'll be back.

  • Joseph Williams

    I'm hoping nova launcher will integrated the updates from the 4.4 launcher. If so, I'll go back to that.

  • zdoz

    So many of the points raised so far in the comments make me think...

    1. I like the Google launcher a lot.

    2. Just make the launcher Google now now already.

    3. I will check out nova KitKat (and cm probs)

    4. I will probably go back to stock as some future updates will bring new goodness.

    5. Then, after the singularity ...

    I'm too fond of android :)

  • vishal

    Just bought the nexus... Loving the phone overall..... But disliking the buttons on the bottom of the screen... Using up the screen they shd have been below

  • http://byazrov.ru/ Russian Photographer

    I am glad I ditched the HTC Sense. Hate HTC annoying stupid interface. But app icons were of a perfect size.

  • Stephan Hall

    I used to use Nova launcher when Touch Wiz was the alternative on a Samsung S3. For me, Nova is the best 3rd party launcher. However. the stock launcher on the N5 is working well for me now. I'm really enjoying the "pure" KitKat 4.4.2!! So far!! I'm just now understanding what the Nexus brings to the table ...... it will be hard to "go back"!