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Update: Motorola posted the following tweet earlier today, which indicates that the engraving feature is coming soon to Moto Maker. The custom engraving option was removed shortly before the device launch after being heavily promoted.


We've known since launch that the Moto Maker customization tool for the Moto X wouldn't be an AT&T exclusive forever, and it looks like that period is just about to expire. Droid Life spotted this placeholder page on Verizon's web store, which indicates that more colorful, customized versions of Motorola's new flagship will be coming to Verizon soon. The page appeared early on Sunday, but seems to have been taken down - the "moto x moto maker" URL now points to a generic landing page.


Evleaks indicated earlier this week that Moto Maker would soon be coming to both Verizon and T-Mobile models, both of which had previously been offered in only the basic black and white versions. Opening up Moto Maker at this point makes a lot of sense - the Moto X just got a $100 USD price drop across the board, and the phone itself is starting to be overshadowed by new releases like the LG G2, Nexus 5, and Galaxy Note 3.

There's still no hard indication of when Moto Maker will expand beyond AT&T, though Droid Life is guessing tomorrow, and the 11-11 date has been anonymously leaked a few times for multiple carriers including Verizon and Sprint. Motorola has an event for the lower-priced Moto G scheduled for Wednesday, November 13th - that would seem to be a natural time for the company to mention any other big plans. Just a reminder for prospective Verizon Moto X users: the bootloader will almost certainly still be locked on Moto Maker versions, but the unsubsidized Developer Edition recently got the same $100 price drop.

Source: Droid Life

Jeremiah Rice
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  • creator78

    Too slow verizon I already Got the G2 since you took too long

    • Justin W

      ... If you got the G2 on Verizon, they won either way. Moto is the one that would have lost here.

      • simp1istic

        I'll show you Verizon! I bought A DIFFERENT PHONE on your network!

    • Casey Kline

      How the hell was it Verizon being slow. This is purely Motorola selling exclusivity to AT&T.... I'm all for dissing big red but at least place the blame and shame where it belongs.

      • simp1istic

        It could be V's fault, who knows. Maybe the didn't want to pay for exclusivity so Moto walked to AT&T.

        • Casey Kline

          If it was Verizon's fault then it is also Tmo's fault. They didnt pay for exclusivity.

        • shadowstewie

          I don't think Verizon cares enough anyways. They didn't care about the Galaxy Nexus. Why would they care about the Moto X. If it's not part of their Droid lineup, they won't make it a priority. Especially having to pay for exclusivity.

  • dtraini30

    I am not sure what you guys are seeing but that page is still there. Now it actually says "Design Yours" instead of it being temporarily out of stock. It re-routes you to Motomaker.com but that sight seems it isn't turned on yet, if that makes sense. The page just sits and loads on the screen.

    • Nicolas Kijak

      It loads now, but is still only allowing AT&T at checkout. The site has been updated with a new WebGL 3D view of the phone though.

  • Firelight

    My employer just issued us Droid Ultras (specifically so it can tether & talk at the same time & I guess VZW gave them a deal for "their brand"). All I can say is this a spectacular phone but would certainly be better served in a slightly smaller package, such as the Moto X.

    It is fast as ass & has great battery (this is NOT the Maxx) even with a ton of apps running in the background and BT running 24/7 to connect with my Pebble. My GNex is sitting in the corner plugged in and weeping quietly from days of me ignoring it.

    • steviecil235

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    • Rita V. Jefferies

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  • Nate

    I talked to the Verizon store today. They said it was happening tomorrow. Plus, EvLeaks said November 11th

  • Chris Stubbs

    Because of At&T's exclusivity, I have no desire for this phone now. Same thing happened with the original Note. Why can't phone manufacturers realize that exclusive deals hurt sales in the long run as well as jade consumers?