The SwiftKey team just rolled out a massive update to their popular Android keyboard, introducing various layouts suitable for a wide range of screen sizes. Now they're moving on to tackle other long-awaited, user-requested features. Two responses on the app's idea suggestion page show that the developers are currently working on adding support for emojis and the ability to enable a dedicated number row.


Neither of these features are particularly groundbreaking in the grand scheme of things, but that is precisely what makes the demand for them so strong. Only with the release of KitKat has the stock Android keyboard finally picked up support for full-color emoji, but it still lacks the ability to enable a dedicated number row. This is a choice that remains limited to only a handful of keyboards, though considering that one of them is the one Samsung ships on its Galaxy smartphones, a good number of Android users have already come to take this functionality for granted. Hopefully it won't be long before SwiftKey fans can as well.

Source: SwiftKey

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  • BigMixxx

    dedicated number row! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!

    • Mr E


    • Leonardo Farage Freitas

      Yes!.. I'm surprised so many voted for emoji..

  • PhilippeLepaffe

    Awesome ! With the latest improvements made to Google Keyboard, I was considering leaving Swiftkey for a while, but I guess I'm gonna stick around with them a bit longer at least.

  • philnolan3d

    They also need to start working on Japanese support. So odd that they have Korean but no Japanese.

    • Andrew

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't written Korean 100% phonetic characters, compared to Japanese which is a mix of 3 different character sets, including kanji? Seems like adding kanji support would be a good deal more difficult than supporting written Korean.

      • h4m

        Korean does have Hanja, which is like Kanji. But yes, they are almost unused.

    • juleeodx965

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      • Mnoz

        If you're going to spam us, can you at least use a less ugly font like roboto ? kthxbye.

      • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

        i read the first sentence as My Buddy's CUNT makes 68 USD every hour ;-)

    • andhaka

      This!! Who cares for emoji!! I need Japanese to stop switching from keyboard to keyboard!!

      Do people still communicate with words or are we devolving in using strings of little faces to try to say something to other people?!?!


  • h4m

    Looking forward to support of Japanese.

    • Lars Pfau

      Yep, waiting sooo long for this!! And the number row.

  • iwantanexus5

    Emoji support us literally,to me, all it needs to be the perfect keyboard.

  • mustbepbs

    It's about time.

  • tenki

    Swiftkey for president!

  • david coffey

    i don't like using the emojis, because when i have used them, people on the other end ask why there's all of these " #$!%$ ^%^46 #^&#%!@#$ #@%^@#$#######" on the end of my texts that i send. so i've refrained from them. AOKP has these 'enabled' in their ROM and i tried using them with swiftkey for a while.

    As much as i've been a proponent of swifkey, i must say, i've been using google keyboard 4.4 for the last week and absolutely love it. so yeah. there's that.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I try using the Google keyboard once in a while and every time I just end up so frustrated because it's so much dumber (as in, not as smart) than SwiftKey. SK's predictions are spot on - you can mangle each word to the point that no other keyboard is able to figure it out, but SwiftKey still can.

      • david coffey

        i hear you on the dumber part. it lacks in that area where swifkey shines. but for some reason, with my big, fat, dumb fucking hands, i seem to have less errors when using google keyboard. it's odd, because it seems the google keys are just a bit smaller than swiftkey, and with swiftkey i always used the large key format, and i was in the latest beta and LOVED the floating keyboard.

        maybe i have a high school hard on for anything google at the moment. i mean, the N5 and kit kat is just amazing. hangouts. google keyboard. ugh. i'm so hot right now.

        • enoch861

          SwiftKey just takes a bit to get used to. I remember the first time I tried it I couldn't type on it. After forcing myself to buy it because everyone was raving about it, I decided to force myself to use it for 2 weeks straight without switching. After those two weeks I couldn't switch to any other keyboard except Swype for swiping purposes. It just took me awhile.

          • david coffey

            Yeah, I've used swiftkey for the most part, these last 3 years. Great keyboard.

  • Simon Belmont

    Just what I wanted. Literally the only two things extra I wanted out of SwiftKey.

    This is great. Good work, SwiftKey developers.

  • nevetsg

    What is wrong with good old text based smileys? :-P

    • veRdiKt

      Reminds me of days as a young padawan sitting online on AIM messaging my gf. Lame.

      • nevetsg

        Emoticons will always make me think of the times of Smiley Central and all the other spyware of that time.

        • dextersgenius

          Same. I think emoticons are lame.. The only place I've really seen people using it is for sending hearts and kisses to their partners...

          • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

            still less lame then your comment

  • WHO?

    Put number row in and emojis and I will leave Samsung keyboard

  • Jsilvermist

    You are forgetting something, SwiftKey doesn't give a crap what user's ask for, and they just say planned to shut them up.

    "Japanese - 3,773 votes - Jun 28, 2011"

    They still don't seem to understand how Japan in the #1 country for app purchases, and how many people would be interested in this, or maybe they just don't care?

    • MyLeftNut

      I've been asking for this for ages. One of the few things I miss dearly from my days on iOS. The keyboard and dictionary was great, I could write letters on my iphone. Then again, there are a dearth of great JPN apps in the Play Store.

    • BBXiong

      Not to mention Chinese as well, that's the reason that I have not gotten the app yet, and the fact that they have separate app for tablet and phone

      • Andrw

        The latest update combines the tablet and phone version into one.
        And yes, for whatever reason Chinese is still not supported is beyond me.

        • Kekes

          "combined". It's the worst combination ever. I only have the tablet edition and now I can't install the updates automatically...

    • h4m

      Over two years??? In other words, we can wait forever >.>

  • William Lerp

    Kii keyboard has had this for a while. Give it a try.

  • AllPurposeRadio

    A number row would be outstanding! Also can anyone explain to me why Swiftkey can't put all 4 cursor keys when using it on a tablet but can on when using on a phone?

    • WhyWai

      really. one of the reason i use swiftkey is the navi button to edit words... dunno why they remove it from tablet version...

      • AllPurposeRadio

        I could actually understand it more if it was completely absent but with the new layout it they let put on the right & left cursor only.

    • Muffy

      That's a peeve of mine also. But in fact all 4 cursor keys are available on the tablet, although awkwardly. To get them you have to click on the number key (123) at the bottom left. The 4 cursor keys will be stacked vertically between the group of symbols on the left and the numbers on the right.

      I can't imagine why they made such an arrangement.

  • http://daddye.it/ DAddYE

    What about improving that crap of UI?

  • William Lerp

    Kii keyboard has had this forever. Try it out.

  • eilegz

    YES! finally

  • marycontrary

    They have requests from over 2 years ago which they don't care about. I'm surprised they took up 2 features, albeit incredibly simple ones.

  • Vincent Emmanuel Lee

    I remembered the last time the developers said Chinese language is coming was 2 years ago.

  • Johan Lawless

    wow..that took a while...

  • milden

    they should work on their performance and a cleaner theme

  • Bretton Key

    This awesome, this would great so I can reduce the number of keyboards. Current set up is swiftkey and my stylus beta.
    I hope some additional themes come or a make your own theme comes.

  • Alphajoe

    Honestly, adding an Backspace undo option would be something I'd appreciate. It's lack is the main reason why I regularly try alternatives to SwiftKey.

    Vote here: http://support.swiftkey.net/forums/116689-1-ideas-and-suggestions/suggestions/1878663-backspace-should-return-to-previous-word-undo-fun

  • James

    where is the chinese language support

  • http://www.baronsofbullshit.com/ seriosbrad

    Aw yiss, mother fuckin' number row.

  • Martin Rosenberg

    Omg emoji in SwiftKey? HALLALUYA

  • rupen1000

    A. I type keyboard is the best

  • Martkus

    Awesome, I have no regrets buying Pro