Whenever there is a new version of Android, everyone starts wondering when (and if) their phones will be updated. Sony is getting out in front of the questions by clarifying its plans for a number of phones and tablets. The updates will start flowing soon, but not for all devices.


Sony says that the Android 4.3 update is going to start rolling out next month for the Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia SP, Xperia Z Ultra, and Xperia Z1. Confirming its previous plans, Sony is also going to be bumping the Xperia T, Xperia TX, and Xperia V from Android 4.1 directly to 4.3. This will also start next month. However, this comes with the caveat that not all markets and carriers will get the update at the same time.

As for Android 4.4, Sony has decided which phones will be in the first batch of updates – the Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia Z Ultra, and Xperia Z1. Sony didn't have an estimate of when that update would happen, but it's probably not going to be terribly soon.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • jonathan3579

    That's more or less exactly what I expected to see updated with those respective versions.

  • FArt’em Russakovskii

    Yeah.Next month my Xperia sp gets 4.3 lol.......might as well wait for another year, till google launches android 5.0 'LoL'iPoP

  • http://twitter.com/benjymous/ benjymous

    So glad I bought my phone off contract, now

  • Slawootsky

    "Available for everyone", huh? They've dropped half of the phones!

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      Way to misunderstand what that quote means!

      Google said NOTHING about OLDER devices.
      The changes to Android for 4.4 (working in low RAM environments) is to keep OEMs from putting older versions (Gingerbread, etc) on NEW LOW END devices.

      • Slawootsky

        You may have a point.

      • juleeodx965

        мʏ ʀօօмαтɛ'ѕ ѕιѕтɛʀ мαĸɛѕ $72/нօυʀ օɴ тнɛ ʟαքтօք. ѕнɛ нαѕ вɛɛɴ աιтнօυт α ʝօв ғօʀ ɛιɢнт мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн нɛʀ ιɴƈօмɛ աαѕ $20465 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ʟαքтօք ғօʀ α ғɛա нօυʀѕ. α ĸɴօƈĸօυт քօѕт fox200&#46com

        • RL010

          my neighbore make 500 an hour. she's a hooker. So what's your piont

  • FArt’em Russakovskii

    Still Sony is doing good this year, The updates arrived on time and were available more regularly.Also for the old line up (2012).

    Way to go Sony, love you!

    • FArt’em Russakovskii

      2 downvotes, Xperia.s.users I guess :p

  • fabulosospucas

    After the Xperia X10 fiasco, I swore that I'd never buy a Sony phone again. How much more determined I am on this, after reading about the infamous "Rockstar" bullies. Never again Sony.

    • Xyor

      X10 got update for gingerbread...

      • fabulosospucas

        That's right, I remember, but the x10 came with a faulty micro USB port that got damaged after a month of usage. There were a lot of phones damaged but Sony wouldn't assume responsibility for it. So, I couldn't charge it nor connect it to the pc, required to update to gingerbread. Ended up selling it for a quarter of the original price and getting an LG Optimus one which was a remarkable little phone. The X10 was also my first Android phone, I could've gotten an iPhone instead. So there.

        • Ezzy

          We all make mistakes. One is getting a low-end device if updates are somehow important.

          • fabulosospucas

            Having already spent $400 on a phone a month earlier, with no possibility of fixing it, it was hard to cough up another $400 or more. Money doesn't rain on my backyard. So, I decided I'd buy a phone that would last until I could get enough money to buy another, better one. Being my first Android phone, the X10 seemed to be a good idea. Wrong. As I said, never again Sony.

  • Mo3tasm

    Sony CEO once said: "Sony want to be a major player in the business"... not with this attitude Sony...

    • Xyor

      I don' get your point...

  • Philip Griffiths

    Hello..? Still waiting for 4.2 on my HTC One X. Hello? Orange, EE? Anyone there? Hello...?

    • jonathan3579

      Maybe you should take that to HTC...

  • Ivan Myring

    So no 4.4 for the Tab Z

    • Faris Fitri

      "As for Android 4.4, Sony has decided which phones will be in the first batch of updates – the Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia Z Ultra, and Xperia Z1."

  • Jerry Gooch

    How about Jellybean or Kit Kat for the NSZ-GS7?

    • Chris

      I'm starting to believe that they are leaving that product in the dust...

      • Gus70

        Sony recently came out with a Google TV stick for Bravia. And the GS8 (same guts as a GS7) came out this summer. So it should be upgraded.

        You hear that Sony? We want the GTV update to JB or KK.

  • Chris

    Now, let's put the NSZ-GS7 somewhere on that list of a 4.2.2 update and we'll all be good.

    • Gus70

      Yeah Sony! Give us an update on GTV already.

  • RJM7787

    Did they also elaborate on why they joined apple and Microsoft to unleash a massive lawsuit against Google? Just another patent troll.

    • NeedName

      the sticky with "rockstar" is that it can act independent of all partners thus I really don't know how much any one partner could do to make them stop. also, I believe google turned down the opportunity no to join the group. and finally, though I haven't bothered to look in depth into the lawsuits, some are certainly not directed at Android as much as at google's search.

      not defending them at all, all software patents should die IMO. . . just fyi.

  • Brett

    Meanwhile in Nexus 4 land.....*tumbleweed*

    • Ezzy

      Honestly, it's been a bit over a week since 4.4 came out and Nexus people are already antsy? Jeez. Why would you be in such a hurry?

      • Bob

        They would be in such a hurry because for many people the whole point of getting a Nexus device is getting cutting edge releases immediately, and getting them for longer than you would with other device manufacturers.

        • Ezzy

          They will get it first, that's the idea. No one has ever promised it'd be instantly available when it's announced.

          • marorun1982

            Sure you get latest software... But my phone do everything way faster than your and my battery life is twice longer.

            Oh yeah my camera do nice picture too.. i am not lookng foward to any new features of the 4.3 or 4.4 i allready have all i need currently.

  • NeedName

    Think I'm going to have to go with the "Xperia Z Ultra" over the "Nexus 5" — either way they'll both be getting ROMed sooner than later, thus I might as well have the hardware I prefer since long term updates are totally irrelevant.

  • Antonito

    no Xperia SP!?, well that's just bullshit!

  • LG

    LG still hasn't said anything about kitkat and they haven't gottem 4.3 on any off their phones.

  • WhyWai

    kinda sad that everyone still complain about Sony when they actually bringing update to most of their newer phones. While pretty much all other manufacturer only update their latest flagship... why the hate on Sony?

  • RL010

    i believe it when i see it. (Xperia T)

    • JokerHuN

      Hope so! Xperia T is a great device but unfortunately only with a 4.1.2

  • Shivakumar

    Please the Xperia sp upgrade to this 4.4 kitkat android
    pleas. Sir . I LOVE YOU SONY

  • ssd

    i am a xperia ion user.I wont buy any sony mobile in future since no updates are available and have to pay huge amount.4.1 jelly bean update is waste.

  • Abhilash

    Does that mean Sony is just dumping its mid range phone users?? I'm using Sony Xperia M and it is running on 4.1 jellybean ....should we even keep hopes for an upgrade? I thought I would buy Sony instead of Samsung or HTC.... It now I'm filled with regret for having made a purchase with Sony.... I only hope Sony takes responsibility and help us, who owns a mid range Sony phone to upgrade!

  • Woodsthwoth

    what about xperia sl??????? Lost in manufacturing ??

  • Samarth

    Hey But What About Sony Xperia SP. It's a great phone and sony must bring 4.4 KitKat for it....

  • sammeer

    PLease any custom rom with kitkat android for xperia sola?

    • ssss

      yep there is, search it on xda developers. there is unofficial rom for android kitkat by cm mod

  • Aqua_Manish

    This really Disgusting and frustrating...
    If Sony is supposed to stop the support for 2011-12 Smartphones, it simply means they are insulting the feelings of their old customers who have bought these Damn Phones.

    I have read in so many forums that this is all the marketing strategy to bring out the money from the pockets of the customers. To do this simply stop the support for the old phones and launch new phones with advanced hardware and facilities along with the lame excuses that the old phone's hardware won't support the new updates.

    But they forget one thing that on one end they might be making money by manufacturing and launching the high end phones but on the other hand (the hidden part) they are losing their old customers. When the customer has his mindset that just after 1-2 years Sony will stop the support for their phones (being assured on the basis of past history), they will never buy Sony at all.

    So if you think this is a Marketing Strategy, you are very much wrong. Because Marketing means to make new customers but also to entertain old customers, to keep and maintain their faith to them.....But it seems Sony has decided only to make money by searching only new customers....and for old customers...they just say Good bye and Go to Hell! ;(