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The original Rayman Jungle Run was one of our favorite games of last year, and easily in the top tier of running and platforming games available on Android. That title was a mobile tie-in to the Rayman Origins console game, and now that Rayman Legends is out, Ubisoft is back for another mobile installment. Rayman Fiesta Run builds on the original with new levels, new powers, and new gameplay elements.

While a lot of the levels borrow heavily from Rayman Origins (including worlds inspired by frozen margaritas and Latin American kitchens), the character design of the hero is lifted from Legends, using a pastel design that looks gorgeous in motion. Fiesta Run appears to use all the original powers from Jungle Run, plus the ability to grow or shrink Rayman and a super-powered punch that lets you take out baddies from afar. There are also at least a few boss battles, a gaming staple that was missing from the original. While the game is split up into 75 levels, the play style is pure endless runner, with only one (and later two) control buttons.

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Rayman Fiesta Run is a very reasonable $3, but there appear to be a few compatibility issues at launch. (Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, console developers gotta have Android device compatibility issues at launch.) We're having mixed results here at Android Police: the game is showing incompatible with some new hardware like the DROID MAXX, Nexus 7 2013, and Galaxy S4, but different users are reporting differing compatibility on the same devices. Here's hoping Ubisoft works it out soon.

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Andrew Aiello

    been eagerly awaiting this, perfected the first one.

  • http://kevinmurphy.wordpress.com murph

    Only 99 cents on Amazon App Store and if you've been paying attention, you probably have a bunch of free Amazon Coins to spend :)

    • vwbeetlvr

      Good looking out!

    • atlouiedog

      They appear to be in the middle of fixing it. It's still listed at $0.99 but is $2.99 or 299 coins to purchase.

  • Morten Ulveseth

    Instant buy. From how amazingly Ubisoft treated the first game (with many huge content updates), I have no doubts I will love this one too.

    • Matthew Fry

      There were content updates? I'll have to go back and replay it.

  • AllPurposeRadio

    Awesome...oh wait my phone is an S4 & my tablet is a '13 N7. Well screw me for having the latest bleeding edge devices lol :-P

    • AllPurposeRadio

      Scratch that...it's good to go for both of them.

    • jusatin

      S4 isn't "the latest bleeding edge" anymore really. Devices like the G2 or Z1 have made the S4 look a tad old recently. Especially the G2.

      • AllPurposeRadio

        Fair enough also the Note3 which I'm kicking myself now for not holding out for.

  • Andy Stetson

    needs uplay, so that playing a game on mobile helps me with console games!

  • Moeen Ahmed

    Compatible with all my devices. HTC One, HTC Desire HD and Nexus 10.

  • Spittie


  • vwbeetlvr

    Does this have Google games integration? My amazon copy has Amazon games integration... But i prefer Google.

  • Marcelo
    • ChainsawCharlie


    • Bluewall

      Are you serious ?
      This is why we can't have good things.

  • ChainsawCharlie


  • John Smith

    Compatible with my Galaxy S4 on Sprint

  • Valtheus

    Not compatible with my Moto G for some reason.