Remember the kinder, gentler YouTube comments powered by Google+? Well, they're finally rolling out across the internet, and the Android app is no exception. Like it or not, Google+ is all up in your YouTube.


If you go to make a comment on a video, you'll now see your Google+ avatar next to the field. The default setting is also to share to Google+, but you can uncheck that box. This is actually a neat way to do things – it works the same as if you had shared the video with a comment directly to Google+.

This is all happening in the YouTube app on your device right now – there isn't a new update to wait on. So go and comment, but be nice.

[YouTube Blog]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Calvin Uijlen

    Nice, hopefully less bullshit comments now :)

    • rafaugm

      Keep dreaming

    • Morten Ulveseth

      Unlikely, but you wont see as much of them now, with better sorting and the ability to collapse whole threads.

      • Calvin Uijlen

        Still a lot of improvements though, I don't understand why people are complaining so much..

        • Morten Ulveseth

          Yep. It is especially bad on non-tech websites and on Youtube itself. It's the same thing that happens every time something is changed on Facebook. No matter how much better it is, people are going to go bananas over how horrible it is. Give it a month and they'll praise it.

          One thing I do understand is that that people get upset because they think they are being forced to use their real name. Only thing is, its nearly two years since Google plus required a real name. But not a lot of people know this.

          • Matthew Fry

            Honestly, I've never understood this. Like, yeah I guess a potential employer could do an exhaustive search of your youtube comments but it's unlikely. I've never had a problem owning up to what I do and say on the Internet. Disqus asked for "Name" and I assumed that was the internal account name field but it turned out to be the display name. It bothered me for a bit but now I don't care.

          • Morten Ulveseth

            I feel the same way, but its not hard to imagine why someone would care, and I think it should be possible to be anonymous when posting publicly. And it is, so it's all cool.

          • warden

            Anonymous while posting publicly using a real name?
            Really... you're staying with that?
            Followed by "so it's all cool".
            If you were to go to jail and big Joe had his way with you night after night, I bet you would say "yeah he rapes my butthole night after night, but I can still poo, so it's all cool."

          • Morten Ulveseth

            I said it should be possible, and it is. Google does not require real name on G+ accounts, its only recommended.

        • stan zorin

          Go to hell with your pathetic reply. How it can be an improvement when I cannot reply to a comment ?

        • Malyna Linquist

          I dont mind it so much... except that I can no longer make comments on videos I've watched on the mobile app. And its been linked to my g+ since long before the update. And I can't figure out how to fix it.

    • Nelson007

      Fuck your comment bitch

      • Calvin Uijlen


  • rafaugm

    Kindler, gentler my ass

  • Christopher Bement

    Interesting...anyone know why my videos are darkened with an RSS icon in the center now? Never noticed that on mobile before this morning.

    • akshay7394

      Do you use bluetooth? It's been happening to me too, it assumes it's Google TV that's connected for some reason.

      • Christopher Bement

        That was it, I was using in my car before work with bluetooth over the stereo. akshay7394 advised to clear data for YouTube and this seems to fix it.

        • akshay7394

          I think you meant @jakst:disqus advised you to do that :P

          But, thanks! That helped a ton :D Annoyed the life out of me

    • Jakst

      I had the same problem, just clear YouTube's app data to resolve the issue

      • Christopher Bement


  • TheSparks

    What happens to the old youtube comments that weren't from a Google+ account?
    Do they get deleted?

    • Nicklas

      Probably the same thing that happens if you uncheck the "Share on Google+" option? I doubt they would remove them.

    • no2g

      Well some shit happened!
      I, unlike many that have decided to forfeit their anus to Google chose not to be part of their G+ ad campaign.
      However now when I go to YouToube the comments sections simply don't load.
      I don't comment much on YT but sometimes there is relevant info in the comments section relating to the video.
      On the topic of "cleaner comments" though, are they going to clean up the spam that existed?
      Those annoying comments like "have you tried shred-x for your abs" and shit like that were clearly coming from G+ bot-generated accounts.

      • papernick

        By any chance, do you have any chrome extension that might interfere with them? I had to turn off 'youtube options' because of this.

        • no2g

          I don't use chrome.
          Yet another of Google's tools to obtain our lives.
          Call me paranoid but I chose to stay anonymous most of the time while online. Not because I have something to hide but simply because I still believe in privacy.

    • Morten Ulveseth

      You just can't comment on them. Interestingly, you can also block people from commenting on your new G+ comments. After you posted, click the little arrow on the post and hit "disable replies".

  • SuyashSrijan

    Seems like they wrote the code in the Youtube app to support this before time and now enabled it (maybe through a server side switch?)

  • Albin Hermansson

    Still can't upvote though. Seriously, Google?

    • Nicklas

      Or reply!

      • miri

        No reply button, but you can +mention.

    • Morten Ulveseth

      Only on some comments during rollout phase. It'll be fixed soon enough.

  • Nabil L


  • Nicklas

    The last they could do is uncheck the option by default. Scumbags.

  • FrillArtist

    Google sure wants people using their real names and information.

    • miri

      Insinuating that G+ requires either or that you need to attach YT to a personal profile.

  • remister

    Put your finger through the hole that has yellow filling, YEP!

  • remister

    Does anyone know how to get the download/update data overlay in the screenshot?

  • Christine Dumais


  • Pascal

    Worst update ever. Now there are comments like shared via google+, hashtags and other b****, just spam.

  • Colin Kealty

    i care significantly less than it seems most people do.. most videos i watch these days are linked off of reddit or g+ or facebook anyways, if i want to have a discussion i'll have it there (if i were opposed to this that is)

  • Miah

    Ugly as fuck. If you going to integrate Google+ Comments at least make it more appealing as easy to read. The layout is terrible, preferred the old one.

  • DammitGoogle

    Google? More like Scroogle, huh? Jesus Christ, I never thought they would live up to that name, but this takes the cake.

    Some choice tidbits:

    G+ is mandatory
    Without linking your account to G+ you cannot comment
    ALL comments made before this update can no longer be replied to apparently

    Google! Invading your privacy since 2010!

    • ConcernedGoogler

      internet, invading your privacy since 1802.

      On a serious note, don't like the way things are going? use dailymotion, vimoe. That's as simple as that, you are not entitled to use Google products and/or Google.

  • dilharo

    Not a smart interface....atleast they should copy theverge comment interface

  • To the youtube update wankers

    comments system on youtube is now fucked. You can no longer like or dislike a comment and you cannot reply to comments. This has taken the fun out of commenting on a video, fucking shit update !!!!!

  • I_warned_ya

    As if Google isn't making enough money, NOW they think if they can put your REAL NAME and personal info on every comment. Too bad people will drop YouTube like the plague.

  • urannus

    Google shouldnt have sold out now nothing works. YouTube is messed up spell check and every other app. Good job going down the tube fast. Obviously Muslims must be in charge of spell check.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Should've just adopted Disqus system for comments and mix it with G+

    • JayQ330

      It would've been better like that, most of my replies in YouTube are ever shown or seen! Is there a delay or something in the G+ YouTube reply system? It's slow & pathetic, I'd rather use a web app for YouTube *if only a dev would do this chaste a dollar I don't care at least I'll have my inbox, regular YouTube replies & much more* this g+ never posts my replies nor does it show the next day wtf am I don't wrong?

  • Dave

    I just hate this comment system.

  • stan zorin

    The ulterior motive, in the longer run, of this "upgrade' is elimination of free talk. In the pigsties of the elites running the so called democracy there was always unease about the free spirited and relatively uncensored banter on Youtube. It always bothered them that a large section of the society was not buying the corrupt and criminal elite's official narrative of politics, culture and history that has been propagated and hammered in into the heads of the common working and taxpaying people.