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We've been eagerly awaiting the new version of Google Hangouts since it was announced at the Google+ event in October, and while a version pulled from the Nexus 5 is mostly working on most devices, its had its fair share of issues with crashing and video chat.

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Now the update has finally landed on the Play Store, and with a slightly newer version number. Hangouts v2.0.122 (as opposed to 2.0.012 on the N5) is presumably beginning its slow and steady staged rollout, but you can get it right now. The problems with video chat and some crashing should be resolved in this new version, as the libvideochat_jni.so library is now included with the Hangouts APK. Previously, fixing the issues the missing library caused meant adding it in manually, which required root. You can download Hangouts v2.0.122, from one of the two mirrors below:

If you prefer to wait for it to roll out to your device over the Play Store, you can expect to see it in the coming days or weeks, depending on how smoothly the initial launch goes. The official changelog for Hangouts 2.0 is pasted below, but you can also check out our post on the announcement of the new version here.

  • SMS & MMS (Android 4.0+): Send/receive text messages with Hangouts! You can import your existing messages, quickly switch between SMS and Hangouts, and start group MMS conversations
  • Animated GIFs: send animated GIFs, cute kittens and all
  • Location: share a location in your conversations
  • Device, in-call, mood status: share what device you’re on, whether you’re on a call, or your current mood

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • William

    To bad the SMS support is pretty worthless. All its good for is sms'ing from Hangouts. While that's good, i guess, it pale's in comparison to how iMessage works. Really all it does is to confuse consumers more.

    If all google is going to do is put sms raw into Hangouts idky it took them months/years to do it.

    • David

      I choose to believe that it's just a baby step and we will eventually get iMessage-like integration. If nothing else it helps with my obscene hatred for homescreen clutter.

      • Christofftofferson

        Yes! Google do things in steps - makes sense. Plus also it makes people actually consciously use hangouts more.

        Agree with you about the clutter too

      • William

        If thats the case then it is truly a baby step. What they have done should not have taken more then 2-3 weeks to implement with the Messenger applications source to go off of.

        • David

          I'm not a programmer so I can't really speak as to how much work is involved in whatever coding needed to be done so perhaps it was possible to get it rolled out faster but I'm just going to be happy we got this much. Android is still maturing and improving (and at least we got more of an update than some new icons and 3D effects).

          • William

            I am, what the did was not a huge task by any means.

            I agree im glad we are progressing, and this is ~good progress. Its just extremely disappointing to get such a 1/2backed solution from google.

            Google has the potential to make this GREAT, instead they opted for the easiest solution possible.

          • codemonkey85

            Being a programmer doesn't mean you're an expert on incorporating an OS-level function into an app in such a way that is compatible with a wide range of modified versions of Android based on a range of Android versions. At any rate, there isn't actually a huge team of Android developers at Google; I understand it's a relatively small group, and they have a lot of priorities in addition to unifying messaging.

          • William

            I never said i was an expert, but i have worked on writing my own SMS client for android. And no, its not OS level, all the os level implementation is already built into android. Hangouts has nothing to do with that. Not to mention Hangouts isnt even an OS level application, so not sure where you came up with that idea from. Its 100% user space.

            "relatively small team" I would love to see your figures on this, also where hangouts isnt a priority to them.

          • Sahil Chaturvedi

            I completely agree with you, William!

          • juleeodx965

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    • Andrew

      You're right. But it's still one app less now.

    • mechapathy

      I agree. Why have separate threads? It's too messy. It's the only thing I don't like about my N5.

    • Zach Keller

      agreed. Seems silly to me. I was hoping I could use hangouts instead of my sms app on my Note 3. Does not seem to be the case.

      • Ugslick

        I've disabled my messages app on my phone, using Hangouts instead. I love the notification snooze, the only thing I wish I had was the quick reply button from the standard app.

      • jamcoconuts

        Zach, I have a Note 3 and the official update from Google hans't hit my phone yet, which is really frustrating. On the Hangouts page in Play Store, it lists all the features, but my most recent update doesn't include the SMS integration. Should I be worried that the SMS integration version isn't making it to the Note 3?

        I have noticed in the past that my phone seems to get updates more on the late side. Hopefully I'm just needing some patience.

    • guest

      I'm guessing since it's cross-platform and SMS does not work in the hangouts for iOS, it might just create more confusion trying to make it single-threaded while people on iPhones will get SMS on iMessages instead.

      • William

        If they designed it correctly, which isnt hard to do how its delivered would be completely transparent to the user.

        When you would send the message you wouldnt select sms/data, it would just send. Hangouts would then determine how to deliver it. If they are on an iPhone it would go as data if they have hangout installed, sms if not.

        Its an automated system, as long as a device has ether sms support or hangouts installed, it would work.

        • spacekobra

          Yeah, and then when you live in Canada where people turn their data off for having super crappy (or lack thereof) data plans you have a huge convoluted mess.

          Did you get my text?
          Oh wait, it sent through hangouts how do I stop that?

          Its better to be able to decide if the message goes to SMS or hangouts when dealing with a cross platform app. Because the experience gets really bad if the app decides to handle thing.

          • William

            Well the beauty of data(tho i believe it works in sms to) is you can tell if the intended party received the message pretty easily. So there would be no "he did you get it".

            For sms i believe its up to carriers to support the "sms reception report" feature.

          • spacekobra

            I wrote a more detailed reason why above.

        • guest

          If you look at iMessages, SMS serves as a fall back option when the message fail to send through data. It would be logical for hangouts to do that too, but the problem is still that SMS isn't available through hangouts on other platform for now (i.e. iOS)...

        • IamTheFij

          What if the person you're texting is on their computer (where they have hangouts) and on their iPhone, where they do not have it installed.

          How does Google decide which to send it to? Phone or Hangout?

          • William

            This depends on whether you are sending the message to a google hangouts account of a phone number. If phone number, then that takes priority.

          • IamTheFij

            So you'd still end up with two threads in a case like that. Because you're in a position where you have to choose where you're sending it. Hangout account or phone number.

            I haven't played with iMessage enough to know how that works.

            I imagine that when iMessage attempts to deliver an SMS to a client, it checks to see if that client is currently online with iMessage. If so it delivers via iMessage.

            For that to work with Hangouts, it would have to be running in the background to notify Google that the user hasn't removed it from their phone so it doesn't push to Hangouts and not SMS. This isn't a problem on Android, but on iOS it might be.

    • Anthony Rossetti

      I think the point is to just make people use hangouts with hangouts now being the default messenger.

      • Sir Oliver

        Ok, but nobody has so far explained how that works. Does old Messaging still exists, can one choose not to use Hangs for SMS but keep using stock android messaging for SMS (Nexus 4)?

        Also, does Direct message widget still exists and works as before?

        • Squiddles

          Yes, oddly not shown in the article's screenshots, there's a a drop down where the persons name would be. There you can select how to send it. Via SMS to their phone number, or via Hangouts to their Gmail. It will show all their numbers/applicable emails.

          You can keep using the stock Messenger app on the Nexus 4. I only get a notification in Hangouts with SMS enabled, but I can open up the stock Messenger app and see all SMS/MMS messages (I'm on 4.3 right now). In 4.4 KitKat, you can choose the default SMS app. Though, I don't think the AOSP Messenger will make it in.

          The Widget, I'm not familiar with.

          • Sir Oliver

            As for Widget, it's a Stock Android widget, Direct Call and Direct Message. You can have it on your Home Screen (I keep them in Folders) each one linked to one contact, and one press and either a call is made (for Direct Call) or SMS is opened.

          • Squiddles

            It seems like it's part of the People app (Contacts). As long as that exists, it should work. Again, I'm on 4.3, but when I place a Direct Message widget for someone, it'll pop up with a "Complete Action with..." and list off AOSP Messenger, Hangouts, GVoice and FB Messenger. Though with 4.4 that "Complete Action" step would be skipped.

          • Squiddles

            If you haven't updated to 4.4 using the Images that released today, I can say that the widgets for Direct Dial/Message still exist and work the same as before.

    • Lars Jeppesen

      lol @ sms

  • Daniel A. Williams


    • Scott

      Not that exciting.

    • Bryan McGee


  • Bjajjull

    I just got 2.0.122 from Play Store.

  • runderekrun

    Please don't be as laggy please don't be as laggy please don't be as laggy.

    • runderekrun

      Nice. It loads up a lot faster now.

    • mavericksid

      It is not laggy even on my old Samsung Galaxy SII

      • runderekrun

        Maybe I'm spoiled but on my Nexus 4 it was a little laggy and it would take awhile to open if it was closed in the background.

  • HugePotato

    Unicode characters stripping is what I need in Hangouts but it is not there. Until then, can't really use it since Swiftkey changes my words to those with Unicode characters and I lose about 80 characters per sms.Annoying

    • mavericksid

      I don't use SMS anymore, but this seems to be a serious issue if it is.

      • HugePotato

        Well I do use SMSes because in Poland most people don't yet have data packs. So it does suck that there is no option to use "only GSM alphabet". That way I have to stay with AOSP messaging app. But there are also many other features missing in Hangouts

    • Kurt Knebel

      interesting. haven't thought of this

  • skitchbeatz

    Is there any reason to download this if you have a nexus 5? :-P

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It's actually newer than the build on the N5, but I don't think so, no.

      • Roberto Giunta

        Got a Nexus 5 and just got the update. Guess it's bugfixes, too.

  • Kurt

    Did they fix the bug where when you send an SMS you have to scroll up to see the message you sent, to know that it actually went out?

  • jpelgrom

    Now please don't forget to add support for these features to the online version in Gmail within days, not months.

    • Franz

      Or even the Chrome Extension for that matter.

      • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

        That's exactly what I was wondering. When are the updates getting passed on to the web version of Hangouts? I've been running the APK pulled from the Nexus 5 on my devices since AP posted it, and it's working fine for me, but you can't see mood, etc. on the web version or Chrome extension.

      • Jordan

        I really hope they sync the sms from your phone to the extension... but I honestly don't see that happening. Not before they incorporate Google voice messaging anyways(speaking of incorporating google voice, I have no idea how they're going to do that now that won't be confusing as hell for average customer).

        In my mind they were just going to incorporate Google Voice from the beginning & not bother with carrier sms.

        • Franz

          I don't think that will ever happen. I don't see Google creating some kind of client/server setup through the Chrome Extension just to take care of Legacy SMS protocols from carriers, which whom they already despise (at least Verizon/AT&T).

          However I do see Google Voice texting coming to the extension hopefully. I still text through the google voice web page. it's still very easy to use.

          • codemonkey85

            Even though it looks and operates like a super-old web page.

  • jonathan3579

    I couldn't even send texts to all my contacts. Despite the fact that I chose SMS, it still wanted to send messages to their emails. Needless to say, this is not a service I'll be using except for Instant Messaging and maybe when Google Voice gets brought in.

    • GuidZilla

      You still said it! but it was needless!

      • jonathan3579

        Do you get off being a dick on the internet?

        • EH101

          agreed. this place has become a real watering ground for dicks

          • RitishOemraw

            Que G+ style comments on AP just like on youtube and actual G+ xD

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            Not going to happen.

          • RitishOemraw

            I know, just thought it would be a nice comment with YT's rollout still fresh in memory :D

            Then again, it kinda already happened when you started posting links to these articles with the AP g+ page

    • Grimmjow

      Are you able to send SMS to phone numbers rather than contacts?

      • jonathan3579

        I didn't try just a phone number. However, anytime I chose any contact from my phone it would not send or sent and never was received. (Tested with my girlfriend.)

      • Brayden Reesor

        I have done this on my Nexus 5 with no issue.

    • BangIShotYou

      Could you elaborate? Specifically, I made the mistake upon first use of just selecting a contact instead of selecting the contact's phone number. Meaning my messages were going through Hangouts solely, instead of through the SMS as I intended because of the mistake. I caught it pretty quick though.

      Beyond that this has been nothing but perfect for me since the first apk with SMS integration leaked. Stock 4.3 on my N4. Well, stock Kit Kat now. (AOSP build before anyone says "there's no stock 4.4 for the N4 yet".)

      • jonathan3579

        In my case, I explicitly chose the contact's phone number but it reverted back to their email. It kept giving me error messages so I wiped the data and started again. When I tried it again, they'd send but just not be received. I downloaded Handcent just to verify it wasn't some other sort of issue but sure enough, all my messages were sending then. I did legitimately try a few times before ultimately giving up.

        I've since just moved onto using 8SMS that I saw posted on XDA's News front page.

        • BangIShotYou

          I think that may have been the issue. You didn't wipe data before using the app. I read about a lot of people having issues if they didn't do that first and foremost.

          But all groovy. Use what works for you, but the app is great for me. Working perfectly since day one, sorry about your issues.

          EDIT: Maybe it's not a "just you" issue though. Regarding messages not sending and being received. I do IT for an engineering company and we've had TONS of issues the past few weeks with company provided AT&T phones. An insanely high number of employees were unable to send/get text messages. Using any app/phone/OS. AT&T is aware of the issue, per my conversation yesterday with one business rep. (We're Premier customers, so we get WAY better help than the average person.)

  • Grimmjow

    I have 4.3 on Nexus 4. Will the incoming messages arrive in Messages app or Hangouts?

    • barefootbandit8

      Whichever app you have set to notify you. Initially both apps may notify you. If you want to use Hangouts exclusively for SMS I would turn off notifications in your default SMS app.

      • Danny Holyoake

        The new Hangouts takes care of this for you.

        • barefootbandit8

          It automatically turns off your default SMS' notifications?

          • mavericksid

            yes it does.

    • Bartek Górkowy

      Notification on Hangouts, but you will be still able to access it via SMS/MMS

  • Nathan Borup

    umm... don't see sms in the most recent one. anyone else?
    EDIT: why did i just get a downvote for this?

    • gierso

      im from mexico and the most recent one is still 1.2, meaning the 2.0 UPdate is a staged one and probably will take Days to populate to all devices.

      have no idea why you got downvoted so take a up vote, o balance things out :P

    • Arthur Dent

      Check your version number

    • jalea

      II'm in Argentina and I the last vesion is 1.2..... :(

    • Ugslick

      Download it manually. I just the play store version upgraded to 2.0 today, when I've been using the SMS version (2.0) for a few days now. Play didn't prompt me to update to (from but I did that manually as well, its as simple as installing the apk.

  • guest

    In hangouts, I hide a contact by long pressing on it to not see that contact on my list...now i want to see it again and there is no option for re-showing it...is that a bug??? help...anyone??? thanks...

    • Seth Merritt

      Maybe in the blocked list?

    • Nathy

      Yes I started a tread about this in the Google community for hangouts.. this is definitely a bug that has been around since they 1st let us hide contacts and unfortunately they haven't fixed it with this update

  • Zeashan Ashraf

    Still constantly force closes on my i9100 running CM 10.1.3 :/

    • mavericksid

      Same device, no issues. Using Slimrom android 4.3

  • Joss7088

    Thanks u AP!

  • Doctor Awesome PhD

    Well I can now send MMS using it on VZW unlike with the Nexus 5 leak... that's a plus.

    • Mike

      Glad to hear this issue is fixed

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Yay, the video chat is indeed fixed! The bundled-in updated video chat library did the trick - clever solution.

    • 744

      Is there a way to pick sms by default instead of hangouts for G+ contacts?

      • Simon Belmont

        No, apparently. I end up just typing in the contact I want to SMS, and the choosing their mobile number.

        I wish I could default to SMS, too. The Hangouts app, while nice, is kind of limited right now, but I have a Nexus 5, so that's my default.

        • 744

          Thank you!
          Working for me for the time being.

          • Simon Belmont

            You're welcome. Now if only Hangouts had the same amount of functionality that the old messaging app did.

            I can't send voice clips. I can't even download MMS pictures to my gallery. What the heck, Google? This is basic stuff, and it's making me consider switching to a third-party messaging app until this stuff is added back in.

          • MusicCityChad

            I can't believe Hangouts is finished. No attachments, no vCard transer? How is this supposed to be the new default messaging app? The only thing Hangouts does that my other phone's stock messaging apps couldn't do is emoji, and I could have always added an add-on for that.

    • Alexei Watson

      Which video chat crash was this? I was suffering from one for ages, which after months of testing, google discovered was caused by havign an animated gif as your g+ profile picture.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Video chat on my Note 3 was completely clusterfucked. It wouldn't connect, and then when you tried to hang up, it wouldn't hang up. I had to FC every time.

        • Alexei Watson

          It's so frustrating when it doesn't work. Even more so that it wasn't working on my Nexus'. Glad it's fixed now though.

  • Kam Siu

    I wonder if it fixes gif attachments from G+ too. had issues with that on my nexus 4 in addition with video chat issues.

  • Grimmjow

    Can somebody please tell Google to not archive my thread when i swipe? I don't want history i want them gone, DELETED. Irritating that they insist on making me archive everything.

    • Doctor Awesome PhD

      Because holding to select a thread and finding the trash button is such an inconvenience.

      • Grimmjow

        The whole point of swipe was ease of use. As of right now you cannot select multiple threads and delete if you noticed. You have to delete one by one.

        • Doctor Awesome PhD

          ... That is some bullshit.

          • Grimmjow

            Gmail has a setting where you can set the swipe action to delete instead of archive. This should have that too that's all i'm saying.

          • Doctor Awesome PhD

            Yeah. And I'm real irked still that it doesn't have iMessage like threading. This whole two separate threads for people is obnoxious.

          • Grimmjow

            Yeah i'm hoping all this comes in future updates. I'm sure they have a lot these things in mind + Voice. Let's not forget Hangouts launched only a few months ago. Google never delivers a perfect product on launch, they do however iterate and make it the best eventually.

          • Victor Loureiro

            How does it work in iMessage? When you send a message, do you have to select ho to do it (SMS os IM)? Or does it pick the best ay automatically?

          • Doctor Awesome PhD

            It picks iMessage automatically (which is basically ios hangouts) and only will use SMS if it has to. However all messages appear in same thread with color coded bubbles. Blue for imessage, green for sms. However I would prefer to be able to choose whether I was sending an SMS or Hangout.

          • Victor Loureiro

            Neat. That's how I feel Hangouts should work. Unlike you, I'd rather have it send IM whenever possible and SMS the other times. But I guess it could have an option to force it your way if you like.

          • Slurpy2k12

            iMessage works very elegantly. It was a mess when it launched, but after they unified the email and phone #s under the same Apple account things became much better. If it doesnt detect iMessage on the other end, it will send as an SMS. And you can also send from any iOS device or mac with only wifi to a phone # as long as there's iMessage on the other side, as it will intelligently send it to account linked to that phone # through the internet. Everything stays in 1 thread, and synced. Hangouts is a step in the right direction, but implementation can still be improved.

        • Sahil Chaturvedi


    • Christopher Robert

      Turn off your chat history and it stops archiving them.

    • Guest

      You can restore from archive. It's annoying but it's not gone, just hit the menu button and select "Archived" and then you can restore from there.

  • Robbie Ward

    SMS was really laggy on the n5 version of the APK for me on large threads, the new play store version seems to have fixed this.

    • Ricky

      still laggin on my gnexus =(

  • Josh P.

    Why do I feel like the ota and factory image for N4 and old N7 will not have all the new apps built in and once they release everything to the PS then the imgs will be out. It would make sense but it would also bug the fn' s outta me to see the sms app AND the hangouts app in my stock drawer.

  • Ryuuie

    For those with AOSP Messaging (at least on Nexus 4), do the SMS/MMS still show up in that app, despite having Hangouts as your default SMS/MMS app?

    This happened to me on the leaked N5 version so I don't know if it'll happen on here too.

    If it does, deleting the messages from the old SMS/MMS app will ALSO delete them from the Hangouts app.

    • csgabor

      yes it does

      • Ryuuie

        :| Wonderful.

        I would hope this would be fixed with the new SMS API in 4.4 but who knows. People might get "confused" or something if it didn't show up in both places.

        • pfmiller

          It's not something that will get fixed because it's not broken. Both the SMS and hangouts app use the same system SMS database. They are just different ways to access it.

          • Ryuuie

            Just because you think it's not broken doesn't mean it makes sense. Honestly, this makes about as much sense as the two gallery apps on the Nexus 5 (Gallery and Photos).

            It's stupid and needs to be fixed.

          • pfmiller

            Yeah, I really don't see it. Is it also broken if two email apps can see the same mail box? Or two file browsers see the same files? I don't get how anyone would be confused by this.

          • Ryuuie

            Sarcasm is nice and all, but I guess you like totally irrelevant apps just floating around just to appease those who don't understand how good things are if it's just ONE solution instead of two totally different apps with different feature sets.

            Go figure.

          • pfmiller

            I wasn't being sarcastic, I really don't see the problem with an app being released that replaces the functionality of another app. It's not confusing, you can keep using the old app or you can use the new app. No problem either way.

            The rest of your stuff is largely irrelevant, and entirely wrong where you start making assumptions about my feelings on other Google decisions which have no basis in what I said or in reality.

    • deltatux

      Hangouts accesses the same SMS database as AOSP Messaging app, whatever you do to one, the other gets affected.

  • CristianoAdiutori

    The performance are really better!

  • Bob G

    I'm surprised they didn't have a "SMS only works with 4.4 and up" in their changelog.

    • gtg465x

      It works with 4.0 and up. You don't have to be on KitKat.

  • William Pickering

    Aah what are you doing? d-h.st is normally the second link. Today it's the third! Rabble rabble rabble...

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Either this is the first time in months a major update is rolling out to everyone at once, or the first time I'm lucky enough to get it when it was announced (updated earlier today)

  • Jeff Skilling

    Anybody know if they'll be archiving SMS like they do chats? If not that, will they be scanning SMS like they do Gmail for targeted ads?

    • spacekobra

      nope, it doesn't save online from what I see.

  • spacekobra

    To the people complaining that SMS is not threaded like iMessage. Here's the thing:

    Messaging needs to be easy. In Canada most people I know don't have a good data plan, so imessage only works when they are at home. It's simple because there's only one device and Apple can handle all of it. With hangouts what happens is that its cross platform. Some people only have it on their PC if they are logged into G+ and others only have it on their iPhone when they are at home.

    Imagine trying to send a message to them, if they are labelled as online because they left their computer on hangouts would send the message as a hangouts message and they would never see it if they stepped outside. Then there's the other issue with iOS. If they step outside the messaging would switch apps. That's a horrible UX and not something I think Google would promote.

    It would work on Android but because it's multiplatform it has to be done this way.

    Mad? You asked for it, let them figure out a UX. The one we have now works great.

    • TSON1

      It's basically set up already like in the future we'll be able to tap on their number at the top, then choose to send through hangouts/SMS. It's not hard to visualize. Forwarding incoming/outcoming SMS messages to their ridiculous amounts of cloud storage for viewing on the computer wouldn't be hard to do for Google either, since Hangouts messages already are. If DeskSMS/TabletSMS can overcome these hurdles, a multibillion dollar company sure can.

      • spacekobra

        I just think they released it now because people begged them to. I read somewhere that they are working on the other kind anyways.

      • PaintDrinkingPete

        Sure, getting the message *to you* isn't that complicated, but let's say you're sitting at your computer and an SMS message comes in to your Hangouts session on your desktop...how do you respond to the message? I'm not saying that it's impossible for the desktop client to send via SMS using *your* phone number, but that's probably something Google has to work out with the carriers.

        • TSON1

          Again - TabletSMS/DeskSMS/MightyText/Krome and so many other apps do this already. I don't think they would need to jump any hoops than aren't jumpable for a company with their infrastructure and connections within the industry seeing as how small devs like the aforementioned can do it fine..

        • Stacey Liu

          I'm pretty sure Messages in OSX Mavericks allows this. It probably just sends it through your phone. If your phone is dead, it won't send.

    • Alex Maras

      They also have to take into account the people that decide to not set Hangouts as the default SMS client, because in that situation they would have 2 threads with hangouts choosing to send to one or the other inconsistenty.

  • Joe Staff

    The screenshots on Google Play are the Nexus 7 with KitKat. Can we pllleeeaassee have the update now?

  • ash

    Google keyboard is also rolling out. 2.0 version

  • Lars Jeppesen

    Great - thank you. so far works perfectly

  • Kurt

    I can't believe someone actually took the time to down vote every single comment here

  • unni123456

    Has anybody used Hangouts with any of the Android mini PCs and an external webcam for video chat?

  • Christopher Robert

    New update release OTA to the play store still does not fix the video chat problems on Samsung devices. Just an FYI.

    I really don't know what the issue is it use to work fine now its been broken for 2 updates.

    • Baz

      Just got the new hangouts its crashing on video calls on both Galaxy S3 i9300 and Nexus 7 (2012)

  • The_Chlero

    An honest question here:

    I use the default AOSP Messaging app mainly with my girl when we dont have Internet to use Whatsapp, so we rely on SMS to communicate via texting. I really dont use MMS nor such things.

    Would you recommend me to swap AOSP Messaging for Hangouts?

    • Brad

      stored locally like messaging

    • Brayden Reesor

      They're stored locally in the same database on your phone, just a different application accessing them. So you should still be able to use SMS Backup to backup them.

    • deltatux

      I have the same concerns and can happily report back that it's just the AOSP Messaging app integrated in the same app as Hangouts. It works pretty much the same as AOSP Messaging in terms of SMS functionality.

  • OG Triple OG

    So I'm not getting notified when I receive an incoming message. Am I missing something?

  • Brad

    Hopefully this one supports long sms and doesn't make me send half and type the rest and move on

  • Ty

    Maybe someone can help me out with this. I am playing around and though I like some things about the new feature, others needs some serious work. One issue I am faced with is the character limit. I found that the text input box simply stops accepting characters at 160 instead of letting me continue and splitting the text to send it. Is there something I'm missing here?

  • Alex

    Downloaded the mirror and my phone tells me it cannot open the file. any ideas?

    • polesmoker99

      I sometimes have the same issue. If you're rooted, use a file browser to open instead as download manager has issues with APKs at time.

  • pyroguysf

    Is there any sort of quick reply pop-up yet?

  • fixxmyhead

    Does anyone know if you need a google plus account to video chat with other people through the hangout App?

  • Mario

    is there a widget with notifications (ie. how many messages are waiting to be read)?

  • Doctor Awesome PhD

    Anyone having this problem? All of a sudden cannot type any type of SMS/MMS. Hangouts just immediately force closes.

    • Doctor Awesome PhD

      Nevermind. It doesn't like that I freezed my messaging app. Guess I have to deal with two.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    I see no option for SMS on my gs3

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Anyone else on AOSP seeing a white bar at the top (where the notification bar would usually be) while in fullscreen mode? I didn't have this problem with the previously leaked Hangouts with SMS apk, but I'm having it now.

  • https://plus.google.com/106721695871122826476/posts?hl=en Aja Hemphill

    Does it auto-detect what kind of device I'm using at the time? If I have to go in and manually change it depending on what device I'm using then it's not very interesting or useful...

  • jmphillips89

    MMS still not working for me. (Optus, Australia)

  • David Buse

    Still can't send MMS on my Note 3. I think I'll stick with Textra.

  • Shane MacPhee

    It doesn't split messages after 160 characters. As a sprint user this is troubling.

  • angel_spain

    I won't use hangouts until I can hide entire circles in contacts list. I don't want to have Vic Gundotra or Asphalt 8 players in my contacts list because I know I won't chat with them ever.

  • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

    Somehow I find it funny that Google is stuck with package name as com.google.android.talk because they made Talk available first and then realised they wanted to Hangouts everything, but they are still stuck with the package name Talk and I can go on and on coz I find it so funny still.

  • http://www.officialimeiunlock.com/ Nicolas Anderson

    lol i nver used it before

  • Grudo R

    hey thanks we really appreciate the malicious file host laying in wait to steal our credit card info and identity... you twats

  • Simondo

    Love it in principal, but it keeps defaulting to sms. So people that I always use hangouts for, I have to change from phone to Google every time I send a message. I've disabled the texts now as I know I'm going to forget occasionally and get charged multiple mms messages. Silly, if they have hangouts, then surely that should be the default, or at least a way of choosing default message type

  • moirae

    My update was delivered this morning! Nice.

  • wilflare

    still not getting the update from the Play Store :/ wonder what's taking them so long

  • Wally

    SMS don't work with me.
    I'm receiving in the native app and I don't know how to import my text messages to Hangouts.
    This integration is only available for US?

    • Wally

      Edit: I already fixed this situation.
      The problem was in the permissions manager of Android 4.3.

  • Nicklas

    Jeez this rollout is slow, haven't gotten it yet.

  • remister

    Anyone know how to attach a voice file as an attachment to SMS or is it only video now only?

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  • Darklord

    2.0.125(909441-30) just got pushed to my device.

  • Simon Belmont

    I have a Nexus 5, so Hangouts is inevitable. I'm slowly getting used to it, but I miss the old Messages app on my G'Nex.

    I miss being able to see how many messages have been sent/received. But, what I MOST miss is being able to send video recordings and voice clips (ironically, I can receive them, but not send them, WTF Google).

  • Bob G

    9 days later, I finally got this update on my Nexus 4 lol

  • goober

    how the fucnk do i send an sms (txt) to some one not in hang out or has sent me one its shit .txt is an important part of a phone google cant aford to funk it up like they have with this shit