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The Chameleon Launcher turned some heads when it more than doubled its goal on Kickstarter last year. The final product wasn't quite as amazing as we hoped it would be, but Teknision did at least deliver the app to Google Play. It appears that Teknision is moving on now – it has been acquired by a company called Synacor. Never heard of it? Don't feel bad – you are not alone.


Synacor builds cloud-based technologies that are licensed to various businesses to deliver streaming content and other services. As near as I can tell, the company also manufactures tech industry buzzwords. Teknision's post on the acquisition doesn't spell out the fate of Chameleon, but says it will work on new products that pick up where Chameleon left off. So, it's not looking good for future updates there. In case you were wondering, the Play Store reviews for Chameleon have not been kind.

Teknision is probably going to be the design and user experience arm for Synacor, which sounds like more of a back end solutions provider. Perhaps the company will be more user-facing going forward.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update teh Jax

    This sounds like a "better than going out of business" opportunity for them. Too bad... :-(

    • Ryan Markwald

      I was so excited to see this get funded, and there would be updates for a couple weeks, then nothing....then out of the blue some updates, then nothing....then Chameleon 2 came out, updates for a few weeks, then nothing, which is where we are now.

      I regret donating.

  • jusatin

    Not too sad to see them go. Chameleon was a nice idea, but the execution was far from perfect.

    • Cherokee4Life

      I was stocked when I saw it on Kickstarter. I gave it time once it was in Beta but it was just not good. If it let me change more things like rows/coumns and add default widgets out of the box it would have been better. They tried to do those things but it was lacking.

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

        I had more issues with the bugginess of the launcher. Scrolling was laggy (even on a snazzy new Nexus 7) and inputs wouldn't register or took really long to register, and the feeds always failed. I don't think I'd gotten their twitter widget to work properly for more than one continuous hour. If the launcher's many great features actually worked consistently I would still be using it today. But I'm not, so, you get the idea.

  • http://jordanhotmann.com/ Jordan Hotmann

    Chameleon can suck it.

  • Scott

    Oh I know all about Synacor. The local cable company (in the area where I work) uses Synacor for their customer email services. It sucks.

  • Matthew Fry

    I bought Chameleon Launcher based on AP's recommendation and it was lackluster to say the least. I haven't touched it for ages.

  • Franz

    Chameleon is probably one of the biggest failures of 2013. The hype was so great. The final product was not.

    • mLogician

      True. I bought this app, downloaded, played with it and returned it for a refund within 15 minutes. It was awful not worth the price.

      • firesoul453

        I wish I would have asked for a refund.

    • Tech Guru

      after the iPhone 5C

      • Franz

        Or the Moto X's price.

    • Lexcyn

      Yup. I kickstartered them and regret everything.

  • David Hart

    I didn't even try Chameleon.

    • Tech Guru

      you didn't miss anything.

  • Eric J. Peterson

    I was a backer and tried to use Chameleon for quite a while. It eventually just became unusable on my Galaxy Nexus. However, I just got a Droid Maxx and decided to try it again. Runs wonderfully on this new phone. And I'm really loving it now. Sad to hear it probably won't be updated further.

  • Russell Walker

    Aw man, guess no more of their awesome and timely updates to the app. Oh wait...

    I actually still use it on my tablet and it works fine, their widgets are pretty nice when they work. Way too buggy for my phone though.

  • MJ

    I have totally heard of Synacor as their headquarters is in my hometown of Buffalo and the ex-girlfriend works there. The jacket I wore to work today has their logo on it. LOL

  • Dan W

    I really liked the concept of Chameleon but it never took off with developers. If only there were more custom widgets that were made for the launcher...

  • firesoul453

    Chameleon was not even close to being worth the $10 I paid for it. And with all the kickstarter money I was expecting a steady stream of new features.

  • Tech Guru

    Chameleon is pretty to look at but it totally sucks as a launcher.

  • smeddy

    I was never a fan of the concept, there's so much better launchers out there. Even TSF is one of the fanciest non-traditional ones. I just couldn't see what was original about the Chameleon concept.
    (yum I love hindsight)

  • Dandamudi Mohan Krishna

    Pathetic app developers. The idea is great but execution is worse...

  • Mark Rich

    Chameleon was a good product. I enjoyed using it as my main home screen for a long time. The reason I stopped was the lack of developer interest creating new widgets. The fudge to allow Android widgets to run alongside the native ones wasn't a true fix. It was disappointing as it was a nice program.

  • JV

    I still use Chameleon because I like the scrollable instagram widget. Does anyone know of any alternatives to the instagram widget?