If you're still rocking a DROID RAZR M on Verizon, get ready for a little OTA update action. This phone may be last year's news, but it's not forgotten. Well, at least not completely. No, it's not getting an update to 4.2 (let alone something newer). Instead, this is mostly a maintenance update.

2013-11-04 13_41_26-razrm.pdf

The update includes a new version of Verizon's backup assistant, a more accurate GPS icon, improved HDMI performance, and the ability to use Rapid Charging while the device is off. Nice stuff to have, but you don't have to wait with bated breath for the notification to come through.

This is the first update for the RAZR M in about 7 months, and Motorola hasn't announced any plans to take the device past Android 4.1.2. There also appear to be two versions of the update going out – 98.18.94.XT907 and 98.30.1.XT907. It's not clear what the difference is, though.

[Verizon (PDF appears to have been pulled)]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • r1aven

    "Connectivity has been improved when using HDMI cable"

    What? I thought HDMI out wasn't possible with this phone.

    • Mike

      There isn't one

  • Duckie1217

    Yeah. They did a private soak test awhile back. Nothing special at all.

    • Mike

      What's a soak test?

      • Duckie1217

        You can sign up on Motorola's website to take part in early, private updates for your device.

  • Tim

    there is no hdmi connector on this phone

    • Specter597

      My guess is that they used the same update template from the HD/Maxx. They also got this update and they DO have HDMI (They share a kernel with the M)

    • CJB6754

      The Droid razr m has a mini hdmi connector on the side under a cover panel.

      • Mike

        Not on mIne. It has mem card and SIM card

  • nicholasosu330

    my Aunty Sienna recently got a year old
    Jaguar only from working off a home computer... Recommended Reading

  • binaryhermit

    Still rocking? More like just recieved from Verizon via FedEx earlier today
    And they haven't officially announced that there won't be a KitKat upgrade, either.

    • CrymeLord

      They'll never officially announce not doing an upgrade. I've had mine since March and I have no illusions that they'll ever move to 4.2 or beyond.

      For Android phones, never expect a bump up a major OS release unless announced previous to you getting the phone. Once you get a phone just understand that you won't be getting an upgrade unless you root the phone and do it yourself.

  • BEE

    so....when is this whole initiation of the OTA going down because I've been checking for available updates nonstop since this post went up and my XT907 hasn't budged a bit. still @ 98.16.3!

    • the man

      Go into settings and clear data on Google service framework then try updating

  • Jordan Carroll

    My phone gets a red exclamation point inside an android when trying to update. Am I not able to update to this when I'm rooted but on stock ROM?

    • Eric

      No you can't. I had the same issue not to long ago. If you removed any of the bloatware you will have to put it all back on before you can move on with the update

  • Peterose313

    I received 98.18.94 yesterday OTA. Downloaded and installed with no issues.

  • David Cline

    So why improve a function that wasn't even integrated into this phone? Maybe the international RAZR i has this feature? The Verizon cloud update is a plus, but we want Kit Kat! I still have another year on my contract so upgrading is not an option yet

  • rob

    difference is between color of unit, black unit (default) gets 98.18.94
    blue and other s get the other 98.30.1 update
    only know as lines i have have different model

    • Itamar

      Not so. My wife and I both have the black M and we each have different builds. It appears to have something to do with the mfr date. Mine is 4 months older than hers.

      • rob

        might be true, the blue i have on one line is 6 month newer than the black on the other line, just figure color had something to do with it

        as for all hdmi comments, it is possible with the appropriate dock

        • Nathanael Glad

          what dock is that? I don't see reference to one anywhere on the web

        • supresmooth

          No, this device does not support HDMI over microUSB.

  • Mike

    No hdmi on droid razr m

  • anthporter

    I got the update and now cannot connect to a wpa wifi network. I have verified the password and my phone keeps telling me the password is wrong. I'm afraid I'm going to need to do a factory rest.

  • Cash

    Received update 11/8/13. Ever since then my battery has been draining. What is the problem?

    • meghan

      Same issue with my battery - it has drained at a very accelerated rate since the OS update. Is it possible rollback this upgrade, or does anyone have any other suggestions?

  • bob

    they finally fixed the contact list photo id issue. before if a contact had a pic associated with thier number called you the photo would not pop up while it phone was ringing. now it does. took them long enough.

  • Kristi

    the new update stinks now when clearing text messages i have to highlight and delete each message where as before I could do several at a time this takes to long now...

  • Kristi

    i also don't like that if the people had a photo on facebook that it would use it, now thats gone