It's a good time to be a Samsung owner, at least if you've got some recent hardware. After beginning an extensive campaign of Android 4.3 updates for US models of the Galaxy SIII, S4, and Note II (likely motivated by the Galaxy Gear compatibility it provides), Samsung is now starting to update the massively popular international SIII model, the GT-I9300. According to SamMobile, Irish S III owners on Vodafone are the first to get the update, with no other regions reporting in at the moment.

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The Jelly Bean 4.3 update includes all the software additions of the penultimate version of Android, plus such additions to TouchWiz as Samsung has deemed necessary. Specifically that means Galaxy Gear support, new drivers for the GPU, a basic Apps2SD implementation, new voice commands, various visual tweaks to match the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, and a driving mode, among many other things. To check for the update use your Settings menu, tap More, then About Device, the Software Update.

Like most manufacturers, Samsung tends to send their software updates to different regions and carriers in batches. Given the popularity of the Galaxy S III, it may take weeks or even months to distribute software to all the various markets and carriers where the phone is being actively used. We'll be updating this post if builds are delivered anywhere else in the next few days.

Source: SamMobile

Jeremiah Rice
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  • AJH

    I believe the leaked schedule said Sprint would get it Friday. Thoughts on whether they'll get it out then?

    • pmenn5362

      I think they will. My at&t on the 13th. Hope we get a more fully baked version here in the US than what the i9300 got. Thats what im worried about. When you get it let me know if the launcher has changed and if the weather widget and other widgets have changed.

  • ProductFRED

    Minor typo, the model number is "GT-i9300"

  • Aooga

    Manufacturers should have skipped 4.3, not 4.2 like most of them did. They should have updated to 4.2.2, then 4.4. 4.2 to 4.3 was a minor update.

    • NeedName

      True. . . but 4.4 won't be coming to these devices. . . not via the OEM.

      • Barnassey

        Ah samsung has already stated they are updating the galaxy s 3 series to 4.4.

        • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

          Of course they have. But I'd always take their word with a grain of salt.

    • Rami

      by the time Samsung skips 4.3 and prepares 4.4, the next android version will be out and we will have to wait more.
      better release 4.3 now then do 4.4...

  • Алекс

    Look funny when you have nexus.

    • Wesley

      Yeah but not a Galaxy Nexus that isn't getting 4.4...

      • Алекс

        Anyway my gnex get 4.3 half year agо

      • Negbd

        thx XDA !!!

  • Markus S.

    Not for GT-i9305? (=LTE version of the S3 with 2GB of RAM)

    • Hans Pedersen

      They didn't sell LTE phones in Ireland then. Probably one good reason. :)

      • Mike Mc

        Vodafone Ireland are currently selling the i9305 in Ireland, I bought one from them, and currently waiting for the update. ;)

        • dynosaur

          Sorry for this late post, but has the 4.3 update happen for the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9305 in Ireland?

          • Mike Mc

            Yes back before Christmas on Vodafone, but I flashed an official version from Germany, as that was released first. Currently running 'Alliance Rom' which I downloaded from XDA Developers forum.(Plus my phones rooted and running custom kernel called AGNi so have loads of customisation options along with overclocking cpu/gpu etc... available).

    • r0xp0x

      I really hope Samsung will give us GT-i9305 owners the 4.3 update.

  • s44

    Damn it, after 4.3 on the S4 we can't even make the usual Verizon joke here any more.

  • Android Developer

    Is it true that the new ROMs include Knox, which has some issues with ROOT or other power-users features?

    • Matt L

      I heard that to be the case, unfortunately.

      • Android Developer

        is it the case even for galaxy S3 ? if so, is it possible to disable/remove it? i hope custom ROMs will have the ability to have it removed...

    • andrei spoiala

      yes is true, is saying on odin that is pass, but i don't have root, i tried several times ...SG i9300

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    Any kind souls who have already installed it and succeeded in rooting it? Care to share the method?

  • Luis Millán

    The Ireland ROM is Vodafone branded... today is a SAD day again for I9300 users...

  • Leonardo Baez

    come on make it avaible in maxico soonj!!!!

  • n3m0

    SamMobile is cheating everybody. This is NOT AN OFFICIAL FIRMWARE, and they even have published exactly the same one leaked firmware from Germany Vodafone as the ones that is supposed to be the official ones being roled out by OTA for different countries (Ireland Vodafone, Switzerland Swisscom) .

    After this, I'm not trusting SamMobile anymore.

    • pmenn5362

      SamMobile is definately pulling a fast one here. The swisscom and vodafone ireland website do not mention that an update is available. Same thing for Samsung's official website for those countries. The update is supposed to start rolling out tomorrow on Sprint and we will finally be able to see what an OFFICIAL update will bring.

  • peter


  • D14

    443MB 4.3 downloading at the moment. Voda IE I9300 sub

  • ong chin chye

    Can my Samsung galaxy S3 lte update to version 4.3 by now, please let me know, thanks

  • Oliver

    When to i9305???!!!!!

  • franswon

    Today 4.3 update was released for my GT-I9305 in The Netherlands - KPN network

  • Caroline

    Is there anybody who knows how to uninstall the upgrade on a Samsung Galaxy SIII GT 19300. It totally changed everything and something are missing, as the t9 dictionary on sms and editing photos (photo editor) after taking a photo.

    thank you