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It seems there has been a bit of confusion about the latest Nexus phone's carrier compatibility here in the good ol' US of A, and I'm here to settle one of the questions asked by a number of our readers: does the Nexus 5 fully work on AT&T's network?

The short, simple answer: Yes. The Nexus 5 is fully compatible with all of AT&T's existing 2G, HSPA+ (3G / Faux 4G), and LTE infrastructure. If AT&T service is available where you live (even including AT&T Puerto Rico), the Nexus 5 is totally AT&T-ready.

The longer answer, if you're interested, follows.

Currently, AT&T operates its network on 4 different bands, if you're looking at the 3G / 4G frequencies. AT&T's 3G uses the 850 and 1900MHz bands (aka bands 5 and 2, respectively), while its 4G LTE service uses bands 4 and 17. In the future, AT&T's LTE network will likely expand to use band 29, and possibly band 30 (AT&T doesn't control all the necessary leases for this band yet). That band 29 deployment is not planned to begin until next year, and will likely only be used to supplement existing AT&T LTE service in major metropolitan areas.


The Nexus 5 supports the following WCDMA (3G HSPA+) bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19. You can see both of the respective AT&T bands are supported. The Nexus 5 also supports the following LTE (4G) bands: 1/2/4/5/17/19/25/26/41. Again, note that both deployed AT&T LTE bands are supported.

Edit: As commenter lensgrabber points out, activating the Nexus 5 on AT&T could potentially be difficult, especially if you're a first-time AT&T customer opening a new account. I once attempted this with an unlocked LTE phone, and AT&T was only able to provision my account for 3G HSPA+ service because the IMEI profile for the device wasn't in AT&T's system (though blix247 says it worked fine for him). I'm unsure if this is still an issue, but if you're an existing customer, take lensgrabber's advice: you may not want to let AT&T know that you are changing devices unless your Nexus 5 isn't working right with the network. If you already have AT&T LTE service (eg, have an AT&T LTE phone), you should have nothing to worry about. Just pop in your SIM (you may need to enter an APN, too, I'm uncertain).

Why doesn't Google list AT&T on the Nexus 5's specification for "Supported Service" alongside T-Mobile and Sprint, then? I think I know why. The reason, I'd guess, is simple: both T-Mobile and Sprint will be selling the Nexus 5 off of the Play Store for customers who choose to take advantage of that option. AT&T will not. It's very likely only T-Mobile and Sprint put the Nexus 5 through their respective network testing and certification processes and issued it a seal of approval. Google may be seeking to promote such behavior. AT&T has never sold a Nexus phone (I really flubbed that one - they sold the Nexus S, for the record!), and will likely never sell a phone with a manufacturer-supported unlocked bootloader policy. AT&T may also just not be interested in selling the Nexus 5, who really knows.

Anyway, rest assured, your Nexus 5 will work just fine on AT&T for its realistic service life. It may not support AT&T's upcoming band 29 LTE, but the likelihood of this being a serious issue is very, very low. On the other hand, the fact that the Nexus 5 supports band 41 is likely to be very important for Sprint customers, as this frequency will serve as the backbone of Sprint's new tri-band LTE network.

For more, check out the Wikipedia pages (and the Nexus 5 specifications on the Play Store), below.

List of LTE Networks (Americas), AT&T Mobility (Radio Frequency Summary)

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • tyguy829

    Just curious. Since it supports band 4, can it pick up verizon lte if you pop a verizon sim in and are in a location where band 4 is enabled on the towers?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      I've never heard of this working, no.

      • http://androidandme.com/ Taylor Wimberly

        Would you honestly be surprised if someone hacked the Nexus 5 to work with Verizon's data network somewhere down the road?

        • ZombiePete

          Verizon has a phone whitelist so no, it wouldn't work. Unless you can "hack" Verizon's network to allow your phone to have access to it.

          • Evan Knofsky

            The whitelist is for CDMA. The block of frequency they use for the 4G isn't allowed to restrict access.

          • ProductFRED

            Which is one reason that Google didn't bother enabling CDMA on the Nexus 7 LTE; only LTE works if you're using it on Verizon.

      • ProductFRED

        Yes it would work, but for LTE data only. It's the same with the Nexus 7 LTE (except that supports 750 MHz as well).

  • lensgrabber

    Take a Nexus 5 or any other phone and try to get it activated. It bet it would be hassle, hassle, hassle, because the IMEI isn't in their system. The Dev Moto X was a pain in the butt but that was my fault. I gave them the IMEI instead of shutting my mouth and sticking with the old SGS3 IMEI. Two weeks of my account being screwed up. The fix? Giving them my old AT&T SGS3 IMEI and going rounds with five customer support reps. My recommendation is to put your sim in at stay hushed. Don't tell AT&T anything.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Yeah, this could be an issue. I know I had this problem when going from a 3G AT&T device to an LTE unlocked phone - I couldn't get LTE service unless I had an AT&T LTE device's IMEI to give them.

      • John C.

        I also have an AT&T HTC One - I can just put that micro-sim into a N5, correct?

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          Yep, you'll be fine. You may need to enter an APN for it manually, but I'm not certain. That's a pretty trivial task anyway.

        • JordanMcRae

          Copy the APN exactly from your One to your Nexus 5. Should be good.

    • Greyhame

      Yikes. Thanks for the heads up. Only problem is, I'll need a completely new Sim card.

      • Gabernasher

        Why do you need a new SIM?

        • Greyhame

          Because I've never had AT&T service before. This is a new work phone.

    • JordanMcRae

      Totally agree. If you are going from and LTE IMEI, don't say a thing to AT&T. And then make sure your APN is set up correctly for AT&T LTE on the Nexus 5.

    • Wyatt Neal

      I just got back from my conversion from VZW to T-Mobile, took in the pre-paid SIM I got for a buck ... walked out with a functional phone. Got a text message that everything was done before I drove the 5 miles home. 3G/LTE on T-mo's been great and didn't hassle me for anything. I have noticed that during the transitional time, my phone kept switching back and forth from from H to 3G. After I got the last text that said my number had been updated, it just went to a solid H and hasn't changed from the other placed I've been driving around.

      • Gabernasher

        The VZW to T-Mo transition was quite painless for me and my wife as well.

        • Wyatt Neal

          By the way, did you guys migrate any of your data? I know I can do it with Ti backup, but I've got a friend that's looking for a non-root way to do it.

          • Hademexoes

            They can try using Helium Backup (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koushikdutta.backup) instead. Setting it up is easier if you're a root user, but it also has a non-root method of backing up apps and data.

          • Wyatt Neal

            Awesome. That's exactly what I was looking for

          • Ian Santopietro

            If you have the android SDK installed, you can enable USB debugging in Developer Options, then run:

            adb backup -apk -shared -all

    • youareme7

      interesting; I'm coming from a Nexus 4 on at&t and haven't used an LTE phone before; I wonder if it will work on LTE if I just put the sim in or if i'll need to go into a store for a new sim

      • blix247

        I got my Nexus 5 today, and previously came from a Nexus 4, you'll need to call AT&T and give them your new IMEI #, but you won't need a new SIM.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          Are you getting LTE service?

          • blix247

            Yeah, took a few reboots; but I'm seeing the LTE icon above the signal strength and speedtest shows me 19mbps down.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

            Nice. Good to know this provisioning business isn't such an issue anymore.

        • george

          Are you under prepaid service or contract? because i just got my nexus 5 today and im triying to go with the $60 prepaid plan plus the extra 1gb for $10 more. thanks

          • blix247

            I'm off contract, I don't think I'm prepaid.

    • http://www.whatupgoingon.com Greg Macek

      I had the same issue a few months back with AT&T and my Xperia ZL. Ended up using a HTC One X IMEI we had lying around at work for my number and LTE magically started working. The limitation by device profile makes zero sense to me as it was never required for 3G devices when they first came out.

    • ProductFRED

      I've helped people with this issue before. People who want to use T-Mobile LTE devices (e.g. Note 2) on AT&T. If you've never had an AT&T LTE device before, ask a friend or get one off a store model. It's only for verification, and doesn't have to match your device's IMEI. After you have LTE activated (or if you already did), you're good to go. I don't know why AT&T does this. It seems they're the only carrier that does. My AT&T S4 works On T-Mobile LTE perfectly, no haggling required.

      • gierso

        Happens in México too with Telcel's Network

      • John808

        Terrific tip! You are so right. The imei you give to AT&T has to be the imei of an AT&T LTE device, even if it doesn't match the imei of your phone. I've switched from an AT&T iPhone 5 LTE to an unlocked Tmobile GS3 T999L LTE. I made the mistake of calling AT&T technical support to give them the imei of the unlocked Tmobile GS3 T999L that is unsupported in their system. No LTE for weeks on the GS3 T999L until this thread made me realize that I need to call AT&T to give them back the imei of my old AT&T iPhone 5 LTE. I did that and changed the GS3 T999L's default Cingular 410 apn to att phone apn. Now AT&T LTE on the unlocked GS3 T999L! I'm on an AT&T prepaid GoPhone plan by the way. Thanks.

        This phone profiling based on imei that AT&T is doing is just ridiculous.

    • bukowski

      About a month ago I activated AT&T's GoPhone service on my Nexus 4. It was a giant PITA! I was getting horrible (barely even 3g) speeds and went through five different calls to tech support to try to get to the bottom of it. They had me try a ton of different APN settings. Finally, I got to an upper level rep and he explained to me that any unlocked (non-att-branded) device isn't "certified" on their network and therefore if you provide them with the IMEI of an unlocked device, it gets provisioned as an unsupported 3g dumbphone. I spent 20 minutes arguing with the guy, trying to explain that my n4 is absolutely compatible with their HSPA+ bands and that they were just trying to force me to buy one of their phones, which was a load of crap.
      I ended up going into an AT&T store and snagging the IMEI off an S4 demo unit. Called up tech support and told them I had just bought an S4. Gave them the IMEI, rebooted by n4 and punched in the default APN settings.... BOOM! I've got full HSPA+ speeds. I believe since I gave them the IMEI of an LTE capable device, I should be good to go with just a straight up SIM swap when I get an n5.
      Moral of the story: AT&T r stoopid.

      • Robert Landrum

        Okay so if I swap over my sim from my att s3 on the go phone plan, will the system just show my existing imei from my s3? Well I be able to sell my s3 and it be activated with no issues of this is the case?

        Lte is stupid fast in my area and I'm not giving that up so whatever I have to do I'll do it.

    • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

      I bought both a Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 and an LTE Nexus 7 from the Play Store. The day I got them, I called AT&T and gave them the new IMEI numbers. They were both in their database and my account remained provisioned for LTE with no problems whatsoever.

    • mattinak

      I have a iPhone 3GS on att grandfather unlimited plan and am going to switch to straight talk and the nexus 5. Would it be wise to get att to unlock my current iPhone and switch the SIM card to one that will work in the nexus 5 before I make the leap? Should I also switch to the nexus 5 while still with att before going to straight talk?

    • NewN5User

      I just went from a Gnex unlocked with standard sized SIM to a Nexus 5 with Micro SIM. Went to the store and had them give me a new free SIM. I realized I could then only access AT&Ts HSPA+ network. Over night AT&T even sent me an email saying "hey we noticed you just put our SIM card in an LTE phone, but it probably doesn't work. Give us a call." I called them, gave them the IMEI, kept the exact same 3gig data plan, restarded the phone and boom... LTE service. I was worried about this based on your comment above. Just wanted to let people know it does work... at least it did for me.

    • Dave

      Had a decent exp. Came over to att on nexus 4, so no LTE when I put sim into nexus 5. Couldn't/wouldn't do it over phone, but at store i had no issues with getting LTE added to existing sim.

    • catholicmom

      All you need to do is call 611 and have them update the IMEI in their system. When the change is made they will put you on an LTE plan and it will work on LTE The IMEI does update correctly, not sure why you said it's not in their system. Maybe the rep was not trained to update the new IMEI with a compatible plan.
      God Bless

    • Luke Bush

      Hi. I ordered the Nexus 5 the day it came out, received it a week and a half later.

      I have AT&T in central Florida.

      I had no issues whatsoever.

      And here's my proof:

  • Lucid

    Thank you very much for clarifying this!!

  • Daniel

    Hey there – I was wondering if the Nexus 5 that I ordered from Google in the United States will work internationally... specifically Brazil. I am guessing 4G won't work... but will it work otherwise? I don't understand how all these frequencies work and would greatly appreciate any insight, as I'm about to head to Brazil and got this phone for my trip.

    • Chronus719

      You'll need to check which bands are supported by your carrier in Brazil.

    • Gabernasher

      2G/3G will work, it's LTE that might or might not depending on which bands you need.

  • Matt

    I bought a GPE HTC One back in July and have been using it on AT&T since (LTE included), took it to the store and they gave me a new SIM and registered the IMEI - no hassle. Im about to switch to a N5 on Wednesday - can I just switch SIMs? Or should I get a new SIM card? I just want my LTE to carry over easily

    • nxtiak

      Yep, just switch SIMs, SIM card is the same size. My N5 is coming today and I have AT&T HTC One.

      • Alan Fink

        Did you just put your HTC one Sim in nexus 5 and all worked or did you have to call ATT with new imei or change APN settings?

  • Max

    So this means that the unlocked nexus 5 is fully compatible with t-mobile's network? Including all 3G and 4G/LTE bands?

    • Simon Belmont

      Yes. It is. It has every band required to access all of T-Mobile's 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks.

      I'm coming from a Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile that only had HSPA+ (no LTE), so I'm not 100% sure if I'll have to call T-Mobile to get LTE provisioned or not, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. It might just be a matter of popping in my SIM card and then copying the LTE APN from my wife's T-Mobile HTC One, or it might just work right off the bat.

      • Max

        Awesome. I just wasn't sure. Thanks :)

        • Simon Belmont

          No problem. According to some folks above, it seems like it should just work automatically.

          Hopefully that means a smooth transition to the Nexus 5 and LTE access. Should be great.

      • Gabernasher

        You won't. Considering people made the N4 work with it's unofficial LTE on T-Mobile, T-Mobile isn't a bunch of assholes like AT&T.

    • PhineasJW

      N5, T-Mobile. 35Mbps down on LTE. I just swapped the Nexus 4 sim and it worked straight away.

  • Ken Hunter

    Would I have to pay an activation or upgrade fee if I took the Sim from my att HTC one and popped it into a nexus 5?

    • Matt


  • cabbiebot

    Question: So let's say AT&T rolls out support on Band 30. How does this update get handled? Or in the case of Sprint, where we know there is a forthcoming update to enable tri-band LTE on 800/1900/2500, will they provide Google the firmware to push out the update to devices bought unlocked on Google Play?

    • Chronus719

      Supported bands are a hardware limitation, not a software/firmware one (unless they've for some reason locked out part of the radio). Therefore, there likely won't be any forthcoming updates that would add support for more bands.

      • cabbiebot

        So let's say the hardware is capable. What then?

        • Chronus719

          Then it should just work. For example, let's say you're travelling. You have an LTE-capable phone, but where you live, there's no LTE. However, when you get to a city with LTE, it automatically connects to the LTE network. Same principle should apply here.

          • cabbiebot

            I'd like that to be the case, but I know Sprint has said that an update to enable tri-band LTE will be coming at some point for phones that have the hardware to support it (Nexus5, HTC One Max, etc). So who would deliver THAT update on unlocked phones?

          • Chronus719

            If Google hasn't already included the ability for such capacity in 4.4, then the update would have to come through Google.

  • TJ Dong

    Put my ATT sim from a Galaxy S4 into my Nexus 5 without issues.

    • nicholasosu330

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    • DC

      Really because I did that any the speed in which 4G data is downloading is three times less on my Nexus vs ATT Galaxy...

  • PhineasJW

    Nexus 5. T-Mobile here. 1 bar of LTE at my house.

    35.4 Mbps / 6.3 Mbps

    Crazy fast.

    • Simon Belmont

      Did you come from a phone that previously had LTE on T-Mobile? I'm coming from a G'Nex on T-Mobile that obviously is HSPA+ only.

      I'm assuming it just automatically provisions LTE? Thank in advance for any information.

      • PhineasJW

        I came from a Nexus 4.

        I did nothing but transfer my N4 sim -- and LTE showed up immediately on the N5.

        35.4 / 6.3 at my house with one bar. Your mileage may vary on the data speeds. I haven't tried it anywhere else yet.

        • Simon Belmont

          Thanks for the quick reply, Mr. Whoopee. It sounds like T-Mobile doesn't have the annoying provisioning quirks of AT&T.

          I'll give it a try tomorrow when my Nexus 5 arrives, and yes, that speed is crazy fast, though I've never been disappointed in HSPA+ speeds. Can't wait.

          • PhineasJW

            An old-school cartoon fan! Good luck -- I think you'll like the phone a lot. )

          • Simon Belmont

            Damn, right! Tennessee Tuxedo (Don Adams/Get Smart) for the win.

            New cartoons can't compare to the classics. They're pretty much terrible!

          • yankeesusa

            Very true. On hspa+ I have no complaints. I actually use my wifes tmobile htc one s on hspa+ to tether my sprint phone since my data is slow 75% of the time. I usually get 6-8mbps. Can't wait to upgrade her to lte with the nexus 5 and then I will probably stick with the same note 2 but tmobile model or upgrade to note 3 if I can save up.

          • Simon Belmont

            I usually get between 10-20Mbps on my G'Nex using HSPA+ around here. Speeds I've been perfectly happy with considering I came from Sprint Ev-Do (and WiMAX that was about the same as HSPA+ or even slightly slower, but drained the battery very fast). ;)

            I saw around 35Mbps on LTE with my wife's HTC One. Can't wait to have that speed on my Nexus 5, which incidentally just arrived (but I'm at work). :(

    • yankeesusa

      I just switched to tmobile on my wifes phone and she has the htc one s which is not LTE. On a good day I hit 9-12mbps. I tested an xperia z and on lte I was able to get 32mbps. I love it. All I know is that where tmobile has service it is awesome. I plan on moving my own sprint line over to tmobile and have a 2 line tmobile account.

  • lucke1310

    I had no problem with my Nexus 4 last year... I just went into the store and talked to a rep and explained the situation politely. The rep tried it with the N4 IMEI and got nowhere in their system, so she grabbed one of their demo phones IMEI and LTE micro SIM and entered that into my account and we verified that it was working correctly. The trick with AT&T is to go into a store and be polite. If you call, they will give you the run around.

    • inklenotrump

      I had really good luck w. my n4 using ATTs customer support chat.. though I don't know if that's still an option.

  • Anonymous

    AT&T's whole nonsense with this is why I left. Put your SIM in a new phone and stuff starts going crazy, and your data speeds drop. I hate it.

  • Simon Belmont

    I'm on T-Mobile and all I've had is a GSM G'Nex that uses HSPA+ (no LTE). Will I need to call T-Mobile to and give them my IMEI to provision for T-Mobile's LTE to work on my Nexus 5 or will LTE just automatically work?

    Is it possible that I can just copy the LTE APN from my wife's T-Mobile HTC One? Anyone have any insight on this?

    • Anonymous

      I don't believe T-Mobile has any of that stupidity. It's a much simpler experience in my books, and I get much better speeds as a result!

      Plus! Thirty bucks! Can't beat that!

      • Simon Belmont

        Wow! So it'll just automatically provision LTE even though my old phone was HSPA+ only?

        I remember giving them my G'Nex's IMEI when I signed up. That's really sweet if true, and thanks for the fast reply!

        • skizzoid

          LTE will automatically work if you have the APN info. I've swapped between a Nexus 4 (on HSPA and LTE) and HTC One repeatedly by just switching SIM cards, and I've never provided T-Mobile an IMEI number for either phone. T-Mobile really is much simpler in that regard.

          • Simon Belmont

            I had to give them my IMEI number when I set up the account. So they know I have an HSPA+ only phone at the moment.

            I'll just pop the SIM card in and see if LTE fires up. If not, I'll copy the APN information from my wife's HTC One, and if THAT doesn't work either, I'll just tell T-Mobile to provision it.

          • yankeesusa

            exactly-all you need is the apn info.

  • Cory Wilson

    Yes at&t blows. I received my nexus 4 after a month of waiting on Jan 2nd. My HTC vivid I was using took a full size sim, so I went in there to get the micro sim, and had the manager helping. She did it right, she just left my plan alone, changed the registered sim, and I copied the APN from my vivid into it (as the default APN was the old 2G/3G APN from Cingular). Everything worked fine and I was rocking hspa+ speeds. In March I picked another one up for my wife for her birthday. Went in there to do the same thing, this time I got an idiot. We got home and found her data wasn't working at all... Idiot completing removed all data from her line! I called at&t and they said it's fixed, but the 4G APN wouldn't work. Came to find out they just added regular 2G/3G data to her account. I got it fixed but had to the them the imei number from her old vivid. Why they do it this way, I don't know. It's plain dumb. All the plans are the same price so why doesn't everyone just get the LTE APN? Anyway they do do that now if you get a mobile share plan but if your on an older grandfathered plan it's a pain

  • Mike Keck

    Wow, Im a little perplexed now. I am on the verge of moving my corporate lines from Verizon to ATT and I wanted to test the ATT service in my area first. I ordered a Nexus 5 to try it out and I was going to head into the ATT store tomorrow, now Im worried I won't be able to get it setup (Im not familiar with how ATT works). Do I need to get a IMEI from a phone in the store and give to them? I don't get my N5 until tomorrow night and I was planning on going the store tomorrow morning and getting either Gophone or shared plan SIM setup so I can pop it in when the phone arrives. Will they need an IMEI to even get me an account activated?

    One last question, if they need an IMEI at activation, would it matter if I didn't have the device in front of me, like if I tell them I ordered a S4 and gave them a IMEI from one? Do I need to find someone on ATT to give me their IMEI or would someone be willing to give me a IMEI to use (and what phone model it is)? Sorry if these request are way off based on how it actually works, but I want to be able to test out my N5 tomorrow night! Thanks for any help you can give me..

    EDIT: In the ATT world, would It be considered shady for me to tell them all this info? For instance if I told the salesmen the problem and asked if they could use an IMEI off one of their phones?

    • Andromedo

      Just write down the IMEI from a display Moto X or iPhone 5, and give them that for the profile. You should be fine.

      • Mike Keck

        Thanks, so I don't need a physical phone with me to setup a new account? We have a smaller ATT store, would it not look odd if Im looking at a phone writing down info before talking to a rep?

        • Andromedo

          I got a (prepaid) SIM without any phone present, I just gave them the IMEI when it came up in the application form.

          If it is like many AT&T stores, they might even act like you aren't there until you go looking for help.

      • Gabernasher

        You'd want to get something that doesn't use a nano SIM if you're a new customer.

        • Andromedo

          You are right. The iPhone/Moto X profile will work but the Nexus 5 takes a Micro SIM, contrary to earlier reports.

  • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

    Great writing David, thanks for being so thorough and professional!

  • Randy S

    I currently have a Galaxy Nexus on ATT with an old 3G SIM and grandfathered unlimited data.

    Anyone have suggestions on how best to get an LTE SIM from them for a Nexus 5?

    • Gabernasher

      Ask them to activate an LTE ATT branded phone first, then throw that SIM in the N5, maybe borrow a friends phone.

      • Randy S

        Thanks... I'm thinking that's the easiest option assuming any of my friends is willing to do me a solid.

      • yankeesusa

        Is it really this hard to get LTE on an unlocked phone for ATT? My goodnes!

        • Gabernasher

          If you don't already have an LTE enabled phone through them, yes.

    • Andromedo

      1) Write down the IMEI of one of the display iPhones in the store.

      2) Ask for a SIM for an "iPhone 5" and give them the IMEI you just wrote down for the profile.

      3) Profit!!

      If you already have the SIM, or have filed down a mini- or micro-SIM to nano size, you can also just call and give them the IMEI.

      • Randy S

        Probably going to give Gabernasher's suggestion a try first, but this sounds like a good plan B. Thanks!

      • Gabernasher

        Not sure he wants a nano SIM for the iP5 he doesn't have.

        • Andromedo

          It's the same nano SIM and profile he needs for LTE on the N5.

  • nofearofimaginarymen

    I will be leaving sprint for straight talk using att sim. Will activation be similar to a new customer on att or is it a whole different beast?

    • Andromedo

      Straight Talk activation is not tied in with AT&T in any manner you can see.

      One piece of advice: do not activate the SIM with a new number if you intend to port an existing number in. Once you activate a SIM, you cannot port a number to it.

      • nofearofimaginarymen

        You sir, are amazing. Thank you for the heads up.

        • yankeesusa

          Also make sure that you get the LTE version of the sim card. They just started selling those on the straighttalk website. good luck.

  • wmarcel

    I am with T-Mobile and just switched from N4 to N5 today. Instantly LTE in Miami area. Possibly depends on area?

    However, I noticed now Wi-Fi Hotspot is now "disabled" which used to work in the past with the N4. Meaning T-Mobile apparently wants me to add it do the Data plan?! I was trying to connect the N4 to the N5's data. I have Preferred Android Unlimited Web Only.

    • PhineasJW

      My Wi-Fi hotspot isn't disabled. T-Mobile Boston.

      LTE gets me 35Mbps down near my house.

  • Robert Landrum

    Okay so im currently using an ATT branded S3 on the go phone plan. I'm in an excellent coverage area for lte that consistently gets 60+mbps. Will I just swap sim cards over? If I do this week I be able to sell my S3 and it get activated with no problems if it's imei is still in the system under my sim?

    Just trying to figure out the best way and easiest to go about this and keep my lte with no hassles.

  • BNova

    Question about a slightly different situation. I just used my upgrade to get a Moto X (nano sim) for one of my parents, and got a regular size sim to use in an old phone while I wait for my Nexus 5. When I go back to the AT&T store to get it replaced with a micro sim, should I use the Moto X's IMEI even though it's a different size sim?

  • Josh Jacobi

    I just activated a new account with att today and my Nexus 5 immediately got 4g LTE and have had it all day. Between 20 to 30 mbs down.

    • Mike Keck

      You brought in your N5 and gave them the IMEI? Which plan did you go with? Thanks!

      • Josh Jacobi

        Yes the sales guy scanned my barcode on the back my N5 and put in a new Sim. Had no hiccups at all. I'm off contact and have the 4 GB unlimited talk and text and mobile hotspot.

        • Mike Keck

          There's hope! Thanks for the reply

          • Josh Jacobi

            No problem. Hope it works out for everyone. I didn't do anything special and I had no problems.

          • Josh Jacobi

            I'm typing from my N5 right now on att 4g LTE

        • Gabernasher

          How much is that a month?

          • Josh Jacobi

            Right around $110 I think.

  • fourex

    I am considering signing up for a Straight-Talk plan (AT&T) or with AT&T new AiO. Which means they will be asking for an IMEI number, which won't be in their system for my Nexus 5 which I will arrive later today. Suggestions on what I should provide them with? I do have an HTC One, which is under contract...but I may drop if the aforementioned MVNO plans have good coverage.

    • Gabernasher

      The IMEI of any AT&T branded LTE phone.

  • JT3

    I currently have a Galaxy S4 Active on AT&T, which I believe uses a micro sim. Will I be able to just pop that sim into my N5 or am I going to have to get AT&T involved?

    • Gabernasher

      Just pop the SIM in and you're good to go.

  • Kevin

    I've been using a Nexus 4 (bought from Play) on AT&T GoPhone (prepaid) for a few months, just got my Nexus 5 (from Play) yesterday, and was only getting HSPA+.

    Called AT&T to get LTE, they told me that since it doesn't "say AT&T anywhere on the phone," that I would be unable to get LTE service. I was told it HAS to be an AT&T-branded device.

    Any suggestions?

    • yankeesusa

      Try the trick that some have done where you go into a store and grab the imei of another phone and provision it that way. I can't believe att does this.

      • Kevin

        OK, so, an update. I left this morning with the intention of doing just that. Got in the car and fired up Maps to navigate me to the closest AT&T store, when I noticed that I was now connected to LTE! I went back inside an confirmed that, at least in some parts of my house, I can only get HSPA+.

        LTE has been working all day, wasted a bunch of data doing Speedtest.net runs, best I saw was about 25Mbit down / 12Mbit up. I'd bet the next time I venture deeper into the city (I'm on the edge of a big city), those numbers will rise even higher.

        • Michael Pahl

          Seems like slow LTE to me... what city?

          • Kevin

            Portland, OR

            My ~25Mbit speeds were at my house, I ran Speedtest while I was out and about, got about 40Mbit down. I'm happy. :)

  • AndrewZ

    Had a N4 on ATT with a Net10 sim. My N4 was getting H+ and so was my N5. Got a new sim from Net10 and they reprovisioned it in 5 minutes and now seeing LTE instead of H+. Sweet. I did notice though that when I place a phone call it switches from LTE to H+ and as soon as I end the call it switches back to LTE. Not sure what thats about but very happy to have access to ATT LTE for $45/month on NET10.

    • Renard Fiossa

      About the H+ fallback: It's because, for the time being, LTE devices fall back to the traditional, circuit-switched network (either LTE's predecessors [UMTS, 2G GSM, etc] or 1xRTT CDMA for those folks with VZW) because LTE is all-IP and carriers are yet to implement Voice over LTE, where all network traffic, even phone calls, is packetised :D

  • Suhas Raja

    I was considering opening a new AT&T account and buying a nexus 5. What steps should I do to get AT&Ts services on the nexus 5 as painlessly as possible?

  • thisiskeg

    Nexus 5 Straight Talk APN settings for LTE are as follows for my phone in SLC:

    Name: Straight Talk
    APN: tfdata
    Port: 80
    MMSC: http://mms-cf.net
    MMS Proxy: mms3.tracfone.com
    MMS Port: 80

    Hopefully this saves someone some effort explaining how APNs work to the customer support at ST

  • Alec Joy

    I just activated my Nexus 5 on AT&T a few hours ago. Was a pretty painless process.

  • catholicmom

    All you need to do is call 611 and have them update the IMEI in their system. When the change is made they will put you on an LTE plan and it will work on LTE. God Bless

  • Sola Omotayo

    I just put my At&t Sim card in my nexus 5, realized I was not getting LTE. caller customer service, they asked for the imei, onece they updated in the system, they said they had to send a signal to the tower and I should switch it off the phone for two minutes. I did that and everything is working fine. It helps if the CSR understands your issue. No need to go he them an I me I from another phone. The CSR even just called me back to make sure it works.

  • dvjm

    I am thinking of getting this unlocked Nexus 5 and I did call AT&T Sales and Service and whoever said you get the run-around on the phone was correct. Then I asked the cost of an HTC One on their contract or on the "Next" program and was on hold for about 10 minutes because the representative kept having to put me on hold to get information. I trust those on here who say it works, and I currently have a 4G LTE phone registered to my AT&T account, but I am a bit afraid of spending almost $400 for a phone and then to find it either doesn't work or is crippled by my carrier. I haven't wanted to leave AT&T but right now I am a bit perturbed.

  • shark975

    I like how uneducated authers still proclaim HSPA+ is "faux 4G". By that standard, LTE is fake as well, since it doesn't meet the original definition of 4G (which required 100 mbps download speed among other things IIRC). Also, it's entirely possible for HSPA+to be faster than LTE in a given area. So i wonder how it is possible for "faux 4g" to be faster than so called real 4g.

    Yes LTE is in general superior, and usually (but not always) faster, but the point is calling HSPA+ "faux 4G" is simply not true according to any definition by the governing body. It's just made up by authers such as this one. I could just as easily call LTE 3.1G or 8G or whatever else, as long as we're just making things up.

  • shark975

    I like how uneducated authers still proclaim HSPA+ is "faux 4G". By that standard, LTE is fake as well, since it doesn't meet the original definition of 4G (which required 100 mbps download speed among other things IIRC). Also, it's entirely possible for HSPA+to be faster than LTE in a given area. So i wonder how it is possible for "faux 4g" to be faster than so called real 4g.

    Yes LTE is in general superior, and usually (but not always) faster, but the point is calling HSPA+ "faux 4G" is simply not true according to any definition by the governing body. It's just made up by authers such as this one. I could just as easily call LTE 3.1G or 8G or whatever else, as long as we're just making things up.