The Good Ship Motorola has more leaks in it than Stan Rogers' famous Antelope, and the Moto G (and the Moto DVX, which is probably the same thing) has been the only significant device we've heard about since the X. It looks like Motorola is almost ready to take the wraps off of the phone officially: the website moto-g.com went live early this morning with a teaser for an event on November 13th.


The website is simple, with only a few links, a hashtag, a signup page, and a shifting graphic in the style of the Moto X boot animation. Motorola is bucking a trend here: most newsworthy devices at least get a small media event, if not a full Apple/Samsung-style blowout, but the website indicates that the Moto G will get a "live online announcement." Multiple shifting languages on the website also indicates that both the phone and its reveal will be tailored for an international audience.

That makes sense, if leaks from both within and without Motorola are to be believed: the Moto G is expected to be a lower-cost version of the Moto X, with slightly cheaper materials and a much less expensive overseas production run; Evleaks recently posted a set of specifications. If that's the case, the G will be Motorola's only major worldwide product produced this year, and the first one created using the company's post-Google-acquisition design language. Since Motorola is being so frank with the nomenclature here, I wouldn't expect any other hardware announcements at the upcoming event.

Source: Moto-G.com

Jeremiah Rice
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  • csgabor

    if this will have a decent camera and the same processor/always listening design, I might choose this over the N5. That's slightly too big for me.

  • Frederico Silva

    Nice print, with the good old Portuguese :D

  • Captain Canada

    Why can't Google just ask Motorola to make them a Nexus 4 with a 4.2 inch screen and Moto X like bezel that sells for 200 off contract? Except for all the obvious reasons.

  • AndrĂ©s

    For an Instant I thought Novembro was a Bro-November thing. Till I realized it was Portuguese hahaha.

  • herbivoor

    Please make this good.

  • dhruva

    i dont get the naming..what will moto call their tablet?

    • Nabeel Farooqui

      Moto T

  • Baleeted

    I'll bite. I'll wait for this before getting my new phone.