I've tried a lot of different password managers over the years (and even covered using KeePass and Dropbox to stay in sync on Android as one of my first posts on Android Police – nostalgic!) but switched to LastPass many months ago. I find it to be one of the easiest cross-compatible methods of keeping my passwords in sync across all of my devices. The one downside, however, is that the Android app (and web UI for that matter), is pretty hideous.

Today, LastPass fixes that, however. The newly-updated Android app now offers a Holo experience with a much more user-friendly vibe. Basically, it looks like a web browser, with a focus on password storage.

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Not bad, eh? The Android app isn't the only thing to get a makeover, either – the entire web interface has been redesigned to match, and it looks so much better. It's far more polished and even feels faster. This was definitely a much-needed upgrade.

If you haven't yet switched to LastPass for your password storage, it's definitely worth checking out, though you should be aware that it'll cost you $12 a year if you want access on mobile. It's so convenient, though, it's worth the money, and with this update, the app is no longer an eyesore. So it's pretty and convenient. I like.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • Mike Dye

    What is the purpose of this. Doesn't Chrome already keep all you password stuff secured?

    • Christopher Lee

      These kinds of programs are password managers/generators first, syncing managers second.

      • Lexster

        Agreed. I could never realistically remember a different password for every service I have. With LastPass, it generates and remembers all those passwords for me.

    • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

      Well Chrome certainly keeps your passwords but certainly not in anyway secured.

      • BigDeeNY99

        I laughed how easy it is to view your passwords in Chrome. Walk away from your computer and it takes someone seconds to view all of your passwords in plain English!

  • Jonathan Berry

    "$12 a year if you want access on mobile"

    Technically it's $12/year if you want to use the app. You can use the LastPass site on mobile devices for free. Which works well enough as long as you don't have to do it often...

    How well does the new app work if you want to use a different browser (like Chrome) instead of the LastPass browser? Back when I first tried out the app, the experience didn't seem to be much better for me than just logging in on their website.

    • e993442712

      You can use any browser you want; the LastPass app can serve you the login information as notifications that you tap when you're in the browser of your choice. You tap the notification, it copies the information, you paste it, and voila.

      Alternatively, Dolphin Browser has a LastPass add-on that works seamlessly; this is the one reason I won't use Chrome full time on Android.

      • Jonathan Berry

        Now that you mention it, I remember reading about the notification option now. Maybe it's time to give the app another try. Though the last thing my poor GNex needs is another app in-memory, especially when Chrome is running.

    • bydavidrosen

      the way to make lastpass worth using on mobile is to switch keyboards whenever you need to fill in a password. the lastpass browser sucks, and switching back and forth from the app sucks... but swap keyboards, login to lastpass (if you've been logged out) and hit the * key and boom, forms filled.

      • Jonathan Berry

        Last time I tried to use the LastPass keyboard I remember it not working so well. But that was a while ago, so maybe that has improved as well.

    • Egnimatic_Foolishness

      In addition to what eiberri said, lasspass has the option to be incorporated into the android share menu. What this means is that if you are using Chrome and need to login to something, instead of pulling up lasspass from your app drawer, you can just click share from chrome and select the "Fill with Lasspass" option which will fill in the username and password for you. It's good enough that I may drop dolphin browser as my primary browser

      • Jonathan Berry

        That actually sounds really useful and like the best option. Assuming I don't always forget how to share from Chrome. Maybe that would get me to remember it is in the overflow menu. I wonder if LastPass will give me another free trial period (not that I should really complain about $1/mo).

      • bertraze

        I haven't found the setting to turn that on. I get an "Open with LastPass" in my share menu, but I assume that will open the site in the LastPass browser, and that's really not what I want.

      • Bakaouji

        Wow. I've been using Keepassdroid + dropsync for a while and searching in keepassdroid for the site, then copy pasting the username and password...

        That sounds so much easier, I'll give it a go. Have you tried the firefox lastpass addon btw?

      • Jonathan Berry

        What do you have to do to get this to work? Like bertraze said, I only see the option for "Open with LastPass" in the Share menu.

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    • bl_nk

      That's the main reason I use Dolphin. It has a LastPass extension - and still is a pretty great browser.

  • Booyabobby

    Been using Lastpass for many years. This upgrade was much needed. Especially for android.

  • http://www.marklaflamme.com/ Mark LaFlamme

    Love Lastpass. It's always reminded me of Titanium Backup – kind of hideous, but so damn good, who cares? I rely on both programs so much, they could create their interfaces with crayons for all I care. As long as they keep doing what they do. This is a spiffy update, nonetheless.

  • Leif Sikorski

    I've switched to Dashlane a while ago because the Lastpass app was so horrible. Maybe I'll give it another try next year.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    For many years now I've kept all my passwords in a simple textfile inside of an on-the-fly-encrypted encfs fuse filesystem, which periodically gets (r)synced to my VPS and to DropBox.

    On the rare (weekly-ish) occasion that I need to lookup a password while away from my main PC, I use my phone to SSH into to my VPS and then grep it.

    the one-liner I use to query one-off passwd's, instead of unlocking the whole fs, for example, is:
    $ encfs ~/.secure ~/secure && sleep 1 && grep -i ~/secure/accounts ; fusermount -u ~/secure

    KeePass / LastPass, etc, might be slightly easier to use, but I love the simplicity of being able to edit and grep a simple encrypted text file, instead of having a data-entry window into a encrypted database that's often incompatible between versions (such as keepass').

    (Also... I don't think the NSA's "cracked" encfs yet. j/k :))

    • Jonathan Berry

      One thing I like about LastPass that this doesn't solve is it's ability to generate long, random passwords. I am tired of trying to come up with strong, unique passwords that I might be able to remember later. LastPass -> Generate Secure Password and it remembers it for me.

    • BrentKensey
      • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

        Yes relevant, because I WANT to be able to switch to a mainstream password manager, by my "esoteric" commandline requirement and love of simple textfile editing is holding me back.

    • http://www.cpcwiki.eu/ Gryzor

      I'm all for geeky solutions, and for a period I was doing something similar, but please, LP is "slightly" easier than rsyncing and SSHing and greping? Lol.

      Didn't know about Keepass changing db format, but I doubt it's a major problem once you've converted.

  • Jakst

    I've been considering giving lastpass up so many times only because of the horrible UI. Thank god for this update!

    • Mark

      This update truly sucks on the Chrome browser on my Mac. To fill in a password I now have to go through 3 menus instead of having it on the main drop down menu. Who thought this was an improvement?

      • http://www.cpcwiki.eu/ Gryzor

        Something wrong there. Kicks in instantly when a pwd form is up for me...

      • http://Legal123.com.au/ Legal123

        I have the same problem. It no longer autofills and now I have to put in all my passwords manually. Has anyone found a fix to this new 'update' as it is causing issues and requiring new passwords to be set.

  • sssgadget

    What's wrong with Keepass? Just sync the key file using Dropbox.

    • John

      Right but it's not as convenient. Auto fill and save and file generation from within your browser is fan f'in tastic

  • Jeremy Powers

    I still prefer Dolphin Browser with Lastpass plugin. (Just tossing it out there for others who may not like the lastpass browser)

  • Jeremy David Sandock

    They need to fix their keyboard though. It still sucks

  • ComputerPhil

    Hopefully they have also made changes with this new version to keep their users' data safer than in the past, I eventually switched from LastPass back to the industry standard (RoboForm) because of the multiple security breaches in the same year and lack of support with LastPass.

  • whatever

    yeah it sucks. used to be great. they can take their new interface and shove it.