Google kicked off the Nexus program back in early 2010 with the Nexus One. It was a fine phone for the time, but it's vastly different than the most recent iterations of the Nexus flagship. That's illustrated quite well by this quick GIF.

You're really reminded of how small a 3.7-inch screen is as you watch the N1 morph into the much larger phones. It's also interesting to note that the overall aesthetic of the phone silhouette hasn't really changed much since the Nexus S.

Just relax and watch it for a while. We've come a long way, baby.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Dr. HueHue

    Nexus 4 looks best.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I prefer the N5. It almost looks surreal though. Is this real life? It's actually out?

      • Kaemo

        My heart belongs to the Nexus 4. Such a great design....

        • VAVA Mk2

          Both phones are great. The current design trend we are on, software and hardware with Nexus, though, all started on the GNex.

      • Thomas Lovett

        The N5 looks great, but I think the G2 looks a little better.

        • Elliot Kotis

          Wow. I would prefer the iPhone look over G2.

      • TY

        Hey Artem, I've noticed that GIFs does not animate when enlarged. Please fix it.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


      • mgamerz

        Yes. Cause mine arrives thursday :D

      • jazzruby

        The image animates on page loading but then goes static and doesn't animate when enlarged.

        If I right-click and choose:
        'Open link in new tab' it's static, if I choose
        'Open image in new tab' it animates.

        Viewing page source shows 2 different img links:

        The '...thumb.gif' used as 'alt' animates and other does not.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Should be working fine enlarged now.

          • jazzruby

            Indeed, both on page and enlarged working ;)

      • Crispin Swickard

        Doesn't feel like its out since there are no reviews, and nobody has it yet. It will feel like it come Tuesday when a lot of people including myself will have it in there hands. :D

        • superfunkchicken

          Got mine already, got it from carphone warehouse for £4 less than google, Broke the screen already but it is insured so that's fine

          • http://mediahost.in/ nikhil

            you are too fast

    • Weston

      Nexus One had the best design.

  • http://ctrl.lv Elvijs Jaunzems

    Do you remember time before Holo?

    • Renan Lazarotto

      sadly yes.

    • Stefan

      Excuse me, please, I ran Cupcake on the HTC Blue Angel, so what exactly are YOU talking about?

  • Frederic Golz

    But.. will it blend?

  • TheSparks

    Can't stop staring.

  • TylerChappell

    Funny that they did an iOS7 icon morph, but they don't seem to have done an iPhone morph.

    • Mayoo

      The morph would be a jpg in that case, not a gif

      • NinoBr0wn


      • VAVA Mk2

        OMG comment of the century!!!! +1

    • Larizard

      Ye, someone needs to go and do a satyr of this using the iPhone.

      • tylerbrainerd

        Satire. How did you end up typing Satyr?

        • Larizard

          I play too much WoW lol. Thanks for pointing that out, but won't edit for the Lulz.

          • tylerbrainerd

            heh, now it makes sense.

    • porter86

      Why change a perfect design? Other than the small iterative changes which make it even more perfect of course.

      • TylerChappell

        The iPhone's design is far from perfect. In fact, it really isn't that great. hard edges, straight flat back, doesn't curve to the palm of your hand, cold, deathly feeling aluminum, or burning hot aluminum during the summer. Gross. Cheap. Unintuitive. iPhone.

        • Brad

          i think they meant the nexus not changing too much

          • TylerChappell

            Well, he used the words "small iterative changes" and "perfect", which everyone knows are owned, copyrighted, trademarketed, and patented by Apple, so it was hard to imagine he wasn't talking about the iSamePhone.....errr...iFooledYouAgain....errr....I mean iPhone.

          • Brad

            I re-read the tree of comments and think maybe they meant iPhone... but... maybe sarcasm?

  • Kaemo

    According to this GIF, the next Nexus will have sharp edges.

    • ins0mn1a

      xperia nexus. i knew it ;)

      • Roh_Mish

        I really am looking forward to it. I will try to get it as soon as i can.

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      Yeah. That could surely make the CUT. xD

  • Juan Manuel Tastzian

    Sadly, the Nexus 5 still has a lot of bezel at the bottom.

    Seeing the Moto X has made me a bitch about the screen/front size ratio.

    • Jonnyw2k

      It's not bezel, it's notification LED area!

      • Tony

        Sure cause they need an entire inch to put a tiny LED :P

      • Juan Manuel Tastzian

        Yeah, I know! But the notification LED could be moved up where the camera already requires bezel and maybe 3/4 of a cm could be shaved off the phone's footprint. I think it's not justified.

  • MrWicket

    this is my favorite GIF right now. :)

  • TY

    I love the fact that the track ball+LED sort of lives on as the notification LED, at the very same position. That really is the iPhone home button of the Nexus (Nexus S, do you even Nexus?)

    • ElTimo

      I still miss the trackball from my OG Incredible. It was so freaking handy.

    • FritoDorito

      The Nexus S was probably the worst Nexus phone. The hardware was awful; both in terms of build quality and specs. Plus the design and features were lackluster compared to all the other Nexii. The Nexus One and Nexus 4 had fantastic designs and build quality, and the Galaxy Nexus at least had a very sleek design, and the Nexus 5 looks quite good: somewhere between the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4. The Nexus S was the worst of the bunch. And then there' s the fact that every other Nexus had a notification light, and it didn't. I also feel like it had the least developer love. It seems like it just never had any love in general.

      • zhuowei

        Every other Nexus phone, perhaps: the Nexus 7 (2012) does not have a notification light.

        • FritoDorito

          You're correct. I was only comparing to other Nexus phones, so I should have been more specific. However, even if we include the Nexus 7, you can still say the Nexus 7 didn't need a notification light as much due to being a tablet. Plus, the Nexus 7 was built to be sold at a very cheap cost, whereas the Nexus S was priced like a flagship.

      • Smit Sanghavi

        My NS feels bad when people say something like this to it. ;(

  • ynksbsbll2

    This is mesmerizing

  • VyktorJonas

    N5 looks better in the front but N4 looks WAAAY better in the back

    • nobody

      Except when it is cracked.

      • Justin W

        Said nobody apparently. :P

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Girls sometimes like that tkk

  • Mystery Man

    how do I make it go slower?

    • Justin W

      Best I could do on short notice. It's just images of the devices, in a somewhat easily comparable array. http://imgur.com/a/dpxwH#0

  • Nick

    Not trying to start anything but it's pretty incredible to see how Android and the Nexus line have evolved in comparison to iOS and the iPhone, which look largely the same over the same time.

    • Mike S.

      I was just thinking the same thing. Not just phone design but the overall OS change in every version.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      Really :)
      The same type of animation would just involve the screen staying stationary while the physical phone morphed a few times, then an extra row of icons would slide in, and all of a sudden we would be bombarded with a candyland-style blast of crazy colors in the last frame (especially if the 5c were part of the render).

      • Andrew

        It's stupid really, in my opinion. The "new" iOS7 looks like apple forgot who to steal ideas from next, so it merged Android and Windows phone asthetics and incorrectly juxtaposed the two in the recent update, labelling it "Apple" which in my opinion is a mark of (very poor) quality.

        • ssj4Gogeta

          You forgot to mention MIUI.

          • akshay7394

            Which is based on Android, so not entirely :P

            incidentally, SSJ4 Gogeta is a badass

    • Joey Hain

      An iOS fan would say that's because they got it right the first time. And comparing the early Android phones to early iPhones, I'd have to say they have a point.

      • Old Man Z

        lol if they got it right the first time, the whole world would still be using the original iPhone. Also, you're right, Android didn't get it right the first time. There is nothing wrong with improvement.

      • porter86


  • cy_n_ic

    And best avatar pic 2013 goes to....

    • DiamondAvatar


  • xivzxl

    http://www.android.com/apps-and-entertainment/ Guys check this link.. scroll down and see what tablet is the lady holding? Which tablet is that?

    • HARLAN P
      • https://abrah.am/ Abraham Williams

        No it's not. The Nexus 7 2013 has a lot more bezel at the top/bottom.

        • HARLAN P

          You're right. I didn't notice how much bezel there is on this year's nexus 7.

      • Onitsoga

        Its not the current available Nexus 7. Some sources are claiming its a Nexus 8. I think its a refresh of the the current Nexus 7. Similar to what Nintendo does with their handhelds. So my theory is, its the same Nexus 7 internals with a new slimmer chassis.

        • HARLAN P

          I see what you're saying, but I think it would be weird if they released an 8".

        • Jooyoung Hong

          it's prob a really bad photoshop on their part

    • Tony

      I dunno but I would buy that tablet in a second if it came out!! Clearly their marketing team knows bezels suck at least, prob just a photoshop sadly as much as I want it to be true, also 8 inches is the perfect screen size for me.

  • user4461

    This got me so emotional... (S and 4 represent!)

    • infogulch

      I'm a generation offset. G1, N1 and GN.

      • Justin W

        And now Nexus 5!

  • Oobiewan

    i love the way the nexus 5's screen tries to conquer the bezel on the top, and thanks to the transparent nav buttons the bottom too

  • Jonnyw2k

    I miss my Nexus One :'( ...Oh well Nexus 5 it is :)

  • mustbepbs

    Man did I love the Galaxy Nexus. Such an amazing phone. It really pushed Android forward and out of the ugliness of Ginger Bread.

  • Tyler

    Almost puts a tear in my eye... like watching your child grow up.

  • Andrew

    Someone needs to make an iPhone morph. Like, please for the sake of it...
    Great morph though, nice job on getting it PA :D

    • mcored

      If someone did an iPhone morph, it would be almost like looking at a jpg :)

      • eliseo

        Made my Day XD

  • bruno-diedblack

    Since they do business with lg nexus phones looks better.

  • Xus

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the best Nexus phone in the lineup.

    • FrillArtist


    • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

      Lol I have the Gnex. It's not.

  • MrLockOut

    The Nexus one is still my all time favorite phone too bad I accidentally dropped it under my car and...drove right over it a couple of years ago. It actually still worked minus the busted screen...Anyway Monday morning Nexus 5 will arrive and hopefully it will be love at first sight ;)

  • Nexus311

    Coming from a Nexus S to the 5, I've always loved this;

    "It's also interesting to note that the overall aesthetic of the phone silhouette hasn't really changed much since the Nexus S."

  • FritoDorito

    The designs of the Nexus phones is something I've always loved. With every Nexus phone you can see the design influences of the company that made it. The Nexus One has HTC's unibody metal construction. The Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus have the same materials and stylings as their respective Galaxy S models that year (glossy plastic of original Galaxy S for the Nexus S, and the matte plastic and hump from the S II for the Galaxy Nexus). And the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 are flatter due to LG's obvious design influence. Yet all of them share a similar footprint and seem to have distinct Nexus styles. It's pretty cool.

    I also find it interesting that Samsung is the only manufacturer to ever "brand" the Nexus phones. Both of their Nexus phones were named after their brand (the Nexus S from Samsung's Galaxy S and the Galaxy Nexus). Every other manufacturer's Nexus phone was named after the generation of Nexus it was. Just something I thought I'd point out. I've always thought Samsung's Nexus devices (Nexus 10 included) were the worst of the Nexus line.

    • ProvoAggie

      I'm currently running a Galaxy Nexus and I like it better than the Nexus 4 (both the build quality and the screen quality) but I do have a Nexus 5 on it's way. I hope it doesn't let me down. I've never liked the screen on an LG phone.

      • dean

        the screen is the most awesome part of nex5

  • someone755

    I wish El Goog would force HTC back into the Nexus game. So it'd be like old times again; HTC would be developer-friendly.

  • Juan De La Rosa


  • Wyatt Neal

    Man ... seeing that takes me back and speaking of that. You know what I want on my damn Nexus 5? I want that same fucking awesome phone sleeve / condom that was sent with the original Nexus One. That thing was amazing. Stayed great in the pocket, keep the screen safe, allowed me to keep my phone nekkid. COME ON! SOME MAKE THESE AGAIN FOR THE N5 /rant.

  • alexz

    I have every Nexus phone except Nexus 5, which I'm planning to buy soon.

  • Bariman43

    I love how the top and bottom curves started getting smaller since the Nexus S.