Update: Paranoid Android has also posted AOSP 4.4 builds for the original WiFi Nexus 7 (grouper) and the WiFi Nexus 7 2013 (flo). You can use the Gapps below for these ROMs as well.

Another bloody update: Paranoid Android has posted a new Gapps package with a few bug fixes. Get it here.

Google might not be sending out those Nexus updates to Android 4.4 as quickly as everyone wanted - at least some of you might have a new Nexus 5 in your hands before the KitKat build for the N4 update is sent out. But the code is available in AOSP, so you know someone was hard at work getting a flashable build ready. The first one to do so, at least among the major custom ROM developers, is Paranoid Android.

Screenshot_2013-11-01-06-06-06 Screenshot_2013-11-01-12-55-03 Screenshot_2013-11-01-12-36-01

An extremely early 4.4 ROM for the Nexus 4 has been posted to Paranoid Android's download site. (It's based off of AOSP code, and there aren't any of Paranoid Android's customizations added.) You can consider this one pre-alpha, though it isn't marked as such, and it probably isn't stable enough to be a daily driver. You'll definitely want a backup of your current ROM before trying it out.

Screenshot_2013-11-01-06-26-31 Screenshot_2013-11-01-06-05-24 Screenshot_2013-11-01-06-05-10 Screenshot_2013-11-01-05-55-37

Also, users of the Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) custom recovery need to take extra caution: even the latest version doesn't seem to be flashing this particular ROM correctly. If you want to play with 4.4, flash the latest version of the ClockworkMod Recovery from the official website. (If you're a bit rusty: reboot into bootloader, connect to your computer, start ADB, and use the command fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-

Screenshot_2013-11-01-05-57-22 Screenshot_2013-11-01-05-57-37 Screenshot_2013-11-01-06-03-48

The first build is a bit shaky - our in-house tester is reporting crashes in Calendar and Search - but it should be more than enough for you to check out all the new features. Paranoid Android's official servers are getting slammed at the moment, so we've posted a few mirrors below. Here's the relevant Gapps package for access to the Play Store and what have you. Happy flashing.

Paranoid Android (pa_aosp_mako.zip)

ROM Mirror 1

ROM Mirror 2

Via XDA-Developers - thanks, Karndev!

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Emmanuel

    I'm really not digging the "large icons" -.- just gonna have to use another launcher.

    • navjot

      Large icons are probably because of the fact that the new launcher apk is ripped from the Nexus 5 factory image. The version for the Nexus 4 will probably be for 720p screens and look a lot nicer.

      • Bojan Tomic

        I'm pretty sure they're larger on Nexus 5 as well.

        • navjot

          They're large on the Nexus 5 because it has a 1080p screen. Things should stay the way we're used to on the Nexus 4. See here for more info:

          "Like all 5 inch 1080p devices, the Nexus 5 reports to the Android OS to be a 480PPI device while it is truly 440PPI. This actually means that the Android OS thinks these displays are physically smaller than they are, and UI elements on 5 inch phones are needlessly large (by UI guideline standards)"


          • brkshr

            The N4 can fit more stuff on the screen because it has a wider screen than most other phones. Plain and simple. That's why the N4 has always had 5 columns of icons in the app launcher. Compared to most other phones that have 4 columns of apps.

            The icons are also much larger on my N713 and it is 1080p as well. They made Android so apps can automatically adjust to your hardware. That's why we can all install the new hangouts app and it adjusts to everyone's screens just fine. They made the icons larger in 4.4. That's all.

        • Justin W

          Imagine them on my Note 3... They are massive, coming from Themer's tiny (but nicely designed) icons.

      • Emmanuel

        Nope... watch this video from ANDROID DEVELOPERS... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QHkv-bSlds they are now requiring devs to provide an larger resolution icon to accomodate the increased icon size.

        • navjot

          I've seen that video, but the Nexus 5 has a higher DPI so that's why the icons are so big. The Nexus 4's default DPI is lower, so everything should be relatively smaller.

          • Emmanuel

            yep, it will be smaller but still bigger than that of jellybean.

          • Labrat

            Also they moved to XXHDPI and with the scaling on the Nexus 5, it results in bigger icons.

            Can't find the source right now.

          • EvilLordFluffy

            actually I think they said the Nexus 5 has reached XXXHDPI

          • TY

            Resolution DOES NOT matter. The video specifically stated that the icons used to be 48dp (resolution-independent pixels), but now it is set to 60dp. That means under the same conditions, the new launcher have bigger icons than before.

          • James Heyneman

            My LG G2 has a 1080p screen and the icons are the same size as the icons on my Galaxy S3 with a 720p screen. Your argument is invalid.

          • navjot

            What? The icons will be the same size regardless. The launcher scales the icons for the Nexus 5 (it's using XXHDPI icons). When the launcher is actually released, you'll still have larger icons on the 1080p screens but slightly smaller icons on the 720p screens.

          • Ian Santopietro

            It will be the same APK. They don't build device-specific APKs. Google did make the icons physically larger. Whether they're doing it because the Nexus 5 DPI setting is wrong is irrelevant. The icons will all look the same in the 4.4 update as they do here.

          • Leonardo Farage Freitas

            AFAIK, the dev publish the app with images to all resolutions he wants to support. When the user downloads it, the system decides which images to use (or scale, in case it doesn't have the right ones). So, devs should also publish their apps with XXXHDPI icons. Meaning that it is possible that on Nexus 4 the launcher will use a different icon for its screen DPI.

          • brkshr

            Are you seriously quoting some anonymous person on reddit, over and over? also taking it out of context?

      • Emmanuel

        Regard less of DPI.. by shear size.. they really made the icons bigger... here's a side by size... nexus 4 KitKat and nexus 4 JB.... Set aside DPI argument.. the icons are just plain bigger..lol

        • navjot

          You can't compare Nexus 4 kitkat to nexus 4 JB because the launcher for nexus 4 kitkat isn't even released yet.

          • Emmanuel

            You don't have to... it will be the same... I'm just talking about the actual visible size... (NO DPI ARGUMENT).. I mean... look at a 720p Jellybean device and a 1080p Jellybean device.. DPI are different but the "VISUAL" size of the icons are the same...

            for example a 1cm X 1cm icon on a 1080p display is still gonna be 1cm X 1cm on a 720p....

            regardless of dpi... Google just decided to bump up the icon size...No doubt.

      • ddpacino

        I have the new launcher on 4.3 on the N4, and there are large icons. Love them. I've installed all the leaked apps. No crashes, maybe except the keyboard..? Can't recall. But loving this so far.

  • Ashutos Don Jain

    no gnex build ?

    • Emmanuel

      Google OFFICIALLY said gnex won't get KitKat and potentially no more future Android Updates.

      • Franco Rossel

        This a custom ROM. Google has nothing to do here.

        • Ashutos Don Jain

          will gnex get unofficial aosp 4.4 and cm 11 (4.4 rom) ?

          • Franco Rossel

            Of course.

          • Ashutos Don Jain

            so why there is no aosp 4.4 build for gnex ?

          • Franco Rossel

            They are doing builds for the devices they have first. Be patient.

          • Marekl

            There is no chipset support. This is why there is no Google build, and why there won't be a CM build either. Texas Instruments exited the mobile market 6 months ago.

            In short, make sure your next purchase is Qualcomm or Tegra to be more protected against not getting updates.

          • Ian Santopietro

            Correction: Make sure your next purchase is Qualcomm, since Tegra performance hasn't been stellar in the past (Nexus 7 2012).

          • someone755

            Agreed, but I'm still enjoying and am glad I bought one even though a new one came out three months later... :P
            Best tablet ever, IMHO. :D

          • andy_o

            AOSP? I don't think so. CM? Who knows, I don't think they've said anything yet, except that they will take their time to finish up 10.2.

          • Jadephyre

            I read somewhere that they are looking at the sources, but that they are for the moment continuing with 10.2, as they want to finish that up first. They are close to bringing out the first M Snapshot of that soon. Everything else is still pretty much up in the air.

          • Ian Santopietro

            Definitely won't be getting 4.4 support for GNex in AOSP. TI is no longer providing updated binaries for OMAP chips.

      • Bojan Tomic

        Just like you said it, OFFICIALLY it won't get it. That's what custom ROMs are for.

        • Emmanuel

          haha...Oops...I'm a dumbass...sorry that slipped my mind there for a bit... can't delete my comment anymore...lol

        • Ashutos Don Jain

          so why there is no aosp 4.4 build for gnex .. ?

          • Jadephyre

            Because Google dropped support for it with KitKat, it's past the 18 months threshold. I know it sucks, I wanted to keep my GNex too as I had no problems during daily use or the occassional game or surfing the web, but I kind of expected this to happen and I was very lucky that I found an N4 for cheap in one of the major electronics stores here (not as cheap as on the Playstore, but still cheaper than almost everywhere else, including Amazon. Electronics store wanted €300 for it, Amazon close to €400 and more).

          • swm

            Are you retarded? Christ it came out yesterday give them some time, without the binaries who knows how well it will work. Do it yourself if you're so fucking impatient or buy an N5

          • Ian Santopietro
    • Brian

      Oh honey...

      • Ashutos Don Jain

        i want 4.4 badly....can't wait till cm publishes at it will take time

  • navjot

    Dammit, I returned to stock a couple of weeks ago just so I could quickly get 4.4 without wiping my data. I should have had more faith in the custom ROM scene.

    • Franz

      I don't blame you. I did the same thing. But to be fair, wasn't stock 4.3, 4.2, 4.1 available for older Nexus phones the day of or next day?

      This would be the first version to come that late through OTA.

      • FritoDorito

        I can't remember exactly about 4.2, and I think 4.3 was, but I know 4.1 definitely did not come the same day, it was also delayed a couple weeks. I remember having the Nexus S and I was constantly flashing new versions of a port of the Jellybean build, waiting for Google to finally release it officially. It was an excruciating wait, and the ports were extremely buggy. I hope this is not nearly as bad.

        • navjot

          Haha remember the ICS SDK port for the Nexus S and the drama that followed it?

      • mclarenfan1968

        The cynic in me sees this as a ploy to get more orders on Nexus 5 placed before they release the new version for existing devices. As they say the majority of rapid sales happens immediately after launch, so a couple of weeks delay on the release for everything else sets the Nexus 5 up for some very good sales numbers....

        Not cool if that is indeed the case but that would be typical shameless business for ya.

        • Franz

          It does feel like that.

    • LewisSD

      I did the same thing Thursday morning!

  • passerby

    Paranoid Android has posted for the nexus 7 (2012 & 2013) as well

  • ujujujus

    I love it!

  • http://ashutoshmishra.org/ Ashutosh Mishra

    Enormous icons don't look very nice, because the icon shapes are all over the place. Hopefully Nova updates itself to be based on Google Home soon.

    • navjot

      Google Home isn't actually open source, so custom launchers will just have to copy the look and feel of the new launcher. This probably means that they won't be able to do things like swipe to Google Now from the left.

      • Jadephyre

        Which doesn't mean that Apex & Nova won't decompile the new Launcher to find out just how it does all the new things it does, like support transparency in the upper and lower bars. I know, this is basically accusing them of corporate espionage.

    • Nick Riley

      That's the problem.. I don't want to use custom launchers anymore, in fact I was always using default launchers.. And yes, this time the icons really really disapointed me... they are huge..

      • navjot

        Remember that the launcher is just ripped from the Nexus 5, a 1080p device. It will look different once it is released for the Nexus 4.

        • Nick Riley

          I know, but I've watched some hands-on video with N5 and noticed straight away that the icons looked too big... the idea of bigger resolution is also to get more space and better readability, otherwise it just looked like MIUI5 on N4, icons being the main reason why I don't use it on Nexus.

  • Eric Provencher

    Any word on HDR+ making it's way into the Mako build?

    • Yash Raj Chhabra

      its not there on the pa build

      • Eric Provencher

        Really hope this changes with official update :/

    • Colin Kealty

      on the update info it said that was exclusive to the nexus 5, http://www.android.com/versions/kit-kat-4-4/ (waaaay down at the bottom, after you expand the thing in "even more features" you'll see HDR+ and it ends with an asterix * which they say means only nexus 5)

  • edzuslv

    Looks like PA is the new CM. :)

    • Brad

      I mean, only not...

    • Nathan Bryant

      PA is PA. CM is CM. You limit yourself trying to be like them and not possibly better or just simply yourself.

      • Jesse Cohen

        I think he means that PA has reached a level of badassery comperable to the pre-incorperated CM. That doesn't mean its not getting better

    • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

      Dude don't Insult the respected PA Team by calling them CM, CM lost all respect when they incorporated and Steve "ConDick" behaving like Steve Jobs, started insulting Devs one such is Andrew Dodd

      • edzuslv

        I'm not calling them cm.

  • Sheldon H Henderson

    Good gosh people. Just wait. You're not going to die if you don't get it immediately. You've survived this long, a week or two isn't going to kill you.

    • Karel

      Why wait when it is exactly the same as the OTA you will be getting?

      • navjot

        It's not actually the same though. The launcher, for example is the version for the nexus 5 so it doesn't look as nice on the Nexus 4.

        • Ian Santopietro

          The launcher APK is the same between the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 4.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        It's not the same, but I found it priceless since it lets us play with 4.4 before the N5 gets here and provide more informed coverage for you guys.

  • Yash Raj Chhabra

    just flashed it on my nexus 4...

  • Ashutos Don Jain

    can anybody tell me how to sync and compile 4.4 aosp rom for gnex ? i will try to build

  • HolyFreakingCrap

    Using a rushed, hacked up and incomplete rom built from 4.4 scraps is not something that sounds very fun.

    • ddpacino

      But that's the greatness of Android... you can live on the bleeding edge :)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      This is mostly for playing around, not for using as a daily driver. I found it very useful as I wanted to dive into 4.4 right away. It's going to speed up our learning about all the new things by a few days.

  • PA user

    I feell like this is more than stable enough to use. The calendar and search crashed on setup and that has been it so far. Just one crash in 3 hours of using it

    • Christopher Heidt

      I flashed it on my N7 2012, and I have to agree... I only seem to have a problem with Google Now (which unfortunately is the main part of the Launcher). When I ask for the weather, it gives me the weather for a neighboring town instead of the one I live in (and am currently in!). Also: there aren't any cards showing up when I swipe over to the Google Now on the left; the only cards it'll show is the weather (which is oddly the town I live in!).

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    It's really sad to me that Google won't officially support the GNex, but devs can get a working ROM together in a matter of hours.

    • navjot

      This ROM is for the Nexus 4, not the GNex. And the GNex was most likely dropped because TI isn't making the chipset anymore.

      • h4rr4r

        No, Stop, This rumor has to die. They support chips after they stop making them all the time. There is no reason why google could not pay for new drivers to be developed.

        • Jeffrey Smith

          They didn't _just_ stop making a chipset. A significant number of people were laid off as part of TI's shift, and there may not be a department left to handle such a job. Now if TI would license another entity with the driver code and documentation for the chip, that might be another story. Of course I'll be waiting for that after pigs fly through a frozen hell.

          • h4rr4r

            They laid those people off, they did not round them up and execute them.

        • Clint P

          Except Google has already said that the GNex will NOT support 4.4


          • h4rr4r

            Yeah, but that does not mean it is TIs doing.

  • DeadSOL

    Easy, people! T.I., the makers of the OMAP CPU inside the Galaxy Nexus, no longer exists in the smartphone industry. Google needs them to obtain the updated binaries from T.I. before it can make updates! They WOULD update if they COULD! It's not Google's fault. Geez!

    • Jadephyre

      The problem is that I don't think we'll get updated binaries for the GNex. Since TI is not doing any work on this anymore, and Google axed official support of the GNex with KitKat, the only way to get a working build of it on the phone is to use the old binaries from 4.3, much like this build of PA up there which has to use old binaries for the N4 and N7 as well, although at some point in the future these devices will have the proper binaries for 4.4

  • caulk

    I get "error executing updater binary in zip '/sdcard/pa_aosp_mako.zip'" Some help?

    EDIT: I was using TWRP instead of CWM.

  • TheLastAngel

    Is it just me or are the new home screen arrangement and those gradients on the top and bottom kind of awful?

    • Jadephyre

      Wait until the guys from Apex & Nova get their hands on the launcher, they'll integrate all the new stuff from it and enable you to disable the gradients.
      I can't speak for Nova, but I know that on Apex you can disable the gradients on the top and bottom that came with Jelly Bean. I specifically point out Apex since that is what i'm using, but I bet this functionality is included in Nova as well.

  • Ashutos Don Jain

    Pa said this after I asked for aosp 4.4 pa build for Gnex : Guys please have some patience, the source was only released yesterday. For now you can expect all currently supported devices to be supported with 4.4
    We can't make a definite statement on that thought until we start building for the given device.
    Thanks you.

  • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

    So far I've been flashing ROM's all morning, Mako is pretty stable, flo however has many issues, the following are what I have observed.

    - Random keyboard popup when returning to home.
    - FC when accessing Security
    - Soft reboot when clearing cache/app data
    - Soft reboot when uninstalling any app
    - Soft reboot when changing permissions
    - Using Googleeditioncamera.apk makes the camera work but follows shortly with a softreboot.
    - Long pressing toggles causes soft reboot.
    - NFC causes soft reboot

    More to report later.

  • antonior93

    i'm using this other version:
    and it's working flawlessly

  • someone755

    The good ol' 7 is still kickin'. (In yo face, razer!)
    Though I'm amazed that the GNex doesn't have one yet, that phone is pretty much legendary!

  • TechGuy22

    Currently running this on my nexus 7 2013, i can't wait for HTC ONE version

  • Evert

    BitTorrent anyone?

  • Adi

    Guys, can you show me what the new widget drawer looks like? :)

    • CoreRooted

      It looks like the old widget drawer with a new font. That's really the only change.

  • android guy

    The mega link seems to have a wrong checksum

  • Shawn T

    Go devs! You are our heroes!

  • kpjimmy

    I like the odexed version on XDA, all is stable and no crashes in calendar as reported with the PA AOSP build. I have no issues with 4.4 other than Buzz launcher crashing now and again lol.

    The KK version starts off with a "K" then long pressing will have the Kit Kat label colors indicating "Android" and then long pressing that, you get a screen full of block icons, which is full of win. Way better than the flying jellybeans. :)

  • Garrett Bridges

    So, since Verizon just put out 4.3 a couple days ago, how long until 4.4? Months? Any ideas on the timeframe for the Nexus 7?

  • Caleb Escamilla

    anyone have a good working copy of the grouper zip that i can get...the one from the official site fails every time.

  • ewan102000

    wow its out quickly, I have to re root my phone now :)

  • DannyJayFuller

    Gonna go out on a limb here and say the g2x probably has slim to nil chance for this. Perhaps the o2x, but us American cheapskates will likely have to bite the bullet.

  • Russel

    Is this ROM can be used on other smarthphones except for the Nexus?

  • Fagner

    How to uninstal?

  • farhad ali

    Will the original nexus 7 get 4.4 update?

  • Stephen Unsworth

    This may be a long shot, and perhaps a dumb question but I'm just trying any new 4.4 out there atm..

    Would this be compatible with the Gnex? Or would that be like putting a square in a circle?

  • luckywales

    quick question - I downloaded and installed the PA 4.4 zip as well as the latest PA GAPPS...but when I select "Launcher" I get an annoying keyboard popup. Is this simply "part" of this launcher and can not be changed? Or is there a way to stop that kayboard popping up when I click the Home button? Many thanks from a noob.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    I'd rather wait for the Rollout from Google

  • parth

    Did anyone faced the problem with twrp , as mentioned above