Samsung, for whatever reason, has not released a back plate for the Galaxy S4 Active that allows it to take advantage of Qi wireless charging. The folks at Monster Watts seemed to have a solution with their WIQIQi battery attachment, and even managed to pull off a successful Indiegogo campaign. However, legal issues have forced the cancellation of the product.


The company makes WIQIQi attachments for several other devices, but according to the campaign site, legal issues with the water-resistance claims of the GS4 Active gave them pause. After consulting with council, Monster Watts has decided to stop production of the GS4 Active wireless receiver and destroy all the stock.

It's not all bad news, though. The company has decided to refund all backers the full value of their pledge. Alternatively, anyone who wants the regular GS4 WIQIQi attachment instead can have one with a $15 refund. Monster Watts is careful to point out this version does not assure the water-resistant back continues to function as intended. A sad end, but not as sad as it might have been.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • JT3

    I was one of the backers, and I gotta say, I'm very disappointed -- not just with Monster Watts, but also with Samsung. This is a great phone, with a lot of promise, but inflated claims and shoddy build quality have made this phone the black sheep of the entire Samsung line. It's like nobody wants to even acknowledge that this phone even exists, much less support it, or release accessories (such as an actual OEM wireless charging solution). It's like my old Verizon Galaxy Nexus all over again. Man, I seriously can't wait for the Nexus 5 to be released. If that phone even powers on, it'll probably be enough to get me to switch.

    • Quietech

      I'll never understand why it didn't have that built in from day one.

  • Mystery Man

    At least they will be all over eBay?

  • trickster_qc

    the WIQIQi site is one of the ugliest site ever.

  • nxtiak

    "Reciever" is spelled "Receiver"

  • Kornel

    To be honest, I'm quite disappointed with MonsterWatts. I've their site regularly, and when the S4 Active charger backplate disappeared without notice, I've sent them a message to get some info, but they didn't answer at all (this was two weeks ago). A week later I've sent them again, still no answer. I can understand, if they have canceled the project because of some reason, but I can not understand, why they didn't send a short reply, or why they didn't update their website with actual informations.

  • ok

    i never recive my refund indigogo is a froud!!!!

  • eric

    i never recive my refund this is a froud froud froud frod!!!!!!!!