Ladies and gentlemen, today is the day you've all been patiently (I kid, I kid - I mean, have you seen /r/Android lately?) waiting for.

Update 11am PT: Like clockwork, the Nexus 5 and KitKat are live!

After speaking with no less than five different sources with knowledge of the matter, I am ready to confirm that the LG-made Nexus 5 should be unveiled later on today, along with Android 4.4 KitKat, additional details of which were leaked last night by former WSJ reporter Amir Efrati.

It's also likely we'll get the 4.4 SDK drop and see a major Wallet announcement, which aligns with the information in Efrati's documents and earlier sleuthing by Geek.com.

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I'm hearing the embargo is officially lifting at 11am Pacific, but the announcement and possible Play Store availability could come earlier, so I wouldn't leave anywhere starting right about now. Retail availability is tipped for tomorrow at the latest, though I wouldn't be surprised if some locations will begin selling today. In Europe, due to the time difference, you guys will likely have to wait for tomorrow.

@evleaks suggested the November 1st release date earlier this week (in some time zones, like Australia, it's already November), and yesterday the first sources started reaching out, which prompted several posts that I kept to Google+. By today, I felt confident enough to move this rumor to AP. The first rumor mentioning October 31st went up on October 2nd, but I also limited it to G+ due to lack of multiple confirmations.

Google has been having a hard time containing the steady flow of Nexus 5 leaks, and at this point I'm both glad the cat will finally be out of the bag and scared of the flood of application updates we'll have to tear down for days and possibly weeks to come.

Strap in, folks, we're in for one hell of a ride today.

Artem Russakovskii
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  • DA_NYK

    just ordered mine...16g $395 ships 11/8

  • Noreen Dyer

    "Thank you, Artem, Android Police, & Evleaks for keeping us well informed about the Nexus 5!" I was able to place my order! Thank you, Thank you!!! (So happy!)

  • James Wood

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MON- Wait, they took my money!

    Mission accomplished!

  • Sierra Tango

    Spot on Artem! Thanks to your always reliable information I was able to nab one nice and early!

  • A_Noyd

    Are there any local outlets to buy one?

  • Inderpreet Kang

    Thank you Google for the Treat!!
    Bought Nexus 5!!!!

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    custom rom bring back the tron like blue

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