Sprint Galaxy Nexus owners, you can put down those pitchforks. Your Android 4.3 update is finally coming. Sure, it's arriving just in time for Android 4.4, but hey, it's not like anyone promised that your updates would be timely. Oh, they did? Well, it gets worse. The update is rolling out in stages over a 10 - 21 day period, and device selection is random. Some of you may still have close to a month to go.


Software Update GJ04 moves the Galaxy Nexus up to Android 4.3, and that's it. There's nothing else on the changelog to share.

At the end of the day, if this weren't a Nexus device, a three month delay wouldn't be all that bad. That has to count for something, right?

Update: But you didn't come here to hear that. You want good news, so here it is. A direct download is now available that will allow you to jump up from version GA02. The zip folder is 155MB altogether.

Source: Sprint

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

    Releasing that the day of 4.4 release. I smell some troll.

    • Simon Belmont

      Agreed. It seems trollish.

      But, it's better than getting nothing. *coughVerizoncough*.

  • Simon Belmont

    Better than Verizon! Can't complain.

    Sprint's G'Nex has historically seen updates faster. Congrats (Sprint) G'Nex owners!

    • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

      And the worst part is that the Verizon Gnex's updates come direct from Google. The Sprint variant's updates come from Samsung.

  • Phillip Jones


  • Ratul Rahman

    the irony xD

  • Milind Shah

    I bet these guys had the update ready since months, but released it today just to troll

  • miri

    10-21 day period, actually. And hey, I'm getting updated. I'll take that as a win and be happy.

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      Good catch.

  • Crispin Swickard

    The Sprint/Verizon Galaxy NINO (Nexus in name only).

  • Christopher Bement


    • Simon Belmont

      That's a shame. There isn't much left to chew is there?

      Verizon is shrinking dicks the country over. Sad panda.

      • Christopher Bement

        Dropping them as soon as the contract is up at year end.

  • Ulrik Djurtoft

    Congratulations to Sprint Galaxy Nexus owners!

    Lets hope this means that there is hope for the nordic Galaxy Nexus yakjuxw, which haven't seen an update since 4.2.1 came out. I wonder what slows this model down, as it isn't carrier controlled in the same way as the Sprint and Verizon version.

    Samsung says that they only do the QA, that Google creates the builds, and that they haven't received a new build for testing since the latest update to 4.2.1.
    But I am crossing my fingers that they are just waiting, so they can release 4.4 shortly after the announcement, even though that is probably not going happen.

    • Christoffer Hulthén

      You could fix that easily in 5 min.
      I did and got updates from Google instead. Had no problem with warranty when that was needed in Sweden.

      • Ulrik Djurtoft

        Sounds great about the warranty, as that has been my main concern with no official images for yakjuxw. Maybe I'll begin experimenting a bit now ;)

  • Mr. Derp

    shame Verizon users :) maybe you'll get skipped to 4.4!

    • alexus

      we all know this won't happen, _IF_ we get lucky we'll be upgraded to 4.3 and it's a big _IF_

  • HolyFreakingCrap

    This sure has to be a kick in the balls to owners of this phone.

    • Kernschatten

      Only the left one. Verizon has dibs on kicking both.

  • John Smith

    can i force this?

  • Robert Alex Kibler

    I mean, it sucks that we're not getting updates in a timely manner, but the beauty of having a Nexus device (I have the Verizon model) is that I was running 4.3 on the day it came out. There's no need to wait for Verizon to tell me my phone is ready for the update.

    • Ryan Callihan

      Same. I've come to terms with Verizon being a big pile of shit when it comes to pushing out updates so I find mine elsewhere and everything is cool (sorta)

  • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

    It's a build we've never seen before, too! JWR67B.

  • Mastermind26


    Better Nate than lever.

  • Joseph

    so.... the Sprint Galaxy "Nexus" got 4.3 *after* the Samsung Galaxy S4 (non-Nexus) on Sprint......? That's a new low, even for Sprint.

    I really want to get the new Nexus 5 (when it is launched), but unless it is going to get timely (same as when GSM version gets it) updates from Google, I'll stick with my S4

    • John Smith

      by what? two days? come on. anyway it's Nexus 5 for me. enjoy your S4!

      • Joseph

        My point is - when it comes to timely updates, there is no difference between a Nexus device and a non-Nexus device on Sprint. S4 is just as easily rooted, and custom ROMs are available as well.

        Don't get me wrong - the Nexus 5 is going to be good. But on Sprint, it loses one of the biggest advantages (at least for me) - timely updates.

  • alexus

    should we expect 4.3 on Verizon's GNEX? or better yet 4.4))

    • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

      Yeah just don't expect it to come from Verizon :-(

  • miri

    I've been out of the ROM flashing scene for some time now. How does one go about installing the zip on with the stock recovery?

  • Mike

    I'd be a lot happier about this if I weren't getting rid of my Galaxy Nexus for the Nexus 5 the minute it comes to Sprint

  • Aaron Roecker

    Can I flashed the zip linked above in a custom recovery to install 4.3?

  • Mario Lurig

    "Dat Update!" Thanks for the direct link... after an hour of figuring out how to make use of it, I have a shiny 4.3 Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Sprint)!

    Anyone else curious, it is using the ADB sideload, which requires (on Windows) Andriod SDK install, Oracle JDK, editing environmental variables for JDK, Samsung Device Drivers, USB debugging mode enabled on device, and making sure to force the use of the Samsung Device Drivers when the device is in Recovery mode so that ADB can connect.

    ALSO, to get the menu up in Recovery mode (exclamation point on a horizontal Android), hold power and press volume up (the link below's instructions say something slightly different), then you can choose the "Apply Update from ADB" option.


  • Stephanie Jones

    What do I do after the file is downloaded?