A new Kairosoft game is out, so that means it's time to put away that trigger finger and dig out your thinking cap, because it's time to manage property. Some of the company's previous titles have placed players in feudal Japan, on a soccer field, or atop luxurious apartment complexes, but its latest game plays it even safer. Pocket Harvest puts you at the head of your very own farm, a concept that has grown so ubiquitous through games like Harvest Moon and Farmville that it now ranks somewhere up there with Tetris and Solitaire.

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Unlike the Sims, where players get to live out dream lives vastly more exciting than their own, farming games task players with repetitive, menial tasks that most of us would not even remotely consider doing in real life. Yet there's still something oddly engrossing about them. Whether it's the thrill of being in charge of our own land or the allure of adorable animals, there's an element of virtual farm life that tugs away at our heartstrings, and as many of you already know, a farming sim by Kairosoft is bound to do this well.


Pocket Harvest is more than a farming sim, and as you boost your income, you will draw in tourist attractions such as sporting events and hot air balloon rides. High rises will spring up alongside you, fed by the produce you so reliably deliver. This may just be the farming sim for people who have grown tired of farming sims.

It's not uncommon for Kairosoft to avoid the use of IAPs in favor of charging you outright for the full experience. At $4.99, we can assume Pocket Harvest fits into this mold. There's no demo available, but if you're already Kairosoft fan, you don't need one anyway. You know what you're getting.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Alan Shearer

    Not freemium?? A non freemium game?? head cannot handle, does not compute zzbbzbzbbz..... faints.

    • Paul Klinger

      It's Kairosoft, have they ever made a freemium game?

      • BB

        Yes. Beastie Bay is at least one I can recall without looking it up.

      • darkNiGHTS

        Yes, Pocket League Story 2 was freemium, it was a huge dissapointment after Pocket League Story 1.

      • dandmcd

        They've tested the waters, but it seems they are hesitant to go to the freemium route for good. They seem like good dev's ,even though they seem very hesitant to try something new and take a break from their Story cash cow. I wonder sometimes if the original Game Story dev left Kairosoft, because they haven't done anything fascinating ever since, just milking their IP and game engine for all it is worth.

        • Zeus


        • Carl Williams

          If gamers are buying the games, why not keep making them? Apparently not enough supported the freemium model and the company is not going that route.

          Milking IP's is nothing new. Look at Capcom and their Street Fighter II games. They were not THAT different from each other but Capcom had no problem charging $60+ each. At least Kairosoft are not charging anywhere near that.

  • Fi

    Dream Days Story was a wonderful freemium ! I was hoping that it could been $4.99 !