This afternoon, Motorola's Punit Soni shared a post on Google+ to follow up on the company's earlier "more to share soon..." post. Soni's post pointed users toward Motorola Mobility's online upgrade checking interface, which tells users whether or not their Motorola device will be receiving any planned updates.

The tool now confirms that Android 4.4 KitKat will be coming to the Moto X along with the DROID Mini, Ultra, and Maxx.


image image image

Of course, the site mentions nothing about a timeline, but does have the option to sign up for email alerts for when the updates do become available.

As you ready your "Check for Update" fingers, we'll keep an ear to the ground and post as new information emerges. In the meantime, check out the Soni's original post or the Motorola Mobility upgrade checker below.

Source: Punit Soni (Google+), Motorola Mobility

Liam Spradlin
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  • DoubleP90

    Everyone getting KitKat except the Galaxy Nexus users -.-

    • Andrew

      Get AOSP or CM/AOKP or PA or any custom ROM, I am 101% SURE someone will make a Galaxy Nexus version, it may take a while. But it'll be there.

  • NemaCystX

    Likely a Soak Test before the roll out so I'll know firsthand on my end atleast. Given how Motorola is more closer to Google now I can't imagine it taking too awfully long for it to come to the Moto X given the very very close to stock experience

    • Shitcritter

      Annnnnd....You're full of shit. The soak test was about two and a half weeks ago. Probably time for you to leave mom's basement.

      • iamjasonc

        The soak test 2 weeks ago was for the verizon camera update not 4.3, the soak test a month ago was for the AT&T camera update. He's saying there will be a soak test before the carriers roll this out to the masses.

  • Gabernasher

    Verizon allowing updates?

  • Doctor Awesome PhD


    • yaboi

      best halloween ever

      • tdn

        Halloween and Christmas are, mathematically speaking, the same thing.
        OCT 31 = DEC 25

  • ranova

    If HTC can deliver the Sense'd developer KitKat update in 30 days, Motorola really shouldnt have any excuse to not do it in that time as it is much less skinned than Sense.

    • dhruva

      if kitkat has become a more layered os, and all the moto stuff is but an app in the play store, then moto should release their os update as fast htc, samsung updates their gpe versions..google should have bought htc instead.

  • Sam Hollis

    Makes sense. I figured it would be like this. WIth the timing of the release of the Moto X, 4.3 would have been too new to make it worth it to create a build for it. By the time it was ready and rolling out 4.4 would be out.

  • Arthur Dent

    Nice. I will probably get a 32GB Moto X now since I can't drop $450 right now on a Nexus 5 (including tax). Big thing holding me back was whether it would get KitKat or not.

  • Ian Fay

    And yet my Droid Razr HD still runs 4.1 :(


    To bad this guy doesn't work for Verizon. I can tweet anything, doesn't make it true or mean it will happen. If and when Verizon updates the three new droid, which have had dismal sales so far. Android 5 or even newer will have been out for ages. Avoid Verizon at all costs!