If you've got (a lot of) spare time on your hands this evening and a burning desire to know literally everything new in AOSP with Android 4.4 KitKat, Funky Android has done the work for you, providing a complete, comprehensive log of all commits made from 4.3_r2.1 (JSS15J) all the way up to 4.4_r1 (KRT16M).

The list is extremely lengthy, but includes handy links to Google's Android Source site where you can find more info about each commit.


For the full list, grab a snack and head to the source link below.

Source: Funky Android

Liam Spradlin
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  • Testraindrop

    Way too much :)

    AndroidPolice needs to look for us, make a teardown of this changelog for the most important stuff :)

  • Mo3tasm

    That's why Apple boys hate us...

  • Ricardo

    This thing is bigger than it should be. I skimmed through the changelog and for some reason a huge ammount of commits are related to the mesa opengl library. The funny thing is the second to last commit erases everything there was on that repo and then they merge mesa 9.0.3 release. Apparently, mesa wasn't part of android (they just hosted a fork I believe) but now is. It would be interesting to know what google does with mesa (do they use the piglit tests?).

  • Anders CT

    This is absurdly big. They are still high on MIPS it seems :)

  • Drew M
    • Testraindrop

      Yes finally. Lets just hope its really fixed :)

      For both Nexus 4 and now Nexus 5.

  • egendomligt

    2111 occurrences of "DO NOT MERGE" do not bode well :P

    • firesoul453


  • Rol

    Armenian keyboard added finally :) Thanks, Google :)))

  • lbrfabio

    does anyone noticed Project: platform/packages/apps/Launcher3 ?
    I think it's very possible the new launcher is still open source (probably missing the google now integration, obviously)

    • lbrfabio

      I just compiled from source the launcher of KitKat switching to the kikat-release branch.
      Works for sure on Android 4.3. I'm not sure with JB or ICS. It's exactly the same as the one on the Nexus 5 except that Google Now is not integrated

      • Testraindrop

        For Google Now integration you just need Gapps.

        As Google Now is part of the Google Search app which was never part of AOSP.

        • lbrfabio

          I tried the compiled launcher with the new Search and Play Services but it didn't activate "Now" into the home.

          Considering the Nexus 5 apk works fine without install anything else, it is needed something else or maybe the code for the integration is not in the AOSP tree.

          • Testraindrop

            I only saw it working with the AOSP port Rom on the Nexus 4 on XDA after installing the new GApps, so I figured it would work that way...

          • lbrfabio

            It's probably running the launcher from the nexus 5.

          • Christopher Mason

            The Now integrated launcher requires the Google Search/Now APK from the Nexus 5 stock ROM, and the Google Home apk. The Google integrated launcher is a part of Search.

          • lbrfabio

            I'm talking about something else. This has nothing to do with the way Google shipped the launcher inside the Google search app. This is the open source Launcher which doesn't need Google Search or Google home

          • Nate Behary

            I think you sort of are, but not in the way everyone else means. I haven't looked closely, but I think the Launcher is in Now's Apk because they need to be the "same" app for it to work. So, unlike other AOSP things that pick up non-OS things with Gapps, the AOSP Launcher will probably never work with the Now stuff. (That's just a guess, but it explains why that is set up the way it is)

  • StefTS

    Google really smashed it out of the ballpark for a 0.1 update. Well done lads, can't wait to get hold of a device running it.

  • Thomas’

    Oh well, since I've already read the last one, here we go...

    Maybe I'll find some more facebook hate in there ;-)