The hits keep coming from Android 4.4, and the latest one is the default android email app (you know, the one that isn't Gmail). Android Police alumnus Ron Amadeo posted the updated APK to his Google+ account early this evening, and we've mirrored it for you below. If you use the Email app (and you haven't found a better alternative on the Play Store), you'll want to check it out.

2013-10-31 22.34.48 2013-10-31 22.34.34 2013-10-31 22.37.49

Above: Android 4.4. Below: Android 4.3.

Screenshot_2013-10-31-23-29-12 Screenshot_2013-10-31-23-29-03 Screenshot_2013-10-31-23-29-41

The interface has been given a full update to make it look very, very similar to the updated Gmail. You'll get the same white Holo interface, the same icon and action bar, and the same slide-out menu, plus the swipe gestures for refreshing and deleting mail. Unfortunately the core functionality hasn't changed that much - you're still limited to the basic POP/IMAP/Exchange setups, with the same nearly universal settings and options.

Aside from the facelift, there isn't a whole lot to see. Of course you can add this one to your collection if you're trying to build Android 4.4 from the apps up, like some kind of software Megazord. The app will replace your default email if you're on an AOSP-based ROM, but probably won't if you've got a manufacturer skin. I haven't had any issues on my daily driver running unrooted Android 4.2. Check the download links below.


File name: EmailGoogle.apk

Version: 6.0-893803

Update: For Exchange to work, you need to flash Exchange Services as well (thanks, Ray!)

File name: com.google.android.exchange-6.0-893803.apk

Version: 6.0-893803

Source: Ron Amadeo (Google+)

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Jc

    I am unable to add an Exchange account. Selecting Corporate account asks for email + password and then whether it's POP3 or IMAP. Perhaps Exchange2.apk is needed?

  • James

    Not sure if anyone else ran into this issue, but I found with this APK I did not havethe option to set up an exchange email account, only POP and IMAP (installed on Nexus 4 running 4.3 stock rom).

  • Ray

    For Exchange functionality, you will need this - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14825752/Exchange2Google.apk

    • James


    • Bazar6

      AP this needs to be added to the article... otherwise the Email app only works for 2/3 of the settings (IMAP, POP, and this adds Exchange)!!!

    • xnifex

      What exactly is this?

      • Ray

        You will need it to get Exchange to work otherwise you will only get the POP and IMAP options when setting up an account.

        • xnifex

          ah okay, thanks. now the question is do we trust the uploader of this apk, which would be you... :-P

          • Ray

            Haha. That's a decision only you can make. :P

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            It's the same as the APK in the factory image, so you can go ahead and flash it.

    • Jeffrey Atack

      Love the Android community...great work guys

    • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

      Dude, no joke, e I was about to post how I can't use this because of the lack of exchange. Thanks a lot

    • Renan Lazarotto

      came here just to say that this new email was useless without exchange (in my case, outlook.com) support. thank you!

    • testa

      What about blocking certain Exchange features (PIN lock screen, remote wipe, etc.)? Assuming it hasn't been done yet..

      • loudambiance

        You shouldn't have exchange on your phone if you plan to do that. You are most likely violating your IT acceptable use policy, and email policy. (IT guy rant)

        • testa

          There have been numerous instances of employees having their phones wiped as if they were being released from the company when it was simply an IT mistake. I didn't ask if I should disable it, I asked if it was done yet. Thanks though.

        • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

          Yeah, I mean who needs work email AND a phone that can't be wiped and controlled by a third-party despite belonging to you, personally? Just skip email entirely and tell your employer they don't need to reach you when you're away from a computer. (IT guy rant who understands his clients)

    • Lukas

      The APK adds the Exchange option thats true. But in my case, the connection to the server can not be established with this App combination.

      • Robert Castles

        I had to change my login format for username to domainntlogon for this to connect. Prior I was using email format with the same unable to connect message.

        • Julian Hardy

          Yes, I now need to use "domainusername" as the log-in ID (previously I just had to use "username"), and "mail.companyname.com" as the server.

          • WhoWhen

            Did you change your server name at all? I keep on getting the validating server settings, and then can't to connect to server window..

            I've tried all kinds of username configurations. Thanks

          • Julian Hardy

            I didn't actually change any of my login details, I just had to add my domain, which wasn't required previously, but I don't know if this is a change at the Android app end, or possibly a change at the server end. (I'm just a humble end - user, not an Admin.)

          • michael

            im still confused how to get it to work

    • Troy

      Even with both apk's installed (email and exchange), push does not work and an exchange calendar does not sync (Outlook). Too bad because I really liked the new email app. Back to the old I guess...

      • Alvin Brinson

        No exchange calender EITHER? Geeze... I buy a Nexus 4 so I can always get upgrades and now I'm going to have to NOT upgrade because they are removing functionality I need for owrk.

        • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

          I'm pretty sure that's because this is a leaked build from KitKat being run on Jelly Bean and NOT because they removed support entirely.

      • Julian Hardy

        Once I installed the Exchange2Google.apk (see link in Ray's post at the top of this thread), it synchs both Exchange Email and Calendar perfectly.

        • Troy

          It may appear that way, but it's actually syncing every 5 or so minutes. It's not doing true push syncing.

          Another thing missing is 'conversation' view that groups different emails together. With this updated app, there is no option for conversation view.

    • Joshua

      Did you already deodex this apk? The ones I found on the phandroid site needed to have the apk and odex file put into systemapp.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Thanks a lot, Ray. I've just updated the post.

    • mrQQ

      can anyone get this working on s4?

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      Nice. I was coming here to warn people, since it killed Exchange on my phone and tablet, and then I find this.

    • Julian Hardy

      Awesome - thanks for this! I couldn't work out why my work e-mail and calendar weren't synching any more - forgot that I was tinkering with the 4.4 e-mail apps, and didn't notice I had lost the "Exchange" option!

  • drdrewdown
  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    Megazord LOL I finally met another person to also cram in that reference whenever speaking of such arrangements...

  • NickAVV

    ah thank god it's getting an update. I use it for my student email and my lionfishapps.com address and it's been feeling very neglected in comparison with Gmail

  • Arun Golla

    There seems to be some mistake with the dhst link. It's pointing to hangouts apk.

  • Bonzai

    any chance it added actionable notifications like the gmail app. I hate that i have to open the email app to delete an email quickly instead of just using the notification like gmail.

    • EowynCarter

      They did.

  • deltatux

    I extracted both Email.apk and Exchange2.apk from Android 4.4 because Exchange didn't work too well if I mixed the 4.4 email APK w/ the 4.3 Exchange APK.

  • dhruva

    hey ap, what about the linux kernel?

    • deltatux

      From what I know, KitKat is built on Linux Kernel 3.4.0. Unfortunately they haven't upgraded the kernel to something like 3.10.x yet. You cannot get an APK to the kernel.

      • dhruva

        by ap i meant android police..they reported a few days ago that linux kernel 3.10 was added to the android tree or something..its sad android didnt update the kernel this time. kernel 3.4 was upgraded with andriod 4.2

        • deltatux

          I do know what AP stood for, but I'm chiming in that based on information available on the net, it's still on kernel 3.4. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if only the Nexus 5 gets 3.10 while older devices keep at their original kernel branch.

  • Crispin Swickard

    Woo! I thought they might abandon email since it didn't get the makeover like this when 4.3 came around.

  • Mystery Man

    Wow they actually updated this :o

  • optiks

    No push mail.

    • Bo Kee

      It does have. Have You installed exchange app?

      • optiks

        For Gmail push?

        • Bo Kee

          Dunno, tried corporate, tought You think on that. Will try gmail soon.

  • JonNike

    I can't seem to find some functionality that were in the previous build such as priority sender or peak/off-peak schedule. Am I missing something or these functionality were removed?

  • satsmagic

    I m on 4.2.1 (not rooted). Will this simply replace the existing system app (Email.apk & Exchange Services.apk) or get installed as a separate app. Also, the Exchange services in my device was consuming hell lot of data, is that bug fixed.

  • Travis Danger Guilliams

    This is great. Any word on an inverted version?

  • Sven Andresen

    I got a samsung S3 stock. Does anyone know if it is possible to install the new mail exchange on my phone? Because when the phone i stock I can't remove the old email client.
    Can I have both the old email exchange and googles new one? If possible, do i need both emailgoogle.apk and exchange2google.apk?

  • Hans Gruber

    Any idea if the messaging (SMS) app is still in AOSP or is it gone forever?
    I've got the 4.3 apk to flash but sigh, don't know if it'll work with the new default messaging app stuff...

    • ddpacino

      Why do you want to flash it?

      • Hans Gruber

        Because i'm not a fan of hangouts at all.

        • namepickuh

          but you don't flash apks... you install them

          • Hans Gruber

            Ehh...make a zip out of it, go to TWRP or something similar and flash it.
            I don't thionk i suddenly dreamed "flashable zip" and randomly picked it out the air :|

    • Eduardo

      You should try the cyanogenmod sms apk. I like hangouts but I'm sticking to it just for the added functionality (quick reply from the notification bar, pop up like ios - if that's your thing, etc).You can probably find it at xda and I think there's an app on the play store 88sms of something like that based on it

  • Matej Čurilla

    The most important think is that now it is called com.google.android.email (added google), meaning it will probably soon be in play store!

  • Grimmjow

    I'd rather wait for 4.4 on Nexus 4 than risk losing my exchange work email.

  • jaduncan

    You're ruining Ron's abandonware theory.

  • Jonathan Stockton

    Getting a force close on note 2 (4.1.2) unfortunately :( Back to the old version for me :(

    • Pan Szym

      Try clean app data

      • Jonathan Stockton

        Tried that initially with no luck... After going back to the TW client, I decided to try again and it worked fine however... To install, I deleted my old exchange account and cleared the data for "Email" and "Exchange Services" before removing the odex and apk files for "SecEmail" and "SecExchange". I then restarted and moved the two new apk files into /system/app, changed the perms to 644 and rebooted once more...

        • Pete Halatsis

          Hmmm? Can you explain removing the odex and apk files? The app looks like it is working for me but crashes when i try to view an email

          • Jonathan Stockton

            I moved the following files from /system/app using root explorer:


            The first two might not be necessary as you can probably run the default touchwiz client in parallel... I thought it probably prudent to remove the touchwiz exchange files too however as I would expect having both the google and touchwiz exchange account and sync services installed would cause some sort of conflict. I also made sure to delete my old exchange account from the device and clear the data before attempting to install the 4.4 versions. It's been working fine for the past 4 days here :)

  • Pan Szym

    I've got CM 10.2 and this app didn't replaced my stock one. I deleted email. apk and copied new app into system/app via root explorer. After installing everything works great. I also deleted app that is responsible for exchange... Is this good move?

  • abra1177

    If anyone has used this with exchange can they post their experience. Is it only cosmetic differences or have they fixed they fixed bugs and enhanced issues that have been there since 4.0. Specifically:

    1) Does sent-mail folder show with recipient now instead of sender
    2) Does sent-mail folder sync automatically without having to refresh manually on open
    3) Is there a conversation view (if so does it include sent mail?)?
    4) Can you forward calendar invites from the calendar itself (I know this is unlikely given that this is Cal issue).

    • Woodrowe Bones

      Just had to address this one.

      2) By default probably not however even in the previous version of the app you can set it to sync automatically. Go into the folder and then click the menu button and choose "Sync Options". Now set the the folder to check for updates automatically.
      5) See #2

      • abra1177

        Note that this was always possible. But after configuration those folders do not get updated unless you open them. If you have not opened sentmail for instance for a few days and need to quickly check on something you will need to wait while it downloads all mail for the past few days. A real annoyance when you are in a hurry.

        I think Google just does not want to get Exchange right. There are bugs and issues that have been there for more than 2 years now that are reported and acknowledged in the google reporting systems but does not get fixed through 4 major android releases so far

        As much as I would like to move to a Nexus device, Samsung does Exchange very very well and that alone keeps me on their devices in spite of touchwiz and all the bloatware. Just hoping Google catches up some day.

        • Woodrowe Bones

          Sorry I think you are confused. If you set a folder to sync the messages are updated exactly the same as your inbox. As an example I do set my sent mail to sync and I can send mail without checking that folder for a week but as soon as I go into there is no wait. The messages are all there. Ditto with all the other folders I sync. The only real problem is that even though the folders do sync (and you can see an unread count on the folder when you go into the email app) they do no notify when the email has come in.

          If you dont do the steps above that I mentioned then yes each time you go into the folder you have to wait for the messages to download because you arent syncing it

    • Robert Pradia

      I tried to set it up but don't see the exchange option. Just POP and IMAP.

  • Thatguyfromvienna

    Still no IMAP push or am I mistaken?

    • http://jamiehamilton.me/ Jamie Hamilton

      Still no IMAP push. Pigeon has it but it's an ugly app. Ugh.

  • Primalxconvoy

    Why would Google make a standard email app and NOT make it Gmail? I would have thought they would have made the standard Gmail app have the same functions as this in order to take mindshare at least?

    • mrQQ

      perhaps the standard app supports Exchange?

      • Primalxconvoy

        I was thinking more from a branding perspective.

  • Sergio Sanchez

    Thanks to AP for checking and posting the new apk's from android 4.4! also to the guy with the link adding exchange functionality!

  • RSerda

    still can't bulk delete the Trash and Junk folders... STILL a P.I.T.A.!!!

    Looks nice on the outside.. SOS in the inside!?

    • Simon Belmont

      This is a major fault of Googe's email client. I can't believe they haven't added this yet.

      I thought Android 4.3 was going to add this basic functionality, but no. Then I thought Android 4.4 surely would, but nope. Ugh. Damn it.

    • isaacthom

      I agree. Not only that, if you're like me and receive lots of emails per day, I don't have time to manually delete them one by one, only to have them moved to the trash can and have to repeat the process all over again and manually delete them out of the trash can too. This sucks! There should be a "select all" feature and an "empty trash" and "delete junk mail" feature that comes factory installed in the email app. Because of this, I'll download another app rather than using the factory email app. Their loss.

  • spopinski

    Why still no S/MIME support Google?

  • Michael

    The Mirror #2 link points to http://d-h.st/K1P which is the Hangouts update from http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/10/31/apk-download-hangouts-1-3-support-sms-animated-gifs-location-sharing/ - looks like the links were copied/pasted but the middle one wasn't updated.

  • Michael Pahl

    IMAP/POP3 only....

  • Simon Belmont

    So, still no ability to empty trash or sent folder? No way to select all?

    Ugh, come on, Google. This is basic stuff that's been missing for a long time.

  • Ian

    Can't get it to work. I put in all the info (Hotmail account) and it times out when trying to authenticate with the server... (Galaxy S4)

    • mrQQ

      same here, can't get it to work..

  • Joshua Nazareth

    "Like some kind of software Megazord." Priceless. :')

  • tokuiten

    Does anyone know if the new email APK works with this hack? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1117452

    • Chahk Noir

      Just tried it and it reported success. Can't tell if it working though. The message is still supposed to pop up, and you're still supposed to accept the device admin on Email. I guess I'll find out if our IT ever decides to wipe my phone :)

  • Sharath

    Does this work on ICS?

  • androidrow

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    welcome in android row :) Get all information and help from http://www.androidrow.com/

  • Chahk Noir

    Works nicely, but you need the Exchange2Google.apk to go along with it if you want Exchange (otherwise you're stuck with POP3 and IMAP options only.)

    Also, still no Exchange Tasks sync. Come on, Google.

  • German Leon Azzi

    The lack of conversation view (at least I could not find it) is depressing...

  • Woodrowe Bones

    Ugh still no per folder notification! I cant understand why this feature gets overlooked

    • MystaMax

      I find this very annoying! It is unfortunate that this has been overlooked for so long! I have a lot of subfolders and its frustrating to get an email in one of them and not know about it, due to the notification appearing for about 5 seconds and then clearing itself. I find myself going into the app and checking my subfolders manually... annoying!

      You can star this issue on the Android Issue Tracker, but I'm not sure how much this helps. Still worth a try.

      Or, you can try this APK provided by someone over at XDA. I didn't have much luck testing this on a secondary device, so I didn't push it to my primary. It seemed to work for others in the thread. Note: This is an old email.apk file, so doesn't have any of the new 4.4 features.

      • Woodrowe Bones

        Yeah I put the issue on android issue tracker as well. You mention that the notification appears that goes away? I've never had it notify me in any way shape or form. The nice part about this new email app is that at least I can see quickly when going into the email app but notifications per folder is still a hugely annoying issue. I have no clue how to get this issue addressed in any way shape or form as the Android Issue Tracker seems useless

        • MystaMax

          Yea, a notification definitely appears for a short amount of time on my Galaxy Nexus running CyanogenMod 10.1. In fact, I just got a few emails and the notification appeared and disappeared. I forgot to mention, that the notification light on my phone continues to blink, which definitely helps. I'm using LightFlow if that means anything.

          • Woodrowe Bones

            Ah I bet you have the rule configured client-side. I used that as a workaround as well so that i would see notification for a few seconds before my mail client moved it into the appropriate folder. The issue with that being that you needed to leave the client open. Either that or something in CM does it. I've tried all sorts of ROMs and if the rule is configured server-side have never seen a notification at all

  • Eddy Quan

    Is it me, or is there still no Pinch to Zoom? Been waiting ages for this feature...

    • duke69111

      Pinch zoom is working for me.

  • HermanR

    Can't add widget with Inbox folder (or any other folder with subfolders)

  • duke69111

    Google still has not fixed the sent folder to show the received instead of the sender. It drives me crazy. Anyone know why?

  • Anirudh Acharya

    Can anyone confirm if it supports sub-folder notifications?

    • duke69111

      @woodrowebones:disqus below says no.

    • Woodrowe Bones

      Nope still not supported :(. On the plus side the new layout makes it easier to check subfolders but you still have to go into the app and manually check

  • mrQQ

    does anyone know why I can't get this to run on my i9505 s4 4.3? email client crashes when run..

  • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

    Still has a basic problem as old email, when i delete one that I have opened it takes me automatically to inside the next email. Gmail backs out to the list. :(

    • g2gsr

      There is a setting in "General Settings" called "Auto-advance" that lets you set where you want the app to go after you delete an email.

      • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

        Thank you.

  • N. K

    I'm getting stuck att validating service settings. Can anyone help me? I use a note 2

  • http://www.rubenalamina.mx/ Ruben Alamina

    Does anyone already tried the email app along with the exchange apk in an HTC One? If I installed both do I need to re-setup my exchange account or the email app will pick it up from the accounts in my phone settings?

    Does push for exchange work as expected? I need this for work. Thanks!

  • Robert Castles

    This is awesome! I can finally enter multiple recipients with Swype without that stupid extra repeated keys bug that's been plaguing me for two entire years. This is so great!

  • VAVA Mk2

    Not bad, but for my Exchange account for work, I bought a license (only need 1) for Touchdown Exchange. Hands down the best Exchange email client for Android there is. Could not go without it now (sadly).

  • Italy

    please Detailed instructions easy step to step


  • orenmi

    my problem is that the widget is not showing the unread email count.
    in the previous version it did.

  • Pete

    The exchange option asks for a port #. Is this corect? If so, what port should be asigned?

  • WhoWhen

    I've downloaded the exchange apk, but my phone has issues validating the server settings. I've tried all kinds of configurations of usernames and server but no luck. Any suggestions?

    • mrQQ

      on certificate dropdown select accept all certs

  • Mark Bracher

    anyone else notice that search doesn't seem to work on IMAP accounts? all my accounts are IMAP, so it could be a more general problem as well.

    always returns zero results, even if I can see a matching email in the current view, let alone hitting the imap server to search...

  • Travis Matthews

    Anyone else having issues with changing the default port when setting up an exchange account? It works initially but defaults back to 443.

  • Jim Hamilton

    I'm noticing the app is draining my battery excessively. I installed the apk on my Galaxy Note 3. Anyone else having this problem and/or anyone else fixed it? I like the interface, and I might have to go back to the Samsung client for POP email if I can't get the problem fixed.

  • Simon Belmont

    I have been trying to download attachments (mainly pictures) with this app on my Nexus 5 and they pull down off the server, but never get put into my gallery app. It's really frustrating, because I can go back to my Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.3 and it works perfectly.

    Google did something to this app that broke the AttachmentDownloadService service. It will sometimes hang in an infinite loop of fail. I hope Android 4.4.1 fixes this, though I don't see anyone else complaining about it, so maybe it's unique to my situation. I might have to give a third-party email app a shot.

  • roee fruman

    I recommend to try this mail application MailWise - I think it has the best conversation view and IMAP and Exchanged support- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.syntomo.email

  • [email protected]

    I just tried it and it still sucks in that it does not automatically reformats the mail to autofit. I hate having to slide over to see the rest of the images/mail in my mail box. They need to fix that.

  • Cincybearcatfan

    Why does anyone use the native email app? Isn't an app that reads Gmail and then sends it on to you redundant? Why not just use the Gmail app?

  • Dean Lunniss

    Little bit of a"newb" but I have beanstalk 4.3 installed on Sgh-i317 (At&T note 2) and need exchange for work. I've been searching high and low to find that 4.3 "debloats" and you lose your exchange. Can I download the 2 files above and install to fix this problem? Any step by steps would be most appreciated.

  • John Pendleton

    As soon as I let my Nexus 7 V.2 update to Kit Kat the general Android email app
    (as opposed to gmail) started deleting email from my account's server
    permanently when the email was deleted from my inbox. This was caught
    before any really important messages were lost but it's still
    unacceptable. I use my Nexus 7 to monitor email when I'm away from my
    desktop, not the other way around, and it can't be allowed to control my
    account's master inbox. Hopefully they'll fix this, or I'll have to stop using it. None of the new gmail-like features impress me.

  • Charles

    I like the new apk, but my battery is draining in 3 hours instead of the normal 14 or 16 and my battery info ap says that it's the email that's zapping my battery. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

  • tony-j

    Just installed and working well on unrooted HTC One X. Glad to see the exchange patch posted here as well. I did have to add my domain but setup went without a hitch.

  • Ray Kawal

    I have a problem with this app. I had the same older app on my Droid Razr and I used it for my home security camera. Whenever there is motion I get an email, so I get a lot every day. But I cannot figure out if this app will allow me to "Select All" and delete them, like the old app. With this new app, if I have 300 messages, I have to delete every one of them individually - a very time consuming process.

    Am I missing something in the settings?

  • jskhanuja

    Have been using Default email app, however, fail to find search button on Kitkat 4.4.2 as well. I see in the article the search button, but not to be seen on the phone, could you help if any settings are missing any where..

  • Rishabh Gupta

    No option to remove any account, once set up! :( :'(

    • Rishabh Gupta

      Please comment and help me if it can be done in any way without reinstalling.

  • Frank

    I use the exchange that came with my droid Maxx. I noticed that when I look in the sent file, the attachments dont show extensions so I cannot open them. My phone says there is not an app that will open them. But if I send that same file to my gmail account, the extension (usually PDF) shows and the attachment opens fine. It also opens fine if I send it to the inbox in exchange. For some reason, when it is in the SENT file, the extension is lost and it does not open. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Marinus

    Did anyone check their email on the server after downloading to Android/Nexus? Android email deletes the email on the server, even when NEVER is set in the settings. This makes it impossible to download your email to multiple systems./platforms, because it is gone after Nexus/Android gets a hold of it. This used to work fine, but for me it makes my Nexus useless. I also do not "get" the silly letters in front of every email. What an improvement. Not.

  • Kate Forney

    I just installed this on my unrooted Galaxy Note II Verizon running Android 4.3. When I set up my email account (to a Zimbra server) it downloads unread emails, but then never again syncs. (I also put the new Exchange services on, as well).

    My problem with the old "corporate" mail client was that I could receive, but not send (the "getting account settings...." bug). Now I can send but not receive.

    I've tried "push" and "pull" sync, but get nothing.

    Any hints would be gratefully received!

    • Scott

      Does zimbra use the licensed microsoft activesync? Or does it use open source like caldav protocols? I just installed this on my unrooted G2 and it syncs to my exchange server perfectly.

      • Kate Forney

        Yes, I think so. I read somewhere that the trick was to send myself an appointment from another user on the same server, and accept the appointment. I did that, and now it works -- I can again both send and receive email.

        Why this may be is completely beyond my ability to explain -- I'm just passing it off as a bad dream and getting on with my life!

        Thanks for taking the time to reply -- I appreciate it.

        • Scott

          I just looked it up and it does use caldav.

          Uses industry standard open protocols - SMTP, LMTP, SOAP, XML, IMAP, POP, iCal, CalDAV

          That stuff can be funky with different vendors trying to implement the open source code. I've found that devices and services that consistently license activesync from microsoft consistently work better.

          I know this was an old article but it was relevant to me today :)

  • maxbluz

    I can't receive attachment if email is sent from iPhone.

  • [email protected]

    I’m hoping someone can help me with an ultra-annoying email
    issue with the HTC One. Specifically the default email box is “All”. As you
    probably know this means if you sync several folders, including sent and
    deleted, those emails show up over and over again.

    I need to sync several folders but I want the mail client to
    open to Inbox. Is there a way to set this as the default open mail box? Btw,
    I’ve worked in the software industry for 20 years so it isn’t as if I’m without
    technical skills! Argh.
    Thanks in advance

  • craig

    Any idea on how to delete this after installing?

  • Leandro Santana

    Olá, não tem opção de configurar e-mail “exchange" só tem opção "POP" e "IMAP". Uso e-mail do outlook.com...

    • Braulio Cesar Holtz Ribeiro

      Cara, não sei se você já resolveu, mas tem que instalar o exchange que é o apk que vem em seguida, mas passado 3 meses talvez você já tenha resolvido

  • Al

    thanks! running kitkat on android and I had not exchange option in the email app. installing com.google.android.exchange-6.0-893803.apk fixed my issue!

  • Arvind Nama

    I tried this app on my Samsung S3 (With custom cyanogen Mod , Android Kitkat 4.4.2)
    and when i sync my account , it asks for encryption of Phone (as per the security policy of my company) . but it hangs without encrypting .. Is any1 face the same issue?

  • Daniel Padgett

    GS4 Active (work phone) Installed mail and exchange services. Will not connect to Exchange. "Could not open connection to server" Very frustrating.


    Thanks for the files. Its working wonderfully.

  • Shaiban Alshibani

    i need the default email apk for android with @ logo @Nucleotide:disqus @jeffreyatack:disqus @robertcastles:disqus @julianhardy:disqus @WhoWhen:disqus @Bazar6:disqus @google-0eb596b937df4f94e61b0487271918ac:disqus @TurboFool:disqus @xcom923:disqus @archon810:disqus@disqus_YYFaYXv6TK:disqus@loudambiance:disqus@disqus_eswj9N4OUH:disqus@disqus_ym5tS7GP70:disqus@xnifex:disqus@jaduncan:disqus@disqus_hbnPlhjJNS:disqus@disqus_NTovbIlODc:disqus@peterson_espacoporto:disqus@abra1177:disqus@woodrowebones:disqus

  • Ian Wait

    Does anyone have the email apk FROM 4.1.2? (the one lg put on my phone is broken with iCloud imap accounts.)

  • true

    the problem with this is.. that you can not set the font, which is required as a standard in my company..