Earlier this week at a Google+ event, the company announced several important additions to Hangouts for Android. The updated version 2.0 comes with SMS support as well as location sharing, the ability to display animated GIF files, as well as the previously discovered in a teardown statuses and moods. AndroidPolice covered the rumor on October 7th following my initial Google+ report on October 4th.

The coveted update may take a while to reach you, considering it hasn't even started officially rolling yet. Luckily, we have the APK from the Nexus 5 factory image you can download and safely install manually. It is what you're here for, isn't it? Go on, do it.

Update: If you're looking for Google Voice integration, take a look at this post.

1[10] 2[10] animated-gifs

hangouts hangouts[4] hangouts[6]

Screenshot_2013-10-31-17-38-29 Screenshot_2013-10-31-17-39-09


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it just like any other APK.

Update: I'm getting constant crashes after sending my location via SMS, at least on the Note 3. Others are reporting crashing or unstable video chat and crashes when sending MMS. Hopefully Google will resolve this in an upcoming update. In the meantime, if you're stuck in a crash loop, just clear the app's data. You can also uninstall the update and reinstall the latest one from the Play Store for now.

File name: com.google.android.talk-2.0.012 (884159-30).apk (Android 2.3+).

Version: 2.0.012 (884159-30).

MD5: 66941f97fcbe0a32cf9cb109cbd0bda1.

Thanks, +Luke Olson, +Ian Heckel, and everyone else!

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • oboefiend

    This is why AP is the best

  • Panaka

    Will this break Mighty Text?

    • crazyg0od33

      not until 4.4

      • Nathan Borup

        it broke mightytext for me

  • Matt McNair

    Exactly what I've been waiting for! Thanks AP!

  • crazyg0od33

    question about this - it seems as though the user needs to launch hangouts an allow sms before it consolidates threads. I have multiple threads for my contacts, not combined threads.

    My question is: if a friend who has never used hangouts before installs this, will they NEED to sign up on G+ before it allows me to send over data vs. sms like imessage, or will everyone still need G+?

    • LPF

      tried it with a friend who also has hangouts 2.0 with sms activated. still wants to keep separate threads right now =/

      • crazyg0od33

        same here :(

        I hope it gets sorted when the play store update hits

      • trickytree1984


  • mrjayviper

    how do I send an sms?

    • CoreRooted

      Same way you send a new hangout. Click the + and choose a contact (or enter in a phone number).

  • http://twitter.com/fariflux fari

    Does this work fine with 4.3? Don't want to break anything. :S

    • http://petervideos.com/ Peter Mansour

      yes, i just tried it

      • http://twitter.com/fariflux fari

        Awesome, thanks! (:

  • Booyabobby

    Safe to install on the Moto X?

    • Daniel Grabowski

      Yep got it running beautifully

      • Booyabobby

        Thank you!

  • NothingUnknown

    For those that want it, I managed to get the launcher https://www.dropbox.com/s/n97kxsfaz8r7s8h/GoogleHome.apk

    This also requires the new Google Search installed here https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lljovj8l7xg9qk/Velvet.apk

    Works on my One GPE even with always on listening!

    • Alex Luckett

      Where did you get the new Google Search app from?

      • Daniel Grabowski

        Yeah couldn't find it in my system dump either.

        • NothingUnknown

          It's in priv-app.

          Looks like the new Google Search needs the services which currently is not working for me, at least to install.

          • Alex Luckett

            Yeah that checks out. Thanks.

          • Daniel Grabowski

            Yeah it doesn't show as available to update. What if we install the new playstore apk?

          • NothingUnknown

            No dice. Tried but didn't reveal an update to GPS. Also, the Velvet app seems to crash probably because of the missing update to GPS.

          • Daniel Grabowski

            Hope someone is able to figure this out. Trying to install GoogleServiceFramework from priv-app doesn't go through at all

    • dtraini30

      Can you also upload the new Play Services?

      • NothingUnknown

        I might have found it. Let me try it first!

        Got it!


        • dtraini30

          Wait, are you sure that's Play Services? It is the Velvet.apk which is Google Search, right?

          • NothingUnknown

            It was Google Play Services that installed on my phone. Everything worked but my status icons were grey so it wasn't fully working. Google now brought up cards but did not allow searches anymore.

          • dtraini30

            Gotcha... Thanks!!!

    • Ramacher

      Won't let me use the new Search without updating Google Play services. Play store latest version for me is 3.2, do you have the latest version 4.0?

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      We need Play Services as well, I'm still looking.

      • NothingUnknown

        Found it in priv-app as PrebuiltGmsCore.apk.

        All thats left is the force close using search through Google Now.

        • Matthew DiGiacomo

          Yeah still FC'ing, what could we be missing?

          • NothingUnknown

            I don't know if pulling a logcat would provide anything on the force close. My PC's USB is completely screwed so I can't attempt it right now.

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Gimme a sec I'll try.

          • Jonathan Zelayandia

            Did u get anything? Would love to see this fixed, its just incredible! I want to try it too but cant

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            I'm afraid not. I had to stop trying so I can study for this midterm I have tomorrow lol

          • Vishnu Reddy

            Haha priorities priorities!

          • NothingUnknown

            I managed to take a bug report and I think this is the error that is showing up from the force close (can't confirm). If true, it seems like something is missing or another apk still needs updating:

            java.lang.RuntimeException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native method not found: com.google.speech.grammar.pumpkin.UserValidators.nativeAddJavaValidator:(JLjava/lang/String;)V

          • Vishnu Reddy

            Got Google Search to stop FCing by replacing the lib file as indicated in this xda forum. Here's the link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2506344&page=6.

            Hope this helps!

          • NothingUnknown

            I really really hate it when its the simplest thing :)

            Switching to Spanish then back to English worked!

            Thank you.

        • Matthew DiGiacomo


        • Nick O-H
    • NothingUnknown

      Sorry, the GPS APK is here. I posted the Velvet again:

  • navjot

    Looks like hangouts and SMS conversations are in seperate threads :-(

    • Ricardo Neves

      Makes me wonder why it has "via SMS" in the timestamp. If they are all SMS why show it on every single message? Maybe there's more to come?

      • Ryuuie

        Aren't threaded messages in Hangouts 2.0 and not 1.3?

        • Ricardo Neves

          Wouldn't make sense for them to go backwards...

          • Ryuuie


            Why does the URL say 1.3? >=/ ARTEMMMMMMMMMMM! *fist shake*

          • dfjkl

            They already went backwards from GTalk w/ Hangouts...they did it with the new maps...it's certainly not unprecedented.

        • Sahil Chaturvedi

          I don't think there is a 1.3 at all. At least, this one is 2.0

    • Armando Rodriguez

      You can merge then by taping in the number/email to change from SMS to Hangouts and viceversa.

      IF the contac is merged with email/phone number

      • Ricardo Neves

        Even merged contacts show twice on the Hangouts list

        • Vishnu Reddy

          Yep and the app doesn't seem to be merging the Hangouts messages and SMS to one "merged" contact in one simple stream. You have to toggle back and forth to see the different messages, unlike in iMessage. Defeats a little bit of the purpose no?

          • tylerbrainerd

            perhaps it requires the new 4.4 sms handler?

        • Armando Rodriguez

          I have one contact with two cell phone numbers and one email (gmail) this is the thread for SMS, http://imgur.com/lTdUW1A

          Theres another thread for Hangouts but in the two I can switch back and forth

          • navjot

            Did the hangouts thread exist before you updated the app?

          • Armando Rodriguez

            Yes, the Hangout thread was before the update, with the update there was a second thread for that contac but with SMS tag, in both I can switch.

          • navjot

            That's really interesting. Most users seem to have the hangouts and sms threads separate even when it's the same contact.

            EDIT: wait never mind, the way you have it is the same as everyone else. Two separate threads for sms and hangouts. What we want is the conversations to be in the same thread. Like if the person is online, send an hangout, otherwise send an sms.

    • Mathew Hudspeth

      I think they probably did this to reduce confusion when trying to understand the chronology of the messages since they are coming from different sources. I suppose it would be nice to at least have the option to combine them though.

    • http://www.About.me/PHADE PHADE


      ...I just figured out a way to get Google Voice SMS to come into Hangouts. I already sent the tip to Android Police, so here's hoping to they publish something!

      • Ryuuie

        Yeah, I think I got this working too, actually

        • Matt Lindsay

          Want to share??

          • Ryuuie

            Sure, I posted an extremely long, detailed, and probably confusing answer right above. :P Sorry for your future confusion, if any.

          • codemonkey85

            So this only applies if you're already paying for carrier SMS anyway?

          • Ryuuie

            I'm on AIO, which includes SMS and MMS, if that's what you mean. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work if you had no carrier at all.

          • codemonkey85

            I'm on a Verizon plan worth no SMS; I've been using Google Voice as my SMS service for years. I suppose I'll have to wait for proper integration.

        • TOMMMMMM

          Really? How so?

          • Ryuuie

            The way I did it was Google Voice is set to forward the SMS people send to my GV number to whatever I have set as my default SMS application. Since Hangouts is set, then that's where the messages go to.

            Each message comes from a number that would only make sense to GV itself. It wouldn't even be in the correct area code. However, if I message that number back using my phone, tablet (via GV only), or computer, it'll show up to THEM as my GV number.


            My real number is 123-456-7890 and my GV is 098-765-4321. You messaged that (098) number, your message will go to the default SMS app (in this case, Hangouts). However, your real number is 555-555-5555 but when I receive that message, it shows up as 1-554-552-5552. This second number (554) only makes sense to Google Voice but if I message it, even from my (123) number, you will only see the (098) number.

            This way, I can use Hangouts without needing to worry about anyone knowing my real number.

            The thing is, and this was the same in Messaging as well, I can't get MMS to my GV number UNLESS the other person is on Sprint or using Sprint's network. That's fine, no biggie to me.

            The way I did all of this:

            1. Go to the voice.google.com > click the Gear > Settings > find your number and tick the "Receive text messages on this phone" option.

            2. Go to the Google Voice app > Overflow Menu > Settings > Sync and Notifications > Under "Receive text messages", make sure it says "Via the messaging app".

            It should work the way I described above. If you want the person's contact card to show up, then add that number GV gives you to the person's card in the People app (or Contacts, depending on what it's named) and then name it "GV" so you know what number it is.

          • TOMMMMMM

            Ah thx for the reply. I had just tried it and can confirm it works, its just a bit janky but better than nothing .

          • Ryuuie

            No problem!

            Yah, it's a sort of work around, but i never have to touch the Google Voice app at least. :P

          • Lisandro Diaz U

            I have been doing it this way since the first day GV supported text on our phone. Basically you saved the google voice generated number for each contact. and just use that generated number to call and text and your real/forwarded/carrier number will show on the person you are calling/texting as the caller ID

          • Ryuuie

            Wow. you just summed up everything I said in a MUCH simpler way.

            Thank you. XD

          • Lisandro Diaz U

            I love GV have had it since it was Grand Central before google bought them

          • Ryuuie

            I actually didn't know anything about them until Google bought em. :v

            Were they any different?

          • Lisandro Diaz U

            Before when it was grand central it was just plain phone calls and voicemail. You were able to set up different greetings for each caller, no text at all. Im very glad Google bought them.

      • jmahoneyy

        Google voice texts come through the new hangouts for me. I am running cyanogen with voice+ enabled. I'd there another way? Sms only shows up on my phone; doesn't sync with tablet.

      • Clayton Burnett

        Help please... Driving me crazy with it not working

      • TOMMMMMM

        Care to share? Is it Google Voice as a supplementary number, or is it Google Voice with your number ported?

        • http://www.About.me/PHADE PHADE

          I did it with a different method than below. If Android Police doesn't post anything than send me a tweet to remind me and I'll post it. @PHADE818

          • Ryuuie

            Huh. I wouldn't mind knowing too. Is it as complex as my method?

          • http://www.About.me/PHADE PHADE

            1. Find your carriers SMS email address.
            2. In Google Voice web make sure you forward your text to your Gmail account.
            3. In Gmail make a filter that forwards your incoming Google Voice text to the carriers SMS email address
            4. Done!

          • dogulas

            Does that work whem you reply though? It couldn't. Right? It would just respond to your own Gmail.

          • http://www.About.me/PHADE PHADE

            It gives the option to reply but "as MMS" and that's where I'm having difficulty.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Except Google Voice has built-in options for forwarding your Voice messages to your SMS account, ensuring you can use about half those steps, so that doesn't help much...

          • http://www.About.me/PHADE PHADE

            TRUE! But I'm trying to figure out how I can make it work w/out having the Google Voice downloaded.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Yes, but even the Voice website has this ability, so no app needed. But without the app you can't make calls with it, either.

          • http://www.About.me/PHADE PHADE

            BUDDY! Like I said before: I'm "trying" to make it work.

            I'm not a developer nor do I play one on TV.

            So I'm trying to be a party to the solution!

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            I feel like there's a major disconnect between us here.

            I haven't suggested anything that requires being a developer. I've merely pointed out that if you want to simply forward your Voice messages to your SMS, this functionality is built right into Voice and doesn't require app the steps you listed. That's all. I'm not trashing you for trying to solve a problem, I'm pointing out that a simpler version of what you're trying to do is already a function built RIGHT into the service.

          • http://www.About.me/PHADE PHADE

            Ha! It's VERY difficult to be sarcastic and joke at the same through "text" and that is what I was doing. That is why I added the "TV" reference.

            I know it can be done the way you have made it but I'm trying to find a way that EVERYTHING will work between Google Voice and Hangouts w/out needing both apps.

    • Sahil Chaturvedi

      Yeah man. I'm really, really disappointed. I thought this would be very seamless. This is just the SMS app inside Hangouts, with no "integration" at all. :/

      Anyways, still better than two apps, I guess...

      • robaldred

        I agree it should be seem less but

    • fredphoesh

      Not on my phone... SMS and hangouts in the same thread.

      I dont see a way to
      1/ send two messages to different people and NOT send as MMS
      2/ create and send animated gif


  • PainToad

    Do sms conversations sync to iOS devices, ie. iPad.

  • John Smith

    does this work with Mighty Text???

  • shadowx360

    First the Nexus 5 launch, then Hangouts APK, Christmas in October!!!

  • Jonathan Seymour

    If only they had a dark theme.

    • dhruva

      no i like the lightness, its playful.

  • Kurt Wurmser

    Thanks AP! Installing now.

  • http://www.smsnetwork.org/ Mikael Jakobsson


  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Hrm, I just tried sending location, and it crashed. Now it's crashing on load. -____-

    Let's see if a reset would do the trick.

    • Darklord

      works fine for me (S3 aosp). hope yours work

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Nope. Cleared data, tried location via Hangouts, worked fine, tried via SMS, another crash. Now crashing on load again. So yeah, that seems to be wonky.

  • Dheeraj Chowdary Nekkanti

    MY PHONE IS READY! Keep those apks coming! :D

  • Bryan

    My messages aren't threaded. This is pretty much how fb messenger worked...

    • deltatux

      Mine are here... threaded based on the person messaging me...

      • Vishnu Reddy

        Do you mean you see your Hangout messages and your SMS messages to one contact in one thread? I'm getting them in two threads. Or in one thread where I have to tap between number/email to see the messages. I can't see both Hangout messages and SMS messages to one person at the same time, in one thread. Can you?

        • CoreRooted

          Yeah. I'm seeing the same. Some contacts are switchable, others are in 2 separate threads. Small price to pay, imho.

          • Vishnu Reddy

            Yea probably, just wish there was the option to combine them for simplicity sake.

          • Bryan

            I guess we're nowhere near iMessage :/

  • http://blog.jalcine.me/ Jacky Alcine

    Nexus 4 4.2 works good!

  • Spasillium

    Maybe i'm missing something, but is there a way I can send SMS messages via my Google Voice number? I have my GV number confirmed in the app but it keeps sending my messages through my real number.

    • mystilleef

      No, Google Voice is not supported in Hangouts.

      • http://blog.jalcine.me/ Jacky Alcine

        NOT YET

    • Booyabobby

      Not supported yet but it coming in the future.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
      • Spasillium

        Thanks. Looks like i'll stick with Sliding Messaging with GV for the time being.

    • ashclepdia

      If you are on a ROM that has voice+ app, you can activate that and it works

    • Muffstic

      1. In Google Voice settings, select to receive messages via the messaging app. 2. When someone texts you, save that number and tag it as GV under their contact. 3. When you text someone, use the weird number you saved as GV and it will show as sent from your Google Voice number. 4. Enjoy Google Voice integration in Hangouts.

      I know this is a pain in the ass, but it'll hold you over until they introduce real Google Voice integration. 🔥

  • perhac88

    Will this remove my normal 'messaging' app on my nexus 4 then?

    • http://blog.jalcine.me/ Jacky Alcine

      Nah, it hasn't on mine. It just registers itself as another means of holding SMS.

  • KChristainsen

    If we have sprint does GVoice work?

    • mystilleef


      • KChristainsen

        thank you sir

  • deltatux

    I just extracted this from the Nexus 5 factory image myself. Pretty sweet I must say, been playing with it for a while =)!

    • Ramacher

      Can you extract Google Play Services 4.0?

  • Android Spy 007

    Galaxy note 3 not working force closing

    • deltatux

      Wipe your Dalvik cache and Hangouts data. What I did was uninstall Hangouts and reinstalled it with the APK.

      • Android Spy 007

        Still force closing every time I try to do sms

  • Mike

    sry noob question, if i install the APK will future updates occur normally on the play store on my GS4

    • deltatux

      If you installed it normally without putting it in the /system folder, it should work as if it was installed in the Play Store.

      • Booyabobby

        By pushing the apk to my phone (via pushbullet), opening it and clicking install, will that be consider installing normally?

        • Ramacher


          • Booyabobby

            Thank you

  • Sebastian

    Is it working on Galaxy s3? Tmobile?

    • CoreRooted

      I've got it running on my CM 10.2 ROM, but I've gotten people running stock that have had success and some where it crashes. I think it might have to do with the Play Services update not being fully rolled out yet.

  • Pengwn

    And this is the reason Android Police is always my first stop of the android blogs!! Love you guys!

  • jonathan3579

    Pardon my ignorance, but I keep seeing mentions of SMS and not MMS. How is that being handled?

    • Curt Neal

      MMS is supposed to be supported.

      • jonathan3579

        I see. I guess I'll wait til I get my Nexus 5 before I pass judgment but it seems like Hangouts will be a cluttered mess with chat, SMS and MMS via your carrier number, and later Google Voice SMS and potentially MMS.

        • CoreRooted

          Actually, it's not. My chat list doubled in size because of the SMS integration, but it's all in one place now. I can live with that. What I haven't seen work yet is the combined threads (SMS/Hangouts).

          • jonathan3579

            I think I'll still probably opt for a text messaging app in the end but I'll at least give this a try. I just don't want 3 services aggregated into one app right now but Google might make me a believer that I could want it in the future.

          • CoreRooted

            It's a bit much, granted. BUT, I'd rather have it in one app than 3 (or more at times). One of the things I have missed most from my old BB days was the unified inbox. It was so easy to have ALL messages from any source come into a single app and then get filtered, colour coded, etc. I'm hopeful Hangouts will get to that level sooner rather than never, but even this is a welcome step in the right direction for me.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        It is. It shows images and stuff like that right inside the thread, as you expect.

  • Curt Neal

    I seem to be having trouble sending a group sms. Hopefully a reboot will fix things. From the looks of things, it seems that you will be able to choose which members of the group you send messages to via what means.

  • Joey Colclough

    Now who wants to share the play services update apk

  • mystilleef

    SMS not available on the Nexus 7. I guess this was obvious.

    • Booyabobby

      Damn. :(

    • miri

      Only works on Sprint devices, no?

      • mystilleef

        For phones yes.

  • Anthony Tyson

    MMS is totally borked

    • Ramacher

      Working fine here on Nexus 4 AOKP 4.3.1

      • Anthony Tyson

        Most issues seem to be with the note 3 it seems.

        • Dominick White

          same here with rooted droid dna. Mms messing up

          • Vishnu Reddy

            Rooted G-Nexus, MMS received works in Hangouts. Can't seem to send MMS though. Was able to send MMS through the old Messages app, but no dice trying to send MMS from Hangouts.

          • Dominick White

            same thing . keeps happening to me too

        • Ramacher

          Maybe something to do with touchwiz and/or samsung messaging app. Have you tried disabling the samsung messaging app?

          • Anthony Tyson

            Yep still doesn't work. I can wait a little I guess.

          • dvduran1

            doesn't work here on an HTC ONE :(

          • Joshua W

            Works perfect for me on the HTC One.

    • abqnm

      Yeah it doesn't send or receive MMS for me on d2vzw (S3) running AOSP 4.2.2. It just sits there with the animated ... for a while and then says retrying. Also incoming MMS just disappear into the ether. I tried disabling all other messaging apps and disabling wifi, but still no luck. Oh well, I am sure it will be fixed soon enough.

      • Curt Neal

        Same here on a VZW S4. Can send a single sms to a contact but group threads dont work at all.

  • Hayden Andrew

    No problems what so ever... Samsung Galaxy S4 (Australia)

  • Andrew

    It will not install for me. Even put intosystem app and changed to rw r r with no success. Running carbon rom 4.3 on LG optimus g pro

    • CoreRooted

      Did you try clearing data and/or wiping dalvik/cache?

  • mbfnb1

    I wish we were able to send sms from the computer via hangouts, is that possible?

    • John Smith

      i don't think so. that would be a killer feature. dumb that they didn't include. i still use Mighty Text.

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        Mighty Text is broken if you install the new Hangouts.

        • John Smith

          mine works. G-Nex.

    • CoreRooted

      Chances are we *might* get that eventually. The problem is that SMS is still dependent on your phone sending the message and not Hangouts. SMS is not sent over data (like in gVoice or MightyText (which also uses your phone and a backend server)). So, in order for Hangouts to send a SMS from web/tablet/etc, it would have to communicate with your phone to send the message.

  • Curt Neal

    Completely unable to send SMS on Verizon GS4.

  • Nick O-H

    Video chats cause a force close also

  • Ben

    Nexus 7 2013 force close on video chat
    wiped data and cleared cache

  • Ashish

    Is the SMS functionality just a regular SMS that goes against my SMS limit? or does it tunnel the SMS over data a la iMessage?

    • crazyg0od33

      good. lord. imessage doesnt 'tunnel sms over data'

      imessage checks if the other person has imessage on the back end. if that recipient has imessage, it switches over to an IM app a la whatsapp or hangouts (before integration).

      If you dont have data, imessage sends sms JUST like a phone sends sms. so yes, this update still sends sms as regular sms. so does imessage. if the other user has hangouts, however, you can choose to send via hangouts instead.

      its EXACTLY the same as having hangouts and an sms app, only now you can see your sms inside the hangouts app

      • Vishnu Reddy

        The difference is that iMessage handles the checking of recipient's capabilities and switch between IM and SMS automatically, without user input. We have to manually choose in Hangouts 2.0. It's disappointing.

        • crazyg0od33

          i agree. im just starting to get annoyed at everyone thinking that iMessage sends regular SMS messages over data.

        • ginobili1

          There is a limitation though. My brother has iMessage but doesn't have data. So whenever someone sends him a SMS (from iPhone) it automatically gets chosen to be an iMessage. What happens is that if he's out and about, he doesn't get it until he's back on WiFi. Maybe that's why Google wanted to give user the choice.
          Though it will bite 'em in the leg and people won't use Hangouts messaging (GTalk) enough. They will just send regular SMS, albeit from the same app.

    • abqnm

      SMS uses your regular carrier SMS bucket of messages. It does not go through the data network.

  • Clove

    Keeps saying can't open any file on any mirror

  • Zack Whitfield

    For people talking about it being separate threads, it kinda makes sense. iMessage runs over phone numbers for both accounts so there's no translation. Google would have to check an email address against a phone number (which isn't hard, but still more work than iMessage), which would be dependent on you having your phone number attached to your Google account - more complex would be seeing it read from your contacts and matching them together, but doing that efficiently is meh.

    All in all, I'm not really surprised they're split right now, but the fact they put the ability to switch between conversations with the same person kinda hints they've started to implement it already but it's a WIP.

    • Bud Lutz

      wrong.......imessage uses email

      • deano

        no it doesn't you dozy twat

        • Bud Lutz

          is that why i can put my EMAIL on my data only ipad 3 and receive imessages all day long?? My ipad doesn't have my phone number lol

    • mrjayviper

      you can imessage via email too. I used to do that using my macbook

  • Pengwn

    Awww :(
    Location sharing doesn't look the same. I wonder if the chrome extension will be updated soon?

    Left: Chrome Extension - Right: Phone

    • CoreRooted

      The reason is that the map is a clickable link in Android. I tested it between my phone and another device and on the other device, it showed the maps link above the image (when sent as an MMS). I haven't tested hangouts -> hangouts yet.

  • Cory Hanes

    Anyone else find hangouts v2 to be slow?

    • CoreRooted

      Yeah. Still laggy. :-/

    • Ricardo Neves

      Switching between Hangouts and SMS in the action bar is a little buggy

    • akshay7394

      Extremely :| It lags like mental, even though everything else on my phone is just fine.

  • Berto Maia

    Mms send and receive not working on Sprint HTC One.

  • ashclepdia

    Hey guys, if you are on a ROM/using voice+ app, you can do your SMS thru hangouts.
    Just activate voice+ and presto

    • ashclepdia

      No one cares? Lol
      I think it's pretty sweet this works without a hitch

    • Bradley Albert Nemitz

      Say I have a verizon s3 that I never ROM'ed, but do have rooted. Could I install the voice+ app and have it work?

      Or do I need to get on CM? If so, which version? Looks like 10.1 is the only stable for the s3 right now, but I feel like it's probably in 10.2.

      • ashclepdia

        I'm very sorry to say I do not know specifically on the s3.

        I would Google "s3 voice+"

      • ashclepdia

        i believe that the ROM has to support it. but i also think i recall being able to push a certain apk(or two) into system and maybe one other file as well. sorry for such late response and not being very helpful.
        my suggestion would be to google search for something like "use voice+ without CM/cyanogenmod installed" or similar. that should get you the info you need better than i can explain at this time :)

    • Fire Ball

      I'm so glad it works with Voice+!! I just tried it right now and it will be fine until we get Google Voice integration.

  • genius13

    Will google home be available as an app in the play store?

    • CoreRooted

      There's been a lot of speculation on this. Eventually it probably will be, but probably not for devices < 4.4 (although, maybe 4.3 might be supported OR a newer version of Play Services).

      The real answer is no one knows right now.

  • Berto Maia

    MMS send/receive works on stock unrooted HTC one but not on rooted HTC one. Damn.

    • crazyg0od33

      weird - working fine here. rooted HTC one on VZW

    • Bud Lutz

      yeah MMS works fine on my rooted One....while sending through hangouts or SMS

  • arb

    When select group sms, it totally goes hang, crashes the whole sms system, had to uninstall and re-install, clear data etc on Samsung Galaxy S4. There are some issues while using SMS feature in hangours.

  • Jenna

    Is it still possible to use custom notification sounds for particular contacts? I might just be overlooking it but I don't think it is possible in "old" Hangouts but it obviously is in the Message app. I'm wondering whether that gets lost once SMS is handled in Hangouts.

    • Jenna

      Answered my own question: no custom notification sounds on a contact-by-contact basis. Can just turn off notifications for a particular hangout like usual. :(

  • Bud Lutz

    wow....Apple puts out an extremely refined, simple sms app that fluidly switches between SMS and iMessages. They set the bar high, but damn, to think google couldn't even come up with a copy that is even close to being as good is sad. No SMS from my Hangouts gmail extension?? Can't even combine the SMS and Hangouts threads?? This is a bad way to start out the new features of 4.4

    • Braco Brubo

      The decision was clearly by choice on Google's end. There are several non-google devs who have already produced "unified messaging" apps that combine conversations from multiple sources into one thread (see Disa for an example), and there are several apps that do computer-to-sms (see MightyText). Whether or not it's what you want, it's certainly not developer incompetence, it's what Google has deemed the correct way to handle multiple sources.

      • Bud Lutz

        I use Mightytext currently.......it's great.....but I would rather have a single solution that works well straight from Google. How can separate threads EVER be better than better than not even having to think and letting the phone try hangouts.....and if it fails, send via SMS

    • Spittal

      he's right, but expressed very angerly.

  • David Hartman

    Here's a question. I just made a voice call through Hangouts. Was it a data call, or was it VOIP since I was on my home Wifi network? Using an HTC one, SMS worked fine, jury's still out on MMS.

    • Ricardo Neves

      It lets you choose the app to call, so it obviously depends on the app you use...

      • David Hartman

        Interesting. It didn't give me a choice. I pressed the phone icon in hangouts, and it connected the call. I have Groove installed but not running. I thought I read the new Hangouts would do VOIP without a third-party app. Must have misunderstood

  • duse

    One really big thing STILL missing here is search. The default messaging app has a search feature, as does iMessage on iPhone. Hangouts does not. So once the stock Messaging app is gone, there's NO way to search your texts without using a third-party SMS app. How ridiculous.

    • J

      Well I wouldn't want it to work like the iPhone version either, because it's so frustrating in my experience. But yeah, a good search would be nice.

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      I know you can search your Hangouts messages in GMail. Don't know yet about SMS. I realize it's a workaround. Sucks that it's not built in to the app itself.

      • duse

        Correct, so now with KitKat, no way to search your SMS at all without using a third-party app.

  • cabbiebot

    SPRINT users with Google Voice, please post your thoughts. I just got it installed here.

    • Allen Dewberry, Jr.

      It just works honestly, I really don't see much a difference between normal SMS and Hangout conversations. The integration is a bit different since you pick the number/gmail contact at the top and continue chatting like normal. It however switches on the fly which is unfortunate. Unlike Windows Phone, where its one continuous conversation; Hangouts 2.0 is just one or the other but on the same contact. Its a little bit odd UI wise but it still needs a bit of work though.

      • cabbiebot

        I'm having people send me texts and I'm only receiving them in Voice, not hangouts.

        • Allen Dewberry, Jr.

          Really? Texts just show up as normal texts for me i have to turn off my ONE Sense 5.1 stock messaging app so i stop receiving dual responses. Just works like a normal app for me but I do have full Google Voice integration on my number so it just doesn't care.

          • cabbiebot

            on 4.2.2, which are you on?

          • Allen Dewberry, Jr.

            Nah im on 4.3 on my HTC ONE, good ol Sprint rolling out updates on time!

        • mikahl3310

          Go into your GVoice App and change the setting to receive through messaging app and not through the Voice App. This should fix it. Voice App - Settings - Sync and notifications - Receive text messages (you want Via the messaging app)

          • cabbiebot

            I went ahead and updated to a 4.3 ROM with Voice+ and then took your suggestion, which made it work. Thanks!

    • cabbiebot

      Sent a text from Hangouts. The response came in Voice. So, that's disappointing

  • Chix

    Noticed that a thread is not showing any message if there are more than 100 messages in that thread. Anyone experiencing this?

  • Alexis Urena

    Being on sprint finally paying off triband now this....awesome

  • sam

    I would like ( scheduling messages )


    merging hangouts and sms threads

  • Aman Yajurvedi

    Seems like status messages are not fully baked. Can set a mood but no rich text yet. It all seems a little half baked at the moment.

  • mrjayviper

    according to the playstore, hangouts has been updated today (1-nov here)

  • Mystery Man

    Tried sending an MMS now I am in a crash loop :(

    and I just read the update. Thanks AP

  • Sahil Chaturvedi

    Would this apk be the SAME as the one that is being rolled out slowly?

  • satsmagic

    Fails to install on my 4.2.1

  • Konstigt2

    Installed on my Nexus 4. Video call doesn't work, it immediately crashes the app.

    • Konstigt2

      Clear of data did not help

  • agarza8989

    I downloaded the apk but whenever I send my location or a picture message to somebody the app force closes and I have to clear data to start using it again?

    • Konstigt2

      Sending location works for me

      .. and photos

  • bat0nas

    How about importing all my SMS messages from Messaging app to Hangouts? I have like 10000 of them or more. Gotta be a way to migrate to Hangouts...

  • tropango

    This is what happened on my end. Galaxy Y running 2.3.5, rooted (no custom ROM)

    Those numbers are actually my contacts. Hangouts does not display the name or the picture associated with those contacts. It only shows the name & picture of Hangouts conversations, not SMS.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Is there an easy fix? I tried clearing cache and data, but that didn't work.

  • Prasad Tiruvalluri

    Can anybody tell me what happens to the message when you archive it by swiping to the left? Where does it go?

    • namepickuh

      there's an "Archived Hangouts" option in the menu. They are also searchable in your gmail.

  • Colin Kaminski

    Is there no search option?

  • Duff

    So, how does SMS actually work in terms of sending messages? If you send an SMS to someone will it automatically send it to them via Hangouts as a hangouts message if it detects they have an Android phone/Hangouts? E.g. the same as iMessage which works very well

    • Cael

      I sent a SMS to myself. It says "via SMS" in Hangouts, all the emoji are there in color. In my phone's text message app, looks like a normal text message, only 3 emoji came thru in black and white out of 5.

  • Cael

    Working ok with my Droid 4, not rooted. First screen is bothering me since I can see that right swipe over and I'm like go away.

  • Lars Jeppesen

    Just a warning: after installing the APK on my HTC One, video calling stopped working. Had to revert to old version again :(

  • mitch

    I'm getting "message not sent. Touch to retry. " when sending sms
    Anyone? ?

  • G155

    Heres a question. Does v2 allow for attachments. I send a lot of contact information but can not find a way to do it unless going in a copying the contact. ( but no way to attach)

    maybe something to come, I had high hopes for this apk hoping it will still pan out.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    Sweet with Voice+ in Cyanogen Mod my Google Voice works with Hangouts.

  • Gary Wilkinson

    After looking forward to SMS integration in Hangouts for all this time I've decided not to use it. The current implementation isn't good enough I was hoping it would merge the SMS and Hangout threads and intelligently use the relevant service with each contact.

    • Christopher Robert

      Click Setting>SMS>check Tunr on SMS. Really is pretty simple.

      • Gary Wilkinson


  • http://lightyear.be teranex

    Works on my Nexus 4 with stock Android 4.3 (rooted) except when trying to make a video call it crashes.

    • Christopher Robert

      Video calls for any devices but Nexus 5 is not working on the new version

  • Alex Goeckner

    I can't receive MMS messages with the new hangouts. I have both receive MMS and roaming MMS settings checked.

  • Nick

    I'm having problems getting my SMS to sync with my contacts. Just shows up as the number. Any help?

    • Anant

      Clear Cache / Try re-installing the app. Also , trying toggling contact sync twice. Might work

      • Nick

        no luck :(

  • Nick

    This is underwhelming... I really want my texts to sync to my wifi tablet

    • Josh Kochelek

      Use mightytext it's awesome.

  • Doctor Awesome PhD

    Can't send MMS on rooted 4.2.2 VZW Droid Maxx. Bummer.

  • cf

    I just get the message "Can't open file" after downloading it

    • synergism

      same here

  • Aalok Kamble

    Hangouts Video calls not working in attached .apk

  • Eloy Antunez

    Will apps like Mightytext and SMS Backup+ still work properly?

  • Salvo

    it says connecting while i'm doing videochat and it's ok....but it says too when i'm joining too....and then it stucks on that...and all i can do is force to close the app :(...how i can doo??

  • Zee

    Had to uninstall this off my Nexus 4, video calling crashed every single time.

  • Hector Diaz

    Many complaints about the Hangout update but i have try it in my Huawei P6 and working normal, like the new interface. I also try it on my Nexus 7 1st generation and working just fine too.I'll keep trying things and posting results. I also would try it on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and see how it works.

  • Thomas’

    Maybe now some people will understand why Google is using staged rollout.

  • Orbiting234

    Any idea how to do multi-part SMS with this? When I hit the character limit of one SMS message it simply refuses to take anymore input. Was never a problem with the plain old Messaging program obviously. And I can't seem to find any setting in Hangouts either.

    • joelz9614

      multipart should be enabled


      that's in the mms_config.xml in the app

      • joelz9614

        yea doesn't work nvm lol

  • Hector Diaz

    Updating: try many calls with the update and lost contact after few minutes talking. Had to go back to previous version.

  • victorhooi


    I've got this on my Nexus 4 - and the annoying thing is - you can't search SMSes anymore...

    Previously, you could do text searches through your SMSes - now, nothing.

    It's kinda annoying that Google is stripping out useful features like that, hopefully they'll add it back in at some point.


  • Replicant Jason Booth

    mms messages are having difficulty going through.

  • Stephen Cunningham

    Anybody have a source for hangouts 2.0 extension for chrome?

  • joelz9614

    VZW people should probably install this one

    link to thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2510681

    I modified the current app

    - Added Verizon apns to /res/xml/apns.xml

    now mms works (sending/receiving) for vzw lol..google decided to leave out verizon's apns for some reason so that's why it wasn't working

    Tested on:

    - Verizon HTC Droid DNA

    heres a link to the apk


    you must first delete the hangouts app and the talk app if you have it, and install this through a file explorer, just move the app to /system/app/

  • Connor Sanders

    The new permissions show Send SMS, etc. But I see know feature that allows me to use the SMS feature, it is not in the settings either. Help?

  • Jermaine

    SMS, MMS, locations sharing, and hangouts chats work great, however SMS text has a limit on characters and trying to do a video call crashes immediately upon initiating a video call.

  • robaldred

    The separate threads is disappointing. I'd rather it be a separate app if it's not integrated properly.

  • Mopo

    is there a way to download the update to my AT&T HTC One X?

  • Konstigt2

    Hmm, still not released on Play Store. I guess it takes some time to fix all the reported problems.

    The app is updated November 6 on Play Store. Wonder why/what they did.

  • Cody Jackson

    I think this is awesome no need for multiple apps in the dock

  • abid xaidi

    Thanks for the help of http://dreamwiper.blogspot.com/.