Virtual reality didn't die in the 90's, it just needed the right hardware to get going again. The Oculus Rift VR headset has developers and enthusiasts excited, but it's currently tethered to the PC. According to Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe, that's a temporary situation – the team is planning to bring the Oculus Rift to Android.


The Oculus Rift – for the unaware – is a visor with a 7-inch screen with two lenses (one for each eye) that can produce a realistic 3D experience at 640×800 in each eye. The consumer version is expected to sport 1080p resolution, and it will likely weigh quite a bit less than the dev kit at 0.83lbs. The dev kit is also $300, which will hopefully come down a bit for the final product. Oculus VR plans to support both Android and PC through the same device, according to creator Palmer Luckey.


The difficulties with open development on iOS are reportedly acting as a roadblock to Oculus Rift on iDevices. Earlier reports claimed the device was headed for iOS, but that turns out to have been completely wrong. The team doesn't currently have any plans to go down the iOS road, even with programming legend John Carmack in the CTO chair. Last we heard, the consumer Oculus Rift was expected in mid-late 2014.

Update: Changed to indicate there will be a single Oculus Rift for PC and Android, per a comment from Palmer Luckey on Reddit. This was incorrectly reported on numerous sites.

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  • Pierre Gardin

    Seems legit.

  • Simon Humphrey

    It doesn't have two screens, it has one screen, with a lense for each eye.
    Anyway, another great reason the rift is bound for success.

  • Maniac Maniac

    I want GTA V on this!

    • ari_free

      I want everything on this!

  • Mark

    Please correct you article: There is only one headset that will support both PC and Android, not two different editions. Palmer Lucky just confirmed this on oculus sub-reddit.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      We've seen the thread and are updating. Considering the dozens of other sites reporting on this have also gotten this detail completely wrong, it would come as no surprise to me that Oculus didn't present the information well at the event this story emerged from.

      It would be nice if they could just state for the record in an official post / announcement that this is the case (1 headset, running Android, supporting Android and PC game output) instead of relying on disseminating information through an obscure subreddit only browsed by Oculus fans.

      Regardless, we apologize for the error [that everyone else proliferated blindly] and any confusion it may have caused.

  • SetiroN

    You (and the source) are not being clear:
    the "definitive" version of the oculus rift will RUN android. It will have an application processor inside and run the android operating system, along with oculus' additional software stack.

    How this has anything to do with iOS, I'm not sure, unless you were expecting them to glue an ipad on top of the visor.
    Whether you will be able to use the rift to output content from any device other than the PC or not hasn't been made clear yet, and that includes xboxes, playstations and smartphones of any kind.

    • mobilemann

      this kind of "nah nah nah" shit is why i came here instead of AAuthority, or ACentral.

    • Vibrunazo

      How is this being upvoted? Are you guys even reading it? This is completely wrong, what the article is clearly talking about is that the Oculus will output content from PC and Android but not iOS. This is perfectly clear on the linked article and further confirmed by Oculus devs on their subreddit.

      • SetiroN

        And the article is wrong.
        From your beloved reddit:
        palmerluckey Founder, Oculus VR 51 points 7 hours ago (54|3)
        It would be WAY better to have one headset that can work from the PC and from the android device.
        That is the plan. This article is wrong.

        • andy_o

          Context. This is the previous post he's quoting:

          I have a PC and I have a nexus 2nd gen tablet. I hate the idea that I would need two separate rifts for each. One for home use and one for travel. It would be WAY better to have one headset that can work from the PC and from the android device.

          That was what the article was wrong about. It has nothing to do with running or not running Android itself.

          Also, the first sentence that you quoted was a quote obviously. "THE android device", as you put it, was written by someone else.

          • SetiroN

            He responded to that message and specifically quoted part of it for a reason.
            I've watched videos and personally witnessed Carmack himself talking about his current work on integrating an application processor into the rift, running android, on multiple occasions; from quakecon to the recent nvidia event in Montreal and what I'm saying, differently from what what's written in this article, has a basis that is not "copypaste what some website wrote about some rumours they say they've heard".

            What's being reported here is a shitty article used as a mere trick to collect clicks thanks to iOS vs android bickering.

          • andy_o

            Who is saying anything about it not running Android? You're the only one who brought in the subject.

            What people are saying is wrong is what you said next:

            Whether you will be able to use the rift to output content from any device other than the PC or not hasn't been made clear yet

            That is exactly what has been made clear, including with the post you quoted.

  • Cory_S

    And Carmack is a huge iOS fanboy too.

    • Elliot Kotis

      Nope, simply google "John Carmack Apple" and it will come up with an article, "working with apple is a rollercoaster and not all of it is positive", aka working with Apple is crap.

    • mateor

      Carmack has been tweeting Android programming tips and discussions for months now.

    • ari_free

      Perhaps he was in 2010 when Apple had the lead. But times have changed.

  • Dean

    What a fuck up of an article.

    • Angus Marshall

      Language, Timothy.

  • Ronnie Carroll

    They tried this before...
    It never works
    It is no different than mounting a television to your head and then putting a trash bag over everything so that you can not see anything else

    • MLBaylor

      from all accounts worth reading this is different. it takes up all of your peripheral vision and the lenses correct for human depth of field. its the difference between looking at the content on the screen and being in the content.

  • Lugnuts McGruff

    Pffft.... Samsung thought of this ages ago. Have a look...


  • Jadephyre

    I'm still not sold on this technology.
    I remember when the first VR Headsets popped up, and they were literally a trainwreck.
    Having a monitor in front of you is much better, if I had children I would not buy them this, and if they got old enough to buy it themselves, I would burn it.
    Bad enough that a lot of kids sit in front of the computer for hours at a stretch.

    • Elliot Kotis

      Cry more, everything was debunked when released. MS made a tablet back in 2000, wasn't wanted, but tech improved. VR has been done before, but this time, tech has improved and people eat it up.

  • didibus

    Not to steal the Oculus rift's thunder, it is a nice device and I support it. But everyone interested in AR and VR for android should also check out CastAr and possibly back their kickstarter campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/technicalillusions/castar-the-most-versatile-ar-and-vr-system?ref=live

    • Pastorboi

      Been there done that.

  • Bluewall

    My first thought when I saw the picture

  • Bluewall

    My first thought.

  • ari_free

    This promises to be a much better solution than TrackIR, where you move your head but still need to look straight in front of you. With this, you could have a racing game and check your side window and mirrors. If you are playing as infantry in an FPS, you could see who is around you without the need for 3rd person or HUD's.

  • master94

    This proves Android is the better OS, Apple's ios restrictions make this device useless and limited. IOS fail

  • Nabeel Farooqui

    I dont understand, hoe the heck are we going to use it on a smartphone?

    • Philip Kahn

      Miracast or something, I suspect.

  • Tech Guru

    scuba mask?

  • A Black UI is the best UI

    Who cares?

    Android allows more freedom than iOS ever does so when this happens is anyone actually surprised.