In a move that's sure to please Glass explorers, Google's added a "Glassware" tab to the online MyGlass interface. The Glassware "Boutique" is something many expected to come with the XE10 update, after Google began accepting submissions for review. The update came without a peep about the boutique, but we found plenty of ways new Glassware could hook its claws into your Glass once approved.

While no new apps have been added to the Glassware section at the time of writing, it would seem Google's getting ready to provide easy access to approved apps. Seeing this type of movement toward a centralized Glassware catalog is certainly encouraging, and we can only hope Google rolls in some third-party Glassware soon.


Also of note is the new accessories shop that appears to have been opened to explorers today, allowing them to pick up mono earbuds, new "shields" (the clear plastic shades), chargers, and carrying pouches. At least that's what it will allow once all these items are in stock. So far explorers can only purchase new shields.



Speaking of the new shields, it seems that Google's made a design adjustment. In the original post announcing the swap opportunity for current explorers, the Glass team mentioned that the new revision of Glass would be compatible "with future frames." Indeed, the shields listed in the shop now explicitly state compatibility with post-October 28th Glass.

This is likely because of a change to the attachment point on the eyewear. Instead of being a rigid piece, the attachment mechanism now appears to be spring-loaded. Hopefully, this will reduce instances of cracking due to stress during application, a problem several explorers have experienced.


There's no denying that the Glass team continues to move fast - it's clear that they've taken note of many of the common complaints about Glass from explorers' initial feedback, and made some adjustments. Of course many of these adjustments (like the strange mono earbud) are as experimental as the product they support, but the Glass team's engagement with and attention to community feedback is certainly refreshing.

Glass Accessories

Via Living Thru Glass (Google+)

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  • Michael J Carroll

    $50 for a POUCH?!?!

    • Eli Friedman


      • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack


    • Milind Shah

      dude, it is made from japanese micro-fiber made from recycled materials xD

    • Martim

      Google is the new Apple. Heh.

  • TheGM0

    LOL. Are they serious with those accessory prices? Obviously the Glass guys haven't meet the guys selling the Nexus guys selling the Nexus 4 for $200. Because there definitely not on the same page.

    • Shawn Wilkinson

      These models are for developers only really. So far I've got my Glass replaced once next day, and also I'm getting a free upgrade to v2. Worth the price I paid for. When they have these out in volume vs a few thousand people I'm sure everything will be cheap.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      To be fair, the Nexus 4 may have been cheap, but the accessories were similarly overpriced. That's just how gadget accessories work...

      • RitishOemraw

        correction: that's the way OFFICIAL gadget accessories work.
        If you want cheap go ebay for the chinese stuff once this gets released to the public :D

  • http://www.ebog.me/ ebog

    Really good information for those who are waiting for the launch of Google Glasses and popular products. With these accessories, they can afford to use them with the love from them. But they're really expensive

  • Nathan Buth

    I feel I should point out that the current shields are also spring loaded. There may be differences from the current versions to the newer versions of the shields but the spring loaded part is not one of them. :)