The Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth-enabled door lock is the type of product that can change people's lives. No more fumbling for groceries and keys at the same time. No more scratching up the door at night. No more giving out spare keys to friends and family members. This lock opens at just a touch as long as paired smartphones or key fobs are within range. The lock became available for pre-order in the summer, and now it's up for sale directly on Amazon.


If Amazon isn't your store of choice, there's also Home Depot, Build.com, Newegg, and Lowe's. The typically $219 product is cheapest at Lowe's, where it retails for $213.

But before you get too excited, Kevo won't work with Android phones until they're upgraded with suport for Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Mmhmm. In the meantime, you can still get by with a fob and transition to your phone once the support arrives.

Source: Press Release

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Nick

    Considering they don't support any Android devices right now, not really interested.

    • Willie D

      You need to reread it... It supports plenty as plenty of new phones are BT4.0

      • Nick

        You need to reread it. " Currently Android 4.3, as well as Blackberry 10.1, does not fully support all Bluetooth LE features required by Kevo, but we hope it will soon. When it does, we will be ready shortly thereafter. "

        • Dan

          Galaxy S3 supports Bluetooth LE, but they don't have an android app

  • Jeffery Keel

    It's weird how in Canada it's under a different brand. This is available at Home Depot in Canada but it isn't known as the Kiwkset Kevo, here it's known as the Weiser Kevo.

    • Andy Stetson

      Weiser is another brand owned by Kwikset's parent company. Strange, yes, but that's like the Acura Integra being known as the Honda Integra in Japan (as Acura, as well as Infinity and Lexus don't really exist in Japan, the cars are there, they are just Hondas, Nissans and Toyotas)

  • Mystery Man

    Since it still has a tumbler I can still pick this easily.... dumb

    • JT3

      If it didn't... how exactly would you unlock it if the battery died? It could auto-unlock at that point, but that's even worse.

    • Steve Freeman

      It's not for added security, it's just so you don't have to physically unlock it. That being said, it's way too expensive right now. If it comes down even close to what a regular lock costs I'll think about it.

  • Shane Knight

    How close do you have to be? If your phone or the fob is left in the same room as the door at night, like on a end table,could a thief potentially just open the lock by touching it??

    • Nick

      No. Supposedly the lock knows which side of the door you're on.

    • JT3

      It's probably like the technology in a car's keyless lock system. The fob has to be within 5 feet or so. Unless you're leaving the fob that close, it wouldn't work. Plus, a lot (maybe most) of the ones in cars can tell if the fob is inside or outside, to prevent you from leaving your key in the car. This could easily do the same, and not allow an unlock from outside if the key is inside.

  • CalgaryDroid193

    How could the release this without supporting the majority of the phones on the market??

    • kirk

      At this completely absurd price, they don't need market scale to make money. Sell it to the iphone crowd, who obviously have no concern for value, and make money hand over fist!

  • HeCareth

    Weird, BT 4.0 Low Power has been on Galaxy phones since the S3, and on the Droid Razr's for a while. Not to mention AOSP got full BT 4.0 support with 4.3...so pending what exactly?

    • bob

      The developers are probably still stuck in the "Android is too fragmented" mindset.

    • Anonymous

      They could need the phone to support BLE Peripheral mode, which none of those options support

    • BHL

      What's pending? How about an app ? You need more than a capable phone, or else everyone and their dog that comes to their door with a compatible phone could get it. -- as for the 'fragmented Android' mindset -- this is actually more true than a mindset. Not every android phone is going to work with this, and most consumers won't know if their Android phone meets the spec or not. it's easy to mark what iPhone models do/don't work. Most people who own an iPhone know if they have a 4s, or a 5 -- But it's a much richer task to say what Android models do and do not work with it.

  • nagi

    The wired article about the "vulnerability" of the bolt used in the item makes this nothing more than a cute and very expensive dead weight. ( http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2013/08/kwikset-smarkey-lock-vulns/ )

  • elyd23

    Android police should not be advertising these locks as just a quick google search on it states that these locks are not at all secure so be responsible enough for your viewers..

  • James Francis

    I'm glad some people find their battery life or bluetooth so reliable that they'd risk getting locked out for it :)

    • b

      The Bluetooth LE... the batteries are supposed to last a year. Also, you can still use the regular key.

  • Leonid

    I had Wiser smart lock with fingerprint reader. Lasted just about 4 years. Now it's broken, my wife could not adopt finger reader thing and used key. Hardware is very weak, the locking mechanism fell apart. I wonder how this piece of junk would really protect... I loved the key less ability and really never carried key, but for $250 it should last at least 10 years as many cheap locks would last even more.. I am not sure if they have improved their mechanical part (which I doubt as it's all standard). Now I can't justify to throw away another $250 ( we don't have iPhones in our family)... What are narrow sighting marketing.

  • tim

    This lock is not suppose to add more security than a regular lock. It's just for convenience. For the one who said he could pick it, you're wrong. Smart keys do not use pin tumblers so they are pick proof and bump proof. It can be defeated but not as easy as wired made it look. Any lock can be defeated so that's not the issue. Everyone seems really mad about the price but if you don't want it then don't buy it. It's that simple. It's not for everyone but nothing really is. Just get an extra fob for $25.00 and the phone problem is not an issue.

  • Droit et Avant

    For all of you that have not idea on how this lock works, get more information before assuming. This is a great lock with the same safety standards of any other lock; the difference is that it is much convenience to open it by just touching it as long as your phone is setup and within range. If you have not experienced a scary moment of strangers being around when you arrive at home late at night, you will not understand the importance of just touching it and
    getting inside your home in less than 5 seconds. When people are nervous the last thing they remember is to find or hold the proper key to open the door, this lock solved that. It is an expensive lock, but what isn't this day. I preferred to install this lock for my family security instead of buying an expensive pair of jeans or overpriced tennis shoes.

  • Speedy

    Android 4.4 supports BLE but still I see no app