Vic Gundotra just announced what we've all hoped for (and kind of already anticipated): SMS is coming to Hangouts. Yes.


Aside from that, you'll also be able to share your location with a simple tap. Oh, and GIFs. Prepare for all sorts of animated crap in Hangouts. It's happening. Unfortunately, we're not exactly sure when it will be happening – there's no word right now as to when the updated APK will hit Google Play. Let's hope for today. Nope. It'll be out "in a few days." Sadface.

1[10] 2[10] animated-gifs

Hangouts on Air is also getting a nice update today, which will bring the ability to plan a HoA, promote the content within, and manage the HoA like a producer would a TV show.


1[8] 2[6] 2[8]

Lastly, Hangout video calls are getting a slight makeover that adds full-screen video calls across all devices, as well as automatic adjustments that will correct bad webcam lighting. Today's updates are definitely all about "the power of Google" making your life better and improving the quality of videos and images.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • BrianLipp

    Im disappointed AP, how do you not have the apk yet? :P

    • Paul_Werner

      I am disappoint

    • moelsen8

      don't forget the teardown too! slacking here today!

    • CJ

      "The Android app and video calling features will be available in a few days"

      Source: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2013/10/google-hangouts-and-photos-save-some.html

      • BrianLipp

        i know, it was a joke, since AP always has the apks and everything way before anyone else and super quick

        • Hideoushit

          It was a good joke, but a good reason too. I like my humor tempered with reason.

          That and I'm rabid for a taste of the latest Hangouts too.

      • moelsen8

        just in time for n5 and kitkat!

      • Chris Lambert

        Like how the notification bar is blanked out in those screenshots. Bit late to stop the leaks now, Google.

        • Justin W

          As if it doesn't make it even more obvious :)

        • http://wishu-blog.net/ Marco (Wishu) Kaiser

          It’s not 4.4. Look at the Back-Button. The Bug with these two pixels is already there :D

      • Sean

        Can't believe I'm going to say this, but I hope it's a staged rollout and by "in a few days" they mean "within a few days, starting immediately."

      • Brad

        Likely because it's a staged rollout

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      On a more serious note, I'm actually not sure it's coming out today.

      • Brad

        I feel like you've jerked me around FOR THE LAST TIME! *gathers bags of dicks*

      • Johan Svärdh

        He said it would be today. On the screen it said today.

  • John Smith

    phone calls?

  • Brad


    • Chris Lambert

      You'll get it when someone gets the update and posts the APK.... Can't get it faster than that...

      • Brad

        Well, yeah, that's exactly what I've said in reply to "where's the APK?" posts... but I'm not asking for it... just stating my excitement.

        • Chris Lambert

          Just my little joke.

          • Brad

            This is the internet, man... you can't joke on here

          • Chris Lambert

            So the downvotes tell me. Serious place, this The Internet.

    • Nathaniel Webb


      • Hideoushit

        I AM NOT

        • Nathaniel Webb


          • gullible


          • https://twitter.com/#!/psychomaniac189 psychomaniac189

            LOUD NOISES!

  • Cody Menlove

    Can you get the .apk soon? We know Google will be doing a phased rollout and I want the SMS integration now.

    • Brad

      They get it when someone gets the update and posts the APK.... Can't get it faster than that...

      • Matt Dukes



        • Charles Sweeney

          LMAO...I like this ^^^

        • Scott Ricketts

          Steal some uranium from the Libyans first.

  • Brendan

    Finally!!! Thank you Google!

  • http://www.maverickcreative.ca/ Joshua Richards

    Waiting for APK.

  • Jays2Kings

    I'm so ready, but uh what about GVoice?

  • Scott

    Obligatory waiting for .apk comment.

  • Derek Duncan

    Voice calls like in iOS?

    • http://andrewwhiplash.com Andrew Clement

      I am surprised they didn't include this.
      It would be great to do voice callings or atleast hangout to hangouts audio calls.

      • gk1984

        turn off the camera - bam! voice call

        • WalkinOnBottles

          That's a workaround, not a feature.

          • Hideoushit

            I'll just play devil's advocate here, but... better a workaround than nothing.

            ..... #*&$^ Google how hard can it be.

          • WalkinOnBottles

            Of course it's better than nothing! It would just be nice if they take a step forward and include it as a proper feature instead of having to go through one more(albeit easy) workaround step.

        • Royal2000H

          Probably still uses more data.. Also I imagine that's still on speaker rather than handset. Also can't video call (with video off) a phone number.

    • Ameen

      Voice calls are integrated with the default phone app on Android. They couldn't do that on iOS so they put it on hangouts.;

      • Derek Duncan

        No. That's not it.

      • KanishkSingh

        Not over Voip.

        • motoridersd

          Technically, they are, since there's a SIP Softclient in the Phone, but, you need a separate SIP account for this to work. If that's already there, why not include Google Voice? Bad Google!

      • hp420

        Sip and google voice are not the same thing. You can't use your google voice account for sip calling. Just because they are both technically voip doesn't mean they are the same. Windows and Linux are both computer operating systems, but can you use them interchangeably?

    • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger

      That's the only thing I was hoping to get out of this event. I couldn't not care less about SMS, but VOIP calling through GV that doesn't suck would be amazing for me.

      • Lars Jeppesen

        "couldn't not care less"??

        So you absolutely love this SMS feature... :)

        • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger


          • Lars Jeppesen

            Just kidding.. anyway, I totally agree with you. Couldn't care less about SMS integration.

            Location sharing is nice, that's kinda what keeps me using Whatsapp from time to time...

        • Troy McKeown
        • hp420

          Actually, 'couldn't care less' is correct. If you 'could care less' that means you do still care some....if you couldn't care less, you literally care as little as humanly possible. Almost everyone I've ever met uses this one improperly, and it's one of my biggest minor annoyances in life.

          • Lars Jeppesen

            You missed the party, bro. He updated the typo.

    • BrianLipp

      iirc from when i had a GNex, when 4.3 ROMs came out, in the Phone app settings there was an option for "make calls over internet" which i assume is making them VoIP calls instead of over carrier network. So, at least for devices with a stock experience or access to stock apps (ie Nexus, Moto, maybe others) when they get to 4.3 you should be able to just do it from there w/o hangouts. Now, i know a lot of people dont have the stock Phone app, but if Google were to release it to the Play Store with 4.4, everyone would be able to do it, and that seems like a possibility since they seem to be moving pretty much every Google part of Android into the Store.

  • atlouiedog

    It's a Halloween miracle!

  • skitchbeatz

    Looks like it's just partially integrated. Handles it on your device but sending from the desktop won't happen.. Vic kind of glossed over the hangouts for mobile updates.

  • NinoBr0wn

    All SORTS of animated crap. Can't wait.

  • mgamerz

    Hope it works with Google Voice. For the love of god please stop neglecting it.

    • Fadakar

      Do you use Chrome and have Hangouts and Voice extensions installed? I just enabled Voice last night, got a phone call on my phone, and instead of the voice extension letting me know, I got a pop up from Hangouts saying I was receiving a call. I'm guessing it'll be here soon.

      • mgamerz

        It's been like that for a while. You've been able to make/receive calls to the desktop and be notified through the hangouts extension.

        • Sir_Brizz

          And it worked with Talk before that.

      • IamTheFij

        Yea. Works like that on Desktop, not Mobile yet. However, I think the iOS version does receive them, not sure though.

        I think the other big thing is that I hope the SMS integration works with Google Voice. If it sends the SMS with my actual phone number and not my GV number, it's useless to me.

  • m477

    So… Where is the apk?

    • Wyatt Neal

      Up your butt and around the corner. Nah, J/K ... some time later / next week based on the blog post.

  • Jeff

    Is it still going to lag whenever I try to do anything? I can barely use Hangouts on my GNex.

    • miri

      Runs fine on mine :/

    • Nathaniel_G

      Doesn't lag for me on any of my devices, may be time to upgrade the Gnex.

      • Nevi_me

        Two words. Project Ara

        • Matt

          He might want a new phone a little sooner than that.

        • Justin W

          I hope this pans out as they are expecting... This will be my next device purchase if it does.

        • Adam Truelove

          Two words. Nex Us.

        • Daveon Jackson

          Three words i'll take it.

      • Derail Doax

        Here's the first thing to try before you complain any further. Try doing a factory reset on your phone. Voilà! It's like a new phone. :)

        • Royal2000H

          Waiting until KitKat for my reset.

    • challenge_accepted

      It's slow on my HTC One gpe too. I don't see it replacing the smooth messaging app.

    • Adam Truelove

      It's a bit laggy on the Gnex, but it's not that bad and the Gnex is 2 years old. It was WAY worse when hangouts was first released, it's much smoother now.

      Now one app that does seriously lag on the Gnex is Chrome, OMG it's horrible.

      • etche

        Chrome on Gnex sucks! It used to be so good compared to other browsers. I'm still refusing to change to other app but I'm getting so tired and frustrated with it that I just might do so.
        Is it working ok on newer phones?

        • BrentKensey

          I think the problem is that after using your Gnex for two years, the lack of trim support has ground the storage chip down. It seems to me that Chrome makes heavy use of caching things like bookmarks and history to storage, since it can't keep all of that stuff in memory. Therefore, whenever you dive into the search/url bar, BOOM, LAG! The lag is nowhere to be found on my new Moto X.

          • Lars Jeppesen

            But the GNex does have TRIM support now..??

            *Update* OMG you're on Verizon.. I pity you :)

          • Sean

            With 4.3, yes.

          • Adam Truelove

            I'm have a Gnex on Verizon with 4.3.1 and Chrome is still absolutely horrible.

      • stevobail

        Maxthon is much better on my Gnex than Chrome..

      • Crispin Swickard

        Do you use regular, or beta chrome? Chrome, and hangouts run pretty smooth with only occasional stutter on mine.

    • Mowgli73

      What Android version are you running? I'm on 4.3.1 on my Gnex and it's buttery smooth not only with Hangouts but pretty much everything. TRIM support (as someone mentioned below) has really breathed new life into my Gnex.

      • Jeff

        Ugh, 4.2.2. Not rooted, don't feel like doing it now, and I'm on Verizon. So I'll get the new update in a year when I have a new phone already.

        • Wyatt Neal

          Ha! You'll get an update from Verizon that says you should totally come back and buy a new phone

        • brkshr

          Not the ideal solution... but if you factory reset your GNex, you would get some of that performance back. Might at least make it bearable until you get a new phone.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/psychomaniac189 psychomaniac189

      Uhh that's cuz the gnex sucks ass. Seriously I used to love that phone then it got super slow everything.

  • http://about.me/jovanphilip Jovan Philip
    • Daveon Jackson

      It's happening for the 1,243,765th time this month. -_-

      • akshay7394

        *this week

  • Dee Norbert

    Why are you deleting my comments :|

  • Robert Alex Kibler

    Is it going to thread SMS messages with hangouts messages like iMessage or are they going to be separate threads like facebook messenger? It seems like a waste to not have them threaded.

    • Ricardo Neves

      That's my biggest gripe with the SMS integration in FB messenger. I hope Google does it right.

      • Robert Alex Kibler

        Yeah, me too. How hard would it be to have it attempt to send via hangouts and if it fails, send via SMS. If the user has their data turned off, just automatically default to sms only. Isn't that what Apple does?

    • Michał Polak

      I think it's like facebook messenger. Contact photos have sms badge on them - it wouldn't make sense if there were hangout and sms messages in the same thread.

      • Matt Upton

        iMessage does

        • Michał Polak

          I mean the SMS badge on the contact photo woudn't make sense. But I would love all messages to be in one thread - still hope it will work like that.

      • Robert Alex Kibler

        I dunno, it could have just been that the badge shows the way the most recent message was sent. There weren't any people that were in two different threads, so we have no way of knowing yet, I guess.

  • CJ

    *checks date*



    • Ryuuie

      "Today" means today. Tuesday.

      The official image says today. It will begin rollout today.

      Where are you seeing Wednesday?

  • MrLockOut

    All this talk about bringing SMS into Hangouts. GREAT! Does anyone know if this will support Group messaging (without the horrid slow down of GoPro and the likes) ? Seems like the biggest problem on Android (for me) is trying to be on a group thread with your idiot Iphone friends that can't figure out how to download Whatsapp... ;)

    • Chidozie Emelue

      lololol same exact problem..

      • MrLockOut

        Maybe I don't spend enough time on the forums, but why is there no outcry for this huge problem over the past 3-4 years ??? Not only is it a big annoyance...but try to convince your buddy (that never held anything but an Iphone) to switch when you can barely respond to witty group texts.

        • Freak4Dell

          There's no big outcry because Android has supported group messaging since 4.2.

          • MrLockOut

            I'm definitely the fool for getting stuck with an HTC Amaze and no updates (I miss my Nexus one!!)...excuse me I must go back to play store and hit refresh a thousand times.

          • Chidozie Emelue

            How many people have 4.2 and above? even if you have it you shouldnt forget those that dont.

          • Freak4Dell

            Blame the manufacturers. There wasn't much Google could do. They could either just roll it into AOSP at 4.2, or do nothing at all. Even if they had rolled it in all the way back to FroYo, the OEMs would still have had to put out an update.

            Basically, OEMs suck.

          • Chidozie Emelue

            Im on 4.3 myself but i know a lot of people relying on gosms and handcent which is deadly slow at it..

  • Nevi_me

    Thank you Google. I was waiting this update. It is really great user friendly ... Ag screw this, time to VPN to my server in the US, hopefully I make the first roll-out wave.

  • Nasko Hristov

    Did anybody saw the strange GOOGLE PHOTOS icon?

    • usaff22

      Maybe the test device was running KitKat with Holo Blue icons

      • Nasko Hristov

        No, not these icons, I mean the icon of the app, where Vic showed the new search, it was like pinwheel, like @bleakneonblack:disqus noticed.

        • usaff22

          I realized what you meant, but I suggested the Google Photos app from KitKat might have been an older version of this new photos app. ;)

    • @bleakneonblack

      You mean that pinwheel logo?

      • Nasko Hristov

        Yep, it is new to me, I may be wrong, where it is from?

        • @bleakneonblack

          I didn't recognize it either. I actually spent a few minutes trying to find it on Google.

          • Guest

            It is really strange:

          • Nasko Hristov

            It is really strange:

    • Arun K Kumar

      That might be the new Google Photos icon

      • Pascal Welsch

        it actually is

  • Zach Mauch

    WOAH!!! That isn't Google+!?!?! Is this the event we've been waiting for?

  • Chidozie Emelue

    uhhmm so no phone calls still?

    • Robert Alex Kibler

      I mean, you could make a video call and then turn off the video? Idk though. Vic said that the second half of the presentation is about hangouts, so I'm sure they're not done. They probably just wanted to get the big news out of the way at the beginning.

      • Chidozie Emelue

        Hangouts on web allows me to actually make phone calls to peoples numbers and displays my google voice number when i call.. iOS does the same..

        • Ian Santopietro

          Android already has built-in GV voice integration. If you have GV set up, it will display your GV number when you call out from the stock dialer.

          • Chidozie Emelue

            thats not the same at all. hangouts makes calls through VOIP on wifi or mobile data.. voice still relies on my mobile network.

      • Charles Sweeney

        Nope, there's no second half bro...sorry.

  • Chidozie Emelue

    Can hangouts make calls over wifi now like on iOS?

  • Dee Norbert

    HD to all devices.So if your phone's or tablets front facing camera can record HD you can now call in HD. FINALLY :D

  • Gustavo Parrado

    I'll be excited when I can make an audio only hangout without having to make a video one and disable the camera onece in, sms are dead in my country and google voice is unexistent so I couldn't care less

    • r4v5

      > SMS are dead in my country

      Out of curiosity, what country is that? What do you use in its place? (Actual voice conversations? Perish the thought!)

      • therock

        sms is dead in a lot of countries. people usually use services like whatsapp and hangouts

      • h4rr4r

        Voice conversations are not a replacement for an asynchronous communication method.

      • Gustavo Parrado

        the country is Colombia - SouthAmerica, and yes, we actually make phone calls and speak with each other, I realize the developed world has moved away from that, but the price for sms here is the same as 1 minute talk. Data plans has helped a lot on this regard, we use whatsapp instead, but there's a vast ammount of people who doesn't own a smartphone or a data plan.

      • Gustavo Parrado

        the Country is Colombia, SouthAmerica, we actually talk to each other over the phone, but mostly because 1 sms is the same price as 1 minute of talk, many of us use whatsapp but there's a huge lot of people without smartphones, or data plans.

  • Freak4Dell

    "there's no work right as to when"

    I don't think that's what you were trying to say.

  • mark

    "Prepare for all sorts of animated crap in Hangouts".. i love you.

  • Spasillium

    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5! We know you guys will have it to share first when it drops!

  • Cole Mickens

    And sure enough, "Fuck Google Voice users. You want MMS? Group messaging? Hahahaha".

    Thanks Google. Tired of holding out hope you're going to actually do something with Voice.

    • Robert Alex Kibler

      For what it's worth, Google Voice is a completely free service, provided to you at cost to Google. If you don't like what they're doing with it, then stop using it and pay for texting through your carrier. You get what you pay for.

      • Cole Mickens

        That criticism is so boring.

        1. I'd happily pay for it. Besides, that's not the hassle and everyone knows it. Any Google Voice user is in the same position as me. Annoyed that we have to port our number or tell people to change numbers. This was the problem that GV was meant to prevent.

        2. They've been telling us for years to just keep waiting. And I've kept waiting. Tired of getting jerked around.

        It'd be one thing if they didn't promise us six months ago that Voice users would be taken care of.

        "You get what you pay for" is a copout.

  • Nolan Seibel

    Anyone notice the styling in the new G+ app video maker? Looks an awful lot like the Kitkat styling...

  • TSON1

    Th...they never said when it would be rolling out...

  • Thokozani Mzobe

    "there's no work right as to when the updated APK will hit Google Play. Let's hope for today." No word....

  • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

    No word as to when it will be rolling out? I'm not sure how you got that - the screen (and Vic) did say "today"

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      That indicates the announcements were new as of today, not necessarily that the app would be rolling out today.

  • Stacey Liu

    It doesn't look threaded. What's the point of that? This is no better than FB Messenger (unless I'm wrong).

  • Anonymous

    Not a new name??? "Hangouts" is a stupid name for a messenger app. Why not just call it "Messenger" or "Messages" ?

    • jmchatton94

      Because there's more to the service than just sending messages.

    • Miah

      Maybe because that is just too generic? Go figure...

    • http://r0uzic.net/ r0uzic – Carlos Cabezas

      Whatsapp 2

      • Lars Jeppesen


  • navjot

    Notice how the contact pictures have a SMS label. Looks like it'll work the same way Facebook Messenger used to, which is disappointing.

  • Roh_Mish

    I literally scemt "yay!" When he said it is going to have sms support.

  • http://www.ScienceProUSA.com SciencePro

    And...now I can just go back to waiting for Google Voice integration. Or at least some sort of love for Google Voice.

  • AaronGibson

    APK or it don't count.

  • Scott Ricketts

    Has anyone asked where the apk and teardown is yet?

  • Mystery Man

    Why is there no work?

  • Zak Taccardi

    What happens when you try and contact someone through hangouts that has an SMS app and Hangouts installed?

    It doesn't look like seamless integration to me. You can either SMS someone through Hangouts, or message them on Hangouts.

    • Sean

      If I understand correctly, it will try to send your message through Hangouts, and if it isn't able to get delivered to their phone, that message is canned and sent through SMS.

      • Zak Taccardi

        That would be excellent. But what gave you that impression? From the unveiling today, it looks like conversations are specifically labeled as "SMS" or regular hangout messages.

        • Sean

          I kinda saw that as that's the method by which you're currently communicating, not that it's locked down to that protocol per-se, but who knows at this point. I just hope Google does it right the first time.


    So will the gallery get updated to support GIF too?

  • noone1

    This SMS/Hangouts integration concerns me. I use SMS and chat very differently. Some times I want to SMS, others I want to send via a chat. Also, what happens if someone is logged onto Gchat/G+ on their computer, but I want to send them an SMS? How can we be sure the message gets to the correct device?

    • Sean

      Being that SMS integration is only relevant on mobile, my guess is it goes kinda like this:
      When someone sends you a message, it checks with Google (which pings you) to see if you're online. If you are, great, send it through Hangouts. If not, send through SMS.

      • noone1

        What if I'm logged into hangouts on my computer, but not on my phone, and I'm not at home? Message gets lost. Same goes for people who use a non-stock messaging system. My friend uses a GS4 with a third-party SMS app. So if he sends me SMS messages via that, and my replies end up in his Hangouts app?

        • Sean

          Hangouts would obviously know you're not logged on via your phone, so it would deliver it to your phone via SMS. Regarding our second point -- if you want replies to end up in his messaging app, just text him instead of going through Hangouts...it's not an end-all, be-all. You can still text normally.

          • noone1

            How? They are removing the messaging app. If I have to get a third-party app to do that, it defeats the purpose of integrating it.

          • Sean

            Removing the messaging app is heresay at this point. They may make Hangouts the default without removing Messaging.

    • Scott Ricketts

      Actually, I'm really looking forward to this. WP really got this right combining all your IM and SMS into a single client and they handle it very well. I can't imagine this won't be at least as good. I'd like to have all those conversations bound up into one window. There will probably be an option to turn on SMS or not for people who like their existing SMS client.

      • Thomas’

        It's really a shame that Hangouts is a Google app - and not part of the OS.
        For instance, webOS had an integrated messaging system which allowed plugins. So you could use an unified view for SMS and some IM by default, but you could extend it for other uses. AFAIK there even was a 3rd party WhatsApp plugin.

        This is how I'd love to see it.

        • Scott Ricketts

          Not having it as part of the OS makes it easier to update. Google has been on this track for awhile now, moving stuff that used to be part of the OS and putting them in the Play Store. Not too surprising to me.

  • Solomon Taiwo

    OT: If google can enhance photos like this, I think we will see a better camera software in android 4.4

  • Hideoushit

    I can finally send my girlfriend porn GIFs I found on Tumblr? WIN.

  • Scott Ricketts

    The new pinwheel logo looks like the Snapseed logo redone in Google colors. Maybe?

  • kamiller42

    Supports Google Voice and MMS?

  • maziar esfandiarpoor

    is it possible to share location through sms or does it need internet connection???

    • trickytree1984

      Doubt sms

  • Robert Alex Kibler

    Anybody find it hilarious that they blacked out the status bar, presumably to hide the fact that the icons are white in 4.4?

  • KanishkSingh

    No Voip calls for Google voice the way iOS has. Plus no integration of sms like the imessage. But again its a step in the right direction.

  • Joshua W

    What about MMS support!?

    • Nathaniel_G

      People still use MMS? It degrades the quality of the media.

      • Joshua W

        Yep, it's still the only cross platform messaging protocol that every person with a phone has access to without needing a third party client. Until that changes, it will remain the de facto standard. Most people seem not to understand that.

        • http://revanmj.pl/ Michał Jakubowski

          Not really every person - I haven't set up MMS on my phone for example (I was simply to lazy to do it). If someone sends me one, I tell them to send it again over email or FB / WhatsApp / etc.

          • Joshua W

            Yea but you still know that a message was received (even if you can't see the actual image/video/etc.). If someone doesn't have Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, etc installed then they simply have no clue a message was even received. You're choosing not to enable MMS which is different than having to download a 3rd party client.

        • Thomas’

          Because it's not as standardized as you might think. Often MMS will be replaced by URLs with hold the media when send between different carriers. It's a mess.

          • Joshua W

            Which is still better than not getting the message at all and/or hoping all your friends and colleagues download 3rd party clients. It's also infuriating in apps like WhatsApp where a contact downloads the app then gets a new device and doesn't re-download it and there's no way to know that! You can argue against MMS all you want but it's still way more more consistent than any 3rd party client right now. I'm the first person to hope that changes b/c I hate using MMS but so far, it hasn't.

      • Drome

        if you live in the US and have friends with iphones you need MMS for group texting. This is less of a problem internationally.

  • nihir

    The official Google blog post says:

    The Android app and video calling features will be available in a few days


  • Chris Grosvenor

    The Android app and video calling features will be available in a few days, while the On Air improvements will roll out over the next few weeks. - Google blog

  • gumbald

    *White* notification bar text is missing from the screenshots...

  • MotoXYZ
    • Michael Pahl

      Would anyone want a Google Hangouts "chat head"?

      • MotoXYZ

        I don't really love Facebook, but I'll admit that is a really cool implementation they did with the chat heads.

        • Brendan Owens

          Facebook just announced that they are removing SMS integration in their new, really sleek app that will be launching soon. *sad face*

  • Guest

    I just got the snapseed update after rebooting my phone, and apparently the google+ is rolling out, is it safe to say that hangouts could probably come in just a bit?

  • Ray
    • Joshua W

      Can anyone else confirm?

      • Roh_Mish


      • Doctor Awesome PHD

        I installed it but it did not update Hangouts only Google+.

      • Roh_Mish

        It's the g+ app which updated for me a couple of days ago

    • David Peterson

      I thought it wasn't coming out today?

      Anyone want to be first? ;(

    • Ray

      FARK!!! Really sorry guys. This was meant to go in the Google+ news article. I've got shit open everywhere and made a mistake. :(

  • Vasilis K.

    When will they ever add voice calls???? WHEN??? I don't give a @#$$ about sms!

    • Michael Pahl

      Dude hangout defaults to speaker phone.... they haven't even sorted that out yet

  • David Peterson

    I read through the blog post there ... noticed that it doesn't mention MMS, specifically for threaded group texting.

    Is this just an assumed feature if it will do SMS?

    If it can't do group texting then I won't be able to use it as default texting app ...

    Anyone have insight?

    • Brendan Owens

      completely agree. I really think this is implied, and if it is not, WHAT A PAIN!

  • kitkatboy

    Still no ability to remove characters from language other than english ? ( only ~70 characters in sms because of that...)

  • motoridersd

    I wonder if SMSs will be synced back to the web and you can reply to SMS via web. MightyText does this, but it would be awesome if Hangouts did it too.

  • Android Developer

    Could it be that even Google puts apps on IOS before on Android?

    What is going on?

  • http://www.JWesCampbell.com/ Wes Campbell

    Anyone know if they're lumping MMS with the term SMS?... /wishfulthinking

  • TomCos


    Lets calm down on the MMS questions and look back to the leak our favorite site gave us a couple weeks ago :)


    • natta

      Thank you! Sheesh people...

  • Coolio

    The "few days" left for the APK is the few days left till Kitkat 4.4 realease. Google once again prolonging the release. :(

  • Jesús Cuenca

    I was thinking that all ready have SMS integration. haha


    I'm highly disappointed, my gifs don't work and you can only send sms to people who have hangout??? That's what is basically telling me since i cannot send a normal text with it, it asks me to send that person a hangout invitation...Like no

    • mtciii

      How do you know your GIFs don't work? You have the updated? Y u no post APK then?

      • TRU3_AWESOME

        I send them and everyone who has the Hangout app on iOS can see my gifs but i can't see them myself which is really stupid. Also i can't receive gifs so its frustrating because i used to send a lot of gifs from Google+ with the iPhone.

      • TRU3_AWESOME


    • guest

      Aren't you still on the old version? That's why its asking you to send the invite?

      • TRU3_AWESOME

        The update came out the 10/29/2013 and i got it as soon as it was available on the PlayStore. Trust me, i don't have an old version. The old version would not ask to confirm my phone number

        • mike

          So uhh how bout that apk upload?

        • aaronfg

          Sure it did. From day 1, Hangouts has made you confirm your phone number.

  • WHO?

    Hoping emojis and mms will now work through Google voice nunber.

  • http://android.bswireless.hr/ Dražen Klisurić

    What about voice calls? Why do we have just video calls? In google talk I had both voice and video calls...

  • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

    Until Google Voice gets baked into Hangouts (like Google Talk ALWAYS has been...), I'm unimpressed.

  • sam

    I'm running v1.2.018 which was released on 29/10/2013, is this the new version? I haven't used hangouts before so i'm not sure how to test whether it has changed or not? It is 10.68mb. Where is the .apk file located so that i can upload it for you guys?

    • Fahad Sheikh

      The update has started to roll out, that's why you are seeing today's date but it is not yet available on your device or location. A few more hours and we will get it (if it goes the usual way).

  • Xed

    update rolling in now....

    • Lora

      not believin' till i see the apk

      • Xed

        uploading it in a mo'

        • guest

          Any update yet?

        • Doctor Awesome PHD

          damn long mo'

          • Xed

            i woz with yo' mama thats why lol!

          • guest

            His mama got dat apk?

          • xed

            His mama and I gonna make that apk!

      • Lun

        Get Around Now Do Upload
        now read only the first letters of the words in the above sentence ;)

        • RajeshR

          I am Indina and I am offended.

          • Lun

            Good enuff for me.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/psychomaniac189 psychomaniac189

    Someone share the apk already

    • Doctor Awesome PHD

      F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

  • Lunatecapitate


  • Loki

    4+4 = 4.4 kitkat confirmed
    4+1 = 5 N5 confirmed
    1+3 = 1.3 Hangouts update confirmed

    • Nic


      • Poker

        Well that's absolutely clear...
        Isn't it?

  • Doctor Awesome PhD

    "Starting today, you can check out Hangouts v2 on #nexus5 , and over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling it out to everyone on the PlayStore. " https://plus.google.com/111585420523722254035/posts/EVTpMGNDnwi

  • Shri

    who the fuck cares? bring back the talk functionality like online, away, busy ; sort list by status, voice only chat - and then we will talk. and yes - we care about those features - dont fucking bullshit me that those things are not needed...