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Following the new improvements to Hangouts revealed at today's event, Vic Gundotra announced a slew of new features for Google+ photos, including new auto-enhance options, 1000 additional image recognition words, Auto Awesome Movies, and other tools aimed at making backing up, editing, and retrieving your content even easier.


Google+'s new auto-enhance options improve upon the tweaks Google already applies to images that are automatically backed up to the service. Faces look brighter, noise is reduced, and vignettes are applied. If this is too much, Google has introduced a slider that lets users toggle the degree to which photos are edited.


9 10 11

If you upload multiple images to Google+ that appear to have been taken in rapid succession, Google turns these images into animated GIFs called Auto Awesomes. There will now be two new ones, called Action (which captures motion with a strobe-effect) and Eraser (which removes unwanted elements moving in the background).

12 13

14 15

Lastly, there's Auto-Awesome movies, which does to video what Google has already done for photos. This feature takes videos and automatically makes them more enjoyable, scanning uploaded content for the best parts, combining them into the ideal sequence and tossing in appropriate music and photos. In addition, the algorithm will attempt to time the action to match transitions in the music.


Movies2 Movies3

Movies4 Movies5

That was a lot to take in, so lets close things off with an example video made with Auto Awesome:

Sources: Google, Google+

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  • @bleakneonblack

    What app is that? The icon is not familiar.

    • Dan Carter

      Maybe the icon for the new Google Photos app we've been hearing about?

    • Toblerone

      They auto-awesomed it. :-)

    • Mihai Badoi

      i think is a combination of Snapseed and google icon.. or maybe Snapseed with a google touch

    • dhruva

      it looks like gallery for iphone..y?

  • Mayoo

    In my opinion, this stole the show. I almost forgot Hangouts got SMS after the event.

    Google+ just proved another time their superiority.

    • @bleakneonblack

      ...and yet the masses will still flock to Facebook.

      • Mayoo

        Sad isn't it.

        • Jonathan Zelayandia

          humans are beings of habit...its not sad, its just not surprising.

          • Matthew Fry

            And for those who aren't beings of habit, they're locked in by everyone else being beings of habit.

          • Mayoo

            Maybe Google could make a "Facebook migration tool" that gets all your FB history, pictures, friends, etc. and moves it to G+.

          • Nathan Borup

            I think you're on to something Mayoo... Google+, here is your next big feature

      • Calvin Uijlen

        You can do your best to turn people in using Google+

      • didibus

        That's unfair, they are not flocking to facebook, they are already there. It seems it takes a lot to flock the masses from a satisfying product to another superior one.

        • mesmorino

          The problem stems directly from Google's ridiculous launch of Google +.

        • @bleakneonblack

          Sorry, I meant flocking to Facebook as in milions of users logging in there daily, not migrating. But yeah, it's hard to convince someone who's complacent to make a change.

  • jakymiwm

    The update is live in the play store!

    • Texas Black

      where dont see it

      • Andrew

        On my tablet, I had to actually pull up the app in the store and manually update it. It showed up to update on my phone though.

    • Nate

      Send it to AP!

    • jakymiwm
      • Scott Ricketts

        "App not installed." Hurm.

        • jakymiwm

          Try again. I got it from Titanium Backup now.

          • Scott Ricketts

            I uninstalled it and then installed from the play store. No clue why the apk wouldn't install.

          • jakymiwm

            What version are you on now?

      • Alex Vainshtein

        It is not new version, I have it and photos icon is old one

        • jakymiwm

          What is the version number you are on?

          • Alex Vainshtein


    • http://www.google.com/ Roshan
  • BugsBunny
    • Nate

      Get it and send it to AP then!

  • BoB1673

    Says i cant install that my HTC ONE is not eligible lol

    • Scott Ricketts

      Ditto. What the fudge?

    • http://farukahmet.blogspot.com/ Faruk Ahmet

      That generally happens when the update is gradually rolling out and it has not reached your region yet. Be patient and it'll probably sort itself out soon.

  • TY

    Remind me of HTC Zoe...Video Highlights

    • TheOne

      Hmmm, Vic is using Google Play edition HTC One...and now they introduced HTC Zoe like video and photos editing in Google+...could that mean they are working with HTC once again? :O

  • Cian

    The whole UI and the Photos icon could be a taste of what to expect of the Photos App in KitKat (at least I hope so).

  • Andrew

    I just got the update, the icon is for photos. It seems pretty quick, too (but I am right next to my router right now). Funny, showed up on my phone, not on my tablet.

    • Calvin Uijlen

      Can you share the APK?

    • Name

      Can you upload APK?

    • Luís Fernando

      Hey mate! Would mind sharing the apk?

    • Kcls


  • sunny

    How to send to ap I got a backup of the apk

    • Calvin Uijlen

      Upload to MediaFire or a website like that and comment the link here, they will see that soon after

    • Nasko Hristov

      Upload it to MEGA, or dropbox or smth like that.

    • BoB1673

      mega !!! please

    • sunny

      Uploading to mega now I sent the wrong thing too ap

    • sunny

      Holy shit my internet sucks.. On stupid T-Mobile network

    • jakymiwm
  • BoB1673

    anyone get the new hangouts yet

    • Scott Ricketts


      • BoB1673

        its tomorrow some place :P

  • DodgerDroid

    Got the update. Here is a link to the apk http://db.tt/l1L7P0gh

  • Scott Ricketts

    Okay I finally got it installed but that first screenshot, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get there.

    • Alex Vainshtein

      Google plus photos - >menu - > search photos

  • NinoBr0wn

    I wish I could backup all my images, not just from my camera.

    • ddh819

      right it seems like images from a non-default camera app don't get uploaded to g+?

      • JSet12

        I believe if you can change the location of where the non-default camera saves the pics to where the stock camera saves, it will AutoBackup to G+

  • Evan Buchholz

    It's very cool what they're doing with auto-awesome(-ing?) photos. At the same time I wonder if they could work this photo processing stuff into the main Android Camera app. By being able to compensate for some of the not so great cameras on Android devices out there by being able to process the photos on the spot to provide somewhat better photos.

  • ddh819

    did they give people more storage, or upgrade the size of photos for free storage?

  • usaff22
    • http://www.google.com/ Roshan

      Correct one. Working great

    • Luan Cristian da Silva

      Man it's just worked, CM 10.2 on I9070. Thx a lot

    • Billy Presley

      Yep, this is the one everyone's hunting for. Thanks a ton ussaff, the new SnapSeed floating in the comments is also legit, and HDR Scape is pretty awesome!

    • oimeunomethom

      This is the really new version. Works great (Gnex) :) Thanks.

  • azrirashid

    the new snapseed http://j.mp/1azoJ1K

  • BoB1673

    whats a simple way to move my pictures from facebook to G+

    • Calvin Uijlen

      Download your Facebook profile
      Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/help/131112897028467‎

      You can then upload those photos again to Google+

      • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

        Last time I tried this - Facebook called all my photos by their Caption and scrubbed ALL metadata from the photos, additionally all files were date stamped with the same date and time as the creation date of zip file. In short - it's a very lengthy and time consuming affair to reupload all your Facebook photos because you have to rename then and edit the metadata for every single one!

  • sunny
  • Guest

    Adaptive hamburger menu! I've been hoping they'd do this!

  • Ryan Callihan

    This completely blew my mind. Action and Eraser are so impressive.

    • David Hart

      Seriously, but I don't want to have to upload my stuff to G+ to use it though :/

      • sQueezedhe

        you don't have to share them there, and can download the. just let autoupload do the magic?

      • Ryan Callihan

        Why not? Uploading photos to G+ doesn't make them public automatically and they don't count against your 15 GB of storage space with Google.

    • Alex

      But can you select which ones to do it for? I mean, say I wanted those photos with the skateboarder in to have him erased, as he's blocking that lovely skate park picture :)

      • Ryan Callihan

        It's largely automatic. I don't think you had to option to tell it which ones you wanted it to auto awesome before today. Maybe it's a feature now? I'm not sure.

  • miri

    The new G+ icon is massive.

  • http://farukahmet.blogspot.com/ Faruk Ahmet

    The sharing menu in Photos seems to be vamped up a bit, too. I like it.

  • WHO?

    I was thinking they would of at least up'd the size of free photos to 5mb. SMH

  • Murphy Martin

    Why cant we share auto awesome on Facebook? Ive tried and it just says they cant be processed. Anyone know a work around

  • lucie

    Guys are auto awesome pics and videos public?

  • lucie

    I need to if these auto awesome pics and videos are made public because i took some personal pics for my eyes only, and google took em and made em into an auto awesome video. Im scared, that my personal pics may have been exposed to the public please help