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It was over a year ago that Google started adding custom URLs to Google+, but the unwashed masses still haven't gotten them. The simplified addresses have been restricted to Googlers and a few select people/brands so far, but no longer. Google is expanding Google+ custom URLs to most users over the next few days.


A vanity URL won't be automatic when a new Google+ page is created – there are some preconditions before Google will let you ditch the string of numbers. Here's what your profile needs to quality:

  • Has a profile photo
  • Has at least 10 followers
  • Has an account that's at least 30 days old

That should cover most active Google+ profiles. Users will be notified on the profile page when it's their turn to set a custom URL, which should happen sometime this week. By setting up a custom URL, your profile's address will no longer have the string of numbers after the slash. Instead, it'll be '+yournameorsomething' in the address. See? Much easier to remember.

[Otavio Silva Google+]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • b00sted

    about damn time..

    • roxannelgj914

      I hope I can still get the one I want... I wish there was a way to set it without having to wait your turn!

  • Andrew

    Let the Landrush begin!

  • Kcls

    I hope I can still get the one I want... I wish there was a way to set it without having to wait your turn!

  • Andrew

    Let the landrush begin!

  • Lupe Fiasco

    About time, never knew why this wasn't available earlier to begin with.Regardless, this is a very welcomed update.

    • http://www.maverickcreative.ca/ Joshua Richards

      Your albums never matched your mixtapes.

      • Lupe Fiasco

        I know my name is Lupe Fiasco as in the Rapper and I listen to his Music as well, but what does your message have to do with what I said in my Comment?

        • Justin W

          It doesn't, that's the point.

  • David Margolin

    Thinking about very big companies whose names I could take.

    • Brian Menius

      I just got an e-mail to set mine up. I don't think there will be any taking of others' names. In fact, it seems you're going to take what Google gives you.

      In my case, that's... http://www.google.com/+BrianMenius. I suppose you can see where they're going with this.

      • Eric Jones

        There was an option when accepting the vanity URL to request a different one than the one they auto suggested. I would assume that it has to be approved. If I changed mine from +EricJones to EricTJones, I'd guess that would probably be fine. If I tried switching it to +Toyota, they'd probably deny it.

        • Andy Stetson

          When you pick something else, it asks you if it is because that is a name that you are known by online (like my request for +stetsonaw), or if it the name of your band or something to that effect. There wasn't a selection for "i want to be able to sell it in the future" ;)

  • http://www.buttie.pl/ buttie

    It's rolling out already. I've just got an email from El Goog.

  • Miah

    Just got the email telling me that my url is reserved.

  • voltz

    Too bad I don't have any followers..

  • Mike S.

    Just got an email saying I could change my URLs. Finally!

    • csgabor

      Just got it too.

  • Prop Dad
  • Paddington

    Be careful. Google+ forced my URL on me when I tried to change it. It's happened to basically everyone who has tried to change the one suggested by G+.

    • Martijn van Eijndhoven

      "If you want to change the capitalisation of your custom URL, follow these steps:

      Go to the "Links" section of your Google+ profile.

      A box will appear allowing you to edit the formatting.

      Remember, you can only change the capitalisation of the URL, not the URL itself."


  • DoubleP90
  • Sharath

    I got it today morning.

  • Gaurav Srivastava

    Why you didn't change your url???

  • Ittiam

    I got mine

  • James Francis

    It's nice to finally get vanity urls. But you aren't given any options and the url it selected for one of my pages is ridiculous/unusable.

    • Eric Jones

      Right before accepting it there is an option to request a different name...

      • James Francis

        I'm not getting that option on either my personal profile or the separate 'brand' page I have.

        • Eric Jones

          Did you already accept the name they suggested?

          • James Francis

            Not on the page. I'm not happy with the suggested name. On my profile page I did, as that one was fine.

          • Eric Jones

            Right underneath the suggested name, before accepting it, mine had an option to change it. I can't get to that screen now, since I only got it on my profile, not my pages. I keep refreshing and I'll take a picture once the option comes up.

          • James Francis

            Thanks - I've read that a few people got that choice. But it appears not to happen for all of the accounts. Alas, the name I get is a no-go, as it combines the page name and 'blogspot', because I happen to list the main site as a blogspot site.

            I'm going to register a proper url, change the page's main site and see if that changes my options. Or I might just wait - maybe alternative names will appear later.

          • Eric Jones

            Well that sucks that not everyone has that option. Maybe it's because of the account type. So web pages might only grab the listed url, etc.

          • Tim

            Mine is nowhere near close to what my business name is. I have no idea where they got it from. Not accepting it as I cant change it. Oh well. Google continues to lose my business left and right and while it may not make a difference in terms of a fraction of pennies to them, it makes me feel better to leave the grip of this borg thing.

      • Nick

        Not on my business account there isnt. And I do not like nor want nor approve of someone else telling me what "custom" name I am allowed to have when I cant CUSTOMize it. Too bad Google.

        • http://palimadra.tumblr.com/ Pali Madra

          Google Plus pages do not have the option to change the URL. I'm not too sure about profile pages as I do not remember if it was there or not.

      • Alexey Monastyrenko

        There was no such option for me.
        Bad for me: I accepted what they suggested.

      • Omotoke

        Where and how?

        • Eric Jones

          For some reason, the option isn't available for everyone. If it's not available, I don't know how it can be changed. If you already accepted it, then it's permanent.

  • Anthony Allen

    This is good news for me. I'm trying to generate business from Google+, so now I can stand out. Plus I have a blog that I would like people to know that I'm writing. Allenbusiness300.blogspot.com

  • RitishOemraw

    The one I wanted wasn't available, then I picked what they suggested and the link immediately worked. So I tried going to the one I wanted...it gives me a 404 page. So it is either reserved or Google doesn't know what is available :(

    Also, once you pick one you can only change the capitalization, not the URL itself
    So I'm stuck with what I got now :(

  • Asim Aryal

    Got it this morning! Felt good with the professional looking http://www.google.com/+AsimAryal

  • Perry Ismangil

    Sadly I am pre-approved for "PjsipOrg" wherease "pjsip" would be more ideal. And I see no way of trying whether "pjsip" can be approved.


  • http://www.kyleeggleston.com/ Kyle Eggleston

    Hmm I still haven't received this email to my personal Gmail. I have 69 people in my circle.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    I got mine with my ultra white boy common name whoohoo!

  • jo

    "Custom URLs are free for now, but we may start charging a fee for them. However, we will tell you before we start charging and give you the choice to stop participating first."

    Thats when I delete my account.

  • Alexey Monastyrenko

    Ehm... Is it possible to set this URL? Autogenerated URL sucks.

  • Wayan Samuel

    i dont have the option to request another.

  • http://www.dalilack.com Molham Bakir

    Google suggest for my page a URL as my full name! Shall I go for it? or should my personal Google+ URL be my full name?

  • ivan

    I just got mine! Finally! So Happy! :-)))