Update 10/28/13 10:30pm PT: The update is rolling out now (thanks, bdh and ohbuckeyeman!):

update 4.3update

Samsung has added details about the upcoming I545VRUEMJ7 software update that will, among other things, make the device compatible with the Galaxy Gear. That means anyone who ran out and purchased the watch before discovering that it was only compatible with the Note 3 can now breathe a bit easier (I'm sure at least one person did that, right?). Oh, and they're bundling this with a nice little thing called Android 4.3.


The OTA is set to launch today, which matches the timeframe we saw in Samsung's American Android 4.3/Galaxy Gear update schedule leaked last week. The update includes Android 4.3, adds support for Galaxy Gear, updates Group Play to version 2.5, adds support for Samsung KNOX, and enables Band 4. This last part is a doozy, as it means the S4 will now be able to connect to Verizon's recently deployed AWS LTE spectrum capable of producing significantly faster download speeds in areas with heavy usage.

What's new:

• Blocking Mode feature in Settings Menu
• Enabling NFC feature before using Group Play
• Samsung Knox, Security Enhanced for Android

• OS has been upgraded to Android Jellybean 4.3 OS
• Starter Mode renamed to Easy Mode
• Viewdini stub application has been removed (note: customers
who already downloaded the full application will not lose it)

• Weatherbug application “auto-refresh”
• Mobile Hotspot now works with the Data Usage Meter
• Video app crashing has been resolved
• Call audio issue while on a call and taking a picture have been

Non-S4 owning Samsung fans, hold tight. Updates for other Galaxy devices, including the Note II and the S III, should arrive within the next month.

image image image

Source: S4 Software Update Page, Press Release, PDF

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  • GreatNews

    nothing yet on my VZW GS4

    • This guy

      Same here... :-(

      • SES

        No update for my Verizon S4 yet. SCH-I545 on 4.2.2

    • Jeremy Gentry

      same! still waiting!

  • duke69111

    That ball is now in your court LG. Lets get an update for the G2.

    • jnt

      LG's going to have a hard time working with Verizon - awesome phone, but low demand unfortunately.

  • Scott

    Does anybody know if the VZW Note 3 has AWS support? I've been unable to find anything on it.

    • Michael Pahl


      • Scott

        How do you know this?

        • sponplat

          "The Verizon Note 3 supports LTE on 700Mhz and EVDO Rev. A on 800/1900 MHz, and is global-ready with EDGE/GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and HSPA/UMTS (850/900/1900/2100) support. It will support Verizon's upcoming, faster AWS LTE network with a software update."

          • Scott

            Where did this text come from?

  • http://www.twitter.com/dsilinski slinky317

    Before the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? :(

  • johnny

    Here in Connecticut galaxy s4 Just check I got it yessss thank you

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
    • jnt

      I'm confused - that's been the same all day? Still showing MI1 for me?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        I'm seeing Software Version JSS15J.I545VRUEMJ7 in that PDF.

        • jnt

          I've refreshed, cleared cache, tried different browsers - still the same. Can you post up the pdf then? Not because I don't believe you, but because it would give us one more glimmer of hope that Verizon might actually follow through with this... :)

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            Just posted up the screenshots above.

          • Jon J.

            Thanks, because I just clicked the link & it says the page is unavailable.

  • eddie

    Can anyone explain what band 4 is?

  • GreatNews

    Gosh! I am still waiting, anybody got it yet?

  • Michael Mullenix

    Mine just popped up at 12:01am. It is downloading!

  • Jfcooper

    I'm downloading now at 10:08 mountain time.

  • Jonathan Briganti

    Update just appeared! Downloading as we speak!

  • GEV505


  • GEV505

    when will be for galaxy s4?

  • Mike

    Just downloaded the new jellybean 4.3 update here in Connecticut

  • james

    got my update, Facebook now not working. its closes after you open it. tried uninstalling and re installing....... and restart phone

    • wantastic

      same thing happening to me!

    • Mark Cogley

      Any fix yet for Facebook crashing?

      • james

        Mine seems to be working now. i have got a few strange samsung security msgs. but all seems to be fine now..still scratching my head

    • razue

      same here cant access facebook now!

  • BSU

    Downloaded and installed it about 10 o clock last night

  • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

    All I want to say is, if a OEM really pushes for it, updates actually can come fast. This time, Samsung has very very high motivation to deploy the changes ASAP because their brand new Galaxy Gear is only compatible with one single phone (the Note 3) when it launches, which inevitably affects its grand plan.

  • Lydell Simmons

    I got the update

  • Paul David

    got mine, woot woot

  • Branden

    I've updated my phone once, but still had the 4.2.2 version. Today there was another update, and I'm doing so now.

  • Garrett Bridges

    I'm liking it so far. Besides the absolute insane amount of Samsung/Verizon bloatware of course. They finally made the e911 icon not show up persistently. It runs crazy smooth, and looks great. My only beef is not being able to disable (or "turn off" now I guess) some of the Verizon/Samsung bloat apps. I guess I'll have to wait for a root option to do that. Sigh.

    • Eric Dilley

      There's an option to turn off the wifi thing under settings >wi-fi >advanced (hit the menu button for advanced) >wi-fi notifications (check box, should be the first option in advanced)

      • Garrett Bridges

        That's awesome, thanks! I stupidly never knew about an advanced option in Wifi. Now fix the rest of my problems and we'll be BFFs. ;)

  • Mateo Sánchez

    I bought this model in july at best buy . When i tried to find a new update, the phone tell me that there aren´t any . May be this happen because i live in Uruguay .

  • Caleb

    mine says update unavailable....so sad

  • jp2010

    Updated my S4 yesterday, now my solid connection to my business wifi router says it is unstable. Fixed the drop out by disabling auto network switch, but still shows unstable. I am like 15 ft from access point.

    • Salvador Hernandez

      Having same issue when I never had it before.. Please help or fix it !!!!

    • Mohit Sakhuja

      Same issue. I have a S4 GT i9500 and live in India. I updated it to Android 4.3 about 20 days ago and since then whenever I try to connect to a wifi, it says that my internet connection is unstable. But it still works fine 'most of the time' except for sometimes when it says that my wifi has disconnected. It never happened when I was on 4.2.2.

  • ityw

    Just updated my S4. I am getting Samsung music/video app and cannot disable it. It loads and starts by itself every time I change pages or turn it one from my locked start page. It is running my battery down super fast because I cannot turn it off. I have tried to find the app and it is not listed so I can uninstall it. Tried to reboot the phone but did not help. Anyone know how to turn this app off. It is as if it is part of the OS.

    • Courtney

      Having this problem too. Any luck on fixing it?

      • chris

        Having the same problem

        • Nathan

          Same issue

          • Brian Burke

            Cant find resolution anywhere online. Pretty annoying.

          • No Name

            Get an iPhone

          • Xing Alexzender TohiD

            its make me cool.i can download all paid android apps free from.........

    • Kim

      I went to settings-->More-->Found 'Samsung Music'---> and selected 'Turn Off.' Now, the app doesn't keep popping up on my lock screen. I do NOT use this app for music playback, I use other various apps.

      • Mike Scott

        Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!! Fixed it..

        • Xing Alexzender TohiD

          its time for u download FREE now paid android apps

    • Brandon

      I just restarted my phone a couple times and that annoying music player dissappeared. Now I have my clock back! :-)

    • Samarra

      My phone says there is a Samsung update available. There are no details (and WHY would I put on new software when I don't know what it is?). I don't want it, the last time I upgraded Iost my ability to sync with Kies. Heavens knows what they plan to do this time. I'm not being offered the "No thanks" button. When I pick "later,", it wants me to set a time. Any thoughts on how I can get around this update?

      • troy

        Same here i will Never upgrade again

    • taijatm

      I clicked on it when it popped up and clicked the left button on phone for settings and clicked announcements then updated the things in there. Now it's not popping up. Hope it works for you.

  • NotHappy

    I can no longer jump into app with a notificaton from the bar. video in video player is now stretched and folders stay open. this is a horrible update I would like to go back but I cant

  • Gert

    Since I got the upgrade, every time I select a track in the Music app the album art pops up so that I have to minimize it to get back to the track list for an artist. It's not a big deal, but I find it annoying that I have to hit "back" twice now, and I really don't care about seeing the album art full size. Anyone know how to stop this from happening? I can't find it anywhere in settings.

  • carly

    Since i did the upgrade my free hotspot toggle doesn't work anyone else having that problem?

  • James Walker

    Sooo, I see a lot of issues. How about root? I don't want to lose root. Specifically wifi tether and root explorer.

  • iS4

    After updated my phone, pictures taken before the update disappeared. Anyone has the same problem? Any way to recover the pictures?

  • BC

    Love my Galaxy S4 until this update. My phone is constantly running some samsung music app in the notifications bar. It pops up every time you change a page. I don't use this app and can't find a way to turn it off. My battery life has diminished and when composing a text message the phone no longer recognizes the names I am trying to type in order to select a recipient. I constantly get a security shield telling me someone has tried to get into a secured area of my phone then a prompt to download a security application. This update is the worst of them all please fix these problems ASAP!

    • JB

      This messaging recipient problem is a big issue for me. Sending text messages to recipients has become a labor-some task

      • Jes

        I'm having the same problem

        • Guest

          I had this same issue - I turned my phone off and back on and it seems to be working now (sending a text message via the default app and having it pull up people's numbers, not just emails).

        • jjacks01

          I'm having the same issue..so annoying!! How does it get fixed??

      • flii harrison

        I'm having the same issue hate it

    • Guest

      If you go to your Application Manager (under the Settings app), you can turn off that music please - this is a more direct method and you probably won't be able to use that app in the future, unless you turn it back on. I use a third-party music player, so having this app turned off isn't an issue for me.

  • yuio

    Why do the pictures on Facebook show up tiny when you scroll through an album after the latest S4 update?

    • Cady

      Yes yes. Same prob goes to me. Hate it so much. Cant c the picture at all. So tiny..

  • Jono

    after this update, my S4 battery is dying very very fast. Any way to uninstall this update?

  • Crown

    My 3×4 keypad option to text is gone. No longer have the icon to disconnect mobile data on the main screen. The microphone to talk instead of texting is gone . I hate this update. My camera won't load at all when on low battery when before the only thing not to work was the flash

    • Melanie Gonzalez

      I just want the shortcut on the status bar to bring back the mobile data button. I don't want to have to constantly go back into settings in order to turn it on/off. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

      • Tony

        Have you found a fix for this?

      • flii harrison

        Yes and idk how to get to it

      • tburneymac

        Did you find out how to fix this?

      • zmo130

        Go to settings, display, notifications panel, move in which shortcuts you want.

      • sherry

        I know I really loved having be able to turn my data on and off from the notifications panel and nowi can't really really bummed like is there. A way 1. I can get it back up other or 2. Just uninstall the new update??!?!?

  • mk

    after updating to 4.3, my phone keeps shutting off. more than 3x a day. my battery is still full or not drained. any fix to this issue?

  • Dave

    Since my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 updated to 4.3 I have had nothing but problems.
    My phone will not maintain a 4G connection where I never lost 4G before.
    On and off I am unable to send text messages. I get failed message notices and message not sent notices constantly.
    I can not access the play store
    Constantly getting no internet connection notices and unable to connect notices when trying to use internet.
    The interesting thing is this is the second phone Galaxy that this ha happened to.
    My original phone which I have had since September and worked perfectly until it updated was exchanged for a new phone the next day after it uploaded. When receiving my new phone from Verizon it started updating and is doing the same thing as my first phone.
    Any suggestions????

  • BMMA

    I cannot connect to bluetooth in car now. Anyone have this problem?

  • Morgan Alexandra

    Galaxy Nexus Issue: Updated and now my data rarely works - I have 4 bars of 4G right now and it's greyed out. Sometimes it will let me reconnect if I go into airport mode and come back out, but otherwise having MAJOR data connectivity errors. Anybody help???

  • Milan Jovanovic

    Just update my S4, and I don't have 4x3 keyboard anymore. Did someone know how to return it?

    • mannie

      Same problem?? Can't get 4x3 keyboard:(

  • steve shedroff

    Upgraded to 4.3 last week. Nightmare since. I have the black version my wife the white. Mine has FC on many apps, wife's runs perfectly. Verizon replaced mine with a refirb. Exact same problems on the refirb. Phone app FC when trying to open. Only way to call is to go through the message app and select phone call. other apps FC that all wored and have updated since 4.3. wipe/reset has no ipact on what fails. Anyone else with unstable phone since 4.3 upgrade?

  • http://www.uk-plc.net/ Ronald Duncan

    Lost the 4x3 keyboard want my money back. Really really disappointed.

  • kd

    i did the update and phone wont turn on at all. sent it back to samsung, they called me today and said they found screen damage! But when u plug the phone in thers a beautiful picture of a battery! so the screen is working fine, they want to charge me $200.00 to fix it!?!?!?!

  • Cady

    How is the system storage after updating to 4.3 version? At first it is 16GB, but nw bcome 8GB. Does the same thing goes to u all?

  • cady

    After updating my galaxy s4 into version 4.3, mine system storage chged frm 16GB into 8GB. Does the same thing goes to u all?

  • Gabriel

    Keeps dropping Wi-Fi at work. It worked perfect before update. Embarrassing because all iPhones work on Wi-Fi.

  • Xing Alexzender TohiD

    Its time for you just download all paid ANDROID apps Free!!!

  • Red_Baron1234

    Well I have chucked my S4 in a bin with all this crap and are using my Sony.

  • sharon

    My s4 keeps switching off and then turning itself back on when im using my camera or my video recorder please help thanks

  • natmsmyth

    I did the updated and now my Facebook doesn't work, play store doesn't work, emails, texing abd few more. Don't know what to do

  • Cass

    For the Audio issue go to settings, app manager, all apps, audio, open audio, reset to earier version.

  • hdclark

    I just did the update and now I am getting notifications in my pull down bar (notification bar) saying certain images were downloaded, when I click it says unable to find location. I click clear and a minute later like all 30 of the "downloaded images" are back up. I've tried going to my files and searching the files and I keep getting no file found. I don't know what else to do...has anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it?

    • vamp

      I have this issue and no idea how to fix it

    • vamp

      Go to apps...downloads...clear...fixes the problem

  • jenny

    My sgs4 upgraded last nightand im sooo discusted now see a larger view of a picture facebook it downloads the flipping thing to my phone!! How I shut this off?? Slower now as well...lagging

  • Dallas

    i am absolutely pissed about my data shut of switch being gone

  • Mehran
  • JMAX

    Ugh! Just did the update and lost most of my photos and video. Says my SD card is blank? Any suggestions? (December 17, 2013)

  • Jason

    Why does the S4 always go back to gallery when you view a picture in a text message and how do you shut it off from doing this? Thanks in advance.

    • Aaron

      Yes, I'm having the same problem - so annoying! Anyone know how to fix this??

      • Rj

        Seriously!! Same here. How do we fix this????

  • Nicole C. Scott

    Keep clearing notifications, but the same download images list shows up over and over and over after clearing it ever since the upgrade. This is super annoying! How can I fix that? I don't want to have to continually scroll through the downloads list to get to my real notifications.

  • gracie

    I update my samsung galaxy 2 note and now I don't receive my text messages until 6 hours later. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Niranjan

    This update completely removed mobile data icon from the notification panel! This help quickly set ON/OFF. This is shameful to wireless providers.

  • taps

    Same problem with galaxy note 11 no 4 x 3 keyboard after update. Having problems with texting now as due to large fingers does anyone know whether they are going to fix

  • vusi

    Galaxy S4..was given an option to upgrade software did so..now my Facebook is not working..I uninstalled it now I can't even install shows an error code 919..its so pissing

  • Monique Jackson Holmes

    I did the update this mrn and lost the ability to use my back button on bottom right as well as the left bottom button (shortcut to settings). Geesh. Does anyone know how to fix?


    Why can't I attach a pdf to text Galaxy S4 messages? you could w DROID 3

  • tom

    my phoned turned off on sat,when it came back on my messaging app has dissapered any idear why ? and how can i get it back

  • Francis

    Just updated my galaxy s4 and all of my music and pictures are gone

  • Manager_Linda

    Verizon/Samsung 4.3 is one of the most BUGGY operating system every released.
    It's been 3 months of living with this mess.
    No update... no fixes... anywhere in sight.

  • AT

    i just updated my s4 yesterday and today noticed that I lost 5 GB of pictures from my default camera folder. I DO NOT recommend this update. If anyone knows how to recover lost pictures & videos please let me know. Thank.

  • scott

    can't mic icon on messaging keyboard

  • nicole sumner

    how do you uninstall this update!?? my messages will barely send anymore ever since I got the new update!