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After releasing Grand Theft Auto: The Manual for Android a couple of weeks ago, Rockstar has finally gotten around to the much-awaited iFruit. If you're not familiar, iFruit is a companion app to the massively-popular Grand Theft Auto V, and comes with two basic features: the Los Santos Customs shop, which allows you to customize your character's vehicles directly from your phone, and Chop The Dog, a pet care mini-game which apparently makes the dog do stuff... better in the game, like giving him the ability to sniff out hidden items. OK.

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You can also check out the latest GTA V news, sign into Rock Star Social Club, and use LifeInvader (whatever that is). You can get it on the Play Store now, just check out the link below.

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David Ruddock
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  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Well it's only a month late!

  • Jays2Kings

    I was hoping they would call it Drone for Android, but at least it finally made it.

  • NinoBr0wn

    I don't k ow if I even care anymore.

  • alessiolarva

    Now i can throw away all my iOS devices.

  • Bob G

    FYI, LifeInvadier is Rockstar's mockery of Facebook. The company in the GTA HD universe is a mash-up of Facebook and a Steve Jobs figurehead. There is an actual LifeInvader site that you can stalk (it is actually called this) personalities and businesses from GTA 5 for free in game stuff, general laughs, or boredom.

  • Justin Lindh

    Huh, it's apparently "Not Compatible" with my Droid MAXX, which runs Android 4.2.2. So that's nice. I still get to wait.

    • Tony

      Since it's a free app, just wait for someone to upload it somewhere, and sideload it. It'll probably work sill

      • http://cyanlabs.co.uk/ Cyanlabs

        No not without root, It has files in /data/data/ aswell as /data/app

    • WalkinOnBottles

      Working on S3 (4.1.2) here.

    • GigiAUT

      Do what I did with the Manual App. Install it on whichever one of your devices is compatible, use titanium to back it up, send the backup to the device you want it on, restore. If you don't have any compatible devices at all, i'm sure someone will eventually upload an apk.

  • MacW

    APK please, would really appreciate it.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It's 241MB and downloads additional files during the Play Store installation, I'm not sure the APK alone will do any good.

  • Yam Borodetsky

    Poorly written report. Too many personal comments like "whatever that is" and ". OK.' that show ignorance... At least do SOME research when reporting a new app... Like taking 2 minutes to read about LifeInvader and make the report a lot more engaging.

    • Cat Astrophy

      What's poorly done is Rockstar's ill timed release of this app. Inexcusable for this not to be available at launch on the OS that has greater marketshare. The article does a perfect job conveying the "who gives a crap" mentality that is the likely response to a release that is grossly late to the party.

      • Lexster

        It's late, but it's still here. Let's move on now, okay? They screwed up, but they've now rectified it, so let's get over it.

        • OliverRC

          More like the timed exclusive to iOS came to an end.

          • Ryuuie

            That was nothing more than a rumor that angry Android fans thought up. There's literally NO evidence for this. At all.

          • Lexster

            Right, except there was never any proof that was actually going on.

        • JayRin

          They didn't rectify it for anyone who is done with the game. They've stopped it from continuing. And why are you so interested in making everyone stop complaining? If you want to get over something, get over the fact that consumers are going to voice their displeasure with a product they are dissatisfied with.

          • Lexster

            Stopping something from continuing is the very definition of rectify, so...I'm glad you agree. I'm interested because what's the point? The app is out now. What good will complaining do at this point? What else do you expect them to do, give out mass refunds because you didn't have a couple apps that barely impact gameplay?

          • JayRin

            That's not the definition of rectify. You can't correct this issue for people who are already done playing the game. I said this in the first sentence of my first comment. If we were speaking I'd do it more slowly, but since we're not you'll have to pay closer attention.

            It's not about getting compensation from R*. People don't need to have a mission statement in order to voice their displeasure, and the conversation doesn't end just because you feel like it's time for it to. It's an article about a late app, someone is commenting about the app being late, and your contribution (in an article that you found all on your own, presumably) is to tell him to stop bringing it up. Most people complaining paid money for the game, and if they aren't happy about having pieces of the game blocked off (while being reminded by it in-game) from them for not-having the right phone, I don't see why you mind them commenting. In a comment section. Go find something to do.

          • Lexster

            Oh, I'm sorry. Apparently opinions only go one way. Only people with an issue are allowed to comment. I see. Well sorry, cupcake, you can't have it both ways. I also paid for the game as well and just enjoyment out of it without the app, just as many people did. If you seriously think these two apps really impacted your experience, then I'm sorry. But you should get over it. Unless you just like to pointlessly complain. If you do, then. ..by all means, do so. But you don't get to claim that you can have opinions and tell me I'm not allowed to have mine.

          • JayRin

            Anything that comes out of someone's mouth ≠ an opinion. Let me know when you have an actual opinion, then maybe we can talk about in which direction those things flow. You see (and this too, is something I already expressed pretty clearly), the only thing you had to bring to the table is that you think other people (coincidentally the ones that don't agree with you) need to keep quiet about what they have to say. It's more trolling than anything. If you were to come out and say "Hi, I'm an apologist for anyone who makes a game that I like, please stop saying mean things about someone I like!", I could at least tell you about why being an apologist by reflex ends up being a bad things for consumers. Since you basically came into a discussion and tried to throw cold water on it, I'm going to say that what you brought to the table was anti-contribution. It actually detracts from relevant things that are being said. And you're continuing not to have one, you're just upset about being called out, and deciding to double-down. Have at it then, I hope you feel fulfilled when its over.

          • Lexster

            What it boils down to is you're mad and you want to stay mad. Like I said, feel free. I'm afraid I'm not an apologist and you really know nothing about me. But, sure, keep throwing labels around and trying to toss personal insults at me by implying I need you to talk slowly. That really helps your argument. I never once defended their actions, which would make me an apologist. Just telling people to get over it is not being an apologist. Since you clearly missed it, I admitted that Rockstar screwed up. Oh, but that doesn't fit with your little narrative to try to label me as trying to defend them and convince people to buy more games! (Sorry, I don't care if people buy the game or not) And...yeah, my opinion is that this issue is a non-issue now. And, unless I'm mistaken, I didn't come into a "discussion" about anything. I replied to a single comment and said I felt that issue was done with and people should move on about a stupid app which is now available. You know, you still haven't told me why you feel continuing to complain about something that is no longer a problem (being that the app is available now) is constructive. Please enlighten me and I'll tell you why I disagree with your opinion (I'm allowed to you that, you know).

          • JayRin

            All you need is a bib and a rattle to complete this look. The semantic lengths that you're going to to keep this up are embarrassing. You're at the point where you're asking me to defend the integrity and explain the value of discourse. I won't even mention the role that internet buzz and customer feedback play in business, as it's evidently so wildly out of the realm of your thinking that your ears and eyes might spontaneously spout blood from the shock of having it explained.

            The bottom line is you've written yourself into a pretty ridiculous looking corner, where you're implying by accusation that every word you type on the internet has a tangible goal, and is constructive (despite the beginning of our conversation being evidence of the complete opposite), and other people need you to tell them when they're being unconstructive with their conversations.

            For the record, since you're so hurt by me labeling you as an apologist, I'll call attention to your comprehension of what I wrote, and point out that I gave that as an example of what you *might* have said if you had an opinion. Which you didn't. And don't. Oh wait, you do, you just hold everyone but you to your own standard. Let's all stop complaining so you can enjoy the silence.

          • Troll1

            Wow. What a couple of tools. Congrats morons!

      • Yam Borodetsky

        Depends if you define this piece as an article in a tech blog or as a report in a news site. Bug difference. Oh well... I always looked at these things as the latter, simply because it seems righter to let the community decide whether they care or not and not force it upon them.

        • Cat Astrophy

          There's not a tech article in existence that doesn't have some bias in it. The news is that R* decided to take on the title of subpar Android developer.

      • WalkinOnBottles

        Why bother going through that much effort of "not giving a crap", when it would be just as easy to write a short summary, post links, and allow readers to judge whether they want it or not.

        It takes much more effort to actively "not give a crap" when posting content.

        Also, why does it matter if it's late to the party? At least it's there now, and that's all that matters. Jeez, people need to learn to not take things so serious when it comes to Android.

        • Gabernasher

          It's a terrible port, that's why it matters.

          • Ryuuie

            The point of the app is to mimic iPhone (and Facebook). That's why it looks like an iPhone. That's seriously the point of the whole app.

    • mesmorino

      This is what you get when someone who hasn't actually played GTA V and only knows the bare minimum about it writes an article about an app that is directly related to the game. It's a good thing the iFruit reference is fairly obivious or we might have had a question like "why's it called iFruit?"

    • Ryuuie

      Agreed. This article was poorly written and some research should've been done before publishing it.

      It reads as if the writer didn't really give a shit about the app and only did it just because he had to. If this is the case, pass it on to someone else OR do the research.

      It's seriously not hard to do...

      • mesmorino

        I know, right?! The answers are ONE Google search away. But nooo, let's write a shitty article about an app we don't care about that relates to a game we know nothing about.

  • jambon

    What a tendentious icon ...

    • John Smith

      1 cup, two oranges

    • Yam Borodetsky

      I've actually seen this as a fruit bowl...

      But now I see it as male genetelia. Can't be unseen...

    • impulse101

      How is it tendentious? Towards Apple or Android? Making fruit look like cock and balls?

  • John Smith

    Weird name for a supplement app

  • Westy

    Anyone with the apk?

    • enoch861

      APK isn't any good since the app downloads an additional file file that is 200 something megabytes.

  • someone755

    Looks like a bad iOS port. No #HOLOYOLO. I don't like it.

    • Ryuuie

      That's the entire point of the app.

      If you haven't played GTA V, you seriously wouldn't get it.

      • someone755

        Haven't, probably never will. GTA IV was a really bad console-to-PC port.
        And that's just another excuse for lack of programming knowledge, or just being lazy. Probably the latter.

        • Ryuuie

          Ok, I guess I have to educate you (and the writer of this crappy article) a bit.

          The "iFruit" phones in the game represent iPhones. They're created by LifeInvader. LifeInvader is a parody of both Facebook and Apple.

          The "Drone" phones in GTA V represent Android.

          I forget what the phone is called for Windows Phone, but it is also represented.

          The three main characters of GTA V all own these phones and they each represent a stereotype

          Michael, the iFruit user, is a rich ex-con. He spends his time lounging by his pool and smoking cigars. His phone looks like an iPhone. The stereotype is that "All iPhone users are rich snobs."

          Franklin, the Drone user, is a hustler who is trying to rise up in the crime world as a full-fledged gang member. His phone looks like the Samsung Galaxy S III. The stereotype is that "All Android users are poor and wannabe gang members."

          Trevor, the Windows Phone-parody user, is a psychopathic drug dealer who wants to move guns and cocaine around the world as an international drug and arms dealer. His phone looks like a current Windows Phone. The stereotype is that "All Windows Phone users are crazy."

          So, the app that Rockstar released to iOS and Android is one that looks like the iFruit phone that Michael has. Strangely enough, it's also used to control Chop, Franklin's dog (which isn't really his dog, it's his friend's that he's dog-sitting).

          Basically, the app is used to immerse the player into the GTA V world more by allowing you to control a character (Chop), change your in-game license plate while playing the game offline and online, and go on LifeInvader (the in-game parody of Facebook).

          For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure Rockstar hates Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. I won't say why since it's a pretty huge spoiler.

          • someone755

            Well that's certainly better than a thumbs-down. Thank you.

  • flyersfan4888

    Can't even test the app, nor can I ask friends about it. Just about everyone's phones aren't even compatible. Rockstar dropped the ball on this one BAD.

  • atlouiedog

    It took 15 minutes to find a license plate that wasn't in use. It's pretty crappy of them to only allow the custom plates from within the app when it wasn't available to all at launch.

    • Mike Harris

      Geez, you weren't kidding. Everything I've thought of is already in use. This is a little frustrating.

  • effinay

    Not compatible with any of my devices... Bionic, Maxx, Tab2-7. Smh.

  • SpaceCake

    So, is this compitable with ANY phone?
    (Got a Samsung S2, not compitable with that)

    • Justin Lindh

      Lists as incompatible on my Droid MAXX (4.2.2), but shows to work on my Galaxy Nexus (4.3) and Xoom (4.2). So they've got some kind of weird compatibility matrix thing going on.

      • someone755

        The Xoom has 4.2? You mean a custom ROM, right? Or am I not keeping track? Could it be possible that a HC device was updated this far?

  • Sqube


    Thanks all the same, R*!

  • Ryuuie

    This article is horribly written. If the writer didn't want to do it, then give it to someone who actually knows about the game.

    If it was written as a troll post then it's unprofessional. Save the troll posts for the G+ and Facebook AP pages.

    The app is shitty on both iOS and Android, that much is unintentional. If you look on the App Store (it won't bite), you'll notice that people have problems with it on iOS too. There's no holo or anything Android UI based because the app is based on iPhones/Facebook. That's intentional.

  • WhereMyMoney

    Don't care anymore. Too late R*

  • Zaatour36

    OMG I'm almost finished with the game!!!!!!!


    so pissed

  • JayRin

    Cliq 2 is a pretty old phone, but this is honestly the first time I've been told an app is incompatible with it.

    Anyway, this should have been in the game to begin with. Aside from holding the training of the dog and the custom alterations/plates out of reach from a great deal of Android users who bought the game on day-1, they are still not letting people who don't use a smartphone (or who use a Windows phone) access those things. This could easily have been in the game, or at least on a website. Just a lame move. I hope they're happy with all the data they've mined.

    • someone755

      Oh, trust me, even the HTC One has incompatible apps. Or the S4.
      You didn't mention BB or Symbian users, though. Because those are technically smartphones... :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.damiani.pr Tony Damiani

    Finally. After 50+ attempts to make a custom Plate that has not yet being taken by an ios user, I finally made my own. That's all I wanted from this crap -_-

  • Erik Tomlinson

    Is there any point in playing this if you're waiting for GTA V to be released for Windows? Can I create an account and then log in with it on the copy of GTA V I will buy in (whenever it comes out) or do I have to start the account in GTA V first?

  • Grr G

    The game has only been out a month so i think the reaction to the slightly late app is way over the top and if, like many people it seems, you have already completed the game it doesnt say much about you. GTA is not what life is all about, its a GAME which we can play in our spare time, after work or school or whenever. Seriously, to have completed it already it must take up your whole life. And just for the record, my brother has the app on his Apple phone and its not that great, and if you cant play online because your car plates dont say KILLer or something just as cheesy, well thats your problem.

  • John Marston

    Dont bother trying to DL this app if you own a LG spectrum 2 its not compatible smh

  • Rahxy

    That's all fine and dandy, but it isn't even compatible with my phone (Sony Xperia TL), which I don't think I've ever experienced with this phone, aside from apps that are only compatible with the Nexus or Galaxy phones.

    So frustrating, because GTA has been my go-to game lately, and I've been really excited about the iFruit Android port. :/

  • Guest

    Incompatible with HTC Thunderbolt...but I can't say I'm terribly surprised. Way to bone us, R*.