Update: All the images posted on Google+ have now been removed. We've still got the veggie image and EXIF info embedded below.

If you believe the rumor mill, the Nexus 5 is going to be announced in mere days, and we know that many Googlers are carrying the devices around. It was only a matter of time before some of them forgot to scrub their EXIF data. Several images taken with the Nexus 5 have been spotted, but some have already been pulled.

13 - 1

The pictures have a resolution of 3264x2448, which works out to 8MP just like the leaks said. The image info clearly indicates the camera was the "LGE Nexus 5." The image above was taken with a 1/121 second exposure and and ISO of 155. You can check out the full EXIF data from that shot and the deleted set below.

e1 e2

As for the image quality, the veggie pic looks fairly crisp and the colors are good. There is still some noise even at the low ISO with good lighting, though. The other deleted images (which we decided not to post because they're family photos) showed a bit more dynamic range than the Nexus 4 had. Overall, the Nexus 5 looks like it could take moderately better pictures than the N4. We'll know more once it's finally announced.

[Google+ – Thanks, Kurt]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • mgamerz

    Who posted them?

  • Jörg

    Shit, no 16:9 picture! :(

  • drzfr3shboialex

    Good. Definitely an improvement from the nexus 4. Google needs to step their camera software up. I had a mytouch 4g slide and it took amazing pics, but once I switched to AOSP the quality went to crap.

  • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

    Well, damn. The camera doesn't seem all that much better, and the N4 camera was my biggest issue with the N4. This doesn't bode well. That said, it's one picture on an unspecified version of the OS and unspecified beta hardware, so I won't worry too much about it yet.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      It actually does seem better, according to some other images apparently taken by the Nexus 5: http://phandroid.com/2013/10/28/nexus-5-camera-sample/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Quite sharp and clear photos, which the Nexus 4 camera can never achieve.

      • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

        I agree they look better, but they're taken under fairly ideal conditions. We'll see how the camera does indoors, etc. I'm sure it will be better than the N4's, but I wonder by how much.

      • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

        I really don't understand all the down votes for comments saying the N4's camera isn't very good. If you have an N4,you know it to be true. The camera is capable of pretty decent images, but it takes forever to focus and often tries to refocus if you move the phone even the tiniest bit when you go to snap the picture.

        • Caius Newton-Smart

          My N4 takes photos as good as my Note 2 did..

    • Adam Truelove

      But to those of us with a Gnex, this is a HUGE improvement.

      • Ryan Callihan

        Hell yes.

      • Logan B.

        I just upgraded my GNex to an LG G2 a couple weeks ago and when I got it, my pants nearly exploded, despite all the bloatware and what-have-you they put on the phone. Any phone that is being produced right now is most likely better than the GNex.

        • Adam Truelove

          Well the Gnex is 2 years old.

          • Logan B.

            Of course there's that. The battery life just destroyed my thoughts about it, mostly. I could barely get a full day of moderate use out of it.

        • Mastermind26

          Aww. :(
          I still own a GNex....and I like it. I put up with the camera too. :/

          • Logan B.

            I thought the camera and the screen on the GNex was just fine, honestly. I still don't understand the people that were griping so hard about it. The problem I had was the horrible battery life. It was hard for me to go a full day of moderate use...

          • Mastermind26

            The battery was ALWASYS an issue. But the camera was a step down for me. I had the OS EVO 4G before and going to a 5MP, I could see the difference. The graininess and really bad low light quality too.

            But I agree that it works "fine" for normal quick shots of life in randomness, but coupled with the crappy battery life, it makes the experience somewhat of a let down.

          • Logan B.

            Yeah, I still don't understand why people feel the need that the camera on a phone is a dealmaker/breaker. You don't buy a phone to take pictures, that's what a camera is for. If you're wanting DSLR quality photos, why not just go and buy a friggin DSLR camera?

          • Mastermind26

            See, that's the problem. No one is saying it's a deal breaker or that we want DSLR quality pix.

            What is being said is that the quality is low compared to other PHONES. At least it was in my case.

            I HAVE a DSLR, but for everyday random shots I use the phone that I already carry. And if other phones can have a MUCH better camera quality/pix than the supposed flagship of Google, then it's an issue (not a problem, but def. an issue).

            Don't add what's not being said.

          • newsjunkieintl

            I went to Brazil this last summer with both my GNex and my wife's (yeah, we have two), took over 200 pictures and they all turned out fine. Camera isn't that bad.

            But the Nexus 5 is going to be a vast improvement in every way.

        • Daniel Malick

          Yeah, I just upgraded from a GNex to a Note 3. Stunning difference in performance, and it's only been two years. Can't imagine what kind of ridiculous stuff we'll have two years from now.

        • Randy J. Franjul

          I will implode when i get my Nexus 5. Proud Google Nexus S owner here...

      • RitishOemraw

        Thanks.....my Gnex is taking pictures just fine >.>

        No but seriously, thanks for reminding me that even if it is only marginally better than the N4's camera it will still be miles ahead of my Gnex's camera :D

    • Stylus_XL

      The way I look at it, who relies on a smartphone camera for professional shots? Smartphone cameras are useful for sending casual photos/videos over social media, but that's it. They have too many limitations to serve a bigger purpose than that. If I want proper shots for print or publication I'll use a DSLR. It's definitely useful to have a good camera on a smartphone but people really exaggerate the importance of it.

      • mlj11

        Actually, I've read some professional photographers write about how they've used shots taken with their iPhones for work.

        In any case, the OP never said anything about professional shots. I think he wants a camera which is a substantial improvement over the one in the previous gen Nexus - or at least on par with those in the latest phones - which I think is an extremely reasonable expectation.

        Unfortunately the Nexus line has never had great camera performance. And I say this as a user of 3 Nexus devices which had cameras (yes, I'm not counting my tablets that didn't have back-facing cameras).

        • Stylus_XL

          "Actually, I've read some professional photographers write about how they've used shots taken with their iPhones for work."

          I'm well aware of photographers and film makers who have used images captured with an iPhone - but these are instances where photographers are trying to intentionally exploit the novelty of using limited technology, and finding ways to be creative with it. They're not using an iPhone camera because they believe that it's a serious alternative to a DSLR.

        • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

          Exactly - I don't want professional shots. But I do want to be able to take indoor shots that are in focus. My iPhone 4S took better shots than the Nexus 4, primarily due to the N4's pesky inability to keep a focus lock. I would hope the N5 will provide non-blurry photos on par with what other cameras had a year ago. What annoys me most about the N4 is that it obviously can take good pictures, but it's hell-bent on defocussing itself into blurdom half the time.

      • Fatty Bunter

        There's a reason smartphone cameras are emphasized - demand. You can't explain it away. More and more people use them as their only cameras.

        • Stylus_XL

          The demand is there because of the marketing frenzy that companies like Apple have stirred up. People use their smartphone cameras a lot for social media, so if a phone has a better camera than another phone, it's going to sway the consumer's choice. It makes sense. Companies need improved specs/features in their devices to encourage consumers to spend their money, especially when they're offering a premium smartphone.

          It doesn't however escape the fact that smartphone cameras are inherently LIMITED in their range of ability, and therefore make this level of nitpicking look absurd in the greater scheme of things.

          The megapixel wars are a great example of this. People on this very forum have claimed about some smartphone cameras "only being 8MP". This is one of the most nonsensical complaints I've ever heard, and goes to show that consumer demands are often based on misinformation, gullibility and ultimately - clever marketing.
          The Nexus 4 has an average camera that is serviceable for common casual usage (uploading pictures to Facebook and Twitter, sending images over chat, browsing the gallery on your phone). The better smartphone cameras are still garbage in low light, and probably always will be excluding a major technical breakthrough.

          Ultimately, if people care about bleeding edge smartphone camera tech then they should buy a Nokia 1020 or a high quality compact. I'm fine using a smartphone that offers great performance for what I *actually* need, at a brilliant price point.

          • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

            Again, we aren't looking for bleeding edge DSLR-quality shots. We want a camera that actually lets us take the picture instead of oscillating between various focus settings while we watch in frustration.

          • nwd1911

            I don't disagree with anything you are saying, however, I am a completely different user than you and I think there are plenty of users like myself. I don't carry a camera with me anywhere and I want a phone that can take decent pictures somewhat comparable to a compact point and shoot. I want to capture shots that I can print in 4x6 and put in a photo album without having to wonder who is in the picture or die from blurvision. To say that "nitpicking" is "absurd" because of my particular use case seems absurd :) I don't own a DSLR (although I like the results) and won't for quite sometime, but I do like to capture moments with some level of accuracy.

      • NinoBr0wn

        I don't think anyone does for professional shots. The point remains that the Nexus line doesn't take as good quality pictures as other phones on the market, where some are actually very good. The whole argument/question about who does ________ with their phone is irrelevant, and has been for a long time.

        • Stylus_XL

          "The point remains that the Nexus line doesn't take as good quality pictures as other phones on the market"

          This was a valid complaint with the G-Nex, but not the Nexus 4. When Google starts pricing its Nexus smartphones like other high end flagships again - i.e., not at a ~50% reduction against competing products in the sector - complaints about how they've compromised on specs will be more valid.

          • Fatty Bunter

            I have a Nexus 4 and consistently defer to my friends to take pictures when we're out. I hate the damn camera. It's worse enough that I do not take pictures myself when I have a friend with a GS4/iPhone 5 nearby. Most of them come out blurry.

          • Stylus_XL

            The camera on the Nexus 4 has never been that bad for me, and I say that as someone who has owned an iPhone 4S and a Galaxy S3. It's not fantastic but it's far from the worst I've seen.

          • Philip Kahn

            Really? I think you need to just have more patience with your pictures. I love the camera on my N4.


          • NinoBr0wn

            It was valid then and it's valid now. The camera is but one component in the phone. Anything could take a backseat. It just happens to be the camera, thus the complaints.

          • Stylus_XL

            Once again, if the Nexus 5 is priced like an iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4, we can start moaning about Google skimping on excellence.

          • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

            The thing is, the camera on the Nexus 4 is worse than the camera on the iPhone 4 (let alone the 4S) which came out years earlier. And the biggest flaw is the auto-focus. It's not about perfect pictures. It's about decent photos. The Nexus 4 often makes it way too hard to get even a halfway decent shot, especially if you're trying to take it within 10 seconds or so. The iPhone 4 (again, much older) at least took the damned shot.

          • Stylus_XL

            Dude I've taken plenty of steady pictures with the N4. Other people have as well:


            I'm not saying it has a great camera, but people are exaggerating about this like it screws images up so bad that you can't make out any subject in the picture. It does the job for what most people need it for - impromptu, casual, social shots. Not the best, not the worst.

          • TheLastAngel

            Dynamic range on the Nexus 4 was terrible too. Apart from the obvious resolution difference I still prefer the photos I shot with my SGS 1.

          • disqus_X93klfG91s

            It's still a valid complaint even if the phone is cheap.

            Our complaint is: here, take my money, I'll happily pay an extra $50 per phone for a better camera.

      • disqus_X93klfG91s

        The best camera is the one you have with you.

        For most people, increasingly, that their smartphone.

        For example I take hundreds of shots with my phone and my photos are very important to me. As a consumer, I would happily pay a large premium for a better camera on my phone, and I know I'm not alone.

    • mlj11

      The pic details indicate that it was taken this past week... it's likely to have been on a recent, if not the latest, OS build.

    • TheLastAngel

      Being a Nexus it will also suffer from bad call quality, dropped Wi-Fi, reboots, touch sensor inaccuracy and the likes in the early weeks after the launch.

      It's always a fun ride full of surprises.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    Moderately Better than the N4 should be considerably better than the Galaxy Nexus. YAY!

  • Mayoo

    I counted 28 vegetables. Nexus 5 releases today CONFIRMED.

    • Je

      half life 28 confirmed! no? anybody? :okay:

      • samwill

        28%5=3 => HL3 confirmed!

        • Justin Swanson

          YOU have 28 upvotes, more confirmation!

    • eagle3566

      Also note there's 5 different types of vegetable in that picture

      • RitishOemraw

        Hmmm I think you are on to something....5 is a number....numbersss...yes the TV series Numbers....that used maths to solve crimes....crimes...murder! Murder has 6 letters which is 1 more than the 5 we started with. So how do we explain the one? Unless....ofc there is only 1 ring to rule them all, so I bet Sauron knows the release date. But he's dead...how convenient. I bet Gandalf set up this ploy from the start. Never trust a wizard, he will use peacefull, harmless hobbits to do his dirty work. Yess...So Gandalf is evil and we now have evidence. We should present this to Obama, so he can OK the attack on imagination land! FREEDOM!!! We shall have our freedom! For the ALLIANCE! Join me, brothers and sisters! Some of you might now make it through the war, but our children will know our deeds and our children's children. And soon the world will know that today you, eagle3566, made the crucial observation that has led us to the only logical conclusion that an eagle will land in 3566 days from now bearing the message of the announcement of the Google Event where they will announce the releasedate of the long awaited precious modern day wonder! All I am left to say is: HL3 confirmed!

        • SkylaC90

          would you like to have your medicine now?

          • RitishOemraw

            Depends =_= (<- this is me glaring at you)

            Are you a WIZARD? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF_oD9WVUBI

            Never trust a WIZARD! Unless they are fun like in that clip :D

          • SkylaC90

            lol wtf was that?

          • RitishOemraw

            That is only one of the best videos uploaded to youtube in forever.
            It's part of series of weird nonsensical clips. This is one of the less weird ones I would say. Just go to youtube and search for ASDF Movie (there are 7 movies now) they are uploaded by a guy called TomSka. Some of them are bland, but some clips are hilarious. Go watch it!

          • SkylaC90

            ok thanks for lulz, look at that, I learned something cool today, heh the more you know.

    • Matt Martin

      The vegetable photo was taken at 12:16 PM. 12 + 16 = 28

      • Je

        i see 3:26 PM, please use reasonable clues!

        for example like if you multiply 4 cucumbers with 12 tomatos, you'll get 28 tangerines! CONFIRMED TODAY!

  • Michael Ward

    This phone is gonna be the death of me.

  • bloomtronzero

    Man why won't they just announce the thing already?

  • Greg Nelson

    That cucumber is what's referred to as a "home wrecker".

  • Whyzor

    Only a f2.4 lens... HTC phones have had f2.0 for more than year now...

    • basteagow

      The fact that any particular picture was shot at f/2.4 doesn't imply that's the widest aperture supported by the lens (though it probably happens to be, in this case).

      • Whyzor

        All cellphone pictures's EXIF aperture is the fixed aperture of the lens, since they don't have variable apertures like a real camera.

        • Masteryates

          My Nokia n86 begs to differ.

    • Smithers_Jones

      And they retail for over 2x the price of the Nexus5. So what's your point precisely?

      The nexus4 and Nexus5 are budget phones with high-end performance and "good enough" camera.

      • Whyzor

        2x price of HTC phones is hardly all because of the camera. Fact is Nexus has priorities in a different place, that is the fastest SoC, at the expense of radio, battery, and camera modules. My point with HTCs having them for over a year is that it's not even cutting edge tech anymore.

    • Dan Carter

      The iphone 5 and LG G2 only have an f2.4 lens as well - and those are pretty much the 2 best smartphone cameras this side of Nokia Lumia.

  • ins0mn1a

    that photo doesn't look crisp to me.

  • lensgrabber

    Colors look pretty darn good but not that sharp. Still going to be a instabuy.

    • lensgrabber

      also look further down in her stream. The N5 pic looks better than the iPhone picture posted on 9/15

  • http://www.ronakg.com/ Ronak Gandhi
    • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

      Pretty terrible shadow/darker area details....

  • http://www.ronakg.com/ Ronak Gandhi
    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      We decided against posting or including copies of these due to the personal nature of the photos, but yes, the device used was indeed the Nexus 5 too.

      • http://www.ronakg.com/ Ronak Gandhi

        Makes sense for you guys.

    • didibus

      That one is quite grainy, look at the sky!

    • Rice30

      Isn't that the Android Dancer?

      • dextersgenius

        lol, the guy at the back is totally ignoring the dancing robot and seems to be only interested in the girl at the back. :D

        • http://friskychatter.com/ _jsw_

          Wise choice.

  • jjrudey

    Since they were on Google+, they might've been auto enhanced.

  • adi19956

    Could the higher dynamic range be due to Google+'s auto enhance feature? I don't think it changes the EXIF data, at least it doesn't with my photos

  • Je

    android 4.5 KEBAB!

  • Mark

    This is getting extremely annoying. It's reached the point where i'm not becoming any more interested in the device, but am just becoming more annoyed with google. They need to just announce the thing.

    • grrchas

      I hear you. Nobody likes being jerked around. I know that Google hasn't said anything officially, but enough is enough. They know that they have a great product and so does everyone else. Just give an official release date and be through with it. I don't think that most people can be any more hyped than they already are. At this point to continue to let this go on is showing very little respect for you customers.

  • Luka Mlinar

    I'm tempted to go post this on the Motorola FB page :D

  • TY

    What I care most is color accuracy and white balance. With such a beastly processor they should be able to implement more powerful algorithms.

  • upfone
  • Gabernasher

    I find it funny all the other shots on her G+ are taken with an iPhone 5.

    • http://tsurufoto.com/ Aaron Tsuru

      Not odd though. Google's success in the mobile world is hugely dependent on Apple users and all the Google services they use.

  • ConCal

    Any posting with "Nexus" in the title is clickbate for me.

    • Thomas’

      This post shows exactly the content promised by the title. So where's the problem?

      • ConCal

        Oh, no problem. I was just saying I'll click on anything with nexus in the title.

  • Captain Spaulding[2200+ posts]

    invites have been sent

    • pfmiller

      That's Google+. What does it have to do with Android or the Nexus 5?

      • Captain Spaulding[2200+ posts]

        Yeah, I just realized that a minute ago. :(
        I guess I jumped the gun a bit.

        • pfmiller

          Yeah. Oh well, I'll check it out anyway. But I'm not going to get too excited.

  • randy

    I do not understand why would not google raise the price $50 and give us more decent camera and battery

    • Jeff

      Because the camera isn't as important as most of the other things the phone needs to do.

  • Johnny Nguyen

    Camera sensor is one thing but the camera software plays a big part also. i really hope google makes major changes to their camera app.

    • Cameraj

      yea please baked in the ability to turn off auto focus. STOP FOCUSING CAMERA APP!!!

  • evertjr

    Oh no! it's not better than a Canon EOS 1D X. I'll buy a Galaxy S4. - People logic here.

  • Samuel Mosley

    Vegetables, wood, ground. Three different types of things, 3... Half Life three confirmed.

  • Matthew Fry

    Can't Googler's take pictures of their vegetables in peace?!? :-P

  • saya

    Still shit. My nexus 4 can take better pic than this

  • TheLastAngel

    The Nexus 4 camera is so bad I completely stopped using it outside of snapping an adress card or a sign. Coming from a sgs 2 I found 1080p recording so bad that I thought something was broken. Audio sounds like it was recorded underwater.

    It can only get better.

  • Elliot Kotis

    Nexus 5 is going to become the next half life 3 at this bloody rate. Though really good. Photo!

  • NF

    I wonder what camera software will exist. These photos will probably be auto-enhanced. I wonder if they will make it a device feature to make up for a mediocre camera. Right now it doesn't look bad, and OIS will likely make many images better.

  • Alexander Grigorjev

    From EXIF data it's clear. Camera won't be good in low light conditions. Google did not make breakthrough in camera department. Will stick to my HTC ONE. Very sad Google

  • mainlybacon

    This is a pretty poor camera.

  • monkey god

    Well, at least it CAN shoot at a low ISO, unlike the Nexus 4 which always seems to pick 400+ ISO regardless of the lighting condition. That in of itself is a big improvement, even if it's not all that impressive.