A little over a year ago, Madfinger Games released the original Dead Trigger, a free-to-play zombie shooter - I loved it. What exactly did I love about it? It was simple but fun, and even though it eventually ended up as a free-to-play game (it originally cost a dollar), you could have a pretty good time blasting hordes of the undead without spending any money at all, as long as you didn't mind some grinding here and there. It wasn't perfect, but Dead Trigger made me genuinely excited about Madfinger's future endeavors, and so here we are with Dead Trigger 2.

Dead Trigger 2 uses the same basic mechanics as its predecessor, but has addressed its one real shortfall: a lack of depth. Dead Trigger, for all its fun, did eventually become very, very repetitious. The linear difficulty curve also meant that you'd reach a point where your grind to the next weapon upgrade got so long and became so necessary that it didn't feel so much like the game wanted to take your money as it didn't have any more content to give you. This is a curse for many mobile titles, particularly of the free-to-play variety - developers want you to keep playing as long as humanly possible (because money), but also know that beyond a certain level of difficulty or time invested, a decreasing number of players will continue to advance in the game. Thus, content tends to be intro-to-middle heavy, and quickly tapers off past what I'd call the "peak purchase point." From an economic standpoint, it's obvious why. The problem for Dead Trigger was that the "PPP" came far too early because there wasn't enough content to keep things interesting.


Dead Trigger 2, however, attempts to solve this in two ways. First, it's harder. A lot harder. Second, there is undeniably more content, and more drive to advance the game's story (which is actually almost respectable).

Unfortunately, I'd argue it almost feels like a sadly wasted effort (at least from a gamer's perspective), because DT2 has succumbed to a scourge worse than undeath: greed.


There isn't much to the execution of combat in DT2 - point at zombie, shoot at zombie, revel in said zombie's comical dismemberment. No updated mechanics like cover or crouching, no big changes to the gun firing experience. That said, Madfinger did pretty well with the basics in the original Dead Trigger. For all the criticism one might levy on account of simplicity, the DT combat system is very approachable, which is absolutely critical in a free-to-play title, especially when you're in the mobile FPS genre.


Screenshot_2013-10-28-13-22-45 Screenshot_2013-10-28-13-04-56

But let's step back, because the biggest changes in Dead Trigger 2 are largely outside of the zombie-killing experience. The entire mechanic of upgrading your weapons and other equipment has been overhauled into an admirably organized abode, aka the "hideout." You actually begin the game with several story missions in which you rescue members of your resistance team who then become the permanent occupants of this hideout, crafting and constructing your various anti-zombie sundries.

Weapons and new items are unlocked either with gold (surprise!) or by finding blueprints, which drop from super zombies (more on those assholes later). Once you collect all the pieces of a blueprint, you can research the item in question through the appropriate member of your team. If it's a gun, this means you also get the gun once the research is done, thankfully. And yes, there is a time element here: while research and upgrade tasks start off at a rather innocent 5, 10, or 20 minutes, they quickly become six hours or more. You know where this is going, too - a speed-up button. Which costs gold.


See you in 6 hours. Or about a buck fifty.

Predictably, your team members themselves also require upgrades in order to upgrade your weapons or build new, more advanced ones, many of which are all but explicitly necessary to advance in the game. And, I'm not kidding, your team members' upgrades require an upgrade. So far, all of these upgrades have used in-game cash (acquired through missions / level-ups), not gold (gold is a separate currency, as in DT1), but it's easy to see how the entire experience is insanely frustrating because of this, and even a bit confusing.


Note that M-16 level 4 is blocked until I upgrade the gunsmith. And costs $48,000. And 12 hours of waiting.

The real problem, though, is that it is all so unapologetically about profit. Why do your weapon upgrades require upgrades to your team members that then require an upgrade to your team? Because money. It doesn't make the game more enjoyable, more immersive, or more challenging. It just makes it more effective at extracting currency from players. It is utterly without taste. And there is nothing more insulting to me, as a gamer, than a completely arbitrary timer whose only purpose in existence is to to be sped up in exchange for money. It goes beyond the already controversial free-to-play model and blatantly handicaps those who refuse to pay to play by depriving them of what they've already earned with a big fat "screw you." Unfortunately, the money-grubbing doesn't stop there.

The original Dead Trigger had super zombies of a sort, though they were relatively rare - seldom seen outside of the survival challenge mode. That was fine, they added a bit of strategy and complexity to the game that forced you to rethink your combat approach and respond effectively. In Dead Trigger 2, I have thus far encountered five different types of super zombies, all of them extremely annoying and difficult to kill, and not really in a fun way. You see, super zombies are resistant to pretty much every gun at your disposal. They soak up bullets unflinchingly, like an old traffic sign on a country road.


A panzer - time to give up.

Super zombies are basically designed to get you in a situation where, without using a consumable item, you're going to die. Rampagers are the worst, charging at you at a high rate of speed and then smashing you into submission. Kamikazes have an explosive barrel strapped to them, resulting in insta-death if they get close to you. Radioactive scientists quickly reduce your health if they get within a certain distance. Vomitrons hurl blood clots at you with startling accuracy. Panzers can take more fire than a concrete bunker. They all have varyingly large amounts of hit points. I could lay down 4 clips of M-16 ammo into a Panzer and I'd empty maybe a little under half his health bar. I just sit there and die if one appears in most levels. It's not worth the effort.

So, what kills super zombies? Why, explosives of course! And how does one get explosives? Money! Explosive are non-replenishing consumables (as opposed to ammo, which is) that must be purchased from your friendly engineer. The problem is that the economics of explosives are clearly weighed against the non-paying player.


The average mission a few hours into the game yields around $800-1100 of in-game currency. 2 grenades cost $200. Your typical super zombie can generally be killed with 2 grenades and some gratuitous lead expenditure, and each mission typically has 2 super zombies. That's $400 a mission. Later, grenades become pretty useless against super zombies, and you have to resort to land mines or explosive chickens (yes, really), which are even more expensive per unit (land mines are $600 for 3), even though mission rewards don't scale up all that much. You can upgrade your grenades (then they get more expensive, yay!), but eventually you're going to get to a point where you then have to upgrade your engineer (not super cheap), and then, upgrade your entire team (very expensive) so that you can upgrade your engineer again (expensive), and then upgrade the grenade again (more expensive).


I have a simple question: does this sound fun to you? I've wasted so much time in this review talking about the absurdity of in-game currency, but that's because it's such an absurdly huge part of the game. THAT'S BAD. If you want a feel for how expensive some things are, let's do a little math.

Upgrading your team to level 4 (allowing them access to then be upgraded to level 4 individually, so they can then make level 4 items), costs $40,000 in game currency. 1 gold is equal to $300 of that currency (you can't buy currency, only gold, which you then convert). So that's 133 gold. The smallest denomination of gold you can buy is 150, which will cost you $3 [of real money]. Oh, and don't forget about that speedup, which will cost you yet more gold (probably somewhere in the 100-200 range), since the level 4 tech upgrade has a 24 hour wait timer.

But wait, there's more! You'll have to upgrade your guns, which rather quickly reaches into the tens of thousands of dollars of currency for each by your second upgrade on a particular weapon. Then there's the whole issue of difficulty. Your character has a ranked experience level, and the more missions you do, the more experience you get. The higher your level, the more difficult the game becomes. This essentially makes grinding a diminishing return activity, because you're slowly making the game harder on yourself. Yes, this is actually what happens.


Even at the $10 buy-in level, which is 1000 gold, I doubt you'd have enough funds to get ahead of the difficulty curve for more than a few experience levels / 10 or so main campaign missions. It really is that bad right now. While I think Madfinger probably has some fine-tuning to do here in order to keep players happy, I also don't believe they're going to budge that much in the near term. This game was clearly designed to make money, not appease gamers.

You can, of course, use TapJoy offers to get some free gold and give yourself some breathing room if you're trying to play without dropping any cash, but your advantages will be short-lived.

Graphics, controls, and sound

Dead Trigger 2 is quite impressive visually, though not leaps and bounds ahead of anything we've seen on mobile to date. The graphics are very good, but they're not the big step forward I think the first DT was at the time it was released for Android.


Tegra 4 devices get enhanced water and smoke textures, but even playing on an NVIDIA Shield - which is designed for high-intensity gaming and features a built-in exhaust fan - frame rates on the Ultra High graphics settings dropped into the teens when large amounts of smoke or water effects were being rendered alongside the zombies. I had to turn the graphics down for the game to run completely smoothly.


Controls in DT2 are superb. I've been using Shield most of the time, but I did try it on a Galaxy S4 and even on a 5" screen it remained quite playable. The controls in the original DT were excellent on touchscreens as well (though obviously a physical gamepad still wins out), and back in the days before my Nexus 7 died, I remember being pleasantly surprised at just how usable they were.

Sound effects seem substantially more varied and of higher quality than in the original, with voice acting actually sounding fairly professional. Many parts of the game feature voiced-over narration, and your nameless hero has a few Duke Nukem-esque catchphrases he intermittently mumbles while mowing down scores of your undead foes.


This game, for me, is ruined by the presence of in-app purchases. While the original Dead Trigger was explicitly designed to be approachable without spending any money at all, the same obviously cannot be said of the sequel. Dead Trigger 2 is an attempt to monetize the casual audience aggressively using an admittedly well-designed and intuitive shooter platform.

Given how overplayed the zombie genre is, though, and how much work obviously went into this game, to me it's a bit sad to see the talent Madfinger clearly has for making games poured into such a blatant money grab. There is so much potential in this game that is utterly squandered by timers, gold, and gameplay that is designed to frustrate players into making purchases. I'd also like to point out that my experience will be easier than most people's - I've been playing DT2 with an NVIDIA Shield, meaning a real, high-quality controller. I'm also no slouch when it comes to gaming; I played away most of my childhood with Call of Duty, Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike, and a half-dozen other twitch-response shooters. This game would be substantially harder with touch controls, and I doubt I would have had the patience to make it as far as I did without a gamepad.

I have little doubt there will be "balance" updates to DT2 in the coming weeks and months, and that as time goes on (read: cash flow slows), Madfinger will start easing up on players in order to keep them in the game. But for now, with an average rating of 4.3 and over 500,000 downloads on the Play Store, it's the numbers that do the talking, and the numbers say money.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Blendi Krasniqi

    Great review, I would rather pay 5 bucks and enjoy the game rather than getting it for free and end up paying more than 5 dollars (or just uninstalling it)

    • ReyMaxwin

      There is a middle ground. Reaper is free for the first 10 levels, then you can buy the basic package $3, up to the premium package $5. If you buy the basic package you can then upgrade to the premium package for $2. Tincore has tons of in app purchases, but the expensive ones are for niche features like network input support.

      Its not in app purchases that's the problem, its the conflic of interest that often comes with micro transactions (gold).

    • Tom2313

      This is a very timely review. I played the game over the weekend and uninstalled it in disgust as it became apparent that Dead Trigger 2 is about one thing: transferring money from your wallet to the game makers. No thanks.

      • chant

        so true f...ing scamers terning real money in to digital money and rubing us blind till now I have spend like 50$ on this game I like the game but hate how it works :(

        • Daisy Craig

          Chant, I think you need to work on your grammar.

      • John Shields

        Stop crying, in an actual zombie apocalypse ; you my insignificant little friend would be the first one I would shoot...

    • Cory_S

      It's not even about paying more for me. It's about it ruining the immersion of the game with the mechanics of it are geared to make money rather than be enjoyable. I'd pay 30-40 dollars for a true console level triple A title on mobile. But, only as an upfront purchase...not being nickel and dimed to death for pointless count down timers.

      • tbt

        Cory, I think you say that now but I have a feeling you will complain no matter what. Some people just complain about everything. If the game is a dollar they feel it should be free. If the game is free they complain about the in-app purchases, if there are no in app purchasing people complain that they can't level up fast enough, or whatever. It's always something.

        • Cory S

          I have over 50 paid games on my account. Some as high as 15 dollars. Among those I have very few freemium games. It's not in app purchases per say I'm against. I'm against the pay to advance model. As I said earlier the game mechanics get skewed to support it.

  • mlj11

    My interest in this game was killed the moment I read Play Store comments saying that it needs an internet connection at all times.

    If I were to install this game, it'd have gone on my tablet, which is wi-fi only. Even if not for that fact, I still object to such always-connected games in principle: productivity apps I can understand, but why should a game dictate how or when I use my data?

    • Primalxconvoy

      i wouldnt be able to play it on the underground commuting to work either. i might look for the inevitably modded version online to sideload tho.

      • RCCola85

        Agreed with both of you, this is exactly the reason why I uninstalled the game. I play games during my commute because gaming at home is what my PS3 is for, so an online requirement for a free game is asinine. Also I can't even log in on my S4 so I couldn't even play it there if I wanted to.

    • vlad

      Always-online requirement is to track piracy, As someone had said on previous DT: "There isn't much of a point in fighting piracy since someone will find a way, so you'd better at least have a way to harmlessly track it."

      • mlj11

        What does "track piracy" mean? How does it work exactly - on a free-to-install app like this?

        If the devs were concerned about people pirating their paid apps, maybe they could've tried making in-game purchases only work when the user is online instead of making the whole game unplayable without a connection. As it is, I don't really see much point of "tracking" users of a freemium game.

  • Nelson Wasiuk

    I agree with you... In-app puchased are too much. I Know devs have bills to pay and everyone deserves a salary and earn money. I always buy the apps and buy many IAP to help them, but now is starting to hurt. All devs have the same issue. Asphalt 8 you can't pass certain point without paying 50 dollars. THATS MORE THAN A PC GAME! So, devs, please put your feet in the grounds and be reasonable. thanks!

  • selva

    Thanks for pointing out the IAP' S in detail. It's bit of a hard time for mobile gamers these days. It's always about money.

  • Unbreakable360

    Game is boring tedious and expensive thank god for modded apps it's sad when greed takes over I don't mind throwing a buck here and there but let's get serious 10$ for a virtual item that will only be used up until you get bored of the game and uninstall it, I played three or 4 games then dumped it devs need to realize one thing after you finish a game there's nothing to do this is why multiplay should always be implemented in a game especially ones that involve zombies playing with a bud is always fun another key point to make the game stay relevant "fun"

  • Peter Farac

    I don't mind paying as much in IAP as the game is worth (depending how good it was up to $20) but the problem I have with buying stuff in games is when do you stop? A normal game should limit you to a level based on your skill as a player. But if you can just buy stuff to proceed, how do you get the buzz from feeling like you beat it?

    The payoff for these sort of games seems to be about getting access to new stuff (new guns, new enemies) rather than beating it. Bit of a shame really.

    • StriderWhite

      yeah, this is THE PROBLEM of F2P games: you know when you start paying for virtual goods, but you don't know WHEN and IF you'll stop!

  • Joshua Powers

    You make it sound worse than it is, while I was surprised how hard the easy levels are, I've gotten past the giant zombie in Africa and got an award for finishing the campaign thus far, all without spending a dime, you just gotta take a break from it when those timers kick in. Remember the point of madfinger making a game is to make money, I'n not surprised that the game is geared to push you to spend money, many F2P titles do this, you just need to be patient.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      I'm sure it's possible. Using all the TapJoy free gold incentives. Waiting for all the timers. And if you play all the levels on easy. Not my idea of fun, sorry.

      • Joshua Powers

        Maybe it's just me then, I don't play a single game for hours on end, I play a few levels, take a break and go play another of the dozen or so games I have.

        • Pratik Holla

          I guess it boils down to what type of gamer you are. If you really care about beating the game completely and have that kind of dedication, i can see how the freemium model can be really annoying. However, beating the game doesn't concern you and you are just looking for a way to kill a few hrs, then i can see how its fun. Thats probably why it has a 4.3 rating. People play it a few times, see how awesome it is and rate. They never bother to dig into the full game to get the full experience

          • Alan Shearer

            Dedicated hard core gamers who want to beat each game to 100% will avoid freemium games like the plague.

          • Vadom

            That's basically the majority of android game community atm

    • Firehawkws7

      Oh yes, that sounds like so much fun! Waiting for timers and playing levels over and over, HELL YES! Give me more of that!

    • Unbreakable360

      I've always been one to spam a f2p game but aside from being patient or what not the game is just boring period always had been since the first one, especially since the zombies actually just look like vampires and monsters which is the worst part about it to me

    • StriderWhite

      It's worse than it sounds, in fact! F2P games are made to drag money from the gamers! A lot of money!! In this kind of game you often have to pay even the air that your digital avatar breaths!
      An interesting thing that every time that you kill a zombie, they pop money and ammo, but never gold or grenades! WTF?
      Another thing is that building a barricade is totally USELESS, cause after less than 10 seconds the zombies breach and you have to kill'em all again...
      I'd gladly pay some dollars for some permanent upgrades (like, for example 2x money, or 2x experience), bunt NOT for gold.

    • Sam Wille

      I think the biggest rub is that even if you spend real money to convert it into in-game currency, the timers still matter. I would like to think that if I as a user start to invest in the development of the title that purchases I make become available instantly. Look, I want application developers to get paid. Without incentive, where will the innovation come from?

      Developers should charge for games, whether it be a full price to offset for the time in development or on a tiered structure that gives players a full gaming experience with the option to later supplement that purchase with faster access to in-game content. (Items, levels, characters, updates)

    • iactuallylikedthegame

      The missions aren't that hard.. I played the first half onn hard mode and the other half on normal mode with dual glock and ithaca.. While waiting for the new guns i did side missions and while doing missions i made frags and pills.. I also followed a tip i found to play side missions such as supply runs on easy mode so you can just kill hundreds of zombies for the money..killed the giant zombie without spending anything or the tapjoy stuff.. I dont mind that it requires yoiu to be online too or that zombs dont drop items other than ammo... But they did over do it on the upgrades... They could have atleast removed the timer or made the guns cheaper or lessened the upgrades needed..

  • cy_n_ic


    • Toinou

      Was waiting for this one. Thanks for the laugh!

    • New_Guy

      Genius... Just genius :)

    • MeCampbell30

      You've done it again internet.

  • StriderWhite

    The most annoying thing of DT2 is that you have to upgrade EVERYTHING. And wait, of course....This is not my idea of a good time!! I'm pretty disappointed by Madfinger, I bought all of ther games, and also some IAP for Shadowgun Deadzone, but now it's over...

  • GraveUypo

    i'm so glad to read this.
    now i can delete the game before i try it with no remorse. i was toughing out through the stupid push messages to save the game for an opportune time, but yeah, i see it's not worth it.

    ps: oh fuck i just remembered an "opportune time" usually involves not being on range of any kind of internet and this game only plays online. i was saving this shit for naught.

  • rca

    You guys should make a entry in your site like: No in-app purchase games of the week. Man i hate in app games.

    • Régis Knechtel

      Yes, PLEASE!

    • Falconator

      Might want to push it to No in-app purchase games of the month since more games DO have IAP today.

  • Richard Markert

    I was noticing the costs and the waiting as well. The absolute blatancy of it however, has me determined to play this game all the way through without giving Madfinger one single penny.

    Take that, greedy devs!

  • Vadom

    Wow, you are one stereotype reviewed. First of all, each boss has its own way to beat. You can't just shot at it and prey it to die. Ex, panther has a weakness at its back. kamikaze is slow as heck. Yes it kills you in one hit, but you need yo think strategicly and clear the normal zombies first and kite the boss off. It won't take a few shot if you hit the barrel. Using explosive is for the weak... On the other hand, the upgrade takes time. But what doesn't? It's just like upgrading buildings in RTS games. Besides, it's not like you only have this game and nothing else to do. At last, I have to admit that it is a pain to wait for the gun to upgrade or get new blue prints. However, if you hit the damage threshold, like getting the dual block or the knife, you will be super satisfied and kill zombies with ease. P.S. m16 is really weak anyway. PSS I haven't spend a penny.

    • HarvesterX

      I know this response is untastably late, but I never remember any buildings in Warcraft taking 12 hours pronged to build... I could be wrong as it was a while and I was much more engaged in Diablo I back then... *sarcasm

  • G0dr4y

    Well, looks like Madfinger is in the same league as Glu Mobile now, moneygrabbers that is. No like.

  • Funem

    I used the option to get free gold using Tapjoy, something I usually avoid. I did this on Android as I could install the apps, run them then delete them from my device and history of owned apps (which I cant seem to do on iOS) I got over 500gold (G) coins, for virtually 10-15min of total tapping time. Every now and again there is a "desperate" dev who pays 50 gold coins for you to install and just run their app. These gold can then be use or converted into 3000 (S) coins for each.
    One thing I really liked about the game is that I can play on my iPod and the carry on my Android Tablet, would have liked an offline mode though.

  • Dipish

    Before I even reached the "Peak Purchase Point", my gaming experience was ruined by the game's OFFLINE UNPLAYABILITY

  • Primalxconvoy

    ive never understood how the confusing menus and constant pop ups or similar in game messages, coupled with such convoluted economics in games such as rr3, asphalt 8 etc, in any way endeared themselves to casual gamers.

    • defred34

      Convulated for us to wish to skip the IAP minefield. But for dumbed down casual gamers, it isn't as everything they run short on something, just go buy it from the store.

      • Primalxconvoy

        I don't know. Think about all the popular things that make money; McDonald's, iphones, etc. They all are pretty simple to understand and people gobble them up (literally in the case of McDonald's). I suspect many casual gamers sin lose interest or quit due to not understanding the graphical layout of some of these game menus and/or not being able to progress due to all of the different in game currencies/statuses/points/scores/levels etc. I'm pretty game savvy and even i get confused by the sheet amount of different v numbers floating around even a small mobile phone screen.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    Damn you again EA....Oh sorry Madfinger.

  • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

    ...am I the only one that actually has "mouse smoothing" issues?
    Seriously, try playing (no controllers!), and increase the sensitivity to 70...am I the only one seeing obvious movement delays like the BS mouse-smoothing in PC FPS games?

  • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

    you're complaining too much, this game is awesome in every way.

  • Dan_Mousavi

    Seriously, this is not a game review, this is a monetization rant.
    There's no word on the actual gameplay, no mentioning of the sniper missions, helicopter passages, end bosses etc.

  • Chris

    I love this website because you guys are brutally honest, but fair. Please keep it that way and don't get bought by someone.

  • Vladimirstrockshtyonghashodawg

    You know what you're gonna get when you game goes in-app purchases? PIRACY. People would rather pay 10$ for a completely smooth and satisfying gaming experience. Ortherwise they would just try to hack the game and save their pocket. Asphalt 8 for example, there are over 5000 pirated asphalt 8 copies downloaded all over the pirate bay and many mobile sites, and most of them come with a lot, a lot of in-game credits. We all know what will happen if this piracy thing go viral, so don't make it worse and for f*ck's sake, remove in-game purchases. (I'm looking at you Moneyloft)

  • Michael McGrade

    I love the original which comes with a much needed feature that has hindered my playing the second iteration...inverted looking...where is it? They update with that feature I'll be able to play...otherwise I'm staring at the floor or ceiling and that isn't the best place to aim.

  • mazdajdavis

    Madfinger does fremium better than anyone. A Hulu+ free trial & game fly free trial cost me nothing but a calender reminder to cancel & got me a few thousand gold. Enough to do basically anything I want. Just like DT1, if you don't have a credit card then your screwed(well you have to do a little more work). If you do a quick $1 credit report, or free trial to some service costs very little to nothing and nets you more gold then you really need. Even with out a credit card you can get a good amount of gold downloading starring & then deleting games & apps. Yes a bit of a pain but much better then spending cash & in all fairness madfinger gives you more gold for your efforts then glu, gameloft, or anyothers. I actually don't mind the way madfinger does it. Always have a large pile of gold & $1 is the most ive spent. I can't complain. The way the story line seems to have just stopped after a very few missions & know has us group farming kills is a much bigger problem.

  • Sam Wille

    Why can't we just have titles that cost $4.99 or $9.99 and pretty much avoid the whole in-app purchase conundrum altogether? I get the need for making free-to-play titles - the mobile market is finicky and a casual gamer is not going to feel the need to immerse themselves in a long-term title. They want quick flashes of brilliance with an early payoff.

    I don't mind paying for a game if it will continue to be compatible with future versions of Android and advertisements are not present. I also don't mind paying for in-game currency if I find myself lagging behind other players in the game and want to get a quick level boost to play competitively. However, I'm not going to drop $10, $20, $30 or more into a title just because I do not have time to grind.

    The review here tells me that you eventually hit diminishing returns with grinding as in-game difficulty ramps up with your ranking. That's not great programming - that's great pick-pocketing. If the most direct way to level up and advance is to pay, I'm out. I don't want to invest dozens of hours collecting in-game currency only to wait another 72 hours because of the wait time for upgrades to process or become available.

  • fnshr

    Here is something I wrote on the facebook page

    For IOS users buy gold - £3 pack then purchase 1hour/24hour money booster and then play your ass off. Preferably play any mission with no time limit, Supply run, operations and Seek and Destroy. Then just play those missions and ovoid the objective and play for as long as you can survive (I've made it to $20000+ in on mission, roughly 15-20 mins)

    But to make things easier, play SUPPLY RUN, collect ALL SUPPLIES but the LAST one, HOLD onto it and then just kill kill kill. I say this because holding onto the last supply for some reason DOESN'T spawn any of SPECIALS, only the small zombies, so you can avoid having to face any specials and just worry about the little fxxkers which should be easy.

    For ANDROID users you can either buy gold or click click on the + next to Gold and then click "Earn free coins" where you can earn them buy downloading and just running an app they have listed to earn from 4-28 or so coins just for one download, and there are a few as well. (Iphone does have the earn free coins but you only get 1 coin)

    After that do the same thing with the supply mission and what not ...

    Now depending on what level/how much your grenades cost (mine cost $400) what I say is once you have Money Booster, after EVERY ROUND but Grenades and Health packs and you would make a much profitable outcome than WITHOUT the money booster. Also TRY and not use so many in a mission that way you can make a lot of Money and purchase them so it's as if you're just stocking up. Instead of buying, going to a mission using loads, and then buying again. So it's like you're playing a mission just to use money on Health and Grenades and won't have any money for upgrades or whatever.

    *I have a lot of money, and just buy doing the money booster thing I've said, haven't spent any money of buying cash or whatever*

    Regarding weapons, I just got about it however really lol

    In mission again, I just try and play as well as I can where I avoid using Grenades or Health.

    Specials -

    Rager - when he runs to you dodge, activate a health pack as his back is turned and rain bullets into him
    Vomitron - Hide behind objects and just pop out shoot, pop in and so forth, use grenades or whatever.
    Panzer - Throw a grenade, as he turns activate a health pack and rain bullets into him also
    Scienfirst - stay far away and shoot
    Kamikaze - stay far away and shoot

    Reasons why I say use a health pack is because it's like 'Bullet Time' and EVERYTHING slows down, while you keep your normal speed, so that way you can inflict more damage in that 2-3 seconds of extra time (roughly) that you have. Always lure Specials to the red Barrels and explode it on them, because it does a hella damage.

    Anyway this is just some of the help I can offer to you guys, hopefully making the game a lot easier/fun in whatever way and I know the game is a pain at times but as people have said it's free so for that we can at least be that more grateful ... because dead trigger is a bad ass game

  • Navid Lancaster

    "It just makes it more effective at extracting currency from players. It is utterly without taste. And there is nothing more insulting to me, as a gamer,"

    I would like the writer to explain how does he expect the company to survive financially, create more games/upgrades and pay the programmers/legal/testers for all the hard work they put in for the gamers to enjoy. He seems to forget that this is a 'for profit' company. Sheesh!!

    • DeadFinger

      An example of 'freemium' done right (imo) is Warframe on the PC: at no point is anyone forced to spend money to progress in the game, but the lots of options to spend money are there for those who want to support the devs.

  • MindFever

    I call upon all of you AP readers to join me in the epic quest of making Madfinger aware of the annoying IAP problem by rating this game 1 star. Who's with me??? Play Store needs YOU! :)

  • DeadFinger

    "The higher your level, the more difficult the game becomes. This essentially makes grinding a diminishing return activity, because you're slowly making the game harder on yourself."

    This is the kicker for me. It effectively means that you have to pour money into upgrading your tech if you want to continue playing at higher levels. Those used to the idea that experience levels make you stronger could find themselves hitting a brick wall when they find out that in this game it does the opposite.

    It also means that you can't really afford to develop/upgrade lots of different weapons (as the blueprint system encourages you to do) without risking getting caught out by this experience v tech level gap.

    It's impossible to avoid this trap as there is no way of avoiding leveling up the more you play. Haven't got there yet, but I imagine there is a point where you're forced to spend real money or quit.

  • timmy

    So far your review is the best review I've read and touches upon all the most frustrating aspects of this game... Which is the upgrade times and difficulty levels. I like the game but I feel Death Trigger 1 is an all around better game. I have found myself hardly playing Dead Trigger 2 that much mostly because to get anywhere I have to use the tapjoy option of getting free gold by downloading apps, doing what is required, and then getting gold and then deleting the games/apps off my tablet. And of course once I get gold I have to wait nearly 2 days to upgrade my tech and weapons guy.

  • Richard Wallace

    Lol. I think the real problem here is people are impatient and bitchy. Its a FREE fucking game. I finished it in under two weeks and have not spent a cent! Im sure the developes made this game purely out of good will and sacrifice with the intent to go home empty handed. Im mean, who doesn't love working for free?! I see alot of bitchy banter and that is all. I grew up in the days when Atari, NES and so on were born, we had to work for progress in those games. Sometimes playing a level for hours and hours, over and over again for two weeks before finally completing a level to move on. So do me a favor, for the next two weeks please goto work and accept no pay for your efforts, then I will come and complaine about the shit job you did...for free. That seems fair right? I think greed works both ways. Is it the developers that offer you a free game with the option to work at it, or spend money so your lazy gamer ass can speed through it thats the problem? Or is it the whiny little bitch who gets a free game and rather than put in effort, bitches that they have to spend money to fast track a game that actually requires no money to complete? Why should they cater to your lazy uselessness? Its your problem your lazy and useless, not theres. Unthankful twat! for a phone, this is a great game! If you dont like it don't play it. But your opinions here are unfounded and you are just another testament of your mentally decapacitated, arrogant me first idiot generation.

    • Sainesan Naiker


    • Sainesan Naiker

      Oh and Specials arent that hard to kill right just use a frag grenade which is like 250 for x2 and come on thats cheap also dont see what everyone talking about seems legit to me.

  • DUi256

    Honestly not that hard. The Rager will run right past you if you step to the side then blast him in the back also if you dump enough bullets into the Panzer, he'll turn around then commence to blast him in the back. The other ones get them close to a barrel which takes a lot of damage from them no matter what level your at. Yeah they can be frustrating but does make it challenging. You can play this game without paying a dime, yeah it might take some time, nonetheless it's still fun.

  • Sainesan Naiker

    I found that the best way to do it is to not spend money on anything but the technician upgrades because his upgrades increase the amount of money you earn each mission then you buy other upgrades they become much cheaper i only played for 3 days about 1 and half hours a day and i just stop when there are loads of upgrades going on and play tomorrow you can enjoy if your willing to stop a certain point each day. Oh and best way to kill special monsters upgrade your grenade till its 180 damage and buy those very cheap only 250$ and 1 and a bit of shooting kills a special. Oh and u have to shoot panzers in the back to kill them properly

  • Roxy

    How do i download Dead Trigger to my computer?

  • Wizards

    Wait, Wait, Wait or Pay Pay Pay should be the name of this game...

  • louiseleon

    What made me so surprised that...
    I'm reading the comments between 1-3 Months...
    I ain't uninstalling this game until i beat it ONE way or another.
    If you just come here then Forget all of these guy Opinions and try play the game for yourself

  • JayZ

    One TIP for everyone, for Kamikazis, all you have to do is run towards it closely, and as it is about to raise its arms to detonate itself, use a health patch, which will slow time up but not yourself, and then run backwards and watch it kill itself and the surrounding zombies, Goodluck!

  • Fernando

    LOL, im level 40, i have all the blueprints and enough money to built everything, the only bad point is that you have to wait 2 or 3 days to built a good gun, but the game itself is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to use the free gold you get in the Money Booster for 1 hour and play that hour. That`s all.

  • AlvinoBrooka

    I am now Lvl 20 in the game, and I have no problem with IAP's, Explosives, and Upgrading the upgrades that is needed to upgrade. Fuck me, right?

    Note: I don't use real money. Only tapjoy.

  • Darkies

    Does it need internet?

  • John Shields

    Jesus H. Christ dude, im at tech level 9 AND Mk9 on all my upgrades and I haven't spent a single cent of actual currency. Albeit I've invested countless hours of zombie slaughter. But the whole point I'm trying to make here is its a free game! You invest time and effort in any game you choose to play. So get over it... And let's get back to what's important... Killing Zombies !!!!...I'm out....

  • Joe Hayes

    So disappointed. I just now downloaded and started this game. I think the reviewer is wrong on one point: Dead Trigger 2 on its highest graphic settings (LG G3) is most certainly leaps and bounds beyond anything on mobile up to this point. It plays and controls like a dream, and this is on a touch screen I'm not using a controller. And, so far, it's an absolute BLAST to play. It's the closest thing to "console quality" on Android. But if the pay to win elements are still as horrific as the reviewer points out then that is truly disappointing. BUT if nothing else Dead Trigger 2 is hopefully the start of true, deep, gorgeous gaming on handheld touch screen devices.