Sprint customers typically complain about the lackluster data coverage, but they at least have generally been able to make phone calls. Yet many customers who went out and bought the Galaxy Note 3 from the carrier found that even that ability was lacking. They suffered from garbled voices, popping sounds, and all about terrible audio quality leaving them wondering why they bought a phone over a tablet in the first place. Well, the company should soon push out an OTA that puts this issue to bed. A Sprint admin has marked this specific issue as solved and posted a changelog.


In addition to the call quality improvement, this update fixes a broken handwriting mode on the stock keyboard. That's it for now, but this soon after the device's launch, we probably shouldn't expect too much. If you've already received the update and have seen your problems go away, shout your excitement from the roof tops. Better yet, call someone and tell them how good it feels. They will be happy to hear your voice again.

Source: Sprint

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • jvh

    Too bad Samsung exceeded its roll out updates so no go for the update for most users at this time

    • Tom Murphy

      Not sure what that means?
      "The software update service is not available.Maximum number of roll-outs updates has been exceeded.Try later???

      • RayRay

        Same here, no go with the software update. Funny thing is that I had received the software update notification. Started download loading, then prompted to the "....Maximum number of roll-out updates has been exceeded.....". I called Sprint, they had me call Samsung only to find out that it is a "Carrier" update. Meaning Sprint has to push it out again!

        • joshbeach

          Same Here... Its a Sprint Update thing. The update is not yet available in Kies, and Sprin has exceeded what their server will allow for the time being. just gotta sit and wait for the OTA...

  • VF

    There are still more bugs then that, particularly in the way the Note 3 handles AVRCP 1.3..displayed metadata is hit and miss....mostly miss. Confirmed on AT&T, Tmobile, and Sprint Devices.

  • goldensnakes

    Hopefully the T-mobile version isn't far behind. It has the same problem. Fluctuating sound volume and WiFi calling sometimes doesn't display the incoming call even from your contact list unless you have it set to "make calls on network or land-line" (second option in WiFi calling). Also the T-mobile caller ID app constantly says "network server unavailable".

    • Joe Anderson

      The sprint does not have "fluctuating" sound volumes. When you are calling someone you hear Snap, crackle. Pops and the call is garbled. The volume is always high, it just sounds robotic and is so bad you can not understand other party on call. WIFI seems fine on sprint ones as well, at least there are not outbreaks of bad WIFI on sprint N3 that I have seen and I have been following closely after I bought one and returned it 2 days later.

      • goldensnakes

        That is how it sounds on my T-mobile Note 3 minus snap crackle and pop. The T-mobile one has a similar issue, which is why i said they also need an update. You can check the XDA forum with people having the same issue. If its not garbled, it goes lower and higher.

  • Robert W

    Hopefully they roll out the same update for the Verizon version soon. I'm on phone #3 with the same exact issues. Lots of people on xda reporting the same.

    • Bnails21

      I'm on phone 3 with the same issue also. Hopefully the fix is on its way.

      • Tom

        I'm having the same issues, and I'm also on phone # 3 in ten days. Also on T-Mobile. Call quality on all phones is bad, garbled, at times unintelligible. Wifi issues on all phones. Wifi calls cut out after a minute or so, slow downloads, wifi unstable message, can't connect to certain networks, even though all other phones can.... It's frustrating, because I really like this phone otherwise. I hope T-Mobile releases a fix soon. I called Samsung to tell them about my experience(s). I suggest anyone else, especially on T-Mobile do the same. The more people that call, the quicker they will move to push out a resolution for your carrier.

  • rrobster

    Can confirm that the MJ4 update has corrected the garbled audio coming into the Note 3 (audio going out from Note 3 was not the problem). This phone is now a complete pleasure to use.

  • http://www.youtube.com/#/mrjlwilliams J. Williams

    I have the tmobile version, and I have no issues with call quality where I live. Sounds prefect on every call.

  • http://www.ygoverdose.com/ Kristopher Perovic

    Problem seems to have disappeared from my N3.

  • diz

    And they want $349 for something that doesn't work properly.

  • diz

    with all of those phones they made, you would think that they would have enough updates to go around.

  • Santhosh

    When can we get this update for International version?

  • Markus Beeks

    Sprint OTA Update Servers are back up!

  • Domdym

    I'm on Verizon having the garbled issue. I do home they fix this soon. Very sad to be stuck with poor call quality

  • antiscreed

    This did not correct my audio problems. . On Bluetooth it's fine but not directly through the phone.