The wait is over - Call Of Duty: Strike Team, arguably Activision's most hotly-anticipated mobile title to date, has finally landed on the Play Store after being released on iOS last month. The somewhat high $7 price tag may be a turn-off for mobile gamers, though, and the presence of in-app purchases is unlikely to do much to woo their fickle hearts, either. That said, this is probably Activision's most ambitious mobile effort yet, and the Call of Duty name all but ensures the money is going to roll in regardless of the game's merits, which seem to be questionable at best.

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Device compatibility is fairly limited, but we do know both iterations of the Nexus 7 are supported, as well as the Galaxy S4, LG G2, and some other select devices like the Note 8 and a few Samsung Tabs. Head to the Play Store listing at the link below to check it out, but be warned, this game weighs in at a massive 2GB, so make sure you've got the space before dropping the cash.

David Ruddock
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  • Thomas’

    This game is "compatible" with my Galaxy Tab 10.1, but not the Nexus 4? WTF?

    • http://about.me/tysonayoung Tyson Young

      It's compatible with my Galaxy S2, but not my Transformer Prime TF201...

      • Scott Breitbach

        It's compatible with my N7 and my Note 2, but not my Nook Color... :P

    • dimerk

      It's compatible with my Galaxy S3, but not my Galaxy S4, both exynos

    • dailycupofjoe

      welcome to android

    • slowpok22

      says not compatible with nexus 10, really

      • Popochka

        compatible, checked it. but very low fps.

    • Bloodflame87

      compatible with my N7(2013) but not my N4, with almost exactly the same internal hardware...

  • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

    Controller compatibility?

    • moeburn

      nope. Doesn't support any type of gamepads or controllers on my GS3.

      • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

        Thanks for replying. I wonder if SHIELD's Gamepad button mapper would work with this. I don't really care for the top down "tactic" part of the game honestly, would just prefer a good shooter. I suppose there is always MC4.

  • Chris

    $7? Ok that's cool, it is a known title. IAP?? Come on wtf...

    • h4rr4r

      Seriously IAP?
      I was just about to buy this. I have no problem paying more for games, but I have 0 interest in IAP.

      The play market needs to let us filter them out. I never even want to know they exist.

      • Justin W

        I'm fine with one or the other. I don't care if you ask for IAP, but don't make me pay for the app, too.

        • h4rr4r

          I can see being like that. I personally will not go for that deal, but I understand some people would.

          For the same reason I now only buy video games when the GOTY or Ultimate editions come out. It means I wait a year, but at least I get the whole game and by then the bugs have been mostly worked out.

        • Trent Callahan

          Those are the greedy developers who deserve to have their game pirated.

      • Alexei Watson

        IAP purchases are useful in rare situations; Free trial of an app or unlock pro features of an app. That's it. It needs to burn a fiery death in games.

        • Jadephyre

          "Reaper" did it right, it was reviewed here on AP a while ago. You could download it for free and play until your character reached level 10, after which you could buy the full game as an IAP. Well, there were three IAPs which denoted the different versions you could get of the game, but apart from that there was nothing else, period.

          This kind of IAP I gladly accept. Make the game a limited trial, and then give us the option of unlocking the full game via an IAP, nothing wrong with that.

  • http://dabuxian.com/ Dabu

    Not compatible with N4. lol nice one

    • polipo

      Yea my samsung galaxy s4 mini also not this is sucks verry stupid from android i dont no why

  • HugePotato

    7$ + IAP? Seriously fuck what gaming industry has become

  • Varun

    Not compatible with my Lg optimus g pro....lol

  • Jadephyre

    7 Dollars & IAP... seriously Activision, go F**K yourself.
    Seriously, I want a filter for that in the Play Store like a previous commenter mentioned.
    This bullshit of trying to coax people into paying even more after they paid for a game is worse than DLC for games on PC, PS3 or XBox.
    At the very least with 95% of DLCs out there you get added content like more missions and extending the story.

    • Mehmet Fatih

      I couldn't agree more.

    • Peeling

      The IAP is only for currency you can earn by playing anyway. You can play the whole game without it.

    • Leonardo Rojas

      Many people will pay for the work they value as worth it. Nobody is pushing you.

      • Matushka Volga, blyad’

        The developers do! I paid for it, and want to play free, not to grind money walking through the same level over and over again (you don't have to do that much in this game, but we're talking globally). Let it cost 15$ instead of 7, but let users enjoy the game. I've tried donate in some games and they want too much. i.e. I had to pay more than 120$ to buy everything in "run & gun". It's like paying for watching promos on porn sites XD

    • amerikunt

      Shut up you geeky cunt

  • http://mobers.org/ psydex

    what the fuck is this crap if i may ask!?

  • Frekko

    soon price will fall if there are IAP

  • mlj11

    No thank you Call of Duty: Strike Team team. I not waiting this game. Making cost $7 and IAPs is not user friendly & smooth.

    • Trent Callahan

      LOLOLOLOLOLOL. This keeps getting better!

    • darklord

      wait for modern combat 5

  • Justin W

    Digging the new App Info widget you guys have :)

  • http://kawangeek.com/ EddyGeek

    If you all having issue not compatible with all your high-end devices, i think its ok than what issue im having now... to me its not compatible with all of my ' country ;.. maybe because malaysia not end high-end enough. btw who need crappy 7$ app with IAP.

  • Samyak Ranjan

    Not even compatible for the HTC One?
    This sucks! -.-

  • http://www.smsnetwork.org/ Mikael Jakobsson

    Just buy it to my Galaxy S4 :)

  • Michealtbh

    Compatible with my Xperia Z1 but I'm not going to buy it, too expensive considering it's got IAPs

  • เกรียนเทพ ดี อันลิมิเตด

    Not available in my country. Time to crack this game to hell. Even when it's available at all here, I don't think I will buy it. And they curse piracy...

  • Daur Gamisoniya

    Compatible with my Tablet Z :) Yeah!

  • solbin

    No compatibility with my T-Mobile Note 3.

  • dimerk

    Not compatible with my legal stuff

  • Sorian

    Can't tell if this is supposed to be a FPS or RTS.

  • wordpuddles

    Ok..so it will work with my note 2 and not my note 3??!! Smh...

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Computer says NO!

  • Richard Markert

    15 five-star reviews and one one-star?! I hate people.

    • Trent Callahan

      Give them the benefit of the doubt - Only idiots would buy the game, therefore only idiots would like the game.

      • amerikunt

        Says gay boy trent

        • Trent Callahan

          Nice name and photo, that's all I have to say. As for being gay, I'm happily in love with the most beautiful girl. Why? Because I have the balls to love her, unlike an imbecile suchas yourself (;

  • Zaatour36

    I like the new Playboard.me widget

    • Trent Callahan

      What does this have to do with anything? Lol.

      • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

        Meh essentially they are recommending a service which isn't needed.

  • lsls

    what about the galaxy samsung galaxy 4s active!?

  • Benjamen Meiers

    Haha... Compatible with my Asus TF101, not compatible with 5 newer devices. Well at least I don't have to make a decision.

  • pobautista

    Did I just read a game review written by someone who didn't buy or play the game?

    • Jadephyre

      No, you didn't. You read news about a game, that's it.
      A review typically consists of a bit more than just 3 screenshots and ten lines of text.

    • Pecking Wooder

      "Have I just read" - you idiot

      • Deu5Vult

        Nice try, but "Did I just read" is perfectly acceptable as the time of reading is definite i.e. very recently in the past.

        You, however, might want to punctuate the end of future sentences with a full stop so you don't come off sounding like a half-arsed, wannabe grammar nazi.

  • CrazyPaladin

    Am I the only one that is fine with the 7 buck price plus IAP? Since I won't play or buy any FPS game on phone, or Call of Duty titles, or any Activision titles(and don't forget about Blizzard)

  • Hugh Johnson

    A lot of you guys are haters. Didn't you watch the preview video its a brand new CoD experience. There are guns and people to shoot, lots of guns to choose from too. Plus you can buy the game and then buy more stuff within the game too!

  • lebo

    Not compatible with the lg optimus pro or my galaxy tab3 smh need to fix this asap

  • Sean Hinchliff

    so its not available for HTC one or LG optimus G ? wtf is that ish?? is this going to change???

  • somato

    i downloaded on a external page to my galaxy s3 mini andit works great i dont know why on google play says incompatible when it runs fine

    • Subhan

      Is it really work coz i got same phone as u are

  • moeburn

    Tried it on my GS3. No gamepad support. In this day and age? With Dead Trigger 1 and 2, Conduit HD, SG: Deadzone, Asphalt 8... the list goes on and on for premium Android games that support almost every gamepad... And Call of Duty, the first game you would expect to support gamepads... doesn't? Your only choices are gyroscope control (yay, I can look my turning the phone away from me, but wait, now I can't see!), or touch control. No gamepad support WHATSOEVER.

  • vince

    You can not play this on the new samsung galaxy s4 mini it sucks

  • goat

    The game's like 850mb you fucking turbonigger, APK and OBB included.

  • komin
  • dom

    not compatible on the nexus 4

  • Ferdinand

    Still very limited compatibility. The Asus Infinity Pad 700 is not yet supported.

  • masiina

    works with cm rooted galaxy note 1 perfectly, play store says not compatitle :D