If you've got a Samsung phone from before the Note 3 and you're on an American carrier, you're probably wondering where your Android 4.3 update is already. The leaked schedule below has been verified to Android Police by two reliable sources, and shows when the 4.3 update is scheduled for the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active, and Galaxy Note II on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. This update will also add support for the Galaxy Gear to these devices.


As you can see, almost everyone should have a 4.3 update ready by the end of November, with T-Mobile's Note II stretching into early December and AT&T's exclusive Galaxy S4 Active waiting until almost Christmas. Even so, the release schedule is surprisingly accelerated by American standards - it's probably got something to do with the fact that both Samsung and the carriers want to be able to sell the Galaxy Gear smartwatch to as many people as possible.

As noted in the leak, the dates above are subject to change. Given the general state of Android updates on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, it's reasonable to assume that at least one or two of these will be delayed. Even so, it's an exciting roadmap of updates over the next couple of months. International versions of the Galaxy S4 Mini and Mega 6.3 will be updated to 4.3 eventually, but there's no word on their American counterparts yet.

Thanks, anon!

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • mattdonders

    Do my eyes deceive me - is Verizon rolling out an update before other carriers?!

    • Josh Rahn

      Was the first thing I noticed. I guess there is a first for everything!

      • busterqiw508

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    • Open1Your1Eyes0

      Believe or not (with the Galaxy S3 especially) Verizon has been updating quite often before other carriers. Must be close ties to Samsung. Or a push on Samsung's end.

    • Sorian

      For S4, yes

    • CHRIS42060

      "Launch dates are subject to change"

  • Mystery Man

    T-mobile always gets shit last. If you want to be uncarrier then allow direct manufacturer updates.

    • Simon Belmont

      Nope. The T-Mobile HTC One got Android 4.3 before Verizon.

      Verizon is usually the one that's last these days. Oh well.

    • CHRIS42060

      That is not true..... Verizon usually pulls up the rear. If these dates hold this will be an extremely rare case in which they are leading the pack.

  • GreatNews

    Most probably its not to be real, cuz its impossible Verizon should be the first to release an update!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Fortunately, it's real according to multiple sources. But the dates may change.

      • GreatNews

        I trust you and the source,I say now that I just hope its really reue and wont change

      • Caleb Decker

        What about US Cellular???? No love for the Midwest?

  • DeadSOL

    Ooooh. I hope we'll get 4.3 for the international version of the S3 before the 6th of November! :)

    • alfreduran

      Hi! In fact, I got a SGS3 GT I9300 and still waiting! I swear, my next device going to be a Xperia Z1 or the new Nexus 5, God willing; I'm so tired with the Samsung's political. Best regards!

    • rabsi1

      I haven't even got 4.2 for the S III. Anyone else?

      • aspeanut89

        i havent got the 4.2 yet either but my phone says the 4.1.1 is up to date.

      • Me

        they are skipping 4.2 for the GS3

  • gage

    Only like 2 more weeks! ★

  • Spence

    you're all missing the part where it says dates are subject to change....meaning most likely next year!

    • Hoggles

      Sammy & carriers have more reason to push this out quick, as all these phones need 4.3 for Gear support. These dates might hold up because of that reason.

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    What about non-LTE T-Mobile Galaxy III?

    • Josh Williamson
    • Bryan Sandoval

      Im sure it will come , I don't see them not pushing it to us.

      • Anonymous

        Wishful thinking.

        • Bryan Sandoval

          It would be nice but I'm rooted so I don't really care. Would just prefer a touch wiz based ROM.

  • Anthony Evans

    waiting on the leaks!

  • Spaghetti

    So Verizon S4 will get 4.3 before Verizon HTC One ??!

  • sam

    i wonder what else is AT&T gonna hide within this 4.3 update. As if the locked bootloader is not enough? I can guarantee you all one thing: some serious security features will be implemented with this update....say goodbye to rooting, mods or custom roms....hello warden at&t.

    • quick

      How about some Carrier IQ "Spyware" It was surprisingly missing on the S4 though... did they switch to some new monitoring system or just didn't bother?

      • Christopher Robert

        4.3 on AT&T hasn't been rooted yet. Oh well I'll pass on that upgrade then. At least until it gets cracked.

  • h4rr4r

    What about the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon?
    Where the hell is 4.3 for us?

  • Chris Laudermilk

    Cool! I was wondering if my S3 was ever going to see an update.

  • Sir_Brizz

    If this is true, it would mean that the GS3 gets 4.3 faster than it got 4.1 on AT&T.

  • Wut

    Hold on.. does this mean non-LTE S3 for tmobile isnt getting updated?

    • Evan Lam

      I was trying to figure out the same thing... I sure hope that it gets updated.

    • MrSonicBoom

      If it doesn't get updated then screw samsung. I'm running Cyanogenmod 4.3.1 on my I9300 and it runs fine.

  • TlMLee

    Sprint Coming through with the first updates again =D. It's nice being a Sprint User at times.

    • CHRIS42060

      Sometimes..... unless you try to download the update off of wifi, and then it stinks for us again haha.

      • TlMLee

        true lolol

  • Chigusa Nene

    4.3 has already been leaked for the ATT S4 (at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2496415), though I would strongly suggest not to upgrade if you never took the MF3 OTA (which prevents downgrading to a Loki-able bootloader).

  • Bronislav Shtrom

    How did I guess no 4.3 for non LTE T-Mobile S3? That's what I get for being an early adopter and needing a new phone cause my old one was near broken. Early adopters usually get screwed.

    • Christopher Robert

      Root your phone and put 4.3 AOSP on it today. The only people who should be waiting for this update are the ones who own a Note 2, because Stock Android does not have all of the sPen features.

      • Bronislav Shtrom


    • Bryan Sandoval

      No worries im sure someone will port the ROM to the hspa version. Only difference is the radio

      • Bronislav Shtrom

        Again, pass. This doesn't help me.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Then deal with it.....dont help people that cant accept it

          But wait xda has a leaked rom sans kernel of T999 4.3...so its coming

          • Bronislav Shtrom

            I don't see a 50/50 chance of bricking my phone as helpful at all. And don't tell me there's a one tap app for that which will do it easily. I will tell you that I have no interest in the other "benefits" that rooting gives you.

            Sans? As I everything else but? How does everything but confirm T999 will be getting it?

          • dontsh00tmesanta

            There is but u shouldn't attempt it

            Its coming to the lte less t999

            Just wait or deal with hat u got lol

          • Bronislav Shtrom

            I figured there was, but I really don't need the other benefits of root really.

            But thanks for confirming. Guess it just means there's no date is all.

          • dontsh00tmesanta

            Let me cry a river for you

          • Bronislav Shtrom

            Can't tell if you're being rude or if you're genuinely sad for me

          • dontsh00tmesanta

            Life is a mystery

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    Are there any leaks for the international version of the S3?

  • Primalxconvoy

    1. My Japanese note 2 is still on 4.1.1 (no updates given by docomo)

    2. When my gf received the latest update for get note 1 (a few months ago), it slowed down the phone, disabled widgets, interfered with messages, etc (so she got an iphone 5c and won't be going back to Android).

    Is there any way to block/refuse/disable updates? For me, I rely on third party apps for almost everything (email, media apps, etc), so I don't want to gamble and end up breaking all the stuff that I've finally got working fairly well on my phone.

    Any help?

    • Jomumma

      Settings > About Phone > Software update > Auto Update OFF.

      It's really not hard to learn how to use your phone. You just press stuff.

      • CHRIS42060

        It's not really hard to be respectful of other people..... You just don't be a jerk.

      • Bronislav Shtrom

        My phone does not have this. Don't think disable is on every device.

  • patrick

    Does that mean i am getting my S4 update in 2 days? :)

    • wkm001

      I'm betting this is the internal submit date to Verizon. Verizon will have to spend several weeks testing.

      • patrick

        i figured. wishful thinking!

  • Ansh

    Would this be a world wide update for all S3 cellphones? What should be the expected date of update for someone who ain't using all these carriers?

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Good the T999L needs an update it doesnt even have premium suite lol

  • joshua patterson

    what about us cellular are they getting the upgrade

  • blaze

    And lower the dam price.of the galaxy gear Samsung! Us poor people don't have it like that.

  • Garrett Bridges

    Is today going to end in disappointment for me because I'm on Verizon? I've been refreshing the update screen every 5 minutes.

  • firesignth

    Available for download on my S4 right now. VZW in the bay area. We'll see how it goes.

    • firesignth

      Installed. Running fine. A few noticeable annoyances. A Security notice being the largest change, and some sub optimal behavior for Wi-Fi and data connections. Workable though.

  • jadaks

    Monday eve - west coast 9:30 pm, Jelly Bean 4.3 is updating on my Samsung galaxy S4 now. Verizon wireless

  • Aden Derek

    I’m running android 4.3 on my i9300 using Cyanogenmod. It’s running fine. If this is the case then this will be my last Samsung device. Just over a year of support is crap. to download and update Android 4.3 test firmware for the international Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 i found a working tutorial here http://www.smartphonesupdates.com/android-4-3-international-samsung-galaxy-note-ii/

  • Dante

    11/18 for t-mobile that is fucking gay.

  • dagcarson

    I have a Note II (SGH-I317) with 4.3 installed as well as the Gear Manager APK. The watch is in the mail.......Will it work??

  • LN

    hello people i have got the 4.3 update on my S4, i cannot find gear manager app on my phone!!!! is it something else i need to do? somebody help me out please!!!!!!!!!!

  • Virak Ly

    Well I got the At&t leaked Rom for 4.3 and it is awesome. I think it can definitely roll out by the end of November. It does support the new Galaxy Gear and also some of the Air View and alot of updates. It is very stable and way better than Custom Roms in my opinion. I have rooted already. I have it on Youtube by the channel VrockLy

  • Virak Ly

    Here is my video of my experience with the 4.3 leaked update from At&t, the N7100 also has a leaked; I don't know about the other carriers.


  • James N Stephanie Robinson

    I have a gs3 lte, my carrier is metro pcs...I'm stock 4.1.2 no premium suites. .so hopefully 4.3.1 comes soon with premium suites

  • Andy Martinez

    Anyone get the update yet on Sprint?

  • Jody Treft

    Well, the 6th has come and gone. Didn't think the Sprint release would be so soon after Samsungs announcement. Lucky to see it before the first of the year.

  • T

    Sprint galaxy s4 and no update yet.....and yes, I do have the snapdragon processor. Disappointed. ..

  • James N Stephanie Robinson

    Does anyone know when metro pcs will have 4.3.1 update

  • Anonymous

    Well, so much for that. It's a week after Sprint was supposed to roll theirs out, and nothing on any vendor. That's the problem with these "leaks"- you can't trust them.

  • Marc

    Wow today is 11-15 and still no 4.3 for the Spirit GS3. So much for your leaked sources reliably

  • Mounir Mosta

    I have GS3 Mini so do I will receive the update

  • Raúl Amaurys Silverio

    Today is 11/18 but i don't get a update for s4 in tmobile

  • Sayed jalil

    I'm in Asia n I have a sgs3 GT-I9300 bt still have no update who knows something about Asia

  • Coleby

    I have not received my update for my Samsung Galaxy S3. It really frustrates me because I have been patiently waiting for this update for 2 months now. I have one more year until I can update my phone and I was hoping for an update that could make my phone feel like new again.

  • john

    what about metro pcs galaxy s 3?

  • mayanspacecadet

    i still don't have my update (Verizon, Galaxy S3) -- it's running on 4.1.2. wth?

  • Mann Masbe

    When will get 4.3 jelly bean in nepal

  • Mann Masbe

    When we will get 4.3 jelly bean in note 2 in nepal

  • Louis Gephardt

    Is there an update on the Galaxy S4 Active release date. I know dates are subject to change, but 12/24 has come and gone and my phone is still not reporting an update is available.

  • Cliff Chan

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