The Android 4.3 update for the HTC One has been making the rounds, starting in Asia, making its way to Canada, and then coming to the US via Sprint, AT&T, C Spire Wireless, and T-Mobile. Yet there are many countries not on this list, leaving a great deal of users who will be pleased to know that Android 4.3 is now popping up on International HTC Ones. ROM developer and tipster LlabTooFeR has shared a screenshot of the update arriving on one such device.


In addition to Android 4.3, the system update installs HTC Sense 5.5, which introduces the ability to disable BlinkFeed, adds the option to save articles for offline reading, enhances the camera, and much more. The update may not roll out to every CID today, but a direct link is available for anyone who wants to take their chances with it. The download is 677MB, so a Wi-Fi connection may be in order.

Source: Twitter [1],[2]

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • http://www.alainalemany.com/ Alain Alemany Arana

    Well, great new. It's time to experiment since I turn my AT&T version into an international following a complex guide in XDA and it should receive OTAs :)

  • yoyo

    Waiting for the update in Mauritius

    • Khawar

      I'm waiting for 5.5 sense :( (Pakistan)

  • Brandon Watkins

    In the US we only got sense 5, not 5.5. still android 4.3 through. Everyone who has flashed 5.5 says its quite a bit better than 5.0, so im looking forward to the update.

  • gtg465x

    HTC dominated this go round. They're now on the last phase of the global Android 4.3 rollout for the HTC One while Samsung and LG have just barely or not even started to roll out their 4.3 updates.

    • gtg465x

      The only HTC One not on 4.3 will now be the Verizon one (and maybe a few lesser known international carriers). Haha. Typical.

      • bholt6

        What's even more funny is that Verizon users have been enjoying the best enhancements that you'll see in 4.3 for over 2 months. There's no major differences between 4.2.2 and 4.3.

  • Vũ Văn Việt

    I'm living in Romania, received the update to Android 4.3 on Oct 11 on the HTC One that I bought in USA.

  • Lars Jeppesen

    Got it today also (Denmark). So far it's outstandingly good.
    Kudos to HTC for providing this update - and I must say, Sense 5.5 is really really good.

    Nice and great improvement overall. Personally I'm especially happy out the BlinkFeed improvements.

    • ty

      Does the update fix the purple camera issue?

      • Lars Jeppesen

        Don't think there are any camera improvements.


        The gallery has gotten lots of love... But not the camera I think

        • Sukumar Patel

          Can we now choose to remove teh battery bar nad have only the battery percentage?

  • kid

    will the update file work for asia devices?

  • Kiruvani Jegan

    waiting for update in singapore

  • Ignatius

    in singapore, i cant search for the 4.3 updates. how long will it take for the software to reach singapore ?

  • Liam Brinsley

    After I extract the download what do I do then??

  • RG!

    Makes lot of sense to give 5.5 and 4.3 together. Way to go HTC! They sell international variant in India. So it should be 5.5 and 4.3 coming our way.

  • Dean Hoadley

    My phone is unrooted, how would I apply this .zip as an update? I have tried using CWM but it fails...

  • blounty2753

    When will it roll out in the UK+??? Need to know :)

  • sameer

    When they are going to roll out 4.3 in Qarar

  • ivan

    Ok I just downloaded the file on my phone now what do I do?

  • djinn123

    They replaced all the highlight video themes. My favorite themes are gone :( And I don't like the way the pics/zoes are presented this time around. They're all almost the same style :(

  • MD

    Waiting for update in the Philippines

  • Santosh Kumar Naidu Guduru

    Hi All,

    Recently I got my phone udpated to 4.3 but HTC sense version is still 5.0. Do I need to wait or is there any issue.

  • Ahmed Haji

    I got it here in Bahrain, emoji support system wide, more customization to blinkfeed, enhanced camera ( a little bet ), and customize-able toggles ..

    Also some minor visual changes on folders ..

  • htc one user

    how do i install this update manually?

  • AndyPandy

    No update ready for HTC One sorg CID T-Mob101 De ( Germany) yet :'(

    • Arif

      When can we expect the update for T-Mob101. Will there be any problem to get the update from Bangladesh.

  • Mayank

    If anyone needs to apply the update, use the HTC Sync Manager. Download the ROM and double-click the file. That's it, all done! ;)

    • Rooney2113

      Which file are you double clicking the zip file all that will do is open it

    • Rishabh

      Mayank. I'm not able to do it. I have HTC Sync manager. attached it to the phone but i am unable to install the same.

      • Brendan De Jager

        im struggling as well :/ ,how do i install it

  • iziwizi

    How do I install the update on my unlocked AT&T HTC One? Please help. I used the direct download to get the files onto my PC but don't know how to install it or if it even would work on my HTC One.

  • SLOT-kun

    Guys, how do you install this update? I just can't find a step by step guide. Where and what do u do with sync, can smbd explain?

  • shree

    It didnt works

  • King T

    In switzerland we are still waiting for the 4.3 update :( - heard anything about starting roll out beginning of Nov. 2013 ... so just one word: "wait"

  • FOX

    Why always is USA first? what happend with other countries?????????????

  • Zain khan

    I'm from Pakistan. One of my friend got the update but I still didn't get it.. Any suggestions?

  • Mostafa

    i need help after updating my HTC one to 4.3 through OTA it's take a long time and device didn't boot up and still with sign update without any progress