Bad news, true believers: the Lego Bugdroid is not happening. Early this year we reported than a Lego version of the Android mascot had been submitted to Lego's crowdsourced Cuusoo platform and received the required 10,000 votes for consideration. Unfortunately the little green robot that could was denied in favor of another project.

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The 10,000 vote threshold is only a requirement for Lego to evaluate a given Cuusoo project, and they produce the best subjective entry. In this case, the company chose to go with the ExoSuit... which, admittedly, is pretty kickass.

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The creator of the Lego Bugdroid project, Marc Young, thinks that his design didn't meet Lego's stability and/or playability standards, which makes sense. It's more of a buildable model designed after Andrew Bell's minniature Android figures than an actual toy, and an operating system mascot might be hard sell for Lego next to things like superheroes and medieval playsets. (The licensing issue probably wasn't a huge hurdle - if Google can work with Nestle, a company like Lego is not a big stretch.) Lego doesn't give a reason for its denial, but their decision makes sense from a marketing standpoint.

Plus, look at that ExoSuit up there. Even I want one of those. Throw in a plastic Godzilla and you can totally reenact the final scene of Aliens.


In any case, congratulations to Marc Young for a great design and a lot of support. If you're a Lego fanatic and you want to build the Bugdroid with your own spare pieces, Marc has uploaded his design instructions as a series of Google Drive slides. Nice.

Source: Lego Cuusoo via AusDroid

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Raloc

    custom pieces is definitely cheating

    • Marc Young

      There are no custom pieces in the Android build, it was built using existing LEGO elements and colours. I did have to make custom pieces for the Minifigure sized Android, but that was NOT the main project model.

      • Raloc

        I was referring to the anime robot that is composed of like 5 custom made pieces

        • QuanahHarjo

          But it isn't. I see a bunch of pieces I've had over the years, several Technics pieces, and some weird things like gray Minifig hands and heads thrown in as detail parts. The hands are a complete mystery to me, but maybe they're Bionicle parts.

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

    Who needs Lego's android? We can make our own!

  • #D

    Too bad. I kind of wanted one. Thanks for the instructions though. The last page has all the part numbers that you could order yourself.

    • Marc Young

      I have a couple of kits that I'm building for sale, $50 per kit. I am waiting for one last shipment of parts to complete the remaining kits.

      The rare part for making the lime green Android is the 2540 Plate in Lime Green. It was only made widely available in 2003.

      • patrick

        where might one aquire one of these kits?

        • Marc Young

          Contact me on Google+. There is a link to my profile in the article, 1st sentence of the 3rd paragraph, under the photos of the Exo Suit.

        • ProvoAggie

          You can always go on Bricklink and acquire the pieces individually.

  • http://jamieellis.co.cc/ Jamie Ellis

    It not the first time I seen Lego do an Android Robot out of lego or lego people. a small way of what to expect if there was an L "Android Lego" release. Kind of a shame abit for L no chance because Android names are Food Deserts!

  • Mastermind26

    3D Print your own?

  • Tulai Paul

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    • Jeremiah Rice

      I know this is a spambot, but that's just so batshit I'm gonna leave it for future generations to enjoy.

      • Tulai Paul

        I dont know how you treat it as spambot. The spams are made for one company in general, but here the objective was to invite some more companies to share the shocking news

        • Ádám Zovits

          Referring to yourself as "it"? :)

          • Mobile Phones Fan

            Better than mistaking a well-intentioned (if somewhat melodramatic) fellow Android geek for a spambot.

          • WsfWarlord

            Funny, it looked like a spambot to me as well

  • HopelesslyFaithful

    due the guy has the old school space legos O.o And holy cow! This is actually made out of legos and not custom pieces!!!!

  • gargamel

    Look at the video, why does he needs to move his hands like an idiot? It's so annoying and pathetic. You see it a lot of times when you have a speaker on TV or other recording, like someone told speakers that they have to move their hands in this particular way. Really silly. Never saw real good speakers like Steve Jobs RIP move their hands like this.

  • http://wave-france.blogspot.com Supercopter

    Considering that the post 4.4 version of Android will start with a "L", I can't help to think that it's a missed opportunity... Android 5.0 Lego... Not a dessert but another type of sweetness.

    • WsfWarlord

      my thought exactly! and then.. 5.5.. MacDonalds o_O

      • David Spivey

        Both of you miss the fact that all android versions have been desserts. Therefore, neither of these options will be chosen/useful.

        • WsfWarlord

          Supercopter pointed that out already ^_^

  • http://www.weblineapps.com/ Richard Boss

    Shocking news. Instead of some companies are ready to face the challenges.

  • Julian Berger

    5.0 Will be LEGO!

    • Kostas

      a well known delicacy indeed... !

      • Troy Leonard

        Could It be leggo my eggo? Nah Never mind those are gross

  • Matthew Fry

    Those guns are clearly not large enough. Man that looks badass. This has more widespread appeal so I can certainly see their reasoning. Sorry Marc.