T-Mobile pushed out the Android 4.3 update for its HTC One just two days ago, but some users have had problems updating. While this story sounds like it would have an unhappy ending with some users left stranded using an older version of Jelly Bean, HTC has come out with an alternative means of saving the day. Today the company posted a full 1.12 GB RUU that T-Mobile customers can download and flash manually.


To avoid the hassle of visiting HTC's site, here's a direct download. The processing for performing the manual update is more complex than an OTA, but it's still pretty straightforward.

Manual system update instructions:

If you are outside of T-Mobile/Wi-Fi coverage, or the update is not found, you may perform a manual system update. This process requires that you download and install HTC Sync Manager first in order to get the proper drivers. If you do not have HTC Sync Manager installed already, you may download the software from http://www.htc.com/www/software/htc-sync-manager/ .

WARNING: Performing the system update manually will delete all information from the device. Ensure all information is backed up before proceeding. See the Help & How To section of this website for more information on backing up your device contents.

Performing the ROM Update:

  1. Download and save the HTC One™ for T-Mobile ROM update to your PC.
  2. Connect your device to your PC via the supplied USB cable.
  3. If the device is not recognized by the PC, ensure you have HTC Sync Manager installed and then disconnect and reconnect the device from the USB cable.
  4. Once the device is properly recognized on the PC, locate the HTC One™ for T-Mobile ROM Update that you downloaded. Double-click on the file to launch the system update wizard.
  5. Follow all of the system update wizard instructions shown on your PC.
  6. Once the update is complete, click Finish in the Wizard and the device will reboot.
  7. Once the device reboots, the initial setup wizard will appear.
  8. Once the initial setup process is complete, the device is ready for use.

This file is also what T-Mobile customers who have rooted and otherwise tinkered with their handsets will want to flash in order to return their devices to stock. Once done, the device should look precisely as it did when it came home from the store, minus the new phone smell. Oh, and those bumps from when the phone bounced off the kitchen table? Those will still be there too.

Source: HTC

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • fishermanners

    Wonderful! I've been wanting to get the Revolution ROM off my HTC One, but I've been fearful of botching the process and ending up with a terribly expensive paperweight instead.

    • Bonedatt

      I'm downloading and saving this file for when I do root and decide to come back to stock :). So far there hasn't been any incentive to root. The bloatware is minimal.

  • Will

    Is there a 4.3 update fir the international htc one?

    • #D

      Been out for a while now.

      • Will

        ...without root? where would I find that? Coming from a samsung, so all my downloading knowledge is not relevant anymore, sorry...

        • Rahat Shahriar

          only the International Developer Edition RUU is available ..

      • #D

        Whoops. I was talking about the developer edition. Sorry!


    What does RUU stand for?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      ROM update utility.

    • Rahat Shahriar

      ROM Updating Utility

  • Bluewall

    I'm really happy that HTC still publish RUU.
    I've been using RUU since years to update firmware, radio,...
    Or go back to stock before starting over, well, it's very convenient ! But I would love if they could publish ALL RUU for all locations :/

  • kokos

    I hope they eventually posts RUU's for all variants.

  • hush

    if you have tmo just connect phone with usb and turn on internet pass through and it will do ota because it is not using the network and it saves hassle of installing and starting from scratch


    ERROR 170? the HTC Sync is updated, the phone is recognized? whats next? a torch and a ligther?