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A report in L'Expansion claims that Google has finalized the acquisition of FlexyCore, an optimization company based in Rennes, France, for 16.9 million Euros (just over $23 million USD). Google confirmed the sale to GigaOM, but did not comment on the price or purpose. The French website says that Google has been processing the acquisition for over a year and finally closed the deal earlier this month.

FlexyCore is a five-year-old company founded by Gilbert Cabillic, a former head researcher for Texas Instruments. Their primary product was optimizing Android for carriers and manufacturers. The company also tried its hand at sales directly to consumers through the DroidBooster app, which seems to have been removed from the Play Store some time ago. I haven't been able to find any quantified information about FlexyCore's Android improvements, but a Google France representative said that the team has already been integrated into Google's mobile arm, so there must have been something substantial in there.

The acquisition was a secret for the better part of a year and was only revealed due to some internal restructuring in Google France. While it's unlikely that end users will ever be able to see direct evidence of this corporate move, some of FlexyCore's expertise may already have been applied to the later builds of Android.

Source: L'Expansion via GigaOM

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Алекс

    fake. "Company" with 2-3 people without any technologies and patents 23kk$?

    • hyperbolic

      AndroidPolice and the word fake don't go hand in hand.

    • http://wave-france.blogspot.com Supercopter

      Apparently their work wasn't fake: http://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL13A921DBA200F72D

      • Алекс

        I know about this "project". Yust download it and try - it's nothing to do with Android optimization, just an app showing how your phone can lag. It have the same lags on my gnex and 3 years old phone. I don't know why people thumbs down, it's just a company from 1 student and it can't cost more than 100$. Google didn't need to buy a company without any patents, they can make the same work in 1 hour without this student.

    • Алекс

      Edit: Guys, I said about the money, not about this purchase.

  • RitishOemraw

    Project ButterCore in KitKat? Ofc I hope so, but not getting my hopes up for a new significant increase in android speed.

    • Roh_Mish

      If it was to be in kitkat, this should have happened 3-4 months before. work from them will only be merged with the public code of android in 4.5 or 5.0

  • Piyush

    Project Butter Version 2.0?

  • Brandon Hoffman

    YES Thank you Thank You Thank you Can wait for them to optimize the crap out of android and make it F*****king FAST :)

  • Sean Lumly

    I was shocked to find that Android had some 200+ linux processes on my Nexus 7 device (which at the time had around 3 apps displayed as active). Android definitely seems to need a bit of de-bloating, and I hope that this is it.

    • Thomas’

      Nah, that's pretty typical for an Linux system.

      • Sean Lumly

        Perhaps for a desktop, but a resource-constrained mobile could be far lighter. My Ubuntu system has slightly fewer processes and lacks the ability to cache processes, or auto-close apps, and has quite a few daemons running.

        In any case, Google has admitted (through this acquisition) that there is much value in optimizing Android. There is also a benefit in having Android run better on far weaker hardware, as will be the case as the developing world gets online in a big way in the coming years.

        • Adrian Meredith

          my ubuntu system currently has 373 running

          • Roh_Mish

            Mine has only 34 more!

          • Thomas’

            Well, I hope not "running" but rather "runnable" ;-)

        • Sir_Brizz

          There is always value in optimizing. It doesn't matter how well done something is, it can always be done better with the benefit of hindsight.

        • kala

          The processes you see are probably kernel threads or other light, low-level processes for memory, filesystem, or system management tasks. Definitely not bloatware (they don't even have any impact on my sluggish raspberry pis with their caveman's arm CPU with 256MB of ram)

    • Mark

      It's not the amount of processes, it's the resources they use. I will glady swap your 200 for 10 really BAD processes.

      The overhead of a process is nothing. Many of them are likely dormant anyway. consuming either CPU or memory.

      • Roh_Mish

        I see what are you saying there. having small chunks of simpler processes makes the system more stable in case one crashes.

    • Maxime Henrion

      Whether Android needs some de-bloating or not (I definitely agree there is room for improvements), the number of processes running on a Linux system is probably one of the worst ways to measure bloat. There is most likely extremely little to be gained in terms of performance in that area, and the time of the Android developers would be infinitely better spent working on other things than the number of processes running.

  • Mark

    Did Kitkat promise new Android on low-spec phones.. This could be what this is...

    • Roh_Mish

      True effects of this (if this deal is only a month old at max) could only be seen in the next version, i.e 4.5 or 5.0 or 4.4.1... (as google numbers it). Kitkat is ready and is probably in for final testing inside google already.

      • Cerberus_tm

        But they've been working with the company for a year or so, I read somewhere. Perhaps this was just to arrange for the acquisition, but I doubt it.

    • Drew M

      I'm all for making Android faster, but it runs well on low end hardware already: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCI7dOC0Hfw

  • Guest

    anyone have a link for the app pulled from play store ?

  • exxe

    They did some work on porting Dalvik and GB APIs to iOS...

    Maybe they'll work on making app porting/compiling easier...

  • PhilNelwyn


  • bat0nas

    If you really want to improve Android - purchase iOS next time and not some random French company :D By improving I mean not the features but performance and stability.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      You want Google to purchase an OS (not a company) owned by Apple, their #1 competitor? Wat?..

      • bat0nas

        Well.. it was a joke and a bit of sarcasm. Too bad nobody understood it :D

        • Rovex

          I think they did, it just wasnt funny or clever.

  • Ryan Callihan

    There was an image of purported 4.4 features that included "heavy Dalvik machine tuning"... are we to thank this company for that?

    • Walkop

      Could you find a link for that image, please? I'd really like to see it!

      • Ryan Callihan

        Sorry for being so late, but here it is.

        Of course... I guess it's still a rumor.

        • Danny Holyoake

          That's almost definitely a fake image.

          • Pierre Gardin

            No, it's from Intel Developer Forum showing that they built a version of Dalvik optimized for Bay Trail.

    • Ricardo

      I hope this is true. As XobotOS and the high performance audio session at I/O have shown, there's clearly room for optimizations in the Dalvik VM.
      PS: I think AP should publish Dalvik and Java ME benchmarks if/when google announces some improvements in that area.

  • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

    This is great news! The idea of making Android better just makes me happy