After a number of delays and an untold number of fake spam apps, BBM for Android is about to really arrive in Google Play. This will mark the first time Blackberry's premier messaging service has been available on a non-Blackberry device. You'll be able to download the app today, but you might not be able to actually use it.


BBM was leaked a few weeks back and the flood of users caused all manner of server issues for the company. This time the number of users will be controlled by a waiting list that you'll signup for in the app. Just enter an email address and Blackberry will let you know when the time has come for you to start using the app.

Anyone who signed up on the BBM website beforehand will be able to log in and use the app immediately. The company promises to move people through the queue as quickly as possible, but you'll probably want to get on it early if you just can't wait. All those leaked installs at least show there is still some demand for BBM even if the company's phones aren't of much interest anymore. We will let you know when the app is live.

Update: The app is here. Screenshots, videos, and the link are below. Looks like no tablet support right now.

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[Blackberry Blog – Thanks, Colin]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Eric Mancandy Draht

    There's actually no link to download it on bbm.com. You can hit download, but that takes you to the download site for blackberry. Otherwise. there's no download links. I'm it was an entertaining 30min for the android customers that did get to download bbm.

    • SuyashSrijan

      Because it isn't live yet.

    • gierso

      i think when it goes live it will be here http://bbm.com/android

  • Mayoo

    Too little too late. Hangouts will most likely include SMS and maybe Voice too seeing the last IOS update. This only makes BB users who don't want to switch account happy.


    • Paul

      Not only too little and too late, but only for Android 4.x+ also.
      It really seems they like to alienate user base even before it is built.
      Now.. i know 2.3.x is getting old, but it is still running on a quarter of all Android phones. No need to reply with zealot comments.

    • Adzol Sabklitnov

      Download BBM For Android all type ==> http://t.co/cFGQK75W5c

  • wheineman

    Please. Someone tell me why I want or need BBM? I just don't get it. I truly want someone to tell me why we should care? Sell me!

    I use Hangouts. My friends use SMS. Everyone else gets Email. All of these are already free and unlimited for nearly everyone!

    • makapav

      You don't. That's the whole point. This is an elaborate project by the government to weed out the ones that won't be 'saved' when that asteroid makes a collection in 2032.

      • Mayoo

        You my friend just made my day. Thank you good sir.

    • Stylus_XL

      BBM users swap pins rather than phone numbers - which offers more privacy than regular SMS or Whatsapp. Hangouts hasn't been widely adopted yet, and email doesn't offer the 'live' features of instant messaging.

      The real question is why you should use BBM over something like Kik Messenger, which offers the same benefits as BBM with a similarly sized user base.

    • SuyashSrijan
      • Király Béla

        Yeah, because Whatsapp the only crossplatform messaging system. There isn't Hangouts, Facebook Messanger...

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        If I wanted to use such features then both Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger offer a better solution. Both are developed by companies that aren't sinking ships and their connection doesn't require something everyone stopped using 2 years ago.

        • Barnassey

          Uh whatsapp isnt sinking. I dont use it but all of my friends do.

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            Never said it was. Whatsapp wasn't part of the comparison as it doesn't do a lot of things both FB Messenger, Hangouts and BBM do.

        • Stefano Gaggero

          BBM keeps your info private, unlike Google. With BBM no one needs to know your phone number... you use PINs.

          Do you value your privacy?

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            Oh look, the unproven privacy thingy. How do you know so sure that BlackBerry keeps you data secure? Is it because they tell you so?

          • Stefano Gaggero

            Everybody knows Google sells your info... it's official, you can read it in their privacy statements before you install their products. It's up to you to prove that BBM isn't more secure and private. Try finding any info on the web that proves BlackBerry sells their customers user info.

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            "Everybody knows Google sells your info... it's official, you can read it in their privacy statements before you install their products"
            HAHAHAHAHAHA no.

    • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

      Look everyone, unless you are living in the US/Canada/parts of Europe, it's probably not a big deal. BUT for many of us living in west and south Asia, A LOT of people still use BlackBerrys, and not all use or prefer to use WhatsApp. So, it's really cool for us.

      If you aren't excited about or don't understand it's importance, it's probably because it's a platform you can ignore.

      • Roh_Mish

        I live in Asia and none if my friends use BlackBerry

        • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

          Do you live in south Asia or the Middle East?

          • Roh_Mish

            Mumbai, India to be specific.

          • The DARKONE

            Your just one poor dick who couldnt afford a BB! If you used a blackberry and BBM and you use any other device today you HAVE TO ADMIT BBM IS THE BEST messaging app! Unknown people who have your number, like watchmans servants drivers nannys etc cannot view your profile! You can accept or reject people who you would like to have on your list ! Its the fastest messaging app ... You can have statues which actually show without having to go into the persons name! Profile pics load in a jiffy and your constantly updated on status and profile pic changes ! Its a big deal world over, if you think you and your group of friends dont use it then its only you and your friends who dont !!!! Theres a HUGE WAITING LIST NOW!!! That proves there are millions all over the world waiting !!!!!

          • Roh_Mish

            You know what, my Note 2 and Nexus 4, both are more better and expensive than your motherfucking BB. I guess you have a very good voice recognition, great maps, and those good games.

          • Wrick

            You, sir, cannot even afford to learn that your and you're are different! Who's the prick now? Do you need some money to buy a dictionary? Or, maybe you can google it if you can afford to look away from your porn!

          • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

            Well, a lot have them in Bangalore. And the Gulf

      • awaaas

        I can relate, my mom still uses a BB 8530, and refused to change. Because it will make her to learn everything all over again. I usually use SMS to contact her, but with BBM for android, I can now send her pictures (for some work issues) instantly. I don't like MMS

  • makapav

    I don't know anyone on BBM or BlackBerry anymore but I found the 'no servers are harmed' hilarious. In 2010. This is 2013.

  • Colin Kealty

    :O I got thanked on Android Police... Best. Day. Ever.

    • RyanWhitwam

      Not only that, we all talked about how cool and ruggedly handsome you are in the chat room. Cameron called you a "dream boat."

      • Colin Kealty

        ...I think I need to start contributing to Android Police more often.

        • sabby

          you need to run away bro...save your self while you can ...:P

  • danal

    I hope that google makes sure the fake BBM apps don't get approved today.

  • Anand Muralidhar

    Who needs BBM when there is hangouts and whatsapp? :D

  • Hugh Johnson

    Five people are very excited right now.

    • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

      All not in the US

  • http://www.hacktabs.com/ Anoop Sudhakaran

    Hope so this time their servers stay alive.

  • Danish Prakash
    • catiremedina

      Now if someone could download it, the share the apk....

  • Gerjannn

    Here is the APK (thanks XDA-member Soprono) : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27087213/BBM_1.0.0.69.apk

    • catiremedina

      Thanks! working for me :)

    • Ryan

      Error (509)
      This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

  • cesar suarez
  • nexus
  • catiremedina
    • yash1229

      We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.

      • catiremedina

        Weird, working for me, but hey grab the link in the article :)

  • Irman Insani

    The item you are trying to purchase could not be found... Huummm... :/

  • JayCreations

    Not a fan of the interface. Looks bulky imo. Specially that bottom nav bar.

  • Rovindra Singh

    Any word on future support for tablets?

  • challenge_accepted

    Just installed. Constant notification saying connected in notification bar. Deal breaker. Uninstalling

    • AkhilSood

      You can switch that off! Settings

      • gtg465x

        Those of us who installed and are waiting in the "line" can't get to the app Settings. Thus we are stuck with the notification until we get to the front of the line. Who knows how long that will take. A week? A month? FAIL!

        • Pallav

          App Drawer --> Settings --> Apps --> BBM --> Uncheck 'Show notifications'

          Now was that hard?

          • andy_o

            Yeah, disable all notifications for a messaging app. That'll work.

          • Blythening

            Yeah, you're gonna get so many notifications for a messaging app which hasn't even been activated yet. Wasn't that what gtg465x's conundrum was? That he wanted to disable the notification till he gets an invite?

          • andy_o

            Well since you're already at the app info screen the other option labeled "uninstall" should work better, especially since you'll receive a email when it's ready and you won't have to remember to reenable the notifications when it is.

            But really, as if waiting in line wasn't bad enough, the app was so poorly thought out that even when it's literally useless, still runs in the background and shows a permanent notification.

            And by the way, it's not even using GCM.

      • andy_o

        If you want to get messages delivered reliably (and isn't that one of BBM's strengths?) you don't wanna turn that off. It's not using Google Cloud Messaging. See here http://www.androidcentral.com/bbm-has-annoying-persistent-notification-you-might-not-want-turn-it

  • Boris Shobat

    What is so special in this another messaging app?

  • AkhilSood

    Ok installrd and running! Now th real task, who the hell uses this!

  • http://mobers.org/ psydex

    What's with all the hype around BBM? What's so special about it?

  • Trent Callahan

    All this time and hype, yet they made it look like something off of Froyo. I'm not even going to bother.. They could have actually done something.

  • Guy

    I'm confused too. I use hangouts with my friends on iphones. We have a group. Someone said Hangouts isn't widely popular... Everybody is gonna have to go download BBM? BBM was great when it came out 5 or so years ago, now it's just another app.

  • Robert Macri

    This looks just like hangouts! Great more fragmented chat apps.

  • Mark

    2010 just called, they want their messaging app back. Doesn't everyone use Hangouts these days?

    • MeCampbell30

      I thought about downloading the app but I can only remember 2 people ever that gave me thier BBM code. And those people also had gmail and were in my gchat contact list.

      BBM is sort of pointless if nobody has the phone.

  • Yam Borodetsky

    Wow, this is one ugly app.

  • The Friend One

    Used it but seriously CRAP!! Wasted my 13 MB data over it :(

  • Gustavo Parrado

    How I know if the app is legit? well, because only Blackberry would be so stupid to stop CURRENT blackberry users from login in.

    • Bluewall

      Because it's Android Police dude :p

  • catiremedina

    The stupid thing does not support using the same account on multiple devices, so I cant use it on my phone and tablet (sideloaded) at the same time.....

    • Plazmic Flame

      BlackBerry stated that BBM for iPhone and Android is only for phones. No tablet support at the moment.

  • anonimus

    bbm for android looks good, is faster sending message, voicenotes, etc... but some of the features are too big, and it looks like an older version of whatsapp but is good app, will keep testing it until i get bored

  • mavericksid

    Who the fuck uses hangout!? Apparently few commenting here, but none of my friends. Everyone is on whatsapp. I wonder would move on to bbm.

  • Stefano Gaggero

    Releasing BBM for Android is much more important in countries where BlackBerry is still popular, like Indonesia. You can order a Pizza or call a Taxi using BBM so if you switch to Android you won't lose access to those services. They use BBM Money as a Mobile Payment system that BlackBerry and several banks set-up over there... so having BBM for Android is indispensable because Android sales are increasing.

    "The service allows BlackBerry users to create a mobile money account attached to their BBM identity, and use that to transfer money to other BBM contacts, as well as purchase airtime credit for their device, or move money to bank accounts. The mobile payments play will mean that million of Indonesian BBM customers will be able to quickly conduct business transactions right in the service where many of them already communicate on business matters, and allow merchants and others to quickly accept payments with the devices they already own without requiring the involvement of any third-party device or software."

    • Jaime

      Cool, I actually didn't know! Well, now I don't feel like this was a stupid Move.

    • pepper

      Don't forget there's still lot of BB user in Indonesia, and some are quite persistent (they don't want install other messaging service on their BB, duh).

      I hope this service allow me to get in touch with those 'persistent' BB user.. (they got kind of Blackberry Autism Syndrome, lol)

  • Lupe Fiasco

    I'll be honest, this app looks bad. Not the worst I've seen, but not the best either. I could not see myself using this app mainly for the lack of Holo Implemented in the design. I don't know, maybe I just care to much for design. I don't have a use for the app anyway, but to those who do, Enjoy.

  • WHO?

    Ok great all signed up and up and running. Now I have not one friend that still uses BBM. So I'm just sitting here connected ......

    • Mike S.

      Me too. It would be nice to test it out

  • Frank__Grimes

    This would have been cool a couple years ago when I actually knew someone who still had a blackberry. I installed it.... not working... stuck on "setting up bbm"

  • Sonrisa

    Sooo BBM doesn't work on the galaxy tab 3 7.0"

  • Samsung 2 7.0

    Why this app is incompatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ????

    • Mike S.

      It's not "compatible" with tablets. Just install the APK on your tablet. Works on my Nexus 7. Only issue with that is it's one BB ID per device, which sucks of course for people with multiple devices.

      • Hendrik Middleton

        I have a galaxy tab 7.0 plus
        Please tell me how to install it on my tablet

        • Mike S.

          Either backup your install file (APK) or download from somewhere and just install it on your tablet.

      • Samsung 2 7.0

        How to get the apk... ? hope it can be used at my tablets...

        • Mike S.

          Back it up with either Androzip or lucky patcher from your phone then transfer it to your tablet or look for a source to download it from.

  • Aaron

    Looks really nicely designed, but seems to be blocked outside of North America. I can't connect from SE Asia, but it goes through with my US VPN.

  • n0th1ng_r3al

    "This will mark the first time Blackberry's premier messaging service has been available on a non-Blackberry device."

    I could have sworn back in the 90's, the BB service was available for Nokia's "E" series of phones, BlackBerry Connect?

  • anon196

    All these people claiming not to like bbm are in the front row for the release.... idiots

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/tsrocketqueen/videos kasterkumar

    hi its very exciting for india

    • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

      Completely agree. I currently live in Bangalore, and know many people with BBs (in both the Gulf and in India). Not everyone uses WhatsApp either

  • kom20

    am using samsung galaxy s3
    am unable to complete set up get temporary server error issue
    anyway to solve it guys ?
    thanks :)

  • stephen

    can I use by galaxy mini?

  • andromint

    Huh... they pulled the app from Play store. Totally unplanned thingy.

  • abobobilly

    More than 12 hours have passed if i am not mistaken and i still haven't received my confirmation email. BB! Why u do this man? :S

  • gafriandy

    why bbm not compatible to note 8

  • Candice Kirsten

    says this item is not compatible with my device. I have a samsung s4 mini? ? Doesnt work in my country??? I stay in South Africa. what is the problem here??

    • chad bates

      if you have a samsung device then you can get it at http://www.bbm.com it works for south africans

  • Joe

    I downloaded BBM for my Samsung Galaxy s2. After downloading the application, I started it and I get the error "No Connection Found. Your connection to the Wireless network is turned off." I have restarted the phone and I have enough data but I am still getting the same error. Can anyone please help me?

    • J Jones

      Turn on wifi

      • Joe

        When I got home and uninstalled and re-installed bbm. I connected to the WIFI at home and it worked. But now, I have waited for 15 hours but I haven't recieved the email for me to activate it.

  • confusedperson

    Hi i use samsung galaxy ace, an android phone. but bbm is not there on google play? abnd when i try and downlaod it from my compute to put it into the phone, it says it isnt compatible with my device?

  • gierso

    real state hogger :/ i hope it gets improved!

  • kstar

    So its not compatible with my samsung galaxy young and I really want it so if I update my system will it work and how do I update my system?

    • Roh_Mish

      Unofficially via cm, pac, pa or other roms. Or change device

      • kstar

        How would you do that?

        • Roh_Mish

          Check xda forum for your device. Just Google search it.

  • jade

    Can somebody help me, why cant i download BBM on my samsung galaxy ace 2? Am sooo confused!

  • 1bmwdrvr1

    Been waiting 36+ hours now... With no end in site. I'm just curious about BBM so I'll wait but it seems like Viber with its notifications and video and voice and smaller size with lower memory/battery usage, is just better. Or Skype with its 2 1/2 minute video messages that are unlimited and free with notifications is light years ahead of BBM... I am not sure about the appeal, if I want security I'll use Tiger Text to set text destruction dates, or Heywire with its free US phone numbers. I don't use a tablet so that's not a stumbling block. I can't imagine how slow the messaging will be with such small servers.

  • Alin Xu

    Why note 10.1 (samsung GT-N8000) can't install bbm,
    The device isn't compatible with this version?
    Can tell me why?

    • chika ariel

      You have to download it or ask your friend to send it to you.. im using note 10.1 too..

  • qib

    Why my samsung tab 10.1 cannot intall bbm..
    My tab is andriod 4.1.2 jellbean

  • Ashton

    y is the samsung galaxy ace not compatible with BBM

  • gaurhav jaiin

    i have downloaded the BBM through playstore on my note ii and sent my e-mail id several times but did not receive any e-mail till now. does it support note ii or not. there is no link on the bbm.com to put a query and clarify.

  • anon

    So I just got bbm but it's not letting me set a profile picture...... Help?

  • gfb786

    How do i delete my account from android... i accidentally switched all the info from BB to my android and i dont want that...I wanted to make another account with different email

  • kajal

    why samsung galaxy s does not support this app??

  • daw

    Why i cannot install with galaxy note 8 ?

  • tkb

    I cant view contact profile pics and they cant view mine.. just blank

  • chamone

    On google play store, in south africa its not loaded on the play store so now i cant install it

  • Lilesh

    It works best on tablets too if you sideload BBM app. Worked for me on samsung galaxy tab 2. http://www.techsamay.com/2013/10/how-to-install-bbm-app-on-tabs.html

  • chomzy

    Pls, u guys should do something about the fact that, users of Samsung tablets cant use bbm

  • Niheer Shah
  • moe

    Can anyone help me, I want the bbm app for my Samsung note 3 GT-N8000. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanking you in advance

  • tigor

    I have no problem installed BBM on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (GT P1000) and run perfect with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

  • orlando

    hello guy's my samsung galaxy note10.1 is not compatible with the new BBM apps , I really dont understand, can any one help with lasting solutions? thanks Orlando