HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie announced last week that the T-Mobile Android 4.3 update would arrive on October 21st, and in contrast to last week's delay, today's update has arrived right on schedule. Multiple users have already reported Android 4.3 OTA sightings on their phones. If you're an impatient HTC One owner on T-Mobile, now's the time to start hitting that refresh button and trying your luck.



The Android 4.3 update is tucked away under a download labeled version 3.24.531.3. It's a pretty hefty bit of data, coming in at 560.18MB. T-Mobile may be one of the two major carriers that still offers unlimited data plans, but you're going to have to snag a Wi-Fi connection before pulling the lever on this one. Considering the number of people who will receive this update today, it only makes sense.

Source: T-Mobile

Thanks, Joseph Nguyen, Aaron Holbach, and James Vallarta.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Matthew Fry

    Yeah! To the guy that said HTC was lying, I'm downloading 4.3 now!

    • updatefail

      I have downloaded the update twice and it has failed. So I wiped the phone and tried again still no luck. It updates about halfway through then reboots back to 4.1. Let me know if you guys see the same issue.

      • Matt McNair

        Are you bone stock or have you installed an custom firmware, including recovery?

        • updatefail

          Stock not unlocked or rooted or anything like that.

      • Matthew Fry

        Download successful. Verifying update package...

      • Matthew Fry

        Update successful. I am bone stock unrooted. First thing I noticed is that it didn't ask me for the default home screen on boot. YAY! Second thing is that my least favorite feature of 4.3 is now in effect. Every persistent app has a notification. Thirdly, two finger swipe on the notification bar gives me settings toggles. Oh how I've missed those.

        • Matthew Fry

          YES! Press and hold Home for menu! No more gigantic virtual button! Swipe up for Google Now.

      • Moustafa

        It failed on me too. Not sure what to do! Someone please help!

  • Frank Urbanski

    RAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I have to wait until I get home for this :(

  • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

    WOW That Notification tray, it's so... clean and uncluttered O_O

  • Ricardo Kummel

    Does anyone here is using the SuperCID? If yes, are you able to get the update message or even check for an update? I'm only getting that I'm already up to date..

    (No changes on the phone but S-off and supercid'ed)

  • Simon Belmont

    Got the update installed on my wife's phone about an hour ago. It's very good. Definitely see an extra hint of smoothness and fluidity in everything. The Quick Settings are great and my wife loves them.

    I haven't tested the camera performance yet, but overall, the update seems quite good. Good work, HTC and T-Mobile.

  • raihana

    My phone says it's up to date no updates. I keep on refreshing but nothing.... What do I do?

    • enoch861

      Just wait. Or find the download online somewhere..

  • Moustafa

    Tried updating and when it was installing it got maybe half way through and then rebooted back to 4.1. Its making me mad! Can someone help?

  • remister

    I'm on Wifi that is slower than my LTE connection, I will go through this last hell bump.

  • MvP77

    I've been running 4.3 on my One for awhile. The build number I'm using is 3.54 and Sense Version 5.5. I'm loving Sense 5.5, it has better lock screen widgets, turn BlinkFeed on or off, more feeds in BlinkFeed, emoji support (not like the black and white android support) built into the stock keyboard, and couple other enhancements.

  • Adam Goldberg

    When will my magnificent Evo 4GLTE and my fellow Evo Brethren receive this update? Personally, I won't accept any response unless it is more specific than "by the end of the year". Thats not enough for me, and that time is approaching rather quickly. Please tell me somenone knows.

  • ltredbeard

    Does this mean that the HTC One has 4.3 before the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.....wow sorry guys.

  • Akash Arora

    I'm getting status error 7. I'm rooted with cwm. Do I have to titanium backup and then factory reset then update then restore the tibu?

  • Mobileteksters.com

    Good Stuff