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Featured App

DigiCal Calendar & Widgets

Today's roundup is presented by DigiCal Calendar & Widgets from Digibites. DigiCal is a complete calendar solution that integrates with Google Calendar, matching it feature-for-feature and then some. A wide selection of calendar views (agenda, day, week, month, text month, list) and great tablet compatibility means that your calendar will look great and be easy to use no matter what device you're using. DigiCal also includes a variety of widgets, all of which put the stock Google Calendar to shame, and integrated location search within the app. DigiCal even checks Google Now for travel and traffic time, letting you know when you'll need to leave to avoid being late. The standard DigiCal is free, but the $4.95 DigiCal+ includes a month widget, extra visual options, and zero ads.


Experience the most stylish Android calendar with Holo light and dark themes with 6 powerful calendar views and 5 beautifully designed widgets! DigiCal is a stylish and easy to use calendar application that syncs all your appointment with Google Calendar. You can choose from 6 powerful calendar views (day, week, agenda, month, text month and list) in both portrait and landscape mode. DigiCal also comes with 5 beautiful widgets (list, grid, day, day list and month). Following the latest Android Holo light and dark theme, DigiCal is bringing the clean and intuitive user interface experience to smartphones and tablets running Android 2.2+. DigiCal’s innovative features such as the smart action bar make it easy to edit, move, copy, paste and delete events. With our unique built-in location search, adding a location to your event has never been easier. All you need to do is type in the name of the place (cafe, store, and park) and DigiCal will automatically look up the address and save it. With this feature, Google Now (Android 4.1+) knows where you'll need to go. It'll watch current traffic, plan your route and notify you when you should leave.

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Mercury Browser

Android Police coverage: [New App] Mercury Browser Arrives On Android With Private Browsing Mode, Gestures, Plugins, And More

Mercury doesn't appreciate your labels, man. It's a web browser, and a social media hub, and a feed reader, and a privacy protector. If there's any app that it resembles most, it's the desktop version of Opera, thanks to a kitchen sink approach to features and an expandable plugin framework. Throw in most of the bells and whistles from Chrome (minus the syncing and speed), and you've got yet another solid alternative browser for Android users.


As one of the most popular iOS browser, Mercury was expected for an Android version for a long time. We now roll out Mercury for Android to you. As excellent as Mercury iOS browser, Mercury for Android is fast and elegant, with awesome features to let you enjoy surfing the Internet. Fast browsing---Mercury let you browse and search webpages smoothly within a blink. You can personalize your Speed Dial and go to pages directly. Powerful functions---Plugins, User Agent, Gesture Control, Auto Saved forms help you to enjoy browsing not only more convenient but also much easier.


Microsoft Remote Desktop

Android Police coverage: [New App] Microsoft Releases Remote Desktop Client For Android

Say what you will about Microsoft, but their Remote Desktop Protocol is rock-solid. It's easily the best remote desktop solution for a Windows-to-Windows connection, assuming you can get it to work through a firewall. Now Redmond is releasing an Android version, and it looks pretty good - you can even get decent audio and video connections across the network. You'll need a "Pro" version of Windows XP or later to take advantage of the feature.


With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. Experience the power of Windows with RemoteFX in a Remote Desktop client designed to help you get your work done wherever you are. In order to successfully connect to a Windows PC, please read the FAQ first at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn473007.aspx

µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App

Android Police coverage: [New App] µTorrent Gets A Premium Ad-Free Version Of The Android Client For $3

There was nothing wrong with the older version of μTorrent's Android client, apart from the scary beta tag - from what I can tell, it didn't even have ads. But the new "pro" edition trashes the beta tag and promises never to advertise to you, and throws in pretty much all of the important torrent features from the popular desktop program. Best of all there are no size or speed limits, aside from the physical ones imposed by your network or Android device.


Upgrade to AD-FREE μTorrent® Pro, from the developers of the #1 torrent app in the Google Play Store, and the #1 bittorrent client on desktops worldwide. µTorrent Pro (uTorrent Pro) is a light, powerful, AD-FREE app to help you download the stuff you love, directly to your phone or tablet. If you like the µTorrent desktop client or the μTorrent (uTorrent) app for Android, you’ll love µTorrent Pro. And, because this edition of the µTorrent Android app is new to the Google Play store, you can upgrade to µTorrent Pro at a special introductory price.

ROM Installer

Android Police coverage: JRummy Releases ROM Installer To The Play Store, It's Like ROM Manager On Steroids

Man, this brings me back: all the way to the Liberty ROM on my trusty old DROID X and its companion app. XDA regular Jrummy has since expanded his efforts into the more flexible and expandable ROM Installer, a powerful alternative to the standard ROM manager. It's got easy installation of custom recoveries on supported models, backups and restore functions, easy ZIP installations, downloads from goo.im, and it can even dive into a backup and extract apps and data files. Naturally, non-rooted users need not apply.


ROM Installer is the easiest way to download and install your favorite custom OS for Android. ROM Installer has the most ROMs available in any app you will find on the Google Play Store. It has many of the same features you will find in Goo Manager, ROM Manager, ZipInstaller and other similar products. You will find popular ROMs like Android Open Kang Project (AOKP), CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, Miui and many more. Some devices will not show as many ROMs because of the lack of support for that specific device.

Google Places for Business

Android Police coverage: Google Releases Google Places For Business App, Manage Your Places Listing Right From Your Android Device

Got a small business? Then you really need to keep an eye on your Google listing. For a considerable amount of users (especially Maps and Navigation addicts) it's your digital storefront. The Places for Business app lets you make sure that your establishment has accurate and current information displayed, and it even throws in a little Google+ social juice as well. The app can handle multiple business listings from the same account.


Keep your business listing fresh and up-to-date across Google with the free Google Places for Business app:

  • Update your business information, including hours, address, contact information, photos and description
  • Keep your customers in the know by posting updates and photos
  • Respond to comments and +1's on your posts
  • Learn how customers find and interact with your business with insights
  • Manage multiple business locations from one app

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

Android Police coverage: [New App] Runtastic Releases Six Pack Abs Workout App That Uses 3D Personal Trainers To Help You Whip That Belly Into Shape

Runtastic has built a reputation on its titular cardio workout, but now they're moving up. Directly up, in fact, to the abdominal regions. The "Six Pack Abs" app really isn't much more than a digital version of those one-off issues published by Men's Health and the like, but if you're looking for a cheap, structured plan with lots of instructions, you could do worse. The full version of the app requires a reasonable $5 in-app purchase.


Download Runtastic Six Pack Abs Trainer, Exercises & Workouts and DEFINE YOURSELF WITH RUNTASTIC today. Follow the lead of the Runtastic avatars in high-quality, HD videos to complete intense, customized core workouts. Tell your excuses to hit the road and get the body you’ve always dreamed of Fitness is not one size fits all, and your workouts shouldn’t be either.

Square Cash

Android Police coverage: [New App] Square Launches Its New Square Cash Service With Matching Android App For Super-Easy Payments Via Email

PayPal and Gmail can send money via email, and even some of the bigger banks are getting in on the quick transfer action. Square, the folks enabling easy mobile payments at your local bake sale, are now offering a similar service. You can transfer money from any debit card to any bank account, though you'll have to wait the usual 1-2 business days before the recipient has access to the funds. You don't even need a Square account, just an email address.


Send money to anyone with an email address. It's fast, safe, and free. No account needed. Just securely link your debit card to start sending money. It's free to send, and free to receive money directly to your U.S. bank account. Secure. Your financial information is entered through a secure connection and kept private. You can confirm or reject any transfer. Fast. Money automatically deposits to your bank account within 1-2 business days.

Switchr - Task Switcher

Android Police coverage: [New App] Switchr Migrates From XDA To Google Play, Brings Super-Fast App Switching To Your Device

Switchr is an alternative to Android's built-in Recents button, much in vogue over at XDA and now available as an app on the Play Store. It allows users to swipe in from the left or right to switch apps with a nifty animation a la Swipe Pad and its many imitators. There are a ton of customization options and a few extra-fancy gestures to check out as well. If you don't already use some kind swipe-based launcher, this one could save you a lot of time in app switching. The $2 pro key unlocks all the options.


Switchr is a well designed, well polished, feature packed and simple, yet practical application that allows switching between running tasks with impeccable elegance and flawless perfection. Switchr is a lot like Alt-Tab, except prettier, more fluid, and customizable, with a few more features sprinkled here and there. Using Switchr, you can switch between running apps with style, two styles in fact (you choose), each with its own advantages and gesture based actions such as closing apps, or shortcut to the home screen. It's a must-try.

Google Maps Engine

Android Police coverage: [New App] Google Maps Engine Android App Allows You To View Custom Maps Created With Maps Engine

Google Maps is indisputably awesome, and Google makes its awesome toolset available to the poor and the gentry by way of the Google Maps Engine. Now there's an easy way to load and view custom-made maps on Android with the first-party Maps Engine app. There's not a lot to it: load maps, look at them, and share them. No Android creation tools are included, but it's a nice bonus if you rely on the Engine for work or personal projects.


Google Maps Engine on Android enables you to view your custom maps anywhere, anytime. View: enables you to view the beautiful maps that you or your organization have built on Google Maps Engine, easily toggling on and off relevant layers Search: easily search through your Maps Engine maps Share: coordinate with your teams in the field by sharing real-time location from Google Maps Coordinate all in the context of your Maps Engine maps

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Android Police coverage: AOL Releases Official Local Community News Service 'Patch' App To Android After Acquiring The Company Four Years Ago

Patch is a hyper-local news service, the corporate answer to the local newspaper. AOL acquired the company about four years ago (well before Android was the 800-pound gorilla of the mobile world) and it appears to have taken them that long to get an app out. That being said, it looks like the wait was worth it: good organization, a stable UI, and plenty of filters round out the options. You'll still need to live in a town serviced by Patch to get any real benefit from the app.


Thanks to the new Patch, getting the latest about your town has never been easier. Our brand new app delivers a beautiful browsing and reading experience to Android users, with an emphasis on simplicity. You'll be able to check out what's new in News, Boards, and Blogs, recommends posts, and participate in conversations, from all of your favorite Patch towns.

Autoblog 360

Android Police coverage: [Hands-On] Autoblog 360 By AOL Puts You In The Driver's Seat Of A Luxury Car And Lets You Take A 360-Degree Look Around

Tech bloggers don't make a lot of money. I'm still driving the same pickup truck that I was ten years ago, so seeing an M-Class in a parking lot in an exercise in envy. Autoblog is hoping to either alleviate or exacerbate my lust for luxury cars with a virtual showroom, complete with models from 14 manufacturers and impressive simulations of car interiors. There are plenty of stats for you number-crunchers to drool over as well. Just make sure you can resist the urge to make a down payment.


Autoblog 360 is an interactive app for your tablet that allows you to virtually shop any car from the comfort of your home or office. It offers a user-controlled 360 view of the car both from inside as well as on the outside. Click on a hotspot or scan the vital stats to learn more about that car. It's so easy and fun, car shopping will never be the same again.

Waterbot: Plants watering

Android Police coverage: [Hands-On] Waterbot Helps You Remember To Water Your Plants, Never Lets A Flower Go Thirsty Again

Waterbot can't water your plants. It's a smartphone app. It's not a wizard. But it will remind you to water them, so your wife/mother/houseguest won't ever see the acts of ecological abuse you might have perpetrated on those poor plants unfortunate enough to be at your mercy. This app is for the serious greenery enthusiast: in addition to notifications for feeding time, it lets you take photos of individual plants for use as avatars.


Waterbot is a free app that reminds you to water your houseplants. If you always forget to water flowers at home or office this is the right app for you. Waterbot will help you save many lives. This app will track all your plants and notify you when attention is needed. So never let your flowers die again :)

Google Cantonese Input

Android Police coverage: [New App] Google Releases Cantonese Keyboard App With English And Cantonese Dual Input

Google has made its official AOSP keyboard available on the Play Store for a while, a move that's much-appreciated by users who aren't fans of TouchWiz or Sense. Now Cantonese and Zhuyin (below) users have access to the same handy tools, including easy switching between Chinese, English, voice, and pen-based input.


Google Cantonese Input makes text input smart and easy. Users only need to use English letters to write out how they think the Cantonese word is pronounced. With intelligent word recognition and next-word prediction, Google Cantonese Input helps you type faster and more accurately on your Android devices.


Google Zhuyin Input

Google Zhuyin Input is a smart input method app for typing traditional Chinese on your Android phone and tablet. We support multiple input methods, including:

  • Zhuyin(Bopomofo)
  • Cangjie
  • Pinyin
  • Handwriting
  • Voice

Holo Text Clock

Android Police coverage: [Hands-On] Holo Text Clock Is An Attractive, Though Unoriginal, Widget And Daydream Ideal For Uncluttered Home Screens

Want a text clock on your home screen, like those trendy and incredibly unwieldy ones you see on the design blogs? Well now you can shell out a dollar for one. Revel in your stylishness, oh ye of the numberless timekeeping. Then put it on your Daydream wallpaper and lockscreen, too.


Holo Text Clock makes you look at the time in a different way. The display is a grid of letters, of which some are illuminated. Read out, they form a sentence describing the current time in five minute intervals, for example It is five past ten. Four lights at the bottom indicate the minutes to be added to get the exact time. Currently, you can use Holo Text Clock in three different ways.


Android Police coverage: [New App] ROCCAT's Power-Grid App Gives PC Gamers Remote Control Of Their Rigs Via Android, Open Beta Starts Tomorrow

What's a member of the PC Gaming Master Race to do when his GPU fan gets too loud in the middle of his clan's ultimate CTF night? Alt-tab out of the game? Of course not - he grabs the high-powered smartphone next to his high-powered computer and takes care of things. The ROCCAT power grid is a sort of multifunction remote control specifically designed for PC gamers, controlling sound, outputting live stats, and all kinds of user-customizable grids. It might not make you a better gamer, but it will certainly make you a better-informed one.


Aimed at gamers and PC enthusiasts alike, Power-Grid™ is a completely-customizable free smartphone app that works as an advanced remote control for your PC. After installing the accompanying PC software, the app relays a host of convenient, time-saving information in the form of fully-configurable “Grids”, which the user can then interact with right from their smartphone, without having to minimize or close the game or application they are running.

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Dessin Free

Android Police coverage: [New App] Dessin Is Like Tasker With Visual 'Mind-Maps' Of Actions And Rules

I'm going to be honest: I tried Dessin, because the idea of a version of Tasker that doesn't completely ignore the concept of user-friendly UI is appealing. But the scattered, mind-map style presentation really isn't any better at logically laying out automatic states. It might be a good alternative if you really enjoy flow charts, but most everyone else is going to have some difficulty in getting the freeform swipe-based UI to do anything useful.


This is a free version of Dessin. It lacks a few nodes that can be bough as in-app purchases: "Image", "Geofence", "Any" and "WiFi state". Dessin (pronounced like "design") is an innovative combination of mind map and phone automator. It will simplify and speed up your work with a phone. Dessin allows you to make notes, draw mind-maps and even build circuits, which will control your phone. You will achieve all of these things by connecting elements called nodes into networks.

Doodle: easy scheduling

There is no shortage of team-based productivity apps in the Play Store, but Doodle gets a mention here thanks to the dead-simple scheduling view that lets you see what each worker is doing and when. You'll need a paid Doodle account, which gives you access to the scheduling functionality from the website (and syncs with Google Calendar!). Don't want to pay? Then you're stuck with the mobile web version.


Doodle: easy scheduling now available for Android phones and tablets: Find the right date and time for a group of people to meet and enjoy Doodle's effortless scheduling the Android way.

Doodle for Android supports all the essential features known from the web version:
• Easily participate in any poll by tapping on its participation link anywhere on your Android device (e.g. in Mail)
• Initiate and track meeting requests from your Android device, wherever you are
• Invite participants using your Android address book


Looking at Tresorit's feature list, you could be forgiven for thinking that it's yet another Dropbox clone. The hook is that it's also got enterprise-grade security via encryption on both sides of the cloud, allowing you to sync and share in relative safety. Tresorit can't even see your files, so if you're worried about certain three-letter organizations, you can rest easy in the knowledge that they'll at least have to make an effort to violate your privacy. The free plan includes 5GB of data.


Tresorit is a free, encrypted cloud storage tool, designed to store, sync and share confidential data. When using Tresorit, you don’t need to trust any cloud provider, network or storage service. Its mix of industry standard and patented cryptographic protocols ensures not even Tresorit servers have access to your data. Turn any folder on your desktop into a tresor and access its contents securely on your Android device, and any other desktops you have Tresorit on. Share secure folders easily from your Android device with a few taps as well.


Got a new (or even old) Sony Smartwatch? This app will send any and all notifications from your phone or tablet zooming to your wrist-mounted screen via Bluetooth, not unlike the similar Pebble Notifier for the Pebble smartwatch. Thankfully the app will let you choose which apps can and can't send alerts to your watch. The Sony watches work with any Android phone, and this app should as well.


WatchNotifier helps you to show all notifications from your device on the Sony Smartwatch. So you never have to wonder if the vibration in your pocket was important or not. Supported are all apps. So you are instantly notified about Facebook or Whatsapp messages, Google Play updates and all other notifications. This is the extension to really enjoy your smartwatch.

doctape Viewer

This here is a Swiss Army Knife of file viewers, supporting most of the popular office, image, audio, and video files. It even supports some of the more oddball proprietary files like WordPerfect, Photoshop, and Illustrator. The icing on the cake is integration with all the popular cloud storage services, plus GitHub and even external USB drives. The Pro version of the app unlocks textual searches throughout your files.


Never worry about all those different filetypes again. With doctape Viewer you have access to all your documents & media files on the go. doctape Viewer does all the heavy lifting of converting every file for streamlined mobile access on all of your android devices. doctape Viewer is optimized for Android 4.x and works with all your existing apps & services so you can import files from literally everywhere.


Hey, look at that: another social photo sharing app. This one does all the things that the others do, and while it's reportedly easy to use, there's no real advantage. But these sort of services are only as useful as the number of people you know who are already using them, and some of your iOS buddies may fall into that category. Go nuts, shutterbugs.


Cluster is the easiest way to collect and share photos. Invite friends and family to add photos around an event or topic and instantly create beautiful albums with everyone’s photos. How people are using Cluster:

• Brides/Grooms – instantly collect wedding photos from guests in one place.
• Friends – easily gather photos from everyone in your group after a fun night out.
• Parents – collect photos of your children and share memories with family everywhere.
• Travelers – create an album of your trip and collect photos from travel friends.
And much more.

Black Friday Deal Finder 2013

Black Friday is still more than a month away, but if you're the kind of shopper who plans out America's consumer orgy as a battle rather than a shopping trip, this app is for you. The official FatWallet app includes more than 100 stores, a wish list function, and even the ability to buy directly from the app on "Cyber Monday." If you find a particularly juicy deal you can share it through the standard Android menu.


More than just a planner, this app makes shopping for Black Friday deals easy–anywhere. The ultimate one-stop resource to SEARCH, COMPARE, SHOP, SAVE and SHARE all the Black Friday 2013 ads and deals throughout the holidays, including shopping for Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday deals. We call it Black Friday on steroids.

Live Wallpapers

Anime Speedlines LWP Lite

Anime Speedlines is an anime (& Video Game) Inspired collection of Live Wallpapers. Based on the action backgrounds from classic anime's such as Pokemon and Dragon Ball, Video Games Like Street Fighter and comics books. This Version has the Speedline Theme, Orange.

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Halloween Live Wallpaper 2013

Brand new for 2013. Get the Official Halloween Movie Live Wallpaper. This super scary Halloween live wallpaper, based on the cinematic cult classic that introduced the world to Michael Myers, is free-to-download. Included is a nightmarish bedroom scene during a rain and lightning storm at night. Customize two posters on the bedroom walls with photos from your device’s gallery.

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