Update 2: We've now received independent confirmation from a credible source that there will be no news, Android or otherwise, at this event. Sorry, everyone - continue your Nexus reveal date conspiracy theorizing as normal.

Update: Geek.com has updated its story with a statement from a "reliable source," and that source is playing down any hopes of a Nexus reveal next week:

We just received a tip from a reliable source telling us that the 10/24 event will not feature any hardware.

Google is prepping for an event next Thursday October 24th billed as "a night out with Google Play." The show starts at 7PM in New York City, but that's really all the solid info Google has provided. It may be Google Play Newsstand, but a Nexus event has been expected for weeks. Google usually streams all their live events, so whatever happens, you'll probably be able to watch it unfold.

The lack of Android references in the invitation is odd, but this time of year it can hardly be anything else (well, it shouldn't be). The assembled forces of the internet would rise up and smite Google if they dared to hold an event and not announce the now thoroughly leaked Nexus 5. Still, we don't know for sure what Mountain View is up to here.

Google surprised everyone with the KitKat name announcement last month, but what few details we have of the software have come in the form of leaks. The Nexus 5 itself has also been leaked a few times, including by Google just last night. It will be good to get all the official details, assuming this event has anything to do with Android.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Mark

    I love how the press always put two and two together and make 7. How many times have they been made to look idiots? Apple would be making the iPhone8s by now if you believed the press every time...

    I hate this American style rumour-mill pretending to be news. Just report factual news.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      What? That's exactly what we're doing. There is a very healthy amount of pessimism in this post questioning whether it has anything to do with Android. The rest of the post reports on the actual invite.

      Btw, I also got in touch with the person who got the invite (Russell Holly) to verify the legitimacy of the invite in case he got spoofed. From what I've seen, the headers check out with Google Press.

      Oh, and I emailed our Google rep and Google Press to double and triple confirm.

      • Jadephyre

        It's just weird that they would be holding an event JUST for Google Play, that seems like a lost opportunity and a bit like overkill as I personally don't think that it's justified for the Play Store.

      • Mark

        Not really. It's non-news, there is nothing to report, so it's full of speculation (that's now spectacularly backfired).

    • #D

      In what way is this not factual? The author said "Still, we don't know for sure what Mountain View is up to here."

  • mountainloafer


  • TY

    It is interesting that while the Nexus 5 leaks became lakes, the only thing we know about the 2013 Nexus 10 is that it would be made by ASUS.

  • UCLAKoolman


  • NexusKoolaid

    About. Damned. Time.

  • Greg Nelson

    I heard they're thinking about getting into the search engine business....

    • Hans Pedersen

      Not a chance. Altavista owns that business.

      • Nick V

        I thought it was Jeeves?

      • karthik nayak


    • paxmos

      I gotta bing that...

  • imjusthappy

    yaay :-)

  • Sean Thomas

    god just date an android event already! This is almost a dick move at this point.

  • Plazmic Flame
  • Michał Polak

    It's exacly 3 months after Breakfast with Sundar :D

    • Joris Griffioen

      HL3 confirmed!

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    What's weird to me is only Geek seems to have received this invite, and nobody else has posted it - not even the big guys like Engadget, Ars, or The Verge. Very odd.

    But as I said in the other comment, I got in touch with Russell and the email headers in the invite seem to check out, so it doesn't seem to be a spoofed email.

    I also emailed our Google rep and Google Press to double and triple confirm, but got nothing so far.

    • TY

      Leaked...invite? lol

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


      • Plazmic Flame

        Well, if things play out like last time, The Verge will already have an exclusive in-depth interview with the Google Crew.

        • Roh_Mish

          they kept on speculating for Moto X and on launch date, said they used the device for a month

    • darkdude1

      What we do know is that sometime before the end of October we should have a nexus reveal, and all this waiting is excruciatingly painful.

      • Michael Fontenot

        I don't know about this. 4.3 was released kind of late. As long as it's announced and released before thanksgiving, they're still in the sweet spot for sales.

        • Roh_Mish

          I think they are pushing it to Nov or Dec for international launch together, not one by one in the countries and also waiting for stockpile to build up so they dont have shortage.

    • Freak4Dell

      Sooo...remember that one time that guy from NYC left AP and you promised I could go to the next event instead?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Totally, but I'm afraid I have a secret assassin replacement.

    • Gsizzle

      When it comes to Android, I peg AP to be the 'big guy' then Engagdet, Ars, The Verge & Geek.

    • AhmedAlalfy

      WTF is happening here .. even the retail box of N5 have been leaked .. what is left for google to officially announce ?!!! .. i don't know why they are dragging their feet since after 4.2.2 ...

      • http://reddit.com/ yo2boy

        Maybe they're still waiting for abundant Nexus 5 stock so they can avoid the mess that happened last year.

        • hideyokids

          Good, don't want last year to happen!

          • jeffrey6283

            Sooo... Its just like last year in that there aren't enough phones at the warehouse level. Except this time, the users aren't getting phones at all.

      • pfmiller

        Who says they are dragging their feet? Do you really think Google should schedule their product release dates around leaks?

        • A_Noyd

          Um.. Yes...

      • mantra2

        Some speculate they are waiting on a government approval, which, obviously is trapped in the post shutdown backlog right now.

        • Ian Santopietro

          If this is it...

          Seriously! Remember when we were gonna get the Galaxy Nexus in October, then Steve Jobs had to go and die?

      • paxmos

        Since everything has leaked out, then there is no news...

      • jimv1983

        Well, Google hasn't officially announced anything so lots.

    • hot_spare

      Nothing left to "unveil" in terms of hardware. Whole world knows everything about N5.

      • NinoBr0wn

        Is there any truth to one model having a bigger battery?

        • Goldenpins

          from my understanding nope. Its an increase from an N4 but not much like a 15 hour battery.

        • Christopher Bement

          Started out as an unsubstantiated rumor with no reliable source. I'm not putting any money 2 different sized batteries.

        • hot_spare

          Think not. Doesn't really make any practical sense at all. I think this is just one of those *rumours* like MEMS camera module.

        • jimv1983


    • OmniWrench

      "Update: According to a reliable source, the Google Play event
      next Thursday not only won't have hardware, it won't have any news at

      No news at all? o.O Well, I guess it's nice to just get together for tea and cookies occasionally...

    • Christopher Bement

      A press event with no news. This is news.

  • Josh Flowers

    In related News, KitKat sends out press invites for the same night with URL's imprinted on the wrappers. Excited Nexus 7 (to be) fans scurry to computers, only to find they've been RickRolled.

  • Mayoo
  • Stephen Bain

    I think the obvious answer here is that many of Google's apps that aren't yet on Google Play will now be on Google Play... and we get to watch them be uploaded live.

    • Plazmic Flame

      I'm definitely looking forward to Hangouts being a SMS app that I can install to any Android device. My dream is to get a Note 3 and replaces their SMS app.

  • Tony

    I swear if this isn't Nexus 5/Kitkat related Google I will rain fire upon you!

    • mlj11

      /looks at timestamp

      Haha, spoke too soon eh. Anyway please go ahead, for all of us disappointed Nexus fans.

  • navjot

    What if they pull a Google I/O 2013 and don't say anything about the new version of Android, and this turns out to be an event for the Google Play redesign and nothing else?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Absolutely possible. I also have a hunch that it may be related to another launch, which I'm going to post (based on an apk teardown), but I don't know if they'd do a whole event just for that.

      • Phil Oakley

        Could it be a new version of Google Play services, with some news on Google Play generally, Newsstand stuff, things like that? Then they do a blogpost for KitKat, the Nexus 5, Google Experience Launcher, things like that?

        Although...if Google Experience Launcher is not directly related to KitKat (i.e. can run it on Jelly Bean), could it be released sooner than KitKat...?

    • Plazmic Flame

      I will cry...

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        What if they launch the Nexus 5 and KitKat earlier? Will you still cry?

        • Plazmic Flame

          Yes, with tears of joy.

        • Alberto

          Is that a hint?

  • Maff Mace

    Midnight in UK :-/ (23.00 GMT)

    • Andrew

      2am Friday in Ukraine. No sleep for me)
      edit: and also I believe there still will be BST in UK on 24th, so actual midnight for you.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Ukrainians don't sleep, at least based on my own experience.

        • John Smith


          • Andrew


    • Bojan Tomic

      1am CET... I'll stay up for Google, though! :)

    • akshay7394

      5 AM here :P (India.) probably just waking up super early.

    • Grimmjow

      that just 11 o clock, you must be old.

      • Maff Mace

        midnight here, 6AM start at work, up at 4 to run to work, don't see how midnight not being a good time in these circumstances makes me old??

  • http://www.buttie.pl/ buttie

    The could've choose more European-friendly timeslot though...

    • runderekrun

      Google giving a shit about any other country but USA? Surely you jest.

      • Jadephyre

        Well, at least they are better in that respect than Motorola which basically gave everyone in Europe the finger, because selling a device with a locked Bootloader is illegal here (pertaining to the Razr). Also, since the introduction of the MotoX they basically stopped making phones to be sold in the rest of the world altogether.

    • Grimmjow

      why? This is Japan friendly.

  • Adam Truelove

    I'm not as excited as I should be. I have to wait until December when my Verizon contract is up, and I have to come up with $700 to buy 2 of them (one for me, one for the wife).

    • Brad

      Yeah, I'm considering it over the moto x, but coming up with the scratch ahead of time... buh...

  • http://www.facebook.com/VEllisWade V. Ellis Wade

    Google Play NewsStand sounds interesting, then they can introduce a more powerful, high-res Nexus 10 on which to read these newspapers. Then they One-More-Thing it with the Nexus 5 and call it a day!

    • Joris Griffioen

      My thoughts exactly. Including the dropping of mics.

  • sean

    So basically someone put the nexus 5 up(last night) one Thursday too soon!

  • Zyre

    Can't wait :D

  • Lasse

    1 AM in Denmark :( Anyway, I guess I have to stay awake and watch the livestream :D

  • Rahul Nebhnani

    android devices update their OS version from play store directly ?
    P.S i know its far fetched but play store so .......

    • Joris Griffioen

      OEM skins as Play store installables?! Also far fetched, but Android needs some way to abstract skins from the system, why not use the existing marketplace.

      • Nick

        Because OEM "skins" aren't just skins. They involve low level framework changes to the OS. There is no way to just throw that in to "the existing marketplace".
        Plus, OEM's would never even go for that. They see their unique skins as what sets them apart from eachother and gives their customers incentives to buy their devices.

        • Joris Griffioen

          I know that, but a huge amount could be done with a theme + app pack. Then there are some framework changes, but a very large amount of that is just resources for the "theme".

          What you're left with then are the actual features that require system mods: Sense and TW power saver, TW quicksettings, TW Multiwindow etc.

          Play store installable is silly, I'll admit. But a lot of the OEM skins (I agree, the word is wrong, "fork" is closer) can be minimized if Android allowed for theming and allowed for Systemui to be an installable.

          Consider this: if HTC only had to implement their powersaver, add their preexisting theme and an apppack containing their specialties like the camera, lockscreen and systemui ... A switch to a newer Android version would be way quicker. Also: those features could be developed asynchronously from the Android releases.

    • Justin W

      It said "no news" though, which makes me thing no announcements, just celebrating how well Android's done over the years? Idk.

      • Rahul Nebhnani

        yea saw that bummer :/

  • Jesse Peterson
  • John Smith

    >The assembled forces of the internet would rise up and smite Google if they dared to hold an event and not announce the now thoroughly leaked Nexus 5.

    this was great!

  • krsnprvn

    Still going to hold my breath until AP confirms its a legit invite...

    • krsnprvn

      Told you...

  • Bojan Tomic


    They better hold another event for Nexus 5 soon!

    • DennisHeffernan


    • Andrew


  • anon

    event might be for tablet optimized apps and stuff.

  • CJ

    Maybe it's all of the "break apart" google experience apps ....

    *crosses fingers bc I have no plans of getting a nexus 5*

  • Jadephyre

    Oh come on Google, you've pretty much released all the Info there is about the phone, time to fess up and release the rest of it, including a presentation of the new version of the OS.

  • nebula

    Mhh an Google Play announcement. Maybe Germany and Canada will finally get All Access.

    • Jadephyre

      Doubtful, for as long as the GEMA exists, there will not be any All Access in Germany.
      It would be bloody hard for Google to turn a profit from it here because of the ludicrous amounts of money GEMA would demand from them.

      • Grimmjow

        well i'm guessing Germany must already be used to paying a lot for music then?

        • Jadephyre

          Yup, pretty much... I mean, when I buy a track from Amazon, I pay .99€, and the people in the US pay .99$.
          Looks the same, but it isn't, we are paying round about 20 cents more per track, that's hardly fair but sadly the norm in this friggin' cuntry (yes, I omitted the O by choice).

          • Grimmjow

            that's still ok. if everyone charging more than Google can charge the same, what's the difference to them

          • Jadephyre

            The difference is that GEMA gets in the way of everything. Due to them Youtube doesn't show half of its videos to german residents because they contain copyrighted music that they want to make money from. They are holding back innovations like Pandora and Google Music All Access because of their stone-age mindset and paranoia that at some point they have to concede that they are stuck in the past and not needed anymore.

  • Bojan Tomic

    "No News at the Event."
    What is this event even about, then? O.o

  • Taco Monster

    I'm sorry, but what does 'no news' mean? Then why have the event at all?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      My guess is so that press can play with stuff before the upcoming news, so that the more mainstream ones get to know Android a bit better and not make fools of themselves when writing about things after.

      • Taco Monster

        Ah, so it could be a Moto X type press-only thing?

  • Grimmjow

    This is why you should take some time to verify and not just post something to be first!! And geek.com as the source, seriously?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Russell Holly has a lot of credibility, and the event is actually happening, it's not like it was faked. We remained suspicious and now have updated the story when more info surfaced.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      No one was posting this to be "first." We even got in touch with Russell and confirmed the email was sent by Google before posting. He didn't have any context for it initially, either. We provided ample skepticism, and now we've updated with independent confirmation that the event won't feature any news.

      It's Nexus season. Of course we're going to jump on the fact that Google announced an event with a somewhat ambiguous purpose. While it certainly gave some people false hope, it's also our job to report newsworthy things as they happen. In this particular instance, that newsworthy thing turned out to be not newsworthy.

      If I'm blaming anyone, I'm blaming Google, not Geek. Stop sending such ambiguous fucking event invitations.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Update: According to a reliable source, the Google Play event next Thursday not only won't have hardware, it won't have any news at all. Bummer.

    • gspida
    • Jadephyre

      Oh for crying out loud... why host an event if you have nothing new to say? That would be like hosting the Android BBQ with no news for or from the community...

    • Grimmjow

      Well who knows they might get Nintendo or the Beatles on board Google Play eh? :)

      • gspida

        That would be news, which they won't have

      • gspida

        Also if Nintendo was going to get on with anyone it will be Apple

        • Grimmjow

          Money talks

        • Jadephyre

          Which begs the question of why anyone would want to get in bed with Nintendo, they are pretty much doomed to tank some time soon. No one is buying their consoles anymore, as they were stupid enough to stick with the old Power Architecture which is a bitch to program for (something that even John Carmack said, though regarding the PS3). But do correct me if i'm wrong.

          • MrAdeio

            The 3DS would like a word with you.

          • Jadephyre

            I doubt they can survive on a tuned Gameboy though.

    • DirkBelig

      A few days after Apple rolls out their latest iPads and (probably) MacBook Airs, Google is going to talk about the Play Store and not the Nexus 5? Wat?

    • iPodsMakeGraves

      An event for no news? Is that a joke?

    • Larizard

      it wont have any "news"... but it will have "newsstand"!!!

  • Joey Colclough

    It'll more likely be about the achievements Google and OEM's have made in the last 5yrs, but in saying that the first Android phone the HTC G1 was released on October 23rd 2008.

  • wideopn11

    Come on already Google. I need a new phone. After 2 years without incident I finally shattered the screen on my Galaxy Nexus. Take my money. I'll buy 2.

  • thedude

    Loving Google's ad strategy.

    • Humberto Hernandez

      I think "loving" does not mean what you think it means

  • moelsen8

    what do you mean no news at this event now? what the hell is the point of the event then?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The same question has already been asked and an answer has been attempted.

      • moelsen8

        i saw after i wrote this.. sorry, but thanks artem.

  • NinoBr0wn

    This is getting old. Wish I could just buy the phone and be done with it.

  • krfz41

    Google, you are getting like Valve.

    • mechapathy

      Except Valve can't get past 2, sooo...

    • Jadephyre

      If they were like Valve, Android would still be alpha-software xD

  • quick

    Seriously Google? They are really dragging this thing out. Aarghhh!

    Just announce a date for the event already, if its really that far away that they can't announce it yet, then that's just ridiculous...!

  • liperus

    "No news" doesn't mean the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 can't be released before this event. And then they can use/talk about them in the event :) I'm being hopeful here ^^

  • http://www.blackeco.com/ Axel Leroy

    Wait, what, it is not Android-related ? D:

  • Simon Belmont

    Damn. Not for Nexus / Android 4.4. Sad panda, here. Oh well.

    Come on, Google. You're just waving your dicks around now. Time to announce. Pleeeease.

  • soapisclean

    Google Music is finally coming to Canada. That is all folks.

    • Scott

      Doesn't really need it's own event just for that :p

  • Christian Koch

    What I don't get at all:
    Why would Google make an entire event for the Play Store alone.
    As far as I remember, the last time the store was significantly changed (a couple of years ago) they simple gave a press release, nothing more.

    What could they possible reveal there?

    I hope that they will be a angry crowd screaming NEXUS 5 continuously during the presentation...

  • antonior93

    It has no sense, to do many events in one or two weeks.. Then i think that the updates regarding the no-news, must be fake.

  • YodaRocks

    So, here's my theory:
    Google was initially supposed to reveal the Nexus 5 at this event, but then some problems occurred and the build/hardware wasn't ready on time hence they had to make hasty changes and make this only a Google Play event.

    • Noel

      Thought abt that too...probably a glitch with Kitkat or N5 is making them move the reveal till November or so..why did they put the device up on Google play and then take it back down. I also thought maybe they are trying to ramp up supply, sensing the avalanche in demand b4 they give the green light. I hope we are going to see it this week or early next week.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Aw, come in already, Google! Gimme my new Nexus 10 2013 so I could get it for Christmas

  • David Marion

    There won't be any news at the event because they'll already have everything released.

    That's what I'm hoping, anyways.

  • jmwils3

    semi-related, but is anyone else with a tablet noticing a deigned for tablets tab in your Apps section? It showed up on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition last night, I thought it wasnt due till next month.

  • https://plus.google.com/106721695871122826476/posts?hl=en Aja Hemphill

    So confused at this point....

  • TJ

    But why did kitkat do this? It looks like someone really want it to say 24 right?

  • sweenish

    No news?

    Then what's the point of an announcement? There will be news. The update 2 is just that you don't know what that news is.

  • Joris Griffioen

    If this event is about Newsstand I invite you to lol at the title of this article like I did,,

  • ezio gallo

    I suggest to boycott the event in protest XD

  • pinetreehater

    I wonder if it is possible that they are saying "no news at event" because everything has already leaked....you know, a play on words.

  • Rice30

    Google is getting me bored...

  • master94

    2 different events makes sense, more press time. Here is hoping they still release it as a surprise.

  • DiegoMarinDiego

    Here is a clue guys:
    The guy looks legit. He has got a "top 100 reviewer" batch. And well... 6 more days from now is the 25th...

    Source: http://www.amazon.com/PERFECT-Premium-Verizon-Unlocked-Package/dp/B00EPLTC1I/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1382226817&sr=8-5&keywords=nexus+5

    • DiegoMarinDiego

      Looks like the image I attached didn't work. Look at the "Can't talk about the phone, but can say that the case works well." comment

    • Thomas’

      A top 100 reviewer doesn't mean anything. I've seen the biggest idiots in the world of Amazon "reviewing" each app without any clue, talking a lot bullshit.

  • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

    the announcement will be that its my 44th birthday so you're all invited.

  • to.astrian

    More fool them if they start f++king around with their user base.

  • Pat Davis

    WTF!!! Stupid Leaks are driving me crazy! I feel like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory....