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Last weekend the Big Android BBQ took place in Hurst, Texas. It's a small but energetic little show specifically targeted towards Android developers (and the more rabid enthusiasts - you know who you are). The CyanogenMod team has attended before, but what with the incorporation, this year was a big deal, and the first time that they became an official sponsor. Today an outline of Cyanogen Inc. CTO Steve Kondik's presentation was posted to the web, along with his slides.


The most important information for current users is that the CyanogenMod releases will soon be split up into two distinct streams: the community edition and the pro edition. The community ROM is essentially CyanogenMod as it exists now. It comes pre-rooted, it's got features from the userdebug build, and the system is signed with well-known keys. It will also include a new built-in system updater with flexible options for backups, nightly builds, and flashing older versions. The "pro edition" (which doesn't indicate a cost of any kind; it's still free) will be issued with more security features, signed with private keys, and updated automatically to stable builds. The Pro version is what will probably be running on certain versions of the Oppo N1. It will not come pre-rooted, but it will be easy enough for a power user to enable root. New builds of the pro edition will be distributed every two weeks.

Mr. Kondik also touched on one of the main goals in the early months of Cyanogen's incorporated operations: making it easy to download and install the custom ROM. He said that while a wall of text is fine for advanced users, his mom needed a guided experience that was as easy as possible. The company will be trying to streamline that process with the installer program even as it expands the ROM family, and they're investigating ways to transfer user data from stock devices over to CyanogenMod builds.

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But of course, regular users need a reason to flash CyanogenMod. Non-technical people usually aren't as concerned with the purity of their AOSP experience, they just want their phone or tablet to do cool stuff. On that note, Cyanogen will continue to develop their own variants of some of Android's core features, including an enhanced launcher and gallery and more tightly-integrated cross-service communication hubs. The CyanogenMod Account service will also be expanded with backups, synced settings (and possibly app data), and secure storage. New theme options, a secure messaging service, and more widely-applicable screencasting and screen sharing were also mentioned. The company is planning to reveal more about these in the upcoming months.

You can check out a more complete rundown of Cyanogen Inc's activities at the Big Android BBQ and Steve Kondik's presentation slides at the links below.

Source: CyanogenMod.org, Google Drive

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • vs8

    Sounds very good I would be happy with the "pro" version since I don't tweak a lot.

  • mikeym0p

    So, will the OEMs open up their EOL devices to be flashed with CM pro? One can dream.
    I hope we start seeing CM Pro preinstalled as an option on more devices a la' GPE.

  • richardarkless

    If Cyanogenmod can make it possible to switch between the two editions without the need to reflash then ill be happy

    • Alan Shearer

      A dual boot between the stock rom of the device and cyanogenmod be better. Switching between two version of the what is esentially the same rom would be pointless.

      • richardarkless

        Not necessarily. Cyanogenmod's aim is to get OEMS to jump onto Cyanogenmod and pro edition is obviously aimed for them because of how locked down it is

        It would be amazing to be able to someday buy a cyanogenmod device, power it on and instantly change it over to the community edition and be in control of what is on my device

        As well as that they say that it will be easy to enable root, wouldnt it be better to have a global switch which does everything (Turns on developer options, userdebug, root and advanced options) over just one thing

        • Christopher Mason

          Why not just flash over it with community edition then?? Sure it's not instant but it only takes 5 minutes to flash a ROM.

          • richardarkless

            How I see it is that both editions will be pretty close to the same except one will be locked down while the other would be completely open.

            So what is the point in making a separate rom for the two editions when they can just have one rom and then a switch which toggles between the two

            The benefits are that it will not just save time for the user but also saves on server resources and build time

  • Testraindrop

    Sorry Steve, OmniRom it is now... :D

    • mrjayviper

      Only if device support is as many as cyanogenmod

      • EH101

        It might one day, but that will take a long time. Unofficial builds will probably start popping up soon-ish, though. Those are (usually) good enough for me.

        • Dissidence

          Already running an unofficial version of OmniROM on my Nexus 7 2012. Pretty awesome so far, especially the multi-window.

          • EH101

            Nice, but I meant for non-launch devices like my Note 2 for instance. Sorry, I should have been clear on that.

            If you don't mind, how does the multi window work? In the screenshots it looks somewhat like Samsung's, does it behave the same way?

    • Jadephyre

      They first have to build a rom and post it for people to use before one can say "this is where it's at now".
      In the current state of unofficial builds, Omni is not where it's at, not even close.

    • PhoenixPath

      Um, yeah...


      No it is not.

      It might possibly someday maybe be one of many. Currently, it's little more than a rough idea based mostly on angst.

  • Problem?

    There is a wide range of popular devices like i9100 that there are no maintaners left after the CM drama....

    • http://mobers.org/ psydex

      What drama? I use i9100 and recently - a CM 10.2 user

      • A Black UI is the best UI

        So you don't consider

        - going corporate
        - bashing the xda community the very same community that made them who they are
        - inferring with the term "other roms" that AOKP and PA are just unstable and bad kangs even though without said kangs cyanogenmod would have no features to leach off of
        - bullying methods to get xplodwild into giving up focal so they can close source parts of it and profit from it
        - not to mention taking the free hard work from contributors and maintainers and profiting from it
        - removing device parts without even integrating all the features back because it "broke" cts
        - close sourcing many aspects of their rom and apps despite claiming to be fully open source.

        Honestly go with Slimbean or some other lesser known rom because atleast they have the decency to stay open source and not try to profit from it.

  • A Black UI is the best UI

    Who cares Omni is where things are at and cyanogenmod is nothing more than a sell out piece of shit that should be left to die instead.

    • Jadephyre

      Oh, really? Have they produced anything official yet that one can use?
      And no, user builds do NOT count.

      • A Black UI is the best UI

        So you expect a ROM that started just a few days ago to have ROMs for every device already. I think someone doesn't understand how development works.

        I love to see how you rationalize how "great" cyanogenmod is after selling out, going corporate, removing features and bashing the very community that made them who they are. Without XDA cyanogenmod is nothing more than an AOSP kang, without other kangs they wouldn't have any features to leach off of and without contributes and maintainers the ROM would've crashed and burned.

        • PhoenixPath

          "So you expect a ROM that started just a few days ago to have ROMs for every device already."

          ...only when people start posting:

          "Omni is where things are at"

          No. It's not. It's where one thing might possibly someday eventually be. You hope...

        • Jadephyre

          No, what I expect is a ROM that is official and at least for one of the Nexus devices, not some homebrew-build from a community-member.
          Also, funny how you mention leeching, when almost every other ROM out there is using CM as a base.

          Another thing: Stop trying to mince words, I never said that they had to have a ROM for every phone out there at the ready, and saying that I did so has a name, it's called lying, plain and simple.

          • A Black UI is the best UI

            Unless you are really think or just plain stupid but Nexus devices are already running stock AOSP and it is the OFFICIAL version from google. Funny you mention that since Omni and Slimbean aren't built on CM base but AOSP with features from PA and AOKP.

            It makes me laugh because you seem to just disregard that your beloved cyanogenmod started as nothing more than "some homebrew-build from a community-member" then turned into an arrogant and controlling ass that decided to sell out that very community that made them who they are.

        • Robb Nunya

          You expect a ROM that started a few days ago to be "where it's at"? Niiiice....

          Optimistic? Yep.
          Intelligent? Not so sure.
          Full of it? Abso-freaking lutely.

  • Faust

    Remember Project Nemesis?

    Yeah, neither do I..

    • Michael Pahl

      Focal gone bad....

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/113679160497089639906/posts Andrea Z.

    try SlimBean, it's way better than cyanogen also on devices like galaxy s2... more options, more functions, more butter and more stable.

    • A Black UI is the best UI

      This. I switched to Slimbean and its a WHOLE lot better with more features and is a smaller package then cyanogenmod.