If you're feeling a bit diabolical today, just be patient – Dungeon Keeper has begun its slow rollout on Android. This refresh of the classic strategy/tower defense game is currently only available for download in Canada, Australia, and Singapore, but is slowly hitting more countries over time. Prepare your minions.

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This version of Dungeon Keeper has been optimized for tablets with new HD graphics and new gameplay mechanics. All the goodies from the classic title are here, but some of the changes (sadly) revolve around in-app purchases. There are upgrade timers for performing various actions, but you can skip the wait by spending premium currency. The game is free-to-play, though.

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EA hasn't said how long it will take to roll the game out to all countries, but you'll probably be doing horribly evil things before you know it. The links below probably won't work for everyone yet, but check back later.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • h4rr4r

    Free install?
    That means they turned one of my favorite games into IAP infested crap right?

    EA, I say this from the bottom of my heart, "Go EABOD".

    • Daniel

      I concur. Chow down EA, chow down.

    • Wayne Randall

      One at a time.

  • xspirits

    Available in France's play store.

    Yet not compatible with all my devices (i9300, tf700t, nexus 7 2012, etc)

    • Thomas’

      Which means it's NOT available in France.

  • Mayoo

    Wow Canada actually had something first?

    Oh it's EA ... meh

    • Lumi

      For me it's more like, wow SINGAPORE had something first! But agreed. EA. Meh.
      We didn't even get the Amazon appstore!

  • Smash41

    This is not Dungeon Keeper.
    Damn EA.....

    • Matthew Fry

      Yeah, looks like it's a bit different than the classic which is probably in their favor. If they just churned out the old game and changed everything to IAPs there would be a lot more hate.

  • Cherokee4Life

    Look I know the United States are not the center of the world. But what is with apps coming out recently region locked to countries that I don' think tend to get apps first. It's a nice change of pace for the people in those countries and a reality check for us in the US :( lol

  • Danone

    Must go international pretty soon. I "found" the apk somewhere and its already fully translated into german, also not realesed there yet.

  • Dave Courtemanche

    Wow, us Canadians actually get something first :-D

  • Spoony IV

    I have been playing this game now for a few days now and you really do not need to spend any money to get everything in the game. My only advice is don't spend green gems on anything but the extra imps. Just be patient. EXCELLENT GAME, alot of fun, got my mates on it too.

  • Matthew Fry

    I'll try it with my Australian gmail account but I despise IAPs. At the point where I say I could be having real fun with a real game (like Pokemon Y), it gets uninstalled.

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    I'll probably skip it. There are too many other good games to spend time on a freemium title by EA.

  • xHabeasCorpusx

    I hope it stays out of the US. This is a butchering of our beloved Bullfrog games. First Theme Park, now Dungeon Keeper. What's the point of putting these on android if it's going to be such a mockery of their original content? Fans would never want to play them, we would even go as far as rating it 1 stars and tell our friends to avoid. Why not name them something else? Why does EA insist on being the most evil, hated and corrupt video game publisher/developer in the industry?

  • Anthony Tyson

    OK this shit with releasing apps for the rest of the world before the US is getting annoying. Just do it for everyone at once.

  • Guest
    • http://gamingblather.com/ Drak

      Yeah, I'm sure this is legit and not chock full of malware. /s

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Would be interested in this, but it is no doubt riddled with IAP since its EA game.

  • http://gamingblather.com/ Drak

    I'd like to slap the imps at EA that did this to such a classic game!

  • Android Developer

    Why do companies keep putting apps and games exclusively to certain countries?
    an what's the difference between the 2 apps here?
    seems i can't download any of them...

    • Gwest

      Licensing probably.

      • Kellic

        Douchebag lawyers probably.

    • Thomas’

      Testing the IAP model.

  • Kellic

    In app purchases = EA can go to hell. I'll never buy it. *sighs* I'm so sick of this trend. In the end the in app "microtransactions" (Which aren't all that micro with EA's crap.) end up costing more then any game....which is the point.

  • treos

    *sigh* here we go yet again with EA ruining something i've always liked. why the F do they have to get a hold of some of the best games at all? seriously, this looks like a cute freaking cartoon of all things.

    goodbye dark, evil atmosphere. goodbye evil, intimidating Horny the horned reaper. hello...this... :(

    why? WHY?! are they never satisfied with ruining things? i really do hate this company, moreso with each new game i hear about that ends up being a mockery of the original(s).

  • plevel

    lol.. this is just some hentai crap that has kinda nothing to do with dungeon keeper

  • Griven

    If EA had just released an slightly updated DK for a few bucks I would of bought it but I wont spend a singe penny on this tat

  • Oldschool Enjoyment Consultant

    This is, quite frankly, the most disgusting thing ea has done to date. I hope all you all burn in hell. Yours Sincerely, the gaming community.

  • sham

    Takes the piss......
    Ive got a samsung galaxy note 3
    And a samsung galaxy tab 2 and cant get it on either yet. Been waiting for this game for a while now.
    Damn u E.A !!!

  • xHabeasCorpusx

    Fake 5 stars.

    Common phrases:

    memories come flooding back

    Like clash of the clans

    Keep up the great work

    spare time