If you're feeling a bit diabolical today, just be patient – Dungeon Keeper has begun its slow rollout on Android. This refresh of the classic strategy/tower defense game is currently only available for download in Canada, Australia, and Singapore, but is slowly hitting more countries over time. Prepare your minions.

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This version of Dungeon Keeper has been optimized for tablets with new HD graphics and new gameplay mechanics. All the goodies from the classic title are here, but some of the changes (sadly) revolve around in-app purchases. There are upgrade timers for performing various actions, but you can skip the wait by spending premium currency. The game is free-to-play, though.

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EA hasn't said how long it will take to roll the game out to all countries, but you'll probably be doing horribly evil things before you know it. The links below probably won't work for everyone yet, but check back later.