Remember the LG Optimus Pad? It came out back in 2011, a time when seeing Android running on a tablet was relatively new. I bring it up now because that was the last time LG released a tablet in the US. Today the company has announced the immediate availability of its successor, the LG G Pad 8.3, a slightly smaller tablet that will retail for a lower price of $349.99. Best Buy has pre-orders available online in both black and white. It will appear in stores a few weeks later, on November 3rd.


We provided a hands-on look at the G Pad 8.3 back at this year's IFA, but here's the gist: LG's latest tablet doesn't do all that much to distinguish itself from other similar sized tablets, but it's currently the most powerful option in its class. It has a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and a micro SD slot for additional memory. A 5MP camera sits on the back, a 4,600mAh battery gives it all life, and with a 8.3-inch 1920 x 1200 IPS display, it should be pretty to look at. The G Pad 8.3 ships with Android 4.2.2 out of the box.

The tablet comes with some exclusive features, such as QPair, which allows users to exchange messages and notifications between their LG Phone and tablet. There's also QSlideFunction, which lets you float two apps over the home screen, and QuickMemo, which supports capturing and commenting on images. Still, none of that is why you want this device. Many people consider 8-inches to be the ideal size for a tablet, and here's another option in that form-factor. If you're confident LG's software customizations won't be too distracting, you can pick up the tablet by following the links below.

LG G Pad 8.3 in Black

LG G Pad 8.3 in White

Source: Press Release

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  • Colin Kealty

    hmm.. okay, so 120$ over the nexus 7 gets you: bigger battery, higher stock clock speed, SD card slot, bigger screen, and any tablet specific features they may have added over AOSP, you lose newest version of android, but those trade offs aren't too bad. I personally would go for the nexus 7 but I would have no problem suggesting this tablet, particularly over the the galaxy tab 3 8.0.

    • jonathan3579

      Yep, which is why i cannot understand why people are complaining. I still think it's a good value. Looking at Samsung tablets make me sick.

    • mustbepbs

      Definitely. I've got the Note 8 and this is way more tantalizing than that. I plan on selling my Note 8 for this. $350 is a good price for this. N7 is just too small for some people, like me.

    • psychoace

      Too bad it didn't include a lower binned s800 SOC so we could have the knock on feature and some better battery life.

      • Colin Kealty

        this already has knock on i'm pretty sure? I've heard reviews mention that it does but i'd have to go double check that

        • psychoace

          Good to know. All the release articles I've seen today have not mentioned it so I assumed it wasn't included.

      • Di Lu

        Also, S800 support UHS-1 speed for SD cards so those UHS-1 SD card will have double the write speed compared to on S600 where it can only write at class 10 speeds .

    • sk8rat

      The only real killer for me is it's a great 8 inch android tablet, of which this is the only good 8 inch android tab. Would like to see a nexus 8.

  • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

    If this were stock android this would be the ultimate nexus killer.
    Even if it just gets a pretty stable cyanogenmod rom it's pretty cool.

  • Mystery Man

    Wish it had a stylus

  • Bandage

    still only showing as pre-order status...not available to ship

    • mustbepbs

      My pre order says October 25tg it'll ship.

  • TechGuy22

    nexus 7 2013 is better. well it will be for a long time.

    • dEX2018

      don't agree. Nexus 7 screen is smaller, LG G Pad much smaller bezels, S4 Pro 1.5 (Nexus) vs Snapdragon 600 1.7 (LG G), ...

      • Colin Kealty

        just for the record the processor in the Nexus 7 is just a Snapdragon 600 with a lower clock speed and marketed as the S4 pro (no one knows why..) it has the krait 300 architecture

  • Jason Biggs

    Bin waitern for this table fer er lerng term. bester than a nexus and gooder than ipad tiny. cant wait for this big stallion.

    • Bandage

      wth...had to read this 4 times, my brain hurts

    • FrillArtist

      Wow. The educational system is in need of a big overhaul.

      • breebreee


  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    Does anyone have experience with LG and their OS updates? I love the 8" size but can't do the Samsung tablets with that ridiculous button on the face. I was resigning myself to the Nexus 7 (not that its a sub-par device) but want to consider this one.

    • Chris

      Right now, they're about on par with anyone else. I wouldn't expect more then 2 updates if you go with this. If you want updates and this tablet, just use an AOSP rom, i'm sure there will be one or two in a few months, but if you just want a good tablet that gets all the updates buy a Nexus 7.

      • Di Lu

        Also, Nexus 7 will be easier to root & unlock, its developer community will be larger and its ROM have less issues due to open source binaries. Get this only if you really need a 8.3" screen+SD card and can forgo all Nexus privileges for it.

        • Chris

          That's completely false, owning several LG products, i know for a fact that there's a pretty good LG community. Sure if you want tons of roms go Nexus, but she asked about updates so clearly she isn't that keen on using roms. It's very easy to root LG stuff too, just a heads up.

          • Jesslyn Hendrix

            I can root if I need to. I got a Kindle Fire 8.9 because at the time it was the only tablet that had the 'retina-like' screen. I am more or less happy with it now for viewing Amazon video. I just sold my Galaxy Tab 8.9 so need a replacement for that. I have no issues with slapping a ROM on it--it just would be nice if these vendors managed to consolidate their code to offer updates.

            Thanks for all the comments. I think I'll grab one after I take a look at Nexus 7 in Best Buy.

  • Mario

    No GPS?

  • EH101

    Great news, will look at one in stores before I make decide on anything. Don't want to relive my N7 2013 fiasco.

    Also will wait to see the hackability. I think I'd rather have something like AOKP or PA over LG's custom stuff.

  • MafiaMM

    I really want to buy my father a tablet and this one seems perfect. Maybe it'll be on sale Black Friday or Christmas??

  • sk8rat

    Hmm would have liked the price lower but oh well. Trying to decide on the nexus 7, next iPad mini (if it's retina) and the g pad

  • Enes TaƟdemir

    A wacom digitizer and I'm sold.